The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 259

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Episode 259

259. Force control

There are two options for Hero’s Touch.

Moving to an object and recalling an object.

Among them, Ryu Min.

‘Choose number 1.’

I chose to go to my younger brother.

Because I wanted to protect my younger brother and find out who I had to take revenge on.


At the moment of his choice, what Ryu Min saw was the Archangel threatening his younger brother.

[It won’t work. You have to grab his arm and tear it off… … .]


Unable to control the anger that rose up at that moment, I threw the angel into the living room.

‘I adjusted my strength at the end, so I guess I didn’t die.’

It’s difficult if you die.

It’s because I haven’t even been able to cast the devil’s blessing.

[Go, Gabriel!]

The female angel is embarrassed and heads to the living room.

‘The guy I hit was named Gabriel.’

It was only after reading my thoughts that I realized that the name of the remaining angel was Raphael.

Even the fact that they are ranked 2nd and 3rd among the archangels.

While Raphael was taking care of Gabriel, Ryumin looked back.

He sees his younger brother looking up at him with a blank face.

“What’s your name?”

“Ryu… … “It’s a circle.”

“I am the black scythe.”

“Oh, I know. “I saw it a lot on TV.”

Exposure to the media is good in times like this.

There is no need to introduce yourself at length.

“It may be embarrassing because it suddenly appears, but you have to come to your senses. “One o’clock is urgent.”

“What on earth is going on…?” … .”

It will be complicated for Ryu Won.

Doesn’t an archangel appear out of nowhere and threaten you by tying you up with chains? Doesn’t a black scythe appear in the blink of an eye?

“There is no time to explain. “The important thing is that you have to run away from this place.”

Then a message occurred to me.

[The target’s ‘Hero’s Protection’ duration has ended.]

The 10-second invincibility that had been hanging over my younger brother has ended.

Ryumin wasted no time in casting the rune of sacrifice on his younger brother.

[The target to be protected has been designated.]

[Receives damage from the target instead.]

[It is automatically canceled when the distance from the target increases by more than 100m.]

I was fortunate to have the rune of sacrifice.

Now my younger brother is practically invincible.

‘I won’t get caught up in battle and die. At least until I die.’

However, I couldn’t let go of the tension.

There are as many as two archangels.

‘The attack just caused damage, but he probably wasn’t fatally injured.’

just as expected.

Gabriel was standing up, patting his wings with a nonchalant look on his face.

[Raphael. I looked like I couldn’t see anything in front of you. You can’t avoid even a single human attack.]

[Are you okay?]

[Thanks to you, there are no injuries.]

It wasn’t a bluff.

There really wasn’t a single scratch on Gabriel’s body.

‘No matter how much you control your strength, you’re still fine without a single wound?’

Ryumin was surprised, but his doubts were resolved only after reading his thoughts.

‘It’s because of that angel named Raphael.’

Although he had no fighting ability, he was an angel with all kinds of support skills.

The reason Gabriel was able to avoid getting hurt was because of the protective shield placed by Raphael.

‘I can’t do this. We have to target Raphael first… … .’

However, Gabriel also seemed to know this and pushed Raphael back.

[Come behind me. Looking at the amount of shock, he is a person who might be a little nervous.]

[I agree.]

When Ryumin saw Gabriel standing guard over Raphael, he had a hunch.

‘It won’t be easy for these guys, right?’

That didn’t mean I wasn’t confident.

I’d have to wait and see, but I was confident I would win.

The problem is that he has to fight while protecting his younger brother in a small space.


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Ryumin said without taking his eyes off the archangel.

“Listen carefully, Ryuwon. This is a life-threatening emergency. “Don’t go anywhere, just stay in your room.”

“W-You want me to just stay here?”

“okay. If you move for no reason, it becomes more dangerous. “I will protect you, so don’t worry, stay where you are.”

There was no way to hear an answer.

Because Gabriel was approaching with his chains hanging down.

[You are the infamous Black Scythe. Honestly, I was surprised. Because I’m stronger than I thought. but… … .]

Gabriel threw the chain without warning.

I couldn’t avoid it because my younger brother was behind me.


A chain wraps itself around Ryumin’s body.

[You should also know that there is a sky above the sky.]

The chains glowed red and melted the armor.


The flesh burns and smoke rises.

The body melts and the limbs fall off.



Ryu Won, seeing the body cut in all directions, was shocked and took a step back.

It was a sight I couldn’t believe even when I saw it in person.

‘Well, Black Scythe is so simple…’ … .’

I could barely hold back the feeling of vomiting as I looked at the dismembered corpse.

But what was so enjoyable about the angels that they were laughing like crazy people while looking at the corpse.

[That’s boring. If I had known that I would die so easily, I would have tormented him more and killed him.]

[That’s right, Gabriel.]

[I was a little nervous because he was worried, but there was no need to take hostages… … .]

For a moment, Gabriel was speechless.

The future three seconds from now was pictured in my head.

A bleak future where a black scythe appears from the side and cuts you down.


As soon as he could run away, Ryumin’s scythe split the air.

For a moment, surprise appeared in Ryumin’s eyes.

“Did you avoid this?”

[…] … Why did you say you die so easily? Was it self-immolation?]

There was no obligation to answer.

Just swing the scythe.

Gabriel’s brows narrowed at the thought of being ignored.

[What a cocky person you are! I’ll turn you into porridge in 10 seconds!]

The golden chain moved dazzlingly like a snake.

Chullalak- Chullalak-!

The chain narrowly grazed Ryumin’s body.

‘You must avoid that as much as possible.’

The moment you are wrapped in chains, you will use the skill as if you had melted your clone.

Then, even Ryumin might be dangerous.

‘But you can’t block it with a sickle. If you make a mistake, the scythe will become entangled in the chain.’

In the end, you have to avoid it or cut it short.

like now.


At first glance, it was not an ordinary weapon.

The movement of the chain is quite free.

Swish- Swish-

Ryumin did not fight back but just dodged.

Sometimes, if a chain flew at an angle that would put my younger brother in danger, I would hit it with a sickle like this.

Gabriel laughed openly at that sight.

[How long are you going to avoid it? You stupid human. Try attacking like before!]

They seem to think they are only focused on dodging, with no time to attack.

It was absurd to pass things off as they wanted, but of course it was just an act.

My agility stat is 580,000, so there’s no way I can avoid it, right?

‘First, dodge and identify your opponent.’

Ryumin was collecting information using the rune of his inner heart.

I read the angels’ abilities, weapons, and skills to see if there was anything that could be a variable.

You need to be careful as your opponent is your opponent.

‘good. I know how to attack it.’

As soon as he gathered the information and created a strategy in his head, Ryumin took action.

Swish- Swish-!

[…] … !]

Ryumin’s movements became incomparably faster than before.

Not only could the chain not keep up, but even Gabriel, who has the ability to see the future, couldn’t handle it.


Gabriel, who had been struck in the side with a scythe, was thrown awkwardly against the wall.

[This damned human… … .]

I was swearing, but I didn’t have time to do that.

Because Ryumin attacked Raphael, who was defenseless.


A startled Gabriel hurriedly flew over, but Ryumin’s scythe was already falling towards the top of Raphael’s head.


But what Gabriel feared did not happen.

The scythe was blocked by an intangible membrane and bounced back due to the semi-elastic force.

As if a balloon had been hit.

[You coward! Targeting a still opponent!]

“Stay still. “I’m buffing you from behind.”

It was thanks to Raphael’s buff that Gabriel became faster and stronger than usual.

This was the reason for protecting Raphael.

Even so, he couldn’t keep up with Ryumin’s speed.


Gabriel was once again hit by the scythe and covered in dust.

Even though he was scratched by the scythe, there was not a single scratch on his body.

However, his expression was not as good as his pride, as if it had been scratched.

[I’ll make it into porridge.]

“Didn’t you say that 10 seconds ago?”

Gabriel rushed in as if the question and answer was useless.

Swing the chain more violently than before.



The living room became a mess.

The sofa and TV were unrecognizable, and the marble on the floor was in pieces.



However, Gabriel failed to land any effective hits at all.

Only Ryumin blows the guy away with his scythe.

[Wow! You bastard!]

He was about to aim at Raphael, but Gabriel came running and attacked him like a wild beast.

He clings to Raphael so desperately because he knows he has no chance if he cannot protect him.

‘why? ‘Why am I, who can see the future 3 seconds into the future, being left behind?’

During the battle, Gabrielle felt frustrated.

For someone with future vision, it wasn’t that difficult to read the scythe’s trajectory in advance and spread the chain to block it.

However, as the speed quickly increased, it became difficult to read the future.

Just as the head cannot keep up with the body.


When the scythe hit his body, Gabriel was pushed away.

I managed to keep my balance with my wings and not fall, but there was no way to recover my pride that had already been scratched.

[Go, Gabriel. Magical power… … .]

“They say it can kill you in 10 seconds? By your standards, 10 seconds is 10 hours, right?”

[Arrogance soars to the sky!]

Whether he heard Raphael’s words or not, Gabriel focused only on killing the black scythe.

The chains that seemed to be out of reach made him even more anxious.

Kang! Kaan-!

Although they were exchanging attacks, Ryu Min had no intention of killing them on the spot.

Because I haven’t used the devil’s blessing yet.

‘It’s not that I don’t use it, it’s just that I don’t have the situation to use it.’

To use a blessing, you need to turn on Death God and boost your stats.

That way, you can receive maximum compensation.

‘But if you want to use the Grim Reaper, you have to change it to Thanatos’ Helmet.’

Take off the assassin mask you are currently wearing.

‘If you take off the mask, the appearance of the Lost Yak you currently maintain will disappear. There is a risk of my identity being discovered by my younger brother.’

Since he was the younger brother who had a crush on Black Scythe, there would be no problem if his identity was discovered, but the timing was not good.

I was planning to explain it in detail later when the matter was completed.

‘First, we need to evacuate Won. If you change your helmet in front of your younger brother, your identity will be revealed.’

To do so, it is necessary to drain as much of the Archangel’s power as possible.

If you make it to the point of death, your younger brother will have time to escape.

But Gabriel was holding up better than expected.

I thought it would fall apart after a while.

[The Curse of Slowness debuff is applied.]

[Attack speed and movement speed temporarily decrease by 30%.]

With the message that suddenly came to mind, attack speed and movement speed noticeably slowed down.

It was none other than Raphael’s doing.

‘I’ve tried several times since before, and now I think I’ve succeeded.’

The saint’s blessing on Ryumin’s body not only prevents status abnormalities, but also prevents debuffs with a 50% chance.

‘The resistance I have only applies to status abnormalities. ‘I can’t stop the debuff.’

Fortunately, there was a blessing from the saint, so if it wasn’t for the disaster, he would have been debuffed from the start.

‘You’re bothering me about the supporter topic.’

Even if I knew it was Raphael’s doing, I couldn’t easily approach it.

No matter how much she blew it away, Gabrielle came back like Ottogi and guarded her.

Wow! Wow!

While dodging all the swinging chains, Gabriel’s eyes flashed.

[Stop dying, human!]

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