The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 336

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Episode 336

336. End of final round


Chaos quickly changed dimensions and twisted the path.

Because it followed me like a guided missile, I had to change my path here and there to get rid of Moonlight Island.

Even though Chaos had avoided all five Moonlight Islands, Ryumin laughed.

At least I succeeded in confusing him.

‘It’s rewarding to make an eternal weapon. It’s effective in its own way.’

Ryumin expected that it would be eaten by Chaos after seeing the explanation that it deals guaranteed damage to cancer attributes.

However, contrary to expectations, Chaos seemed to somehow avoid it by folding the dimension.

‘Do you think it’s still effective? ‘When I see you looking embarrassed like that.’

Although Chaos did not receive any damage, it was significant that a way to inflict damage was created.

It was also meaningful in that it stopped his attack for a while.

[What was that attack just now? How did a human subject track my location… … .]

Chaos asked, but Ryumin did not respond.

He was only busy killing demons.

‘There is no time. ‘We have to finish the game as quickly as possible.’

While keeping Chaos in check with the Moonlight Island 5 combo, he killed 10,000 demons along the way.

Nevertheless, there are still more than 100,000 demons remaining.

[Remaining personnel status]

└Elyos: 73,289 people (72.62% surviving)

└Asmodians: 124,458 people (43.96% survival)

└Player: 1 person

I glanced at the progress window and saw that the number of demons was decreasing in real time.

‘The number of demons has decreased significantly. At the current rate, we can quickly reduce it to less than 10%, but… … .’

We don’t know what will happen if Chaos joins in.

‘Should there be more checks?’

From the looks of it, the scythe that cuts down the darkness is clearly eaten by Chaos.

It’s not guaranteed damage, but the attack seems to track its location like a guided missile.

Even that can be avoided by Chaos twisting the dimension.

‘In the current situation, checks are meaningless. You’ve been through this before, right? Even while using phase change, it summons a spear of instant death.’

Right now, the priority is to finish the game rather than attack Chaos.

Chaos knows that there is no chance but now, so he is desperately trying to stop himself.

‘We have to kill the demons faster.’

Ryumin gathered the demons together with the power of the demon king.

And then he killed them all using wide-range attacks.

“Heavenly Judgment.”

“arsenic acid.”

“Wide area emission.”

He used lightning runes and even fired black daggers.

We mobilized all the wide-range aircraft we knew and desperately tried to kill them.

However, Chaos, who found out the location, could not stand by and watch.

[Thunder-naked guy! Your rampage is now over!]

The summoned spear of instant death was fired straight at Ryumin.

Nettle liquid-

The spear that flew out with a sound changed its path and struck right into Ryumin’s heart as he moved.

No, it was more accurate to say that it went in as if it were absorbed.

[I was attacked to the point of death.]

[The knight revival rune is activated.]

[Deflects the target’s attack.]

The reflex ability that threw Chaos into confusion is activated.

It crossed the space and returned to its owner, but Chaos just snorted.

[Will I be attacked again after being attacked once?]

Chaos, who had already experienced the reflex ability, folded the dimension once and flexibly avoided it.

And then he summoned the spear of instant death again.

[You can’t avoid it now.]

Chaos smiled like a crescent moon and immediately thrust out his spear.

[Die, human.]

The spear struck Ryumin with lightning speed.

Is it because they already know that it is inevitable?

Ryumin swung his sickle to the end without offering any resistance and cut down the demons.

Even until a spear gets stuck in his heart.



Scarlet blood flowed out of his mouth and Ryumin’s body stopped moving.


The window disappeared and all that was left was a corpse with a hole in it.

Black Scythe is dead.


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[Kuhhhhhhh! Hahahahaha!]

Chaos’ happy laughter echoed through the sky.

[You’re finally dead, Gaia’s toy! Hehehe! What kind of weapon is this that kills with a single spear hit? You’re a stupid woman!]

They kept talking, but Chaos didn’t know.

Ryumin has one more life.

[The title of Last Time Regressor is activated.]

[Stays in spirit state for 1 minute.]

[You can resurrect with all your health restored at any time you want.]

[Would you like to be resurrected now? Y/N]

[Time Remaining: 00:00:59]

[The opportunity to revive disappears when the time limit ends.]

The first resurrection title I got.

It shined at a crucial moment.

‘If I didn’t have the title, I would have died without moving. No, is it because Sophia saved my life in the boss room?’

If it weren’t for Sophia’s sacrifice, he wouldn’t be here now.

Anyway, I bought some time.

It didn’t feel good to look down at one’s own corpse, though.

‘It was true that I became a god. I saw scarlet blood flowing out.’

He took his eyes off his body and looked at Chaos.

What was so happy about this guy was that he kept bursting into laughter.

It seems like they really think they killed him.

‘Laugh as much as you want. ‘Because after a while you won’t even be able to smile.’

He might be surprised as if he were seeing a ghost, but he has no intention of coming back to life right now.

‘I’ll have to wait as long as possible before resurrecting. Only then can we reduce the number of demons even a little.’

Even in the midst of his death, the war between the Elyos and the Demons continued.

No, it was closer to a massacre than a war.

It was a sight that made me feel sorry for the demons, but there was nothing I could do to clear the game.

‘Wait until 1 second remains and respawn.’

It’s not over yet until it’s over.

Ryumin looked at the remaining time, hoping that the demon would die as much as possible.

[Time Remaining: 00:00:01]

When the time came, I immediately touched the resurrection message.


Ryumin’s perspective changed as his dead body came back to life.

From third person looking down at one’s own body to first person.


Chaos, who had never thought he would be revived, opened his eyes wide.

[Huh, how did you survive?]

As if he had no time to reply, Ryumin immediately ran towards the demon.

Creep – Creep!

Ryumin, who was swinging his sickle wide and carrying out massacres, shifted his gaze to the progress window.

[Remaining personnel status]

└Elyos: 73,289 people (72.62% surviving)

└Asmodians: 98,302 people (34.72% survival)

└Player: 1 person

‘Now we just have to kill 70,000 more people.’

There is not much left until it falls below 10%.

As Ryumin rushed forward at the last minute, Chaos had no time to be surprised.

[Even if you are resurrected, it is meaningless! Just kill me again!]

The spear of instant death appeared once more and struck Ryumin’s body.

However, Ryu Min still had a hidden card that he cherished.


The body glowed gold and the temporary skill Invincibility was activated.

[The temporary skill ‘Invincible’ is activated.]

[You become immune to all damage for 60 seconds.]

[You used a disposable skill.]

[The skill disappears from the skill window.]

The spear of instant death, which was said to be able to kill anyone, failed to pierce the invincibility and bounced away.

[Wha, you blocked it with invincibility?]

Leaving behind Chaos’s voice, which was clearly bewildered, Ryumin massacred the demons.

Thanks to his invincibility, he ran wild without anyone’s interference.

With 10 seconds left, it was time to end the game.

‘You just have to grab this. ‘Just this!’

[Oh, no!]

Chaos tried to throw a spear of instant death to stop Ryumin, but it was no use.

No matter how many spears came flying at him, Invincible deflected all the attacks.

‘Performance is solid.’

Ryumin smiled and was able to kill as many demons as he had aimed for.

[The demon force has been reduced to less than 10%.]

[The 7th Heavenly Demon War ends with the victory of the Elyos camp.]

The moment victory was confirmed, a light flashed before Ryumin’s eyes.

A stone shining brilliantly in five colors was within reach with just an outstretched hand.

‘This is it.’

I knew it intuitively even without anyone teaching me.

This is the reward for clearing the final round.

It is a wish stone that grants wishes.

[The duration of the temporary skill ‘Invincibility’ has ended.]

In an instant, the invincibility was lifted, and almost immediately a scream-like cry was heard.

[You can’t let that bastard touch that thing!]

The space in the sky opened and numerous windows peeked out.

Ryu Min, who was holding his hand to the wish stone, instinctively gave a command.

“Stop it!”

Thousands of battle angels nearby rushed in like goalkeepers.

However, the spears that had a guidance function nimbly avoided obstacles and rushed towards the target.

However, the angels’ blocking was not meaningless.


Thanks to the delay, Ryu Min’s hand reached the wish stone in time.

[Player ‘Black Scythe’ enters the wish room.]

* * *


A pure white space where nothing can be seen.

Ryumin, who was looking around, looked at his own body.


The body was transparent like the soul.

Moreover, it does not look like a customized black scythe.

I can’t see the face, but it seems to be a real image.

‘Are the avatars of this world now abandoned?’

I felt sad when the black scythe that felt like my real body disappeared.

‘Anyway, you really came in. ‘In the wishing room.’

I didn’t expect to be able to kill Chaos in the first place.

Ryumin’s goal so far was to touch the wish stone and enter the wish room.

Up to this point, everything goes according to plan.

‘If Rubuahi says it, a system message should appear now.’

just as expected.

[hello. Welcome to the room of wishes.]

[If you have any questions, please ask.]

[It doesn’t matter whether you ask in your mind or out loud. I will answer you with all my sincerity.]

A message appeared before my eyes and a clear voice was heard.

Ryumin, relieved that the situation was as expected, asked a simple question as a test.

“Where am I?”

[This is a wish room that only those who have touched the wish stone can enter. If you tell us your wish, we will calculate the price and let you know if it is possible.]

“You want to calculate the price and let me know if it’s possible? “Didn’t you say that any wish will be granted?”

[I never said that.]

Apparently, the angels said that any wish would be granted.

But now that I am coming out without knowing it, it is absolutely absurd.

‘Either the angel lied, or the angels didn’t know the function of the Wish Stone. ‘It must be one of the two.’

If it had been anyone else, it would have felt like being stabbed in the back, but Ryumin already knew what he heard from Rubuahi.

The level of wish is determined by calculating the value.

So, even though I knew it, I asked just to confirm.

“What is price?”

[This refers to the value contributed to winning the war in the final round. Based on this value, the size of the wish is determined.]

“So, it means that the wish changes depending on the contribution in the last round.”

[That’s right.]

‘There was something called contribution even in the 18th round.’

Ryumin asked directly.

“So, what is my contribution?”

[Converted to scores, it is 382,291,481.]

“Approximately 400 million. “What kind of wish can you achieve with that level of score?”

[The conversion value is quite high. Most things are possible, including creation and destruction.]

“Then can God also be killed? Chaos, for example.”

[Not possible. This is an object that cannot be removed.]

Ryu Min laughed at the immediate answer.

‘Well, there’s no way he could die since he created a system like Gaia.’

Even if I thought about it, it was a ridiculous question.

“Then what about other gods? Guys like Nyx and Moros.”

[You can kill one person, but only one person.]

“Only one person? “Hmph, I guess it would be better to come forward myself.”

Ryumin snorted and asked a question while thinking about his colleagues.

“What about saving the dead people?”

[it’s possible. However, with the current value, only about 382,291 people can be saved.]

1.8 billion people have died and only 380,000 can be saved.

“Getting the power to kill Chaos?”

“What makes Chaos weak?”

I made many wishes, but the system just kept repeating that it was impossible.

It seems that Chaos has completely excluded any wishes related to himself.

Ryumin sighed as if there was nothing he could do.

‘I have no choice but to execute the plan as promised to Lubuahi.’

I don’t know if my wish will be granted, though.

Ryumin asked, with a solemn expression on his face.

“Is this even possible? “It’s like turning back time with memories.”

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