The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 312

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Episode 312

312. Now believe it.

With the round end notification, the players were moved to a colorless space.

The angel waiting in the sky looks surprised.

[This is fascinating. Exactly 72 people survived. I thought it would decrease further, but it seems like unity is surprisingly good?]

That wasn’t the only surprise.

[what? Surprisingly, everyone has good complexion, right? Originally, I was supposed to be fussing because I couldn’t eat… … .]

The angel couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw the humans making a listless expression, as if they were not full.

[This is a strange thing. Anyway, it’s good. Congratulations on clearing round 19. Then, shall we start by receiving the clear reward?]

In accordance with the angel’s signal, a message appeared in front of the players.

[Experience points and gold are awarded to everyone as a reward for clearing round 19.]

[Experience +0%]

[The player can no longer increase experience points.]


Ryumin was at max level, so he couldn’t increase his experience any more, but neither was anyone else.

“Ma, I’m at max level!”

“I’m finally at full level!”

“I also gained a new skill!”

Excluding Ryu Min, 71 people reached max level and were simultaneously wrapped in a brilliant effect.

This is a 1-minute invincibility effect received in commemoration of reaching max level.

‘It would be nice to utilize that invincibility in boss battles.’

I found it useful when dealing with Artaros, but the people here should just enjoy the effect.

I felt sorry for myself, but there was nothing I could do since I couldn’t take advantage of it.

[Looking at the effect, I see that everyone is at max level? congratulations. Now, shall we check the aggregate results?]

“How do you measure rankings?”

As always, this time the ranking measurement method was kept private.

That’s why people waited for the answer with curious faces.

The answer was unexpectedly simple.

[The ranking method for this round was the number of people killed.]


“ah… … .”

“Then the person who kills the most will be first.”

However, being ranked in the rankings was not something to be happy about.

In a way, it was a position he occupied by killing others.

People glanced at each other and looked at each other.

If there is someone on the list, it means that there is a murderer among them.

Of course I couldn’t help but be concerned.

“Who will be first?”

“not me. “I wouldn’t have been ranked because I didn’t kill a single person.”

“Maybe Black Scythe will give up first place for the first time.”

“I guess so. “If only you didn’t kill anyone.”

Those who whispered had no doubt that they would be the first to see a black scythe that did not make it to the rankings.


★ 19th round results tally ★

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└1st place. Black Scythe (Lv99 Reaper) Number of people killed: 63

└2nd place. doesn’t exist

└3rd place. doesn’t exist

People were surprised by the unexpected results.

“Black Scythe… … .”

“No. 1… … ?”

That means killing someone.

It is proudly written that 63 people were killed.

The players all looked at the black scythe.

Eyes demanding explanation.

It was a natural reaction because they believed that people would not be evil enough to kill others for survival.

However, there was no need for Ryu Min to explain.

Colleagues who believed in him represented him like lawyers.

“There is no way Black Scythe killed the player.”

“It doesn’t make sense that he killed 63 people by himself.”

“is it so. In the first place, the condition was not human, but human, right? “All intelligent beings may be included.”

“Does that mean it includes killing demons?”

“It would be the same if the devil were treated as a person.”

“Then I understand that you took first place. “You said you killed many demons to become the demon king, right?”

People’s reasoning was reasonable.

In the first place, the conditions for ranking were people, not humans.

The scope of humans includes all intelligent beings, such as Elyos, Demons, and Gods.

That was the reason Ryu Min took first place.


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-After all, Black Scythe couldn’t have killed the player.

-Like a fool. I misunderstood.

People looked at Ryumin with that thought, but it wasn’t true.

‘Out of the 63 people I killed, 2 were players.’

One was Heo Tae-seok, who turned into a demon, and the other was a player he met by chance while passing by.

‘Your nickname was Leonard, right?’

The guy’s heart, which seemed a bit tired, was full of desire and dark intentions.

He has already committed numerous murders.

That was the reason they killed him.

Because it was clear that if left alone, it would cause trouble.

‘Besides, if you kill him, there will be 72 people.’

Of course, there is no need for other players to know these behind-the-scenes details.

That’s why Ryumin didn’t bother to open his mouth.

It was passed on quietly so that people would think that only demons were killed.

[congratulations! You have completed the quest as first place in the area!]

[Currently, ‘Black Scythe’ is ranked 1st in the area.]

[‘God grade equipment selection’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

[A ‘Special Reward Selection Box’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

Perhaps because it is the last, the reward is generous.

Ryumin used the god-level equipment option first.

[Please touch the desired area among the following.]

└ 1. God grade gloves

└ 2. God grade shoes

└ 3. God grade necklace

└ 4. God grade ring

Weapons and armor were excluded from the list.

It seems like they don’t even get expensive parts just because they took first place.

‘There is no need anyway. ‘There’s only one thing I need.’

Ryumin chose number 4, a ring.

It was the only part without a God grade.

[No. 4, you chose a god-grade ring.]

[Items change according to your level.]

[congratulations! Obtained the ‘Ring of Death’.]

[Ring of Death]

– Category: Ring

-Grade: God

-Effect: All stats +50, all rewards doubled when killing the target

-Durability: 20,000/20,000

– Restrictions on use: Master level or higher

-Description: A ring given to those who can understand death.

‘Whoa. I can’t believe an item like this is coming out.’

I’ve chosen rings as rewards before, but this is my first time seeing a ring like this.

‘The decision was made taking the user’s level into consideration, so the ring came out better than before?’

Ryumin, with a satisfied smile, used the special reward selection box this time.

[You can choose one of the following special rewards.]

[Please touch the reward you want.]

└ 1. Stat 50% increase buff (limited to 20 rounds)

└ 2. Temporary skill – Invincible (limited to 20 rounds)

└ 3. God grade weapon selection

This reward is significantly different from the previous one.

‘There is no information about the next round.’

Usually, item 3 contains information about the next round as a reward, but not this time.

This is why Ryu Min absurdly disappeared in the 20th round.

‘Well, even if that were the case, the result wouldn’t have been different.’

Even if you know that you have to be 5 or more people to enter the boss room, what can you do now?

It is impossible to revive a player who has disappeared.

‘It’s a shame that I knew in advance and saved so many people, otherwise I would have been hit hard in the back.’

It’s not that I almost got hit, I already got hit once.

So I have no intention of getting hit twice.

‘I know some information about the 20th round. I just don’t know information about the boss room.’

Therefore, Ryu Min was worried about compensation between options 1 and 2.

God grade weapon option number 3 wasn’t even worth considering.

Because I already had it.

‘If Eternal had been an option, I would have considered it.’

Rubbing his chin, Ryumin was lost in thought.

If you choose number 1, your stats will increase by 50% and you can more confidently overwhelm the boss.

‘It will also be useful when dealing with Artaros who may appear.’

If you choose number 2, you will be invincible and can prepare for any emergency.

I don’t know if it could become dangerous, but it is a kind of insurance.

‘What is better? ‘What would be more helpful in dealing with the 20th round boss?’

I was cautious as it was my last chance.

The results may vary depending on what you choose.

‘okay. ‘It would be better to prepare for any unexpected situation.’

Artaros can still be easily overpowered.

So I decided to prepare just in case.

‘Choose number 2.’

After making his choice, Ryu Min heard an angel cheering in his ears.

[Okay then, everyone. Stay strong until the last round.]

◀ ROUND 19 ends ▶

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└Survivors: 72

[After a while, the soul is transferred to the body in the existing dimension.]

[Round 20 begins at midnight on August 1, 2023. Well then, see you in the next round. Congratulations on your survival.]

* * *

[Round 19 ended, 72 players returned!]

[72 transcendental people come back alive after 3 days of sleep!]

[Who are the players left for the last 20 rounds?]

[17 Korean players out of 72, what are the nationalities of the remaining players?]

Numerous articles have been posted.

All citizens paid attention to 72 people.

He was also praised as the chosen one.

Out of 1.8 billion humans, only 72 survived, so it is natural that they are in the spotlight.

But to Min-ri Min, that meant nothing.

She had so many worries that she couldn’t afford to worry about anything else.

‘Are you sure Min is the black scythe?’

Seo A-rin said that with such confidence, but I couldn’t believe it.

Even though I saw the transformation with my own eyes, it didn’t feel real.

‘No, just because they can transform doesn’t mean they are the same person.’

I tried my best to deny it, but it wasn’t enough to erase my doubts.

All the circumstances showed that the black scythe was Ryumin.

‘The reason Min didn’t tell me his nickname and the reason he continued to avoid meeting in the other world was all to hide his identity?’

That’s very likely, but that’s not the point.

It is most important to find out whether it is true or not.

Because if I struggle like this alone, I won’t get an answer.

‘I have to meet Min.’

Minjoo-ri’s fingers moved busily.

Tok tok tok tok-

[Minjoo-ri: Min-ah. I have something to tell you. Can you give me some time? This is important.]

[Ryu Min: Yes. Let’s meet at the unmanned cafe at Myeongdong Station in an hour.]

The appointment was quickly made.

The two people who had already settled down in the cafe looked at each other and placed their orders.

“Are you going to have a caramel macchiato?”

“Are you going to have a double espresso?”

Normally, both people would have smiled at the words that came out at the same time, but the two knew.

This is a serious place where laughter should not be involved.

“I’ll get it.”

Min-ri Min said as Ryu-min, who brought coffee, sat down.

“thank you.”

“What, with this much? “Anyway, what’s going on?”

Ryu Min’s face showed that something was coming after reading his inner thoughts, but there was no way Min Joo-ri knew that fact.

He just has the face of someone who wants to know the truth.

“I want to ask you something.”


“You told me as a joke before. “You are the black scythe.”


“Was that really serious and not a joke?”

Ryumin remained silent.

He seemed to be contemplating whether to say it or not.

Minjoo-ri, who felt frustrated by that sight, asked once again.

“Are you really the black scythe? “Tell me honestly this time.”

“Not just this time.”

Ryumin opened his mouth with a serious expression.

“I was honest, both last time and this time.”

“That means… … .”

“They say I am the black scythe.”

Ryu Min revealed his identity once more, but Min Joo-ri still had a hard time believing it.

“Can you show me the evidence?”

Ryumin nodded and transformed his appearance.

Rumbling, rumbling-

He, who instantly took on the appearance of a roast yak, took out a white mask from his bag and put it on.

“This is what the black scythe looks like in reality as you know it. and.”

Ryumin equipped all the items in his inventory by memorizing the equipping trigger words.

“This is the black scythe attire known in this world.”

Since it was an unmanned cafe with no customers, no one was surprised.

Only Minjoo-ri is keeping his mouth open.


Wings sprouted from Ryumin’s back.

“These are black wings. “You’ve seen a lot of black scythes used, right?”

“… … .”

“I want to show my skills, but I can’t show them here.”

Ryumin’s wings disappeared as if they had never appeared.

“Is this still hard to believe?”

“no… … Now believe it. “You are the black scythe.”

For some reason, Minjoo-ri’s voice was trembling as he faced the undeniable truth.

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