The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 314

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Episode 314

314. Time will tell.

Ryu Min’s face was relieved as he left the press conference.

‘I feel relieved to have revealed my identity.’

I’ve been living my life pretending to be someone else and imitating other people’s faces.

But now there is no need for that.

You can proudly show your face and reveal that your nickname is Black Scythe.

‘Now everyone in the world will know.’

Even so, there is no problem.

All threats have been eliminated, and even if they were, what kind of crazy person would attack the Black Scythe?

‘Maybe it shouldn’t have been hidden for this long.’

He hid his identity to prevent an unexpected situation, but instead, people around him were hurt because of it.

‘I didn’t mean to do this… … ‘It’s bittersweet.’

Ryu Min, who thought of Min Joo-ri for a moment, picked up his cell phone.

I hesitated about calling, but then shook my head.

‘Time will tell.’

Let’s put Min-ri aside and solve the donation issue first.

Ryumin’s fingers moved busily.

* * *

The donation amount, which is close to 1 trillion won, is large enough to make even large companies hesitate.

It is not easy for an individual to donate that money unless you are a very wealthy person.

That’s why Ryu Min’s donation received public attention.

[Black Scythe, finally reveals her face! My heart flutters at the face that stimulates women’s hearts.]

[The identity of the black scythe is revealed to be a 21-year-old man… … .]

[Black Scythe decides to donate 990 billion of his entire wealth… … .]

[trot! 99 places on Black Scythe’s donation list have been confirmed… … .]

Ryu Min smiled while reading the last article.

‘The driver is so fast.’

Less than an hour has passed since I made the transfer, and the list has already been uploaded.

Perhaps because we made the donation with advance notice, we figured it out very quickly.

‘It may not be a roughly written article, but the content is accurate.’

Ryumin donated 10 billion won each to 99 places.

Social Contribution Foundation, UNICEF Korea, Green Children’s Foundation, Korea Senior Citizens’ Health Association, Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation, organizations helping the less fortunate, etc.

Among the organizations that could be of help, we selected only those that were as transparent as possible and worked hard to ensure that the entire transfer was made at once.

As a result, Ryu Min’s account balance was less than 1 won.

‘My bank account is empty. Well, I left 10 billion won in my younger brother’s account.’

The important thing is that the donation must be in your own name and the balance must be 0 won.

That was the condition for obtaining the Rune of Reality.

So, he revealed his identity and donated as a show of pride.

‘You can donate without having to reveal your identity.’

Wouldn’t it be better to raise your reputation by donating publicly?

I won’t even ask where the money close to 1 trillion came from.

‘You have to donate as much money as possible to get the corresponding rune. This is why I put 99% of my money into it.’

Even Ryumin doesn’t know what runes will appear.

The value of runes varies depending on how much money is donated.

‘With this, one condition has been cleared.’

In fact, donating is not the only condition for obtaining runes.

Not only real money but also gold must be transferred to other players.

‘To be precise, we need to make the balance of real money and gold in the other world to 0.’

Only after first meeting these two conditions can you obtain the rune.

This was the reason why Ryumin was currently at the Four Gods Church.

‘When the players gather at the Four Gods Church in a little while, I will have to give away all the gold I have. ‘You’ll have to spend all your gold to get runes.’

In the last episode, Ryu Min put his current life in order ahead of the 20th round.

All cash and gold were used because it could be the last round.

‘I donated all the cash, and I also used up all the gold by purchasing items.’

Then, unexpectedly, I was able to meet the conditions and obtain runes proportional to the amount.

‘What you got then was [Rune of Berserk], right? It wasn’t a bad rune.’

It is a rune that increases attack power proportionally when damage is taken, and the rune itself was useful.

‘The problem was that I had nothing to write about. ‘Because it was destroyed in front of the boss room before it could take any damage.’

But this time the results will be different.

I am sure that I will come up with a better rune than the Berserk Rune I got back then.

This time, unlike before, I plan to throw away a huge amount of gold, 160 billion won.

‘The cash donated is similar to the previous round, but the gold is different.’

Previously there was only 50 million gold, but now there is 160 billion gold.

Since gold is overwhelmingly high, the results may be significantly different.

‘You can obtain a rune by reducing the gold to 0.’

Since it is impossible to consume all of it as an item like before, it would be better to pass it on to another player.

With that in mind, I sent a convocation text to the players early on, but I don’t know if Min-ri Min will come.


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‘Anyway, you’ll find out in a moment.’

Ryumin, who saw that the appointment time was approaching, waited in the yard with his mask off, unlike usual.

Then Eom Jun-seok came to the side.

“Black Scythe. “It’s hot. Let’s go in and wait.”

“No, wait here. “People will be here soon.”

“You can do that… … .”

When I glanced at Eom Jun-seok, there was something on his face that showed he wasn’t getting used to it.

“Why are you doing that?”

“just… … Because it feels strange. “I can’t believe I saw Black Scythe, who I always saw only through a mask, with his bare face like this.”

“You must be surprised to know that I am a black scythe.”

“I was incredibly surprised. Lost Yak was Black Scythe… … “I couldn’t even imagine it.”

It was surprising because Eom Jun-seok had seen Ryu Min’s face when he visited the Four Gods Church with Min-ri Min in the past.

“Besides, I never thought you would donate that much money… … . “I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

“I can’t do it. “I don’t have that much money.”

“Haha, that’s right. “I don’t have money, but even if I had, I wouldn’t be able to do it.”

Eom Jun-seok, who laughed once, asked with a serious face.

“Aren’t you sad? “You spent almost all your hard-earned money.”

“Money is there and it’s not there.”

“What you’re saying makes you sound like someone who has lived for decades. “It’s hard to believe I’m 21.”

Ryu Min did not mention much about his age.

Ryu Min was over 110 years old if you count the years he lived through regression, but he didn’t want to reveal that.

“By the way, Black Scythe. “Didn’t you say you don’t know the information about the next round?”

“It did.”

“But for what reason was the convocation…?” … ?”

“I don’t know if you need it, but I wanted to give you a gift.”

“A gift? which… … ?”

“It’s coming slowly.”

As the appointment time got closer, people showed up one by one.

Everyone seemed to have heard the news and bowed their heads as they looked at Ryumin, who had taken off his mask.

He knows that his opponent is a black scythe.

“Black Scythe, I heard the news. “I heard you donated?”

“I think you did a really good job. “You are amazing.”

“You also revealed your identity… … “I didn’t know you were this young.”

Ryumin chatted with the people coming in and counted them.

‘Twenty-two, twenty-three… … .’

As time passed, more people came in, and it was not until the appointed time that everyone was summoned.

‘There are 70 people, excluding me.’

One person is not enough.

It was easy to tell who didn’t come because I checked their faces.

‘Time will tell… … .’

Reciting as if he was reciting a spell, Ryumin spoke to the audience.

“The reason I called you guys ahead of the last round is no different. “It’s to give a gift.”

“A gift?”

“It’s not the gift I was expecting. “As I already said, I don’t know the information about the next round.”

“Then what… … .”

“Accept the deal first.”

Ryumin caught them one by one and used the trade function.

Then the player who saw the transaction window was surprised.

“You’re giving me this much gold?”


“Is the gift that Black Scythe was talking about gold?”

“How much did you give me… … .”

People with curious faces each traded with the black scythe.

The reaction of the person who completed the transaction was the same.

My eyes widened at the amount of money I had no idea when I would use it all.

Because we distributed close to 2.3 billion gold per person.

“With that money, I could easily spend it at the store.”

“I have too much left over?”

“When will I use all this?”

“Isn’t now the only chance to use it?”

The players were both surprised and embarrassed at the same time.

Even though I had this much gold now, it was useless.

However, there were no players who expressed displeasure.

‘I’m sorry for using you, but please take care of the gold for a while. ‘Because I must obtain the last rune that can be obtained in reality.’

That’s when we distributed gold to the last 70th player and reduced it to 0.

A notification window that only Ryumin could see appeared.

[The currency of this life and the currency of the other world were reduced to zero.]

[The activation conditions have been met.]

[Basic conditions have been met with over KRW 10 billion in assets held.]

[Basic conditions have been met with more than 10 million gold.]

[Amount donated in the user’s name: KRW 990,000,000,000] (Confirmed)

[Gold used in the player’s name 160,921,300,920] (Confirmed)

[It was confirmed that he was the first player to organize cash.]

[Runes are paid in proportion to the amount donated and the gold used.]

[Looking for a rune that matches the amount… … .]

[congratulations! ‘Rune of Transcendence’ was given as a reward.]

[The acquired runes are automatically imprinted on the player’s body!]

When the runes were obtained as planned, a smile appeared on Ryumin’s face.

‘I finally gathered a list of all 18 runes.’

The rune received in proportion to cash and gold is the rune of transcendence.

Unlike before, this is a new rune that I have never been able to obtain before, perhaps because I spent a lot of gold on it.

‘Would you like to check what rune it is?’

Ryu Min’s eyes slowly widened as he opened the information.

* * *

[My name is Ryumin. I’m only 20 years old, and this is my true self… … .]

A video of the explosive remarks at the press conference was played on TV.

Ryu Min’s face and identity were revealed to the whole country, no, the world, but Min-ri Min seemed to be okay with it and turned off the TV.

He was someone I once loved, but now he’s just an unpleasant face to look at.

‘You’ve been fooling me since we first met until the 20th round.’

Of course, I know I wasn’t faking it for fun.

I understand that he has been hiding his identity to avoid confusion and to protect the precious people around him.

Even though you know that, why do you feel so uncomfortable and upset?

Why do I feel betrayed by someone I love?

Why do I feel like I was being played with?

‘Min, who I thought was just kind… … She was wearing a different mask… … .’

That moment when I was holding my head in pain.

A beam of light flashed through Minjoo-ri’s mind.


It was awakened.

‘Why did I think Min would be naive? Was it me who was prejudiced? ‘Am I doing this because I’m uncomfortable with that prejudice being broken?’

After thinking about it over and over again, I realized for sure.

He had not been betrayed by the person he loved.

He was just framing it as a betrayal as a defense mechanism for having his prejudice broken.

Because his mentality was not strong enough to face the uncomfortable truth.

‘It’s disgusting.’

I am so disgusted with myself.

I can’t believe I’m blaming not someone else but the man I’ve had a crush on for over 4 years because my prejudices have collapsed.

‘This can’t go on. I should at least say I’m sorry. Otherwise I really… … .’

Min-ri Min hurriedly sent a text message to Ryu-min.

Let’s meet.

Let’s meet and talk.

The time to organize your thoughts is now over.

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