The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 271

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Episode 271

271. Choose a faction

◀ ROUND 17 ▶


└Become a commander and win the kingdom war

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└Participants: 288

└Achiever: TBC

The first thing that came to mind when players saw the quest window was this.

‘Ah, there are no sub-quests this round.’

It was clear to see that the part that always said <Main Quest> only said <Quest>.

Of course, there were no doubts.

That was the part where the achiever was ‘undecided’.

[Are you curious? Why is it written that the achiever is undecided?]

The players did not respond.

The angel was so flustered that he was speechless, but the truth was that he wasn’t really curious.

The reason is because I already heard it from Black Scythe.

[This round, graciously, has no limit on the number of survivors. In other words, if we do well, all 288 people may survive.]

Can everyone survive?

So far, except for the second round of voting, there has been no round in which everyone survived.

This was definitely good news.

However, perhaps because they knew the contents of the quest, there was no smile on the players’ faces.

[what? Isn’t there anyone who is happy? Are you smarter than you think? Giggling.]

Conversely, meaning that everyone can survive means that everyone can die.

That was why the angel smiled.

[If you do something wrong, all 288 people may die, but still be happy. What is the possibility of everyone surviving? Isn’t that right?]

‘Yes, you are right. ‘An angel.’

Ryumin quietly agreed with the angel’s words.

The opportunity to save everyone was rare.

But the angel seems to think that there is no possibility of that happening.

If you look at the way you were laughing at me from earlier.

[Anyway, keep in mind that everyone can survive, and I will now explain the quest.]

I already knew it was a quest, but people listened.

Because it was a good opportunity to see if the Black Scythe’s prophecy was true.

[Currently, the fantasy continent has five kingdoms and one empire. Albitz, Braham, Ber, Baiso and Deccan kingdoms. And the Holy Empire. They are at war now. Here the kingdoms are all united. To put it simply, it is a war between the Kingdom Alliance VS the Holy Empire.]

It is unknown whether there is really a war or whether it is just a setting.

It was a situation where it was impossible to tell whether they were NPCs or real people from another world.

[Here you must choose one of two camps. Will you fight against a combined team of five kingdoms, or will you fight against a huge imperial team?]

Simply put, it means choosing a team that you think will win.

[I won’t tell you which of the two is superior. However, let me make one thing clear. One side is overwhelmingly strong. So much so that the outcome of the war is clearly visible.]

Those words were a kind of warning that if you choose incorrectly, you could step on poop.

[The choice of camp is important. Whether or not you disappear depends on the faction you choose. Did I say this earlier? Everyone might survive this round. If you choose your side well and lead the war to victory, everyone will survive regardless of the number of survivors. On the other hand, if you lose the war, you will be destroyed without any regrets.]

Share life and death with the chosen faction?

This is why the choice of faction was inevitably important.

[Once you decide on a camp, you can each intervene in the war as a commander. I said earlier that this is a round where you use your brain, not your strength, right? Here’s the reason. Rather than jumping into the war directly, you have to lead the war to victory with only tactics and strategies.]

Direct intervention is not possible and can only be directed from behind.

That meant that no matter how black the scythe was, it could not change the course of the war alone.

This was a war in which strategy and tactics took precedence over individual strength.

[So, if you have chosen the same faction, let’s put our heads together and think about how we can win the war.]

If you think about it, this time was just like a team game.

Unlike before, I won’t have the opportunity to use my body.

[The explanation ends here. The system will tell you detailed instructions. Then, shall we start choosing a faction?]

The moment the angel flapped his wings, the surroundings darkened and the people disappeared.

No, it would be more accurate to say that he was transported to subspace alone.

Then I heard an angel’s voice.

[You were embarrassed because you suddenly couldn’t see people, right? Don’t worry. This is our consideration to make the choice easier.]

‘Consideration is nonsense. ‘If we discussed it, it wouldn’t be fun, so we covered our eyes and ears.’

Imagine that all players agree with each other and move to the same camp.

Either everyone survives, or everyone disappears.

There is only one of two results.

‘No matter what the outcome is, it’s going to be quite boring for the guy who planned the survival game.’

You don’t want a lot of players to survive, but you also don’t want them all to die in vain.

‘It’s clear if you look at the missions so far. ‘This survival game was created by a perverted Gwaneum who enjoys watching humans struggle.’

This was the reason why they were not allowed to consult with each other.

[Please touch the faction you will live or die with among the following.]

└ 1. Kingdom Union

└ 2. Holy Empire

[If you do not make a selection within the time limit, you will be selected randomly.]


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[Time remaining until selection ends: 00:00:59]

A simple choice to choose one of the two.

However, the content was not that light.

Because it was an important choice that decided whether to go to heaven or hell.

Of course, Ryumin knows.

Which side is the overwhelmingly superior one that the angel spoke of?

‘That’s the Holy Empire.’

Even though the five kingdoms were united, it could never be compared to the Holy Empire.

The number of troops, quality of equipment, financial resources, supplies, etc.

The Holy Empire is superior in every way.

Therefore, in order to survive, it was a natural choice to join the Holy Empire.

‘I thought so. ‘Until I try to go back.’

If you choose the Holy Empire, victory is guaranteed, but the problem is that the difficulty level becomes too easy.

‘If the Holy Empire wins, the reward is too small. ‘It’s safe to say it doesn’t exist.’

On the other hand, if you stick to the kingdom alliance and win, you will receive huge rewards.

A huge amount of experience, as well as condensed ether that can create a god level.

As it is a high risk, the return is high.

‘I found out later. If you don’t receive experience points as a reward for winning the Kingdom Alliance, you won’t be able to reach max level even after round 20.’

Ryumin reached max level early through experience runes and other rewards, but it would be impossible for other players.

If there is no reward for winning the kingdom, it is difficult to reach max level.

‘Considering the skills you will learn at max level, it is quite fatal.’

Therefore, choosing the Holy Empire actually acts as a poison.

It was the same as throwing away all the enormous compensation.

‘That’s why I choose number 1.’

[Player ‘Black Scythe’ belongs to the ‘Kingdom Alliance’ faction.]

[Obtained the qualifications of a commander belonging to the Kingdom Alliance.]

[Go straight to the command barracks.]

After waiting for a moment for the bright light to obscure his vision, Ryumin was already in a space that appeared to be the inside of the barracks.

With familiar faces.

“Black Scythe, are you here?”

“Seo A-rin.”

It wasn’t just Seo A-rin.

Min-ri Min, Christine, Cho Yong-ho, Victor, Tae-seok Heo, Russell, etc.

All members of the Four Gods Church were located in the barracks.

‘No, I can’t say for sure that it’s all of them yet.’

It is Ryumin who advised me in advance to choose the Kingdom Alliance rather than the Holy Empire.

However, it is too early to judge that all members of the Four Gods Church followed suit.

Could it be that there is a traitor?

‘It couldn’t possibly exist.’

I have already explained to the believers the advantages of kingdom unity.

It will be difficult to deal with the Holy Empire, but if you win, you will receive a huge reward.

However, there may be some idiots who don’t believe Ryumin’s words.

just as expected.

[Faction selection has ended.]

[Faction selection status]

└Holy Empire: 2 people

└Kingdom Union: 286 people

‘There was. ‘Two idiots who chose the Holy Empire.’

They seem to have judged that if victory or defeat is determined solely by tactics rather than strength, there is a high possibility that the Holy Empire, not the Kingdom, will win, but this is a miscalculation.

Because Ryumin never fought a losing battle.

That was also the reason why other believers believed in Ryumin and followed him.

“Two from the Holy Empire?”

“Who on earth went over there?”

“Black Scythe told me to choose the kingdom union.”

“He’s a crazy guy who wants to die.”

As the players muttered and looked around, Ryumin followed suit and looked around.

I was wondering if I might have missed a face I recognized.

‘Luckily there are Alex and Dorothy.’

Seeing that all the main members are visible, it seems like this no-nonsense guy has chosen the Holy Empire.

‘I can’t help it. ‘I have no choice but to fight against two people.’

In fact, fighting is the responsibility of the soldiers of this world.

Players can just comfortably command here.

[Players can now operate the military as a commander.]

[You can control everything, including the resources and supplies of the five kingdoms, the movement of troops, use of facilities, and battle orders.]

[However, command is only available to players who have entered the command barracks of the garrison.]

[You can leave the garrison, but you cannot participate in battle.]

[Movement in some areas is restricted.]

[For detailed instructions on how to command, please use the battle status board installed in front.]

[Stand in the Kingdom Alliance camp and lead the war to victory. Well then, good luck.]

Players who read the message looked at the battle status board installed in the barracks.

You can see the blue dot and the red dot confronting each other.

“This can’t be right…” … .”

“The red dot is the enemy and the blue dot is us?”

“her… … .”

The players all opened their mouths as if they were devastated.

There are countless red dots.

It is an overwhelmingly unfavorable situation no matter who looks at it.

“I never thought the Five Kingdoms would be at such a disadvantage… … .”

“You said that the Holy Empire had an overwhelming advantage, and that was true.”

“Black Scythe, what should we do now?”

“There are too many opponents?”

The players looked around with worried eyes, but Ryumin just smiled.

If there was no other way, would you have chosen the kingdom union?

“Don’t worry, just trust me.”

“But how can you get that many numbers with just strategy…?” … .”

“There is no need for a strategy.”


strategy? tactics?

Actually, there is no need for that.

‘If you have enough money, you can easily make up for the difference in troops.’

Commanders can use their gold to add troops or upgrade equipment.

In other words, if you have enough gold, you can bridge the gap between the two camps.

‘And I have gold worth close to 10 billion.’

The corners of Ryumin’s mouth rose.

This amount was enough to eat up the Holy Empire.

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