The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 311

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Episode 311

311. End of round 19

3 hours before the end of the round.

When the players saw the black scythe that appeared with the demon, they were worried.

‘No way, Black Scythe… … .’

‘Have you been controlled by the devil? … ?’

Otherwise, there would be no way they could walk side by side like that.

However, the players’ expectations were wrong.

“You may be surprised to suddenly appear with a demon, but don’t misunderstand. “This guy is my subordinate.”


“A subordinate?”

A devil with a leopard face is your subordinate.

Ryumin ordered the devil as if there was nothing to worry about.

“The kids are scared. “Relax your expression.”

[Yes… … .]

“First, introduce yourself.”

Perhaps because she knew that she was the Demon King’s companion, Sitri did not treat humans poorly.

He just introduces himself hesitantly, like a new soldier who has just joined the unit.

[I am Sitri, the number one demon noble. Now, please take care of me, Demon King’s colleagues.]


“who? Black Scythe?”

As the players looked at them with dumbfounded expressions, Ryumin finally explained the whole story of how he became the Demon King.

Of course, leave out the stories about becoming a god or other useless things.

“After killing the demon archduke named Plunictos, I gained the skill to warp to the demon world. And he sat down on the throne there and announced that he was testing his qualifications to become the Demon King.”

He was able to become a demon king after dealing with dozens of high-ranking demons.

That’s all I explained.

It was an unbelievable sound to anyone.

“haha… … “Black Scythe is the Demon King?”

“I don’t believe it, but the evidence is right in front of me, so I have no choice but to believe it… … .”

The players were shocked that a human had become a demon lord, but they didn’t know.

Rather than that, he became an amazing god.

‘If you say you’ve become a god, you’ll be treated like a crazy person.’

Ryumin, who was now truly a god and not just a word, spoke as if to reassure him.

“I have become the Demon King, so you don’t have to worry. “The devil won’t attack anymore.”

Although he boasted, people looked at the devil and looked at him with doubts as to whether he would be okay.

I wonder if I might end up hitting someone in the back of the head.

It was a reality in which neither Elyos nor demons were treated well by humans.

‘Well, I guess it’s good. All I have to do is use the demons.’

Ryumin grinned and gave Sitri a look.

“Take out what you brought.”


At the Demon King’s command, Sitri took something out of subspace.

Suddenly – patter!

The players’ eyes widened as they saw all kinds of food and water bottles falling from the air.

The food I had never wanted so much was confusing my eyes.

“This is… … .”

“What is all this?”

“I brought you something to eat and drink because I was afraid you might be hungry.”

Despite Ryu Min’s calm words, the players still opened their eyes and mouths.

I was more shaken than when I heard that he had become a demon lord.

“Where did you get this?”

“I brought it from the demon world.”

“Demon world?”

“When the demons attacked humans, they also plundered food. So, you can trust it and eat it. Because they are foods made by humans, not demons. “I ate it too and haven’t had any problems so far.”

“ah… … .”

People’s mouths were watering, perhaps because they had heard that it was okay to eat it.

“Don’t pay attention, take it quickly and eat it.”

“Okay, thank you.”

As soon as permission was given, Ryumin counted the number of people as they hurriedly gathered food and water.

‘Coincidentally, there were 72 people including me.’

The number of survivors is just right.

The maximum number that can survive.

Moreover, looking at the faces, all the main members were alive.

Although several of Cho Yong-ho’s mercenaries were sacrificed.

‘And Heo Tae-seok too.’

There was no one who did not know the news that Heo Tae-seok, the leader of the Four Gods Church, had died.

A death notification was posted and it was revealed by Alex and Victor who were at the scene.

However, it was only known that he had been brainwashed by the devil, and the details of the situation were unknown.


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‘Maybe that’s why I feel sorry for Heo Tae-seok’s death. In reality, it was an accident caused by his desire for revenge.’

Heo Tae-seok’s death was self-inflicted.

Knowing that fact, Ryumin no longer felt sorry.

As soon as it occurred to me, I just called the soul contained in the gauntlet.


-Why… … Are you there?

-You were just trying to speak informally, right?

-Oh, no! no!

-Seeing that you don’t get nervous when I call you, I guess you’ve been having a good time.

-haha… … Is that possible? Well, anyway, what happened… … .

-You said that the god Moros gave you information about Nogayinnogay, right?

-That’s right.

-How did you find him?

-Nogay, an old man, had an item from Moros.

Come to think of it, Heo Tae-seok was wearing a god-level Moros robe.

Thanks to that, Moros took notice of Heo Tae-seok and realized that there was hatred in him.

– Did you know that and then pass on the information to you?

-That’s right.

-Why did he help you?

-It probably wasn’t because of me. I think he did that to impress Artaros’ higher-ups.

-You can’t leave him alone, that bastard.

Ryu Min unfilteredly expressed his unpleasant feelings at the fact that God was involved in one way or another.

-That bastard named Moros, is he strong?

-uh… … well?

-Stronger than Artaros?

-That’s not it. Artaros is a genius of nothingness who is treated as a god of martial arts. There is no way we can compete with something like Moros.

-It looks like you know something about Moros?

Ryumin said with a grin.

-Tell me more about that bastard.

* * *

After food was provided, people lay down, showing their bellies.

“Whoa, I felt like I was going crazy with hunger, but I survived.”

“I never thought water would taste this good.”

“There really is no harm in eating it, right?”

“sure. “I heard that Black Scythe also ate it.”

Now that food is taken care of, all you have to do is spend the remaining time leisurely.

However, Ryumin had no intention of staying still.

‘I should continue the hunting that I stopped for a while.’

In fact, it was 65 hours ago that Ryumin returned from the demon world.

In other words, right after he became the Demon King.

I had no choice but to return to the other world because the message threatened that I would be disqualified as a player if I did not return quickly.

‘He’s a demon lord, but he can’t stay in the demon world for long. ‘It’s ironic.’

It was something that could not be helped since I was participating in a survival game as a demon lord and a player.

‘I should do the hunting I’ve been putting off while the demons are looking for food.’

With that in mind, Ryumin began hunting through the forest again.

As a result.

[The Rune of Predation stack has reached 300.]

[Intelligence increases by 20% as an additional effect.]

[The rune stack of Predation has reached 1,000.]

[As an additional effect, luck and item drop rate increase by 20%.]

[The Rune Stack of Predation has reached 3,000.]

[As an additional effect, agility increases by 30%.]

Additional effects were added by exceeding 3,000 Rune Stacks of Predation.

And in less than an hour, I achieved 10,000 stacks.

[The Rune Stack of Predation has reached 10,000.]

[As an additional effect, all stats increase by 20%.]

After killing about 2,000 monsters, the Rune of Predation stack was maximised.

‘Good.’ The stats earned aren’t bad either.’

Not only did I gain stats with the Rune of Predation, but I also gained stats by substituting experience points.

The stats accumulated that way are about 3,000.

This was a result achieved just two hours after returning from the other world.

‘There’s still plenty of time to hunt.’

Grateful for the time he had, Ryumin continued hunting.

It was a time when I was earning stats like crazy with the intention of drying up the seeds of monsters around the world.

[The 41st death has occurred.]

Death notifications, which had been quiet for a while, began to appear.

‘It looks like the players have started fighting.’

I wanted to look around, but right now hunting came first.

Since this round was an opportunity to gain a large amount of stats, I couldn’t be lazy.

‘Besides, I’m looking for materials to give to Victor.’

After learning that he had not been able to make the potion of life due to a lack of ingredients, Ryumin decided to gather as many ingredients as possible.

Since the life potion ingredients can only be obtained by killing strong monsters, it was the best way to obtain them yourself.

As a result of hunting as much as possible in this other world, I was able to earn up to 60,000 stat points.

‘It’s not a bad result. It’s a minor shame compared to catching an Elyos.’

Still, I received a lot of rewards and feel like I have become stronger than before.

‘If I meet Artaros again, I can easily defeat him.’

But the problem is that he is cursed with immortality.

I’m worried about how to stop such a guy.

‘Is there any way?’

Ryu Min, who was thinking hard, decided to return to his colleagues first.

‘Before that, I have to go to the demon world and get some food.’

This is how Ryumin, who warped to the Demon World, brought food with the devil.

“Mr. Victor.”

“Ah, Black Scythe.”

“Please accept the deal for a moment.”


Ryu Min immediately used the trading function on Victor.

And he uploaded the hundreds of ingredients he had collected all at once.

“This is… … !”

Victor recognizes the ingredients and looks at the transaction window with wide eyes.

“I collected it because I thought you might need it. Please use it usefully.”

“iced coffee… … .”

Even though I told him to write it down, Victor hesitated to press the accept button.

I was worried about whether I could receive this much for free.

“Take it. “The more life potions you can make, the better.”

“thank you. “Black Scythe.”

After pressing accept, Victor bowed his head sincerely.

Now I don’t have to watch my younger sister Sophia die right in front of my eyes.

Because there are a lot of life potions.



Ryu-min, who had called Yamti aside, glanced at Min-ri Min and Seo-arin.

“Did you two have any problems?”

“The question is, what? Things are really good between the two of us right now.”


Ryu Min was satisfied when he heard that they had unexpectedly become close friends.

“How many monsters have you tamed?”

“that is… … There isn’t much. I used up everything while dealing with demons last time… … .”

“Then come with me. There are still 3 hours left until the end. If you want to tame, you have the only chance now, so you should gather monsters in preparation for the decisive battle.”

“ah! All right.”

Ryumin went to tamper with monsters with Yamti.

In the meantime, I was worried that Artaros, who had regained his strength, might appear, but my concerns did not arise until the end of the round.

[Time limit expires.]

[Round 19 has ended.]

[There are 72 survivors.]

So the 19th round ended smoothly.

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