The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 332

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Episode 332

332. Contract

Ryumin asked.

“What does it mean?”

[What does it mean?]

“What does it mean to be on my side?”

[It is literally. I’m on your side, so rest assured.]

A mockery leaked from Ryumin’s mouth.

“You want me to believe that? “What about the four of you who gave the Archangels information about the Black Scythe?”

[As expected, you knew. Did you read Remiel’s thoughts?]


Remiel, the 7th archangel who controls lightning.

When he first met him, Ryumin could tell.

The reason he came to see me was because of Lubuahi’s influence.

“You sent Remiel to kill me, and then you say we’re on the same side.”

[I didn’t send you to kill him. I sent you to become a victim of Black Scythe.]

“You sent me there thinking I would defeat Remiel?”

[sure. As you know, I have watched Black Scythe’s entire growth. When the two clash, it is easy to guess who will win.]

“Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that we provided information to the enemy.”

[It was inevitable. Isn’t there a bait for fish to bite?]

“… … .”

As Ryumin glared at him quietly, Rubuahi showed an embarrassed expression.

[I’m sorry if I offended you by sending an archangel at will. But it’s not just about sending it. He even stopped Michael from stepping forward.]


[In the 11th round, Michael tried to kill Black Scythe himself. But I convinced him that he had to wait until round 20 to become a god. If I hadn’t stepped forward, Black Scythe would have died a long time ago.]

“If you hadn’t sent Remiel, Michael wouldn’t have come forward either.”

[…] … I see. But thanks to me, Black Scythe, didn’t you gain strength that transcends human beings? Enough to kill even God.]


An eerie murderous look flowed from Ryumin’s eyes.

“Are you saying I should thank you for making this happen?”

I didn’t become strong because I wanted to be strong.

As I struggled to survive, I had no choice but to become stronger.

I glared at him as if he would kill me at any moment, but there was no sign of fear on Rubuahi’s face.

He knows very well that no one can exert power in his own domain.

[Sorry if you were upset. But isn’t it true that you became stronger thanks to killing the Archangel?]

“… … .”

[However, this does not mean that all information was provided to the visiting archangels. I wrote numbers so that people wouldn’t know about special runes like the Rune of the Inner Heart. Here it is.]

As soon as he finished speaking, another book landed in Ryumin’s hand.

[That is the record of the Black Scythe shown to the archangels.]

When I read the book, the content was definitely different from what I had before.

Obtaining the Rune of Inner Heart, gaining a large amount of stats by killing an archangel, becoming a deification, etc.

All information that might be disadvantageous for the enemy to know was missing.

[I showed the revised version to the angels who came looking for information about Black Scythe. If I showed them the original, they might get scared and not come forward or find a way to deal with it.]

“So what you’re saying is…” … “The reason you’ve been sending archangels so far is to give them to me as food?”

[you’re right. The reward for killing an Archangel is incomparable to other battle angels. Don’t you know that well, Black Scythe?]

Of course.

There is a huge difference between holding and not holding the Archangel.

‘If you compare it to the previous episode, you will get the answer. ‘I am now tens of thousands of times stronger than before.’

In the last episode, I couldn’t dare to catch the archangel because of the memory of meeting Artaros.

Then, in this episode, he was lucky enough to face Remiel, and from then on, Ryumin was able to grow rapidly.

No matter how low the archangel was, it gave a different level of reward than the battle angel.

“So all of this was your design to make me grow?”

[Yes, but in fact, I am not the only one who designed it. There is one more god to help you.]


At Lubuahi’s next words, Ryumin’s eyes widened.

The fact that a giant who could stand against Chaos was helping him.

‘No, rather than helping, was it being used?’

Ryumin looked at Lubuahi with narrowed eyes.

“So you’re saying that the joint product between that god and you is me?”

[The term ‘joint work’ has a bit of an undertone to it. It was not my intention to designate a specific person and raise him/her.]

“Didn’t you give me the rune of time reversal on purpose?”

[no. The time reversal rune was set to affect only one in 1.8 billion humans. I have never specifically designated a person. Even if you throw a fishing line, you never know what might be caught, right? It’s the same thing.]

In other words, he didn’t know he would get caught.

I didn’t even know it would come up here.

“Why did you do this?”

[Because you must grow to be able to face Chaos.]

“It sounds like you planned the whole thing to make a chess match.”

Everything was by design.


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I deliberately inserted a rune that could regress 100 times and waited for a human to stand against God.

As a result, he won and was able to become incredibly strong through regression as per their wishes.

[Uhm… … I didn’t think of it as a shogi horse, but I won’t deny that we were trying to create a weapon to fight Chaos.]

“It’s a weapon… … “Can a mere human being be raised to be a weapon against him?”

[It can happen. From now on, just follow what I say.]

Rubuahi was smiling, but Ryumin did not hide his reluctant expression.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had become God’s toy.

“I am not a tool that follows your orders.”

[Of course, of course. I’m sorry to say it’s a weapon, but that’s the only appropriate expression I can think of… … I’m sorry if you felt bad.]

Lubuahi tried to avoid displeasing Ryumin as much as possible.

He also answered Ryumin’s questions well.

“So you and your supervisor know all my records from the 1st to the 100th?”

[That’s not true. The ability to turn back time is so strong that not even God can resist it. In short, this is my first time encountering Black Scythe like this. At least that’s what I remember.]

“Does that mean that if I turn back time now, Chaos won’t remember me?”

[That’s right. Not only Chaos, but also the god I serve.]

“You and your superiors designed and created such an incredible rune?”

[I received help from another god.]


[I can’t tell you any more than that. What is certain is that there are no previous records of Black Scythe’s experience here in the Akashic Records. Recurrence is such a powerful power that it even changes the records of the universe.]

Rubuahi said he would explain it in his own way, but the listener could not help but have more questions.

“Is something strange? “If this is your first episode, why didn’t you send Remiel before?”

[I waited for the 100th episode. I plan to send it to Black Scythe when he becomes strong enough to deal with the Archangel.]

“for a moment. You say you have no memory of returning? But how did I know this was the 100th episode?”

[I received help. There is one god who is not affected by regression.]

Rubuahi’s answer was flawless.

At least it doesn’t look like he’s lying.

‘If you ask who that god is, he won’t answer.’

Ryumin asked another question.

“Did the god you serve create this system? Programming humans?”

[That’s right. It was also Black Scythe’s will that designed the system to capture angels and make them stronger. Although he received advice.]


[You don’t need to know that much. The important thing is that we know how to kill Chaos.]

It was unpleasant to see him act like he was the boss, but Ryu Min didn’t argue.

“To be honest, I don’t like you guys. The Elyos bastards who turn humans into mercenaries to save the horses of the Heavenly Demon War, and you who say you raised me as a weapon against Chaos, they seem to be of the same race. but.”

Ryumin had no intention of questioning him now.

“I don’t care if you took advantage of me. “Anyway, my goal is to kill Chaos.”

[I’m glad our goals coincide.]

“Then tell me now. “What is the method?”

[Before I give you any information, I would like to make a contract.]


As Ryumin’s eyes narrowed in suspicion, Rubuahi smiled broadly.

[Don’t look at me like that. This is a contract to ensure that work is done.]

“What contract is it?”

[This is a contract to cooperate with each other to kill Chaos. In some ways, it can be seen as a memorandum.]

“Are you saying that you will only give me information if I write a memorandum?”

[yes. Then, wouldn’t we be able to trust Black Scythe and provide you with information?]

Ryumin laughed as if it was absurd.

“Do I look like someone who would betray you?”

[As I said, this is to make it clear between us. Please don’t feel too bad.]

Ryumin glared at Lubuahi, hoping to see through his inner thoughts, but no information could be read from his expressionless face.

“good. “Let’s look at the contract first.”

[All right.]

Soon, a familiar system message appeared in front of Ryu Min.

[Heroic ‘Rub’ahi’ presented the player ‘Black Scythe’ with writing a contract.]

<Soul Contract>

[A: Black Scythe] [B: Rubuahi]

1. Party A pledges to fight against Chaos in return for receiving information about Chaos from Party B.

2. As soon as the contract ends, Party B provides Chaos information to Party A.

3. This contract lasts until Chaos disappears.

[This is a life-sentence contract that is subordinate to the soul at the time of contract.]

[The one who breaks the contract first between A and B will disappear forever.]

[Do you want to fulfill the contract? Y/N]

Although it was expected, it was a contract that came at the cost of extinction.

‘Do you want me to fight against Chaos forever?’

I still grind my teeth when I think of my colleagues who died from Chaos.

Not a bad suggestion for revenge.

But Ryumin shook his head as if there was nothing to worry about.


[…] … yes?]

“This contract is too unfavorable to me.”

[Are you at a disadvantage? If your goal is to kill Chaos, you don’t have to worry about being destroyed, right?]

“That’s right. However, a contract must always be fair. You only provide information, I fight against Chaos forever. “Isn’t it obvious who is more disadvantaged?”

[…] … .]

“If we don’t fight against Chaos, we will disappear. The risk is too big. “It’s completely like a slave contract.”

[So, you’re saying you won’t sign a contract?]

“I will not. From the looks of it, it seems like a contract that will continue even if I return, so why should I endure these disadvantages and wear shackles for the rest of my life?”

[…] … If you don’t sign a contract, you won’t be able to get the information, right?]

“Then you too will lose your chance to kill Chaos.”

As Ryumin came out strong, Rubuahi began to sweat.

In that case, he needs a horse to fight against Chaos.

[…] … If there is anything you want, please let me know.]

“I’ll just add two things to the clause. Just tell me the truth. And add your superiors to the list of extinction targets.”

[…] … Add him?]

“The two of you planned this, so it wouldn’t be fair if you were the only one to disappear. “If you want to make a contract with me, wouldn’t you have to risk the life of your superior who created the system?”

[Well, you need his consent to do that.]

“Then get consent. Because I’ll be waiting. Instead, you have to come within 20 minutes. If you do something wrong, you will be disqualified. Then the opportunity to kill Chaos is gone.”

[Ah, I understand. Please wait a moment.]

Rubuahi, embarrassed, hurriedly disappeared.

Did you feel like it took 5 minutes?

The guy reappeared in the car waiting for him at the Akashic Records.

[The contract has been modified as requested.]

“Where are you looking?”

When I checked, ‘byeong’ was added to A and B, and the name of God was written.

There is even a clause that states that only the truth must be told to each other, and if it is violated, it will be destroyed.

‘If you do this, you can trust and sign a contract.’

Ryumin smiled and agreed to the contract.

[The contract has been concluded.]

[The contract takes effect immediately upon conclusion.]

Ryumin grinned.

“Now tell me. “What is the way to kill Chaos?”

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