The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 313

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Episode 313

313. Donation

‘You seem to be as shocked as expected.’

Ryu Min expected Min Joo-ri to be shocked.

It was none other than the future vision rune that told me the reaction after 7 seconds.

‘But even so, I had no choice but to say it. Because the evidence is so clear. Anyway, if you want to get the Rune of Reality, you have to say it.’

There are five runes that can be obtained in reality.

Four of them have already been secured.

It was also the last rune in the list of 18 runes that must be obtained, and I had planned to obtain it in reality after the 19th round.

‘If you want to get that rune, you have no choice but to reveal your identity.’

That’s why I said this even though I knew Minjoo-ri would be shocked.

However, the problem was that the impact was greater than he thought.

“It’s a black scythe… … ? Ryumin… … My friend is a black scythe… … .”

Minjoo-ri, who had been muttering for a while, looked up and made eye contact.

A gaze full of betrayal and contempt.

Ryumin did not avoid that gaze.

Because you don’t deserve it.

“It must have been fun. “I pretend to be someone else.”

“… … .”

“You like it because I cheated? “Do you like playing with people?”

“Sorry. I had no choice but to protect those around me. Understand me.”

“Protect? From whom?”

“People aiming for the black scythe. “It’s all sorted out now.”

“Aha, so you’re finally revealing it? “Do you think I’ll lie to you and get found out in the end?”

“… … .”

Ryumin knows because he read Minjoo-ri’s inner thoughts.

Even though he says that, he is suffering on the inside.

Min Joo-ri’s words were like the complaints of a child.

Min Joo-ri herself knows that fact well.

Still, I can’t stop blaming others.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to protect yourself from the psychological shock you receive.

“You could have revealed your identity to me earlier.”

“How can you do this when you didn’t even tell your younger brother? And like I said, hiding my identity was safe for many people.”

“okay. I understand that… … Why do I feel betrayed?”

“… … .”

“I never knew you were the Black Scythe. I thought it was a completely different person… … .”

Minjoo-ri let out a long sigh and got up without even drinking coffee.

“I’m going.”

“Where are you going?”

“house. I need time to organize my thoughts. therefore… … .”

Minjoo-ri, who gave me a quick glance, coolly turned her head.

“I wish you didn’t contact me first.”

Min Joo-ri disappeared without leaving those words alone.

In the quiet cafe, only Ryumin’s sigh remained.

‘Whoa…’ … I knew it would end up like this, but now that I’ve experienced it, I feel bad.’

I understand Minjoo-ri’s feelings.

Two people who had been believed to be different people turned out to be one person.

My beliefs and values ​​would have been shattered.

‘The greater the trust, the greater the sense of betrayal.’

Seo A-rin, Christine, and Ryu Won also knew his identity, but they were not shocked to this extent.

‘In a way, is this natural? Min Joo-ri has been in love with me unrequitedly for three or four years.’

As much as he loved the real Ryumin, his image must have been firmly established.

But today that image was completely shattered.

The psychological shock will be greater because it was a democracy that valued trust between people above all else.

‘Should I have told you sooner? Or should I have pushed ahead by showing serious evidence when I had previously taken it as a joke?’

If I had, I might have been less shocked than I am now.

‘Or should we have opened earlier as Min-ri said?’

I don’t know which was the better choice, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Water already spilled.

It was too late to pick it up.

‘Still, it’s better than holding it until the end. ‘The more time passes, the more excuses there will be and the worse the situation will become.’

I couldn’t hide it anymore.

It was a situation that had to be revealed in order to obtain the last rune.

‘If you organize your thoughts, you’ll feel better.’

As the saying goes, Minjoo-ri needs time.

If enough time passes for you to accept the truth, you will be able to smile like you normally do.

‘First, let’s make a plan on how to get the runes.’

Ryumin, who was sitting alone drinking coffee, looked across.


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I left without taking a single sip.

‘It’s a waste to throw it away… … .’

I guess I need someone to drink caramel macchiato.

* * *


The cafe door opens and his younger brother, Ryu Won, comes in.

“Why did you ask me to come here? “Why don’t you watch it at home?”

“I have something important to talk about.”

“Something important?”

“Sit down first.”

Ryu Won sat down and looked at the coffee in front of him.

“Have you already ordered mine?”

“huh. Do you like caramel macchiato?”

“I like it.”


Ryu Min, who spoke calmly, made an explosive statement towards his younger brother, who was slurping coffee.

“I’m going to reveal my identity.”

“Oops! “What?”

I almost spit out coffee.

“I will reveal my identity to the public. “I am the Black Scythe.”

“W-what do you mean? “Does this mean you’re going to take off your mask?”

“I’m going to take off my mask and reveal everything that my name is Ryumin.”

“why? “Why are you doing that?”

The look in my younger brother’s eyes implied why he bothered to reveal his identity and scratch him.

‘I know. I know, but… … .’

In order to claim the last rune that can be obtained in reality, you must let go of everything.

“I want to reveal my identity and make a donation in my name.”

“donation? suddenly?”

“huh. “I plan to donate the entire amount, leaving only the necessary amount.”

Currently, there is over 1 trillion won in cash after selling stocks.

“With about 10 billion won, I could live off of it for the rest of my life.”

“Are you going to donate all but 10 billion won?”


Ryu Won continued to look surprised.

Since he said he would donate 99% of his wealth, it was natural to be shocked.

“Are you serious, bro?”

“Then, I’m serious.”

“Why the sudden donation… … .”

“You don’t know what will happen in the future. “I don’t know if I will come back alive in the 20th round.”

Ryu Won had to be surprised once more by those words.

How could the black scythe of the world sound so unconfident?

Of course, Ryu Won didn’t know that it was just an excuse to get runes.

“Why do you say things like that to make people nervous? “Because he’s a regressor, he probably knows the information about the 20th round.”

“I don’t know much about 20 rounds. “I’ve only been there once.”

“That means you might fail…” … ?”

“I guess so.”

Is it because the words are not filled with certainty?

For the first time, Ryu Won felt a vague sense of anxiety.

“If something happens to me, I will make sure the property returns to you. So you don’t have to worry about money… … .”

“How can people do that?”


“Don’t worry about money? “Do you think I’m worried about money or something?”

Ryu Won’s eyes showed concern.

But it was never a worry about money.

I was worried about my older brother, who was my only blood relative, family member, head of the household, and father figure.

“My brother might die, so why does money matter?”

“Hey, don’t overdo it. Who says you’re going to die? “Do you look like I’m going to die?”

Ryu Won shook his head.

Even angels couldn’t possibly die from a trembling black scythe in just 20 rounds.

“If I was going to give up like this, I wouldn’t have gone back 100 times. I will definitely survive. Because I will survive… … .”

Ryumin smiled at the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t worry too much. Understand?”

“Then don’t say things like you’re going to hand over your property.”

“But you have to do it. Is this some kind of insurance? “You don’t know what people do, right?”

Even Ryumin doesn’t know what will happen.

Because I don’t know how strong the 20th round boss will be.

It was the same even when reading the images of Plunictos and Artaros.

‘It seemed like something was blocking me and I couldn’t get any information about the round.’

Therefore, we cannot guarantee whether Ryu Min will be able to clear round 20.

It’s a round I’ve only experienced once.

It also disappeared in front of the most important boss room.

‘So I have to do my best. To get at least one more rune.’

The donation of 99% of the property was for that purpose.

“Let’s go when you’ve finished eating.”

“huh… … .”

Ryu Wonman, who did not know that fact, could only do his best to calm his troubled mind.

* * *

Click click click click-

As Ryu Min steps onto the podium, the camera flashes.

A black scythe, attracting the world’s spotlight, appeared at the press conference.

Wearing a white mask like always.

“hello. “It’s a black scythe.”

Click click click click click-

Even if you just say a simple greeting, the flash goes off like crazy.

It is only natural that the most influential person in the world, who is called a living hero, is in front of you.

Of course, that wasn’t the only reason.

“I’m sure everyone knows why I held the press conference.”

I will reveal my identity.

As such was predicted, the press conference hall was more crowded than ever.

I can’t believe I can see the face of the black scythe, which has been shrouded in mystery for so long.

How could you miss this scoop?

“I’m sure everyone is looking forward to it, so I’ll show it to you right away.”

Ryumin took off his white mask without hesitation.

Then, the bronze-skinned face of the roast yak was revealed.

-Oh, that’s the face of the black scythe.

-You look like a man.

-You’re needlessly handsome, right?

With flash baptism, people’s inner thoughts can be heard.

Some female reporters even blushed.

However, what Ryumin wanted to reveal was not just Lost Yak’s face.

“You may think this is my face, but my real face is different.”

“Real face?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Instead of answering, Ryumin changed his appearance.

The physique did not change, but the bronze skin turned white and the hair style also became neater.

The face has also clearly changed from a manly style with thick lines to a more refined style.



The murmur grew louder in the press conference room.

It’s surprising that it changed its appearance right before your eyes.

“My name is Ryumin. I’m only 20 years old, and this is my true self. As you can see, I have the ability to change my appearance.”

While some reporters were dumbfounded by their unexpected abilities, others were tapping away at their laptops like crazy.

It’s a scoop big enough to be hung up on a portal site.

“I’m sure many people were surprised. “They say that not only can it suddenly reveal its identity, but it can also transform its appearance.”

The reporters nodded as if in agreement.

Even a famous celebrity’s coming out is not this much of a shock.

“And you might be wondering. “Why are you revealing your identity now after hiding it so well?”

I was curious.

With that in mind, everyone paid attention to the mouth of the black scythe.

Ryumin, who had been pausing while looking around the crowd, slowly opened his mouth.

“I can’t guarantee whether I will come back alive in the next round or not. So I decided. “I decided to reveal my identity and donate.”


The murmur grew louder again.

When Ryumin raised his hand, the sound quieted down.

However, the fact that the sound was turned down was insignificant.

“I, Ryu Min, decided to return 990 billion won of my wealth to society.”

A barrage of flashes exploded, accompanied by a murmur.

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