The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 273

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Episode 273

273. Defeating the Dragon

Players who become commanders usually stay in the barracks.


Because we can’t directly intervene in the war anyway.

Not only do we not know where the war location is, but the system is blocking the area from accessing it.

That’s the rule for round 17.

Even after leaving the barracks, there is nothing much for the player to do.

‘I thought so. ‘Until I went outside the barracks.’

In the past, Ryumin had explored his surroundings to see if he really could not participate in the war.

Although there were only mountains around and no roads due to the rugged terrain, we were not completely isolated.

‘Once you get over the mountain, you reach the city. A small kingdom called Deccan.’

However, as the system guided us, we were blocked by an invisible wall and could not go to the war zone.

Even so, it doesn’t mean there is no income.

Because I was able to use the kingdom’s mercenary corps.

[Golden Eagle Mercenaries Deccan Branch]

Although the sign is written in otherworldly characters, it is interpreted on its own.

‘You can catch a dragon by using a mercenary group.’

Of course, we have to catch it before the war is over.

‘There’s nothing to worry about. ‘There’s still more than three hours left until it’s over.’

As I walked inside, the mercenary group’s receptionist asked me a question with a smile on my face.

“What brought you here?”

“I came to request a subjugation.”

“Wait a minute, oh my, the mercenary’s rank badge is [Master]. Wait a minute, there is a request suitable for the Master level… … .”

The receptionist was looking, but Ryumin knew.

There is only one request the Master can do right now.

“There is a request to subdue a dragon… … Do you want to do it?”

[You can perform the quest to defeat Black Dragon Karsynox. Would you like to receive it? Y/N]

“If you don’t do it, I’ll recommend another sub-request…” … .”

“I’ll do it.”

There is no reason to refuse.

When I accepted, the receptionist nodded and told me to wait outside, saying that the punitive force would arrive in a moment.

As expected, a punitive force soon arrived in front of the mercenary group.

“Are you the black scythe? I am Antonio Richardson, the second subjugation leader of the Golden Eagle mercenaries. “You applied because you wanted to slay the dragon of death?”


“You have great courage. “These are brave volunteers like you, so say hello.”

There were twenty mercenaries in Ryumin’s sight.

Looking at their behavior, the party was made up of various occupations such as wizards, archers, and warriors, but they were all just NPCs.

‘You can’t depend on your bridesmaids.’

Dragon hunting was solely the responsibility of the applicant, Ryumin.

“Now that we’ve said hello, shall we leave?”

I followed the mercenaries to the nearby warp machine.

“Brace yourselves.”

After a while, the background where Ryu Min was standing changed in the blink of an eye.

To the Valley of Death where the black dragon’s rare is located.

* * *

The Dragon Lair is a place where no one can enter.

Even if you know the location, you will be blocked from the entrance unless you reach ‘Master’, which is the highest rank in the mercenary group.

This is the reason why Joo Seong-tak, who increases the boss drop rate by 10 times, was not brought in.

‘Even if I could, I don’t plan on bringing him here just because of the title and runes.’

If the player is the first to catch a dragon, he or she can obtain a title and rune.

I don’t know anything else, but I can’t compromise on this.

It’s ridiculous to give up to Joo Seong-tak just to increase the item drop rate.

‘Anyway, the luck stat is high, so all the items will appear.’

It is a luck stat that not only affects the draw but also the item drop rate.

Even though only Minjoo-ri’s Bless is currently applied, the luck stat exceeds 870,000.

At this level, even items with low probability will have a 100% chance of appearing.

“There’s a monster ahead!”

“Everyone prepare for battle!”

“Be alert!”

The mercenaries became nervous when they saw the monster that appeared at the entrance to the canyon.

This is a dark illusion that appeared in round 15.


The mercenary group could only tremble as they saw them walking around freely in the dark, wearing clothes that looked like straw.

I was caught in fear.

Still, I came to my senses quickly, perhaps because it was a dragon subjugation team, but it was already too late.

Because the monster’s claws were very close.



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“We can’t let the guide die.”

Ryumin’s scythe was one step faster.

The dark illusion tears apart like a piece of paper and disappears.

[Dark Illusion has been defeated!]

[Experience points increase by 1.5 times due to the title effect.]

[Experience and gold are doubled due to the effect of the Rune of Predation.]

[I gained 5 stacks and 1 stat point with the Rune of Predation.]

[Accumulated Predation Stack 5]

[Experience +0.47%]


[Additional Gold+10,000]

[Hero’s Rune Stack: 1/100]

[All stats increase by 1 due to the hero’s rune effect.]

[Current kill count: 1/100]

[All stats increase by 1% due to the Rune of Massacre effect.]

[There are 19 enemies in a 100m radius.]

[All stats increase by 19% due to the rune effect of 100 Per Day.]

I only caught one random mob, but too many messages came to mind.

‘Isn’t this a miscellaneous mob?’

Dark Illusion was stronger than High Orc, so it would be difficult to call it a minor mob.

Well, at Ryumin’s level, even a boss level was no different from a minor mob.

‘At the time of the 15th round, I was invincible and couldn’t be killed… … .’


With one scythe, another Dark Illusion is scattered.

‘It’s a different story now.’

It doesn’t matter how many show up.

I will kill you as much as I want.

The mercenaries had no intention of doing anything since they seemed so determined to kill.

“Well, you’re amazing.”

“Did you say black scythe? “It wasn’t master level for nothing.”

Ryumin did not smile despite the NPC’s praise.

If you laugh at a set line, your pride will be hurt.

‘Well, catching a mob like that is not something to be praised for.’

After catching twenty Dark Illusions, 20 stat points were accumulated.

Although it was a small amount for Ryumin, if you think about it, it was huge.

In terms of level, it was like going up 10 levels.

‘I heard this is why the Rune of Predation is so good. Just give me the stats.’

That wasn’t the only good thing.

[The Rune Stack of Predation has reached 100.]

[As an additional effect, strength and body size increase by 10%.]

Ryu Min’s height, which was 180 cm, grew to almost 2 m.

Looking at the stat window, the strength stat also increased by 10%.

‘I’m a little taller, but it’s not uncomfortable.’

Ryumin was no longer an adult of below average height.

Because the increase in body size has also been applied to reality.

‘My height of 165 would have grown to over 180.’

I immediately became the ideal height, but I wasn’t particularly impressed.

I felt like the stat increase was a bigger gain than such trivial things.

At that time, one of the mercenaries in the lead pointed forward with his finger.

“Captain! Found it! “That is the cave where the evil black dragon lives.”

“Right. “Let’s all be careful!”

The 21 NPCs and Ryumin carefully went inside.

Then a message occurred to me.

[You have entered Black Dragon’s Lair.]

[The terrible smell of death is suffocating.]

[As a penalty, all stats are reduced by 25%.]

A huge penalty that will make you curse as soon as you read it.

But Ryumin was not impressed.

‘If it’s reduced by 25%, the dragon will only be one hit.’

The mercenaries moved through the cave, lighting up the darkness with magic.

‘Go quickly. There’s no need to walk this slowly.’

Contrary to people’s worries, nothing comes out of the entrance.

You have to go a little deeper to see it.

The gatekeepers who protect the dragon.

Sure enough, after walking for quite some time, I heard the gatekeeper’s roar.


“Hi! “I showed up.”

Dark Ogre.

A monster twice as strong as the ogre, said to be the strongest monster on earth.

If you think about it, he was like a boss, but compared to the real boss, the dragon, he was just a minor guy guarding the door here.

“Um, attack everyone!”


21 people rush towards one dark ogre.

Still, because they are a dragon subjugation team, their skills are outstanding.

‘As a player, level 60?’

But that’s not even close.

At best, it will only tie the Dark Ogre’s feet.

‘In the end, I have no choice but to step forward.’

Once Ryumin steps in, things become easier.

“Kwaaaah… … “Gagging!”

Even though it has decreased by 25%, his stats are over hundreds of thousands.

Moreover, the damage has been doubled due to the Yin-Yang rune.

A simple hit mixed with magic damage from a single Dark Ogre is all it takes.

[The dark ogre has been defeated!]

[Experience points increase by 1.5 times due to the title effect.]

[Experience and gold are doubled due to the effect of the Rune of Predation.]

[I gained 10 stacks and 2 stat points with the Rune of Predation.]

[Accumulated Predation Stack 110]

[Experience +0.95%]


[Additional Gold+20,000]

[Current kill count: 21/100]

[All stats increase by 21% due to the Rune of Massacre effect.]

[There are 5 enemies in a 100m radius.]

[All stats increase by 5% due to the rune effect of 100 Per Day.]

There are four more dark ogres nearby.

With additional kills, Ryumin was soon able to face the Black Dragon.

“Well, that…” … .”

“Lord, the Dragon of Death… … !”

Large cavity.

A space where all you can see is darkness, where no light is allowed.

There you can see fierce red eyes like snakes.

[They are people with their livers overboard. How dare you invade my territory?]

The black dragon’s voice is transmitted into my head.

Like an angel, it appears to communicate in a way that sends waves to a specific target.

‘Well, that’s none of my business.’

Ryumin walked alone holding a sickle.

The mercenaries, who had nothing to do but tremble, looked at Ryumin’s back with dumbfounded eyes.

[I am Karsynox, the dragon of death. Don’t even think about returning alive if you dare invade my territory… … .]

The dragon also lowered his gaze before saying anything.

A man like an ant is fearlessly standing in front of his boat, which is over 20 meters long.

“My stats have dropped, so wouldn’t it be better to use skills to ensure a kill?”

It’s quite laughable to mutter in a calm voice even in the face of fear.

[This kind of insignificant human, not even worth a bunch of ogres, has lost his mind… … .]

The dragon who was mumbling could not finish his sentence.

I belatedly discovered the powerful energy that gathers at the tip of the scythe.

Ryumin consumed the stack of Judgment Runes that he had accumulated but had not used.

“Heavenly Judgment.”

Suddenly, light exploded in a space where there was nothing but darkness.

A technique used by Raguel, the 5th ranked archangel.

The light rising in the shape of an X pushes out the darkness.




People were confused by the shock that shook the cave, but what was even more embarrassing was the aftermath.


“Is it gone?”

“Where did it go?”

The cavity where there was no room to step due to the dragon’s massive body became empty.

There was nothing left, not a corpse or blood stains.

The dragon disappeared without leaving a trace due to the previous blow.

[The Black Dragon Karthynox has been defeated!]

[Experience points increase by 1.5 times due to the title effect.]

[Experience and gold are doubled due to the effect of the Rune of Predation.]

[I gained 100 stacks and 20 stat points with the Rune of Predation.]

[Accumulated Predation Stack 250]

[Experience +9.52%]


[Additional Gold+200,000]

[Current kill count: 26/100]

[All stats increase by 26% due to the Rune of Massacre effect.]

[‘Condensed Ether’ has been acquired.]

[‘Dragon Scale’ has been acquired.]

[‘Dragon’s Horn’ has been acquired.]

[‘Dragon’s Tooth’ has been acquired.]

[‘Design: Energy of Death’ has been acquired.]

[It was confirmed that he was the first player to kill a dragon.]

[Obtain the title ‘Dragon Slayer’.]

[The ‘Dragon Slayer Necklace’ was given as a reward for killing the first dragon.]

[‘Rune of Memory’ was given as a reward for killing the first dragon.]

[The acquired runes are automatically imprinted on the player’s body!]

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