The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 272

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Episode 272

272. Strategy simulation game

Every Korean man has probably played a strategy simulation game at least once.

“know? The game where you mine minerals. “You can think of it as similar to that.”

Ryumin was explaining to the believers.

How easy it is to win a war.

“There’s no need to think hard. Can you see it here? Medical history section. Press this and press again like this… … .”

“It says strengthening troops?”

“Can you use gold to strengthen your soldiers?”


It was easy to understand as I explained things by directly pointing to the screen.

“You can upgrade or add equipment to your troops by spending the gold of the player who is the commander. If you don’t have enough troops, you can hire mercenaries. Of course it will cost gold.”

“Then the more commanders there are, the more advantageous it is, right?”

“yes. “There will be more gold.”

It was natural that the side with more commanders had the advantage.

Just as adding multiple CPUs to a server computer increases performance, having a large number of users is advantageous when planning a strategy.

Just like now, the difference in gold is widening.

However, there was still a shadow on the players’ faces.

It’s not that it wasn’t, I just looked at the price.

“One thousand gold to upgrade one soldier’s weapon?”

“Well, then 10,000 people is 10 million gold, right?”

“Wow, the price of this is so outrageous?”

The addition of mercenaries was even worse.

“10,000 gold to add one veteran mercenary?”

“You’re too expensive!”

No matter how many people there were, there was no choice with the gold the believers had.

“Come on, let’s each open some gold. “How much do you have?”

“I have 1.3 million gold.”

“I have 1.1 million gold… … .”

There were no players with more than 2 million gold.

Fortunately, everyone received 1 million gold as a reward for round 16, so they have as much as I do.

At that time, the player who was good at calculating said something as if it were absurd.

“If we say 1 million gold per person, even if all the people here do it, it would only be about 300 million gold… … .”

“300 million? “What can I do with it?”

“Because the kingdom has 30,000 troops… … .”

“You just need to hire 30,000 mercenaries and that’s it?”

The Kingdom’s troops are 30,000 VS the Holy Empire’s troops are 320,000.

A difference of more than 10 times.

Can this gap be bridged by adding just 30,000 mercenaries?

Could that alone be enough to turn the tide of war in the kingdom’s favor?

People shook their heads.

They are overwhelmingly outnumbered.

Some even lamented and muttered that they were ruined.

Ryumin, who couldn’t see it, clicked his tongue and said.

“I told you. “There is no need to worry.”

“Black Scythe. Any good way… … .”

“Do you know how much gold I have?”

As people shook their heads, Ryumin opened his mouth.

“6 billion.”



“Well, so many… … .”

Actually, it was closer to 10 billion, but I said it lower on purpose.

The budget for this round was set at 6 billion.

‘Besides, it will leave a better image if it looks like you saved money rather than making people think you left money.’

Even lowering the price by half was enough to surprise people.

“Are you really thinking of investing the entire 6 billion won… … .”

“I’m going to invest. “It’s worth it considering the reward you’ll receive upon victory.”

Hope appeared on the faces of despairing people.

Some people look at Ryumin as if he were a real god.

“I guess there’s nothing to worry about. If Black Scythe spends all 6 billion on his own… … .”

“No, I can’t write it all by myself.”


People were confused, but they soon understood the reason.

“There is a limit to the amount each individual can spend.”


“Uh, how long is it?”

“We can only spend up to 100 million gold per person. “I don’t know why there is this restriction.”


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He said he didn’t know, but he had some idea.

‘The system probably didn’t expect that there would be a player with more than 100 million gold at this point.’

However, there is a player here who has 10 billion won.

Although I can’t write it all by myself.

“As long as there is a gold limit, I can’t spend it all by myself. So from now on, I plan to hand out 20 million gold to each of you. “Everyone accept my deal.”

Ryu Min applied for a trade to each player and distributed 20 million gold.

However, he gave more than that to Min-ri Min and Christine.

“Now, didn’t you give it to me by mistake?”

“Why so many…” … .”

It is surprising that they gave twice as much as promised.

But there is a reason.

“You should spend all that money. “Only then will you be able to receive ranking rewards.”

“ah… … !”

This round, rankings are measured in order of most gold usage.

This is why a particularly large amount of money was handed over to these two people.

With the intention of taking second and third place this time too.

‘But I can’t give up first place.’

If you spend 100 million gold alone, first place is a given.

When distributed to 285 people excluding himself, 5.75 billion gold was spent.

“You know what to do with the money I just gave you, right?”


“You can use it anywhere. You can upgrade your weapons and armor, or use it to hire mercenaries. If we somehow spend all the gold I gave you, the tide will turn in our favor. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand!”

Ryumin’s words had the power to make people obey.

This is not a metaphor; such power really existed.

It was none other than Ryu Min’s temporary skills.

[Temporary Skill – Commander]

-Effect: A passive skill that is applied at all times, making players obey your commands. This skill is limited to 17 rounds, and the command is canceled when the round ends.

‘With this, there will be no need to disobey orders.’

You will never use the gold you gave for personal purposes or keep it without using it.

Because the effect of the skill was absolute.

‘Now we will leave the war to the 285 commanders here… … .’

Ryumin looked outside the barracks.

While the war is going on, he has other things to do.

‘I have to catch a dragon at Dragon Lair.’

In addition to titles and runes, the opportunity to obtain god-level accessories was rare.

‘Before that, spend 100 million gold.’

Ryumin approached the status board and used 100 million gold to add 10,000 troops.

After smiling with satisfaction, he went out of the barracks and flew up into the sky.

To take the reward called Dragon.

* * *

[Player ‘Kobold Blue’ belongs to the ‘Holy Empire’ faction.]

[I have obtained the qualifications of a commander belonging to the Holy Empire.]

[Go straight to the command barracks.]

Kobold Blue entered the Holy Empire barracks and smiled alone.

It’s not a mistake.

He knows very well what he has done.

‘I betrayed the Black Scythe.’

He turned his back not only on the black scythe but also on the entire Shinigami Church.

‘Probably everyone except me chose the kingdom union.’

I heard it from Black Scythe.

The Holy Empire is overwhelmingly strong.

Nevertheless, people chose kingdom unity.

Because the Black Scythe instructed me to do so.

‘But I think differently. The Black Scythe will definitely come to the Holy Empire.’

The Black Scythe forced people to choose a coalition of kingdoms.

Just because it is disadvantageous but the reward is great.

‘Are you asking me to choose a kingdom alliance without even telling me how I will win the war? ‘There’s definitely something up there.’

From then on, Kobold Blue was suspicious.

The Black Scythe is lying.

‘After putting people at a disadvantage, he plans to go to the Holy Empire where only he has an advantage. Are you sure.’

How can you be sure?

Because if it were me, I would do that.

If you’re going to stab me in the back, now would be your chance.

‘Of course, what reason would there be for a black scythe to stab me in the back… … .’

Kobold Blue was confident.

There must be some reason.

‘For example, if the side with fewer players wins, they receive a huge reward… … There must be such benefits.’

Honestly, I don’t know.

It’s just a delusion born of doubt.

The same goes for the ‘clique’ incident that was reported to the leader of the cult, Heo Tae-seok.

‘Actually, I didn’t hear it properly. I just heard people talking about factions or whatever.’

He specifically stated that he heard him asking to be on his side.

He even added his personal opinion that he was creating a faction.

It was surprising that the leader of the religious group accepted it without any hesitation, but that is now in the past.

I don’t even want to think about the leader anymore.

‘If you reported it, I’ll give you something, no problem, tsk.’

I reported it thinking I would get at least a small reward, but I guess my expectations were in vain.

‘Is this why you shouldn’t give to black-haired beasts?’

Kobold Blue decided not to trust anyone with black hair and expanded the target to include a black scythe.

As a result, they chose the Holy Empire, expecting that the Black Scythe would attack them.

He betrayed the Black Scythe who called his name in the 16th round purely out of his narrow thoughts and doubts.

‘If someone sees it, it will be like this. ‘Did you risk your life on such uncertainty?’

But Kobold Blue had no regrets.

‘I just need to survive on my own, right?’

Because I was more confident than anyone else when it came to strategy simulation games.

It was then.


I see a human shape in front of me.

One more person entered the barracks.

‘Uh, black scythe?’

He said that his thoughts were correct, that the Black Scythe deceived people and chose the Holy Empire.

I was happy on the inside, but my laughter cooled down quickly.

Because it wasn’t the black scythe, it was someone else.

“uh? Ha, there was one more person?”

“who are you?”

“My name is Chris. “My nickname is [Christian].”

It’s my first time hearing a nickname.

First of all, I’m relieved that I don’t have black hair.

“Why did you choose the Holy Empire?”

“And what about you?”

“I asked first.”

“I am… … .”

Kobold Blue, who was quietly listening to the story, smiled.

From what I heard, it was the same reason as myself.

“Were you suspicious of the black scythe too?”

“yes. Choosing an unfavorable kingdom camp… … . “Then I thought, what if we all die together?”

“In that case, you were thinking of making your own choice?”

“Yes. Moreover, I doubted that the Black Scythe would be on the other side this time.”

In the end, this person was also suspicious of the black scythe, so he made a gamble like himself.

“But we’re the only ones here? “What about the black scythe?”

“Won’t you come soon?”

However, contrary to expectations, the message revealed a different result.

[Faction selection has ended.]

[Faction selection status]

└Holy Empire: 2 people

└Kingdom Union: 286 people

“Oh, everyone but the two of us went to the Kingdom Alliance, right?”

“Then the black scythe is over there… … .”

Christian was devastated, but Kobold Blue quickly shook off his worries.

“There’s nothing we can do when it’s like this. “The two of us have no choice but to kill those bastards.”

“How are you going to win against 286 people?”

“Why can’t I win? “It’s a game where you win with strategy, not strength.”

Kobold Blue was confident.

As far as strategy simulation games go, I was already at the level of a professional gamer.

“No matter how many outdated CPUs you add, they will end up being scrapped. It can’t be compared to a single high-performance CPU. “Hehe.”

Kobold Blue, who was looking at the battle status board while smiling, looked at the dots that were as blue as his name.

With a force of this size, the kingdom could easily be left behind.

“Now then, let’s begin the battle… … what?”

Kobold Blue blinked his eyes without speaking.

Suddenly, countless red dots increased.

“Hey, this can’t be happening? “Is it broken?”

I tried tapping the screen to see if it was broken, but the red dots were increasing in real time every time I blinked.

Just like cells multiply.

“W-what is this? Why are there more enemies?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“There are almost twice as many of us!”

The 30,000 troops soon grew to 600,000.

Sweat ran down both people’s faces.

‘Is this really an advantage for the Holy Empire?’

Kobold Blue finally doubted the angel.

Without even knowing that my doubts had caused my anger.

At that time, the Kingdom Alliance was seen charging in first.

Christian shouted in confusion.

“Wow, come! I heard you’re good at games! “Come up with a strategy!”

“Uh, uhh, that, that… … .”

What is your strategy when twice as many numbers attack you?

Kobold Blue was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

I just watch the fight between the two.

‘Ooh, our troops are dwindling fast.’

Although their troops were overwhelming, the quality of their weapons and armor was also superior.

Otherwise, how could it fall like a reed like that?

‘No, it’s ruined. If we fight like this, we will be annihilated.’

Kobold Blue immediately ordered a retreat.

There was nothing to do other than devise a strategy using the terrain.

I was just busy running away.

The Holy Empire’s first battle ended in a crushing defeat.

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