The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 333

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Episode 333

333. Final round begins

‘I thought round 20 was the last… … .’

Ryu Won looked at his brother lying on the bed with a worried face.

Who would have thought that there was a final round and that they would be lying down waiting again?

And that too by yourself?

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because I’m worried… … .”

“If anyone sees you, they will think you are going to die.”

“Well, don’t even make a joke like that!”

Ryu Won imagined for a moment.

How empty the empty space would be without my brother.

How lonely it must be in a world where you have to live alone.

Ryumin smiled softly, knowing well how his younger brother felt.

“I told you not to worry. “I know some information about the final round.”


“okay. I’m going to go in prepared in my own way. So don’t make that face.”

My younger brother’s face, which had been so worried that he almost cried, straightened up a little.

“You must come back alive. Understand?”

“I think I said that before.”

“I’m being serious.”

“I said I understood.”

Ryumin was snoring and showing a relaxed smile, but the truth cannot be guaranteed.

Not only was this a round I had never experienced before, but there was a high chance of chaos appearing.

‘Maybe it will fail. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be avoided.’

I will definitely conquer the final round and put an end to this damn game.

With that in mind, Ryu Min said his final goodbyes to his younger brother.

Now is the time to go.

“I’ll be back soon.”

“Yes. brother.”

Ryumin closed his eyes for the last time, looking at his younger brother’s worried face even though he told him not to worry.

The clock on the wall was pointing exactly at midnight.

* * *

There is no game like the Battle of the Heavenly Demons to appease the boredom of the gods.

A fierce war where the Elyos and Demons risk each other’s lives.

In the midst of this, you can even predict whether you will win or lose and place a bet.

It’s a game, it’s like a gambling table.

[Are you here? Apollo.]

[Oh, Hermes. long time no see. Has anything happened so far?]

[sure. What about Daphne? Did you come together this time too?]

[no. This time there were mixed opinions. Why don’t you leave thinking that the Elyos will win?]

[Oh my. That’s too bad. It looks like the Elyos have no chance of winning this time either.]

[That’s right. I tried to persuade him to side with the demons with me, but it was no use. It looks like they’ve turned their attention to dividends.]

[Haha, well, the Elyos side’s dividend was a bit high this time. You don’t know, do you? Will the Elyos win like a miracle?]

[Don’t say that even as a joke. If I lose this time, I’ll be completely upset.]

[Did you walk a lot?]

[I bet 500,000 Terra on this game.]

[her! You’re so big!]

‘Terra’ is the energy used by the gods and a means of betting.

Although it is something that all gods have, it is difficult to accumulate naturally, so the reality is that it is treasured like money.

Because without Terra, God cannot demonstrate his special powers.

That’s why people risk their lives in the Battle of Heavenly Demon, which can be considered a gamble.

[I bet 300,000 tera this time.]

[Oh, you walked quite a bit?]

[I heard that Athena bet 800,000.]

[what? On the demon side?]

[no. In the victory of the Elyos… … .]

[Ha ha ha ha ha! That wise man seems to have lost everything this time.]

[You don’t know that.]

The gods’ heads turned at the sudden voice.

When I checked the other person, a look of despair spread across my dissatisfied face.

[Huh, Mr. Moros?]

[Meeting Moros.]

Moros, god of destruction.

His position was incomparable to that of other gods.

Although his status was high, he was a very wealthy man whose amount of Terra was estimated to be 5 million.

[Hey, Moros. What did you mean by what you said a moment ago? … .]

[Are you saying that the Elyos will win this time?]


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The gods asked cautiously, but Moros did not answer.

He just had a crumpled expression.

It was because there was a factor right in front of him that was making him worry.

‘Damn it. ‘The Black Scythe makes it to the final round.’

The other gods don’t know, but Moros knows about the black scythe.

By providing information about Nogayin Nogei to Plunictos, he helped eliminate the Black Scythe.

‘But instead of being eliminated, they managed to survive like that… … .’

There was a black scythe on the screen he was watching.

Standing alone in a colorless space, waiting.

The gods who saw this murmured.

[Isn’t that a human?]

[It looks like he is a human who passed the 20th round of the program conducted by the Elyos.]

[Maybe that person could act as a variable?]

[What are the variables with only one mercenary?]

[that’s right. So far, the Elyos have only won once, in the 5th round. Demons are more dominant.]

[Isn’t this the first time that the Elyos have raised mercenaries to the final round?]

[The victory of the demons is almost a foregone conclusion. No need to worry, everyone!]

‘Should I be worried? ‘That black scythe is on a different level from the players I’ve seen so far.’

Moros saw.

The power of the black scythe wiped out both Elyos and Demons in the mock war that took place in 18 rounds.

For that reason, it is Moros who voluntarily provided Plunictos with information about Desolate Innogei.

If you don’t stop the black scythe, you’ll lose the bet.

I made it sound like I was helping Plunictos because I wanted to impress Artaros’ superiors.

‘You can never lose. ‘I bet 4 million tera, almost all my money, on this bet!’

Now I can’t change the target.

The winner prediction is decided before the first round even begins.

‘Damn it! Why can’t I contact Plunictos at such an important time?’

I was planning to ask Plunictos what happened, but I couldn’t contact him, which was a problem.

‘Surely something happened? Oh, no way.’

What would happen if something were to happen to the safety of Plunictos, who is considered a god?

Even if something happens, it has nothing to do with you.

To him, only the victory of the demons was important.

‘Please don’t lose Terra, who is like my blood… … .’

He was desperately hoping for it, but he didn’t know.

Who would have thought that there would be a human in front of them who not only killed the gods but also survived the Chaos attack.

* * *

Midnight on September 1st.

A familiar space unfolded before Ryumin’s eyes.

It was none other than a colorless space.

However, as I stand alone in this unknown space, I feel an indescribable feeling of emptiness.

‘I thought I got used to being alone… … I guess not.’

In the meantime, I focused on surviving alone, but this time I acted differently.

I focused on saving as many people as possible and succeeded in bringing 71 colleagues to round 20 for the first time.

However, those years of hardship together disappeared like a mirage due to the appearance of the absolute being called Chaos.

All efforts so far have been in vain.

‘No, it is not in vain. ‘Because I survived.’

Just passing the 20th round can be considered a leap forward.

However, whatever it is, it is meaningless if it does not produce results.

‘Be sure to conquer the round and claim the Wish Stone.’

I will take any risk for the Wish Stone.

The moment I made that promise, a message appeared.

[Welcome to all players who have entered the final round.]

[I will reveal the mission before the final game begins.]

There was no guiding angel as usual.

The translucent window just flickers before my eyes.



└Win the war against demons

└Final participants: 1

As expected, the quest lasted 18 rounds.

The difference is that it was a practice game back then, but this time it is a real battle with the energy of the gods at stake.

‘Did they say the energy they were betting on was Terra?’

To confirm the information he had vaguely heard, Ryumin called the sleeping spirit.

-Hey, Plunictos. What is Terra?


I didn’t like it when they called me out of nowhere and asked me questions, but as Plunictos, whose soul was mortgaged, I had no choice but to remain low-key.

-Eh, energy. The gods use… … .

-Is it different from spiritual power?

-It’s different.

-How are they different?

-Divine power is the superior energy that surrounds the body of the gods, and Terra is the energy that allows them to use the powers unique to the gods.

To put it simply, divine power was the energy unique to the divine race, a type of mana required to use Terra abilities.

-Then you also had something called Terra?

-no. Since I was only half a god, I had nothing to show off other than my divine power.

-Nemesis is a god, so he must have had Terra, right?

-I guess so. You probably bet a lot of Terra on the Elyos’ victory?

Ryumin cut off communication without even replying that he understood.

And immediately tried to talk to the spirit of Nemesis.


-… … .

-If I don’t answer, it will be destroyed?

-Wh-what’s going on?

-Your tone of voice is not polite. I can’t do it. There is no need for disobedient souls like you, so we must destroy them… … .

-Sorry, sorry! I’m not used to it yet, so I’m saying nonsense without realizing it… … .

Nemesis also knows well what the pain of soul extinction is like.

Since we had talked once before the round started, he was aware of his situation.

-I have something to ask. Do you have something called Terra too?

-Terra? Of course I have it. no… … I had it.

-how much?

-About 6 million… … .

-You bet that on the victory of the Elyos?

-yes… … But now it’s all become pointless.

-Is Terra so important to the gods? Enough to bet?

-sure. A god without Terra is nothing but a shell without substance. The energy it takes to use each ability is Terra, and if you can’t use your abilities because you don’t have Terra, it’s like proving your incompetence.

-For humans, it’s as important as money.

Considering that it could be traded, it seemed safe to regard it as property.

-How to get Terra?

-There is nothing else. Terra is something that accumulates naturally from birth. Well, you can get it by extorting it from other gods or by betting.

-Then I guess I have it too?

-Isn’t it true that all gods have one?

-How to check?

-You just find out naturally… … Don’t you know?

Ryumin didn’t bother to answer.

I didn’t know it, but a message announcing the beginning came to mind.

[The final round will begin shortly.]

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