The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 335

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Episode 335

335. VS Chaos

‘omg? ‘Who is he?’

Moros was startled by his superior’s appearance and looked into Chaos’ eyes.

The gods who were watching were all confused.

[Well, isn’t that Chaos, the god of chaos?]

[Why is Chaos here?]

[I thought you weren’t interested in our bet at all?]

[Surely Chaos wants to bet too?]

[That doesn’t seem to be the case. If you came to bet, you should have come here, not the battlefield.]

[Is that what I heard?]

Chaos appeared directly at the location of the Heavenly Demon Battle, not at the Hall of Gods.

As if he was going to intervene.

[Seo, you really want to intervene in the situation yourself… … .]

[Even if you are Chaos, this is not the case! It is against fairness!]

[Chaos, for what reason?]

I don’t know why, but if the goal was to confuse the gods, it was a success.

The people on the battlefield were equally confused.

[Um, what are those eyes?]

[It’s Chaos.]

[what? Chaos, the god of the beginning?]

[I saw the photo in the room of records. It’s clear.]

[Why is Chaos here…? … ?]

Everyone, both the Elyos and the Demons, stopped fighting and looked at the giant eyes in the sky.

And soon I noticed it.

That that terrifying gaze is aimed at only one person.

[You are a lucky person. The guy who was thought to be dead in the boss room is still alive and well.]

“… … .”

Ryumin just stared quietly.

When I saw him, my dead colleagues came to mind as vividly as if it were yesterday.

[Now there is no place to run away.]

“Who says you’re running away? “There is someone here who just wants revenge on you.”

[plural? Hahaha!]

Chaos burst into laughter as if he had heard a funny joke.

[Is this revenge? This is absurd. Zeme, a toy created by Gaia.]

Ryumin’s eyebrows twitched and the poker face he had maintained was broken.

It was because I heard an unexpected name.

‘Did you know it was Gaia’s work?’

Gaia, the mother of life, or the creator god, is the wife of Chaos.

I heard from Rubuahi that the two collaborated to design a system to turn humans into mercenaries.

‘But Chaos only provided the source, and it was Gaia who directly designed it.’

Gaia is the actual person who developed the system and Rubuahi’s superior.

In other words, the god who brought Ryumin up to this point as an opponent to Chaos was none other than Gaia.

‘But you already know all that?’

It was clear that Chaos described himself as Gaia’s toy.

[Damn you. While pretending to be noble in front of him and receiving the respect of another god, behind his back he was making a weapon to stab me in the back.]

Chaos, who was muttering, looked down at Ryumin as if it was funny.

[That’s not even funny. To think that you can threaten me as a mere human being. It hurts my pride.]

“Won’t you know whether it’s a threat or not when you experience it yourself?”

[Did you still not come to your senses after being treated like that last time? This is absurd.]

A sigh was heard and Chaos blinked.

At that moment, Ryumin’s body moved like light.

As if he had been waiting, he activated the speed of light rune.

In order to catch the momentary blinking of your guard and deliver a blow.

‘Deal with one hit with as much damage as possible.’

Ryumin, who had applied the seal of death and even used the Shinigami form, flew towards the Eye of Chaos alone in the slowed down background.

Part of me wanted to use his special move, Moonlight Island, but there was no time for that.

‘The speed of light rune is a rune that only increases movement speed. ‘I don’t have time to use Moonlight Island.’

The activation time of Moonlight Island is 1 second.

If Chaos catches Ryumin’s movements in that one second, there is a high chance that the attack will be blocked.

‘If you get caught, that’s the end. ‘Don’t give yourself time to react.’

Above all, he has a deceptive technique called phase change.

If you have the skill to quickly evade any attack by 0.1 seconds, you will easily avoid something like Moonlight Island that is launched slowly.

‘So there’s only one thing I have to do.’

The goal is to deliver one blow as quickly as possible so that the guy can’t avoid the attack.

Of course, there is no answer if you avoid even this.

‘But can we block an attack as fast as light?’

This was the plan that Lubuahi and I came up with.


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‘A sure win for the player!’

Ryumin’s scythe sliced ​​through Chaos’ eyeball.

There was no feeling of cutting.

However, as if there had been a blow, a black stream of water burst from the eyeball like a fountain.

Very slowly, like a slow video.

‘Did it work?’

It was just a normal attack without any skills, but it seemed effective.

Ryumin raised his sickle to try one more time.

But it didn’t work the second time, and Chaos’s eyes became blurry.

The automatically triggered phase change caused Chaos to take refuge in the space behind it.

‘Tch, no matter how fast you move as light, one hit is all you need?’

It was unfortunate, but there was nothing I could do.

There is no way to attack Chaos in another dimension.

‘I need to get out of the way first.’

Ryumin opened his inventory and put on the assassin’s mask.

Perhaps because Thanatos’ helmet was removed, the Grim Reaper’s transformation was also released.

‘Unless the attack works, there is no need to turn into a Shinigami anymore.’

Instead, he put on the doppelganger’s ring, remembering the plan he had come up with with Rubuahi.

‘If this operation works as Rub’ahi said… … .’

It will be useful for sheltering in place for a moment.

Rumbling, rumbling-

The nickname changed and Ryumin’s face changed to the original roast yak.

As I hid myself in the crowd out of Chaos’ gaze, time returned to normal.


A painful scream shook the heavens and earth.

The more he blinked, the more black water leaked from Chaos’ eyeballs.

[Damn you human bastard! How dare an insignificant creature!]

Chaos, holding back pain and opening his glaring eyes, opened the space.

A spear of instant death with a guidance function stuck out, ready to be pierced at any moment.

[Kill it. Kill me right now… … .]

However, unlike horses, Chaos could not stick a spear.

It’s not that it wasn’t, but Ryumin was nowhere to be seen.

Even though I roll my eyes here and there, I can’t find it.

[What a rat! Even if you hide… … .]

Chaos, who thought he would find it quickly with the tracking function, twitched his eyes.

Embarrassment was evident in his eyes.

After all, Chaos was also tracked based on its appearance and nickname.

That meant that if you change your appearance and nickname, you won’t be able to find it.

[You damn rat! Where are you hiding? Where have you been hiding!]

I shouted in frustration, but all I could see were the Elyos and Demons staring blankly at me.

[You bastard! I will definitely find you and dismember your limbs!]

Ryumin, hiding among the crowd, leaving behind the loud shouts of Chaos, snorted.

‘I really can’t find you since I changed my appearance and nickname.’

It was just as Lubuahi said.

Although trust in him has increased slightly, it is still too early to be happy.

Because chaos was still alive and well.

‘Well, no matter how strong I am, there’s no way I’ll die from a single hit.’

It’s a pity that I couldn’t kill it, but I found out that I can still land one effective hit by using the speed of light rune.

‘I bought time. But only for a moment.’

Even Chaos will find a way, unless he is a fool.

‘So you need to finish the round as quickly as possible and get the Wish Stone.’

Ryumin gave instructions to the Elyos without Chaos noticing.

Don’t stand idly by and resume the war.

The battle angels, who belatedly came to their senses, attacked the demons with shouts.

[Go, attack!]

[Victory is ours!]

Tens of thousands of angels embroidered the sky, entangled with demons.

The demons, who were prohibited from counterattacking, had to be beaten like punching bags.



As they were unable to resist, the number of demons rapidly decreased.

Ryu Min also joined in, no longer hiding.

Suddenly! Suddenly!

There was no fear of being caught even if he killed the demon openly with a scythe.

‘Even though Chaos’ eyes are large, the viewing angle is limited. In other words, there is a blind spot.’

Since the battlefield was widely used, it was also good for hiding in blind spots to avoid prying eyes.

Although he could not escape the wrath of Chaos.

[Are these crazy people waging war without my eyes?]

Chaos, feeling uncomfortable, opened the space and summoned countless dark red spears.

Although it had no guidance function, it was a mortal spear that possessed destructive power.

[I didn’t want to take one side, but I can’t help it. I can’t let that human being take the wish stone like this.]

Chaos muttered and blinked.

Then, spears aimed at the Elyos rained down.

[Die and disappear. Heavenly creatures.]


Puff, puff, puff!




Thousands of Elyos pierced by spears died in one blow.

‘also. You’re trying to prevent me from clearing the round.’

Ryumin, who was outside the damage radius, felt urgent when he saw the window created again.

If Chaos reduces the number of Elyos like now, it will quickly fall below 10%, and then the war will end.

The defeated Ryumin will disappear without even needing to be searched for.

‘This is not the time to be killing metallurgy like this. We must reduce the number of demons faster than Chaos.’

There is no other way.

Since it seems impossible to kill Chaos, the only option is to take the Wish Stone.

Looking at the spear of death falling again, Ryumin gave an order to the demons.

Don’t just stay still, but protect the Elyos.

The order was delivered to all demons.

Plop plop!

Puff puff!

The demons, who came out like shields, pushed the Elyos away and hit them with spears instead.

Chaos frowned, surprised at the sight of him saving his enemy.

[Are these things crazy? Have you been brainwashed by a group? Why are you protecting the angels?]

It was Chaos who had no idea that Ryumin had become the Demon Lord.

At that time, an eerie energy flew into Chaos’s field of vision.

It was Moonlight Island used by Ryumin.

Hundreds of demons turned to dust and disappeared on the way, but Moonlight Island did not lose its momentum and came right in front of Chaos.

[Hmph, did you think such a trivial attack would work on me?]

However, the change in the phase of Chaos simply swept away Moonlight Island.

If I had a mouth, it was a moment I would have sneered at.

[You idiot. I only told you your location… … .]

For a moment, Chaos was speechless and his eyes widened.

An attack that was thought to have gone by came into the dimensional space.

And that too, to the space where he evacuated.


Chaos was frightened and quickly changed the phase dimension.

I almost got hit.

‘What happened? ‘This guy’s attack is tracking into my dimension?’

I had a similar experience the other day when I was dealing with a boss in the boss room.

The damage that reflected his attack had traced his path.

The chaos was chilling, but that wasn’t the end.

This is because Ryumin’s Moonlight Island, with the red moon turned on, was flying in at regular intervals.

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