The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 334

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Episode 334

334. 7th Cheonma Daejeon

As soon as the message disappeared, the location changed.

The vast grassland we saw in round 1.

It was a completely different place from the 18th round, which was set in hell.

‘The final round is being held here?’

That time when I was looking around by myself.


With the sound of a horn, a huge gate opened and winged battle angels stepped onto the grassland.

It was from the player’s perspective.

‘How many people are there in total?’

At the gate, many angels continued to pour in like a flood.

The angels, all heavily armed and with solemn expressions, soon filled the surrounding area.

The wide grassland seemed so narrow.

‘I guess there will be 100,000 people?’

Ryumin’s prediction was accurate.

[After a while, the war between 100,921 Elyos (+1 player) VS 283,078 Elyos will begin.]

[The faction whose troops are reduced below 10% first is considered defeated.]

[Then, after a 10-minute waiting period, we will begin the 7th Heavenly Demon Battle.]

100,000 to 280,000.

It was a number of people that even a kindergartener could predict would win or lose, but what was important was quality, not quantity.

If you have the skills, you can even earn 100 per day in this field.

Victory or defeat is determined by how high-quality soldiers you have.

‘But objectively speaking, there is no chance that the Elyos will win.’

Now that the seven archangels have died, there are only a few dozen first-rank angels who have the potential to show off among the Elyos.

‘Maybe the other gods don’t know. It is said that the principle is not to disclose internal circumstances before the start of a war.’

You probably only know the higher gods like Chaos and Artaros, and some related gods like Nemesis and Moros, but you don’t know the rest.

If it was found out that the Archangel was dead, people would be in an uproar.

‘So the information must have been thoroughly hidden. About me too.’

There was a high possibility that he did not even know that he had defeated Plunictos and become the Demon King.

Because not all gods were notified that he had become a demon lord.

‘Rather, isn’t it the custom in this world for the Demon King to personally contact other gods and announce his accession to the throne?’

It is easy to understand why this custom arose.

There is no harm in gaining the favor of the gods.

However, Ryumin did not inform the gods.

Since I didn’t know how to contact them, there was no need to give them useless information.

‘He probably doesn’t even know that the Demon King’s position has changed.’

You’ll just think that Plunictos has lost contact.

‘I guess everyone has arrived there too.’

Countless human figures can be seen at the edge of the horizon beyond.

280,000 demons are swarming around like a swarm of insects, waiting for the war to begin.

‘In comparison, we… … .’


Although 100,000 was a large number, it seemed insufficient compared to the opponent.

It is evident from the facial expression.

A face without confidence, slumped shoulders, and eyes full of fear.

It was a fight that even the Elyos thought they had no chance of winning.

It was because they had no one who could be called a commander.

‘It’s the same for demons, too.’

Sitri is currently the only commander on the demon side.

Because I killed all the others to become John Delgado’s summons.

If you knew that fact, you might be a little less intimidated, but it is clear that there is no Elyos commander.

-What do we do? Can this war be won?

-We don’t have anyone who can be called a commander, right?

-All seven archangels died… … .

-This is all because of that fucking human bastard.

As I look around, I can hear unpleasant gazes and thoughts directed at me.

It’s not even an open secret that he killed the archangel.

Now, all the angels that are worth knowing know.

‘I understand. If you had killed my colleagues, I would have looked at myself the same way.’

The reason they don’t attack him is not because he is strong, nor because he is the only mercenary who participates in the battlefield.

Because you can’t kill it anyway.

Because I know that I am protected by the party system.

That is why, even though they know they are enemies, they are trying hard to suppress their anger and are waiting for the war to begin.

Rather than expending meaningless emotions, it is more desirable to lead the war to victory by borrowing the power of the enemy.

‘These aren’t the faces that guarantee victory, though.’

Rather, the angels who were watching the opposing demons with faces full of worry turned their heads when they heard a sign from behind.

Then he walked away with an unpleasant look in his eyes, as if he was looking at an enemy.


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Let Ryumin pass by.

Jeopuk- Jeopuk-

Ryumin stepped forward through the crowd of Elyos dividing like the Red Sea.

Then he stopped at the front and looked around like a commander looking at a soldier.

“All 100,000 people here, listen.”

Everyone frowned at Ryu Min’s words, who presumptuously pretended to be a commander, but that was only for a moment.

A title hidden above Ryumin’s head was revealed.

[The title ‘Ruler of the Sky’ has been set to public.]

[The status of the player ‘Black Scythe’ has been upgraded to Archangel.]

[All Elyos recognize the player as an Archangel.]

When this title, which was said to have the same status as an archangel, was revealed, the eyes of the Elyos changed.

From a look of resentment to a look of envy.

Ryumin noticed the change and raised one corner of his mouth.

“From now on, I am your commander.”

* * *

The Hall of Gods decorated like VVIP bleachers.

There was untimely confusion there.

[What happened? I can’t see any archangels on the Elyos side?]

[I really don’t have one? Even if I wash my eyes and look for it, I can’t find it.]

[There are no seven archangels who won the 5th Heavenly Demon War?]

[ha! How could this happen!]

[What happened so far?]

A dozen gods who had bet on the Elyos held their heads in frustration.

There were trustworthy battle angels on the watching screen, but the Archangel was nowhere to be seen.

Even if I looked through it with my clairvoyance, it was the same.

I literally feel like my foot has been stabbed by an ax that I trusted.

[Oh, maybe he hasn’t competed yet?]

[As you can see, the summoning has already ended. The 100,000 people over there are all of the troops.]

[There is also one additional human mercenary.]

[Those human mercenaries are not important! The important thing is that there are no archangels, the core of our power!]

[There’s no way he didn’t participate on purpose, so what happened?]

[It is impossible that the archangels were assassinated beforehand… … .]

[That doesn’t make sense. How could demons invade heaven?]

[Daphne is right. Isn’t it a rule not to touch each other before war?]

[Then how could the demons kill the archangel beforehand… … .]

[I don’t know that either.]

Although he was killed not by a demon but by a human, the gods could not even imagine.

[Anyway, the situation is bad. There is no chance of winning without an archangel.]

[you’re right. Even though we are at a numerical disadvantage, our opponent has 72 demon nobles, right?]

[This war was completely ruined. It is the defeat of the Elyos.]

[Yekki! Don’t be rude! I bet all my Terra on this win!]

[Ugh, I didn’t bet just because the payout was high… … .]

[Haaaa… … .]

Sighs came from everywhere, and the gods’ expressions darkened rapidly.

Looking at the power difference, defeat was clear to anyone, but they didn’t know it.

Not only do the demons actually have no core strength, but the Elyos also have a one-man army called the Black Scythe.

[I can’t help it. I can only hope that the Goddess of Victory will take the side of the Elyos.]

[By the way, if there is no archangel, who will lead?]

[That’s right… … uh?]

One god looked at the screen with wide eyes.

Isn’t it none other than a human acting as a commander in front of the archangels?

[What is that person? Are you crazy?]

[Are you saying there is no archangel?]

[Where are you talking about the mercenary babble!]

I was outraged by the ridiculous situation, but then something surprising happened.

The battle angels cheered at the human’s words and followed them like superiors.

[W-what are you doing? Those?]

[Are you cheering for humans?]

[Has the group gone crazy?]

Soon, the war began with the sound of horns, and 100,000 battle angels flew across the plains with Ryumin at the head.

The sight of so many angels flying in perfect harmony was truly spectacular.

A sight that would not be surprising to gods who have seen the Battle of Heavenly Demon many times.

Nevertheless, the gods could not help but look on in disbelief.

A human standing at the forefront like a captain, spreading his black wings and flying.

* * *

When he killed the seven archangels and gained the title of Ruler of Heaven, Ryumin did not know how to use it.

The description says it makes you equal to an archangel, but I didn’t know what to use it for.

‘If Lubuahi hadn’t told me, I might not have known.’

If I hadn’t heard about how to apply the title and how to use it to lead, the battle angels wouldn’t have followed me like baby birds.

‘We must lead these guys to end the Heavenly Demon War as quickly as possible and take over the Wish Stone.’

I heard from Rubuahi that as soon as the number of demons is reduced to 10% or less, the Heavenly Demon War will end and a Wish Stone will appear in front of you.

At this time, the wish stone is exposed for just a moment, but what if another being takes advantage of that moment and touches it first?

‘It is said that the wish stone recognizes the being as the object of the wish and grants what it wishes for.’

This is how Michael tried to become a god by using Ryumin.

He was trying to make his wish come true by stealing the Wish Stone during the interlude.

‘I can’t believe you were making such a shameful plan. Anyway, you did well, Michael.’

Now there won’t be an obstacle called Michael. If we just reduce the number of demons, we can take the Wish Stone.

If that happens, we will be able to proceed according to the plan we made with Lubuahi.

At that moment, the demons flying from the opposite direction were coming into range, flapping their bat wings.

“Shall we warm up a bit?”

The demons that were approaching with great force suddenly stopped flapping their wings when they saw Ryumin.

[Yes? Guys, wait a minute! Stop.]

[Um, what about that?]

[You’re the devil, right?]

The demons who saw Ryumin belatedly stopped in the air, but one way or another, their fate was decided.


Ryumin’s scythe took on a gigantic shape and cut into the air.

Hundreds of demons turned to ashes and disappeared in an instant.

“Everyone accept death calmly.”

As soon as Ryumin finished speaking, the oncoming Elyos and Demons collided in the sky.


[Kill me!]

However, there was no resistance from the demon side.

A little while ago, an order was given to prevent any resistance through the power of the Demon King.



The one-sided slaughter began.

Only the corpses of demons fell to the ground.

Ryumin also joined in reducing the army by wielding a huge sickle.

It was really easy to cut down an enemy that did not resist.

‘We must hurry and reduce the number before Chaos appears… … .’

However, Ryu Min’s wishes were ignored, the space in the sky opened and familiar eyes looked down at him.

[Not the same thing. Did you think you could run away from me?]

As expected, chaos appeared.

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