The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 258

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Episode 258

258. My younger brother is in danger.

Ryumin once offered hero protection to his younger brother.

A deceptive protection skill that makes you invincible for 10 seconds the moment you are attacked.

That skill has been activated now?

The meaning was clear.

‘My younger brother… … Dangerous.’

He didn’t know that the skill he had put on just in case would actually be activated.

[Time remaining until selection: 00:00:09]

‘I don’t have much time.’

I don’t know who attacked my brother.

All I know is that I have to choose quickly to keep my younger brother safe.

[Please select one of the following:]

└ 1. Move to the target

└ 2. Load object

[Time remaining until selection: 00:00:08]

‘You have to choose one of the two now.’

In case 1, there is the advantage of being able to teleport to the target and take revenge immediately… … .

‘There is a risk that my younger brother will be caught up in battle.’

On the other hand, case 2 has the advantage of being able to completely protect the younger brother by summoning him and separating him from the attacker.

‘If you think about safety, it’s number 2, but immediate revenge is impossible.’

[Time remaining until selection: 00:00:06]

There is not much time now.

It’s time to choose.

Ryumin’s lips were soft.

* * *

10 minutes before round 16 begins.

[Gabriel. Is it really right for just the two of us to go?]

Gabriel’s beautiful brows wrinkled at the words that scratched his pride.

[What do you mean, Raphael? Are you doubting my skills now?]

[Well, that’s not what I meant. I think it would be neat in many ways to mobilize Michael to make sure it ends… … .]

Raphael closed his mouth while speaking.

Gabriel’s face was now crumpled to the point of being hideous.

[I’m already upset because you stopped me from going alone, so what? Are two not enough? Am I that untrustworthy?]

[I’m sorry if I made you upset.]

Gabriel was offended, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t understand.

[I know. The person called Black Scythe is posing a threat to our archangels beyond what we thought.]

[…] … .]

[But humans are only humans. Just because a lizard has wings doesn’t mean it can become a dragon. Nothing to worry about will happen.]

[I’m not too worried either. Aren’t I the one who watched Gabriel’s activities most closely during the 5th Heavenly Demon War? Above all, Gabriel also has the ability to see the future.]

[It’s too simple to be called the future. It’s simply predicting the opponent’s movements.]

[Still, didn’t you earn the title of Hero and Archangel of Revelation thanks to that ability?]

[If you know that, why do you talk like you’re anxious?]

[We’ve sent archangels so far, but haven’t they continued to fail? I wanted to use this opportunity to bring it to a clear conclusion. So much so that that poor human cannot even hope for the slightest possibility.]

[Don’t worry. So it will be. If you and I are together.]

These were not empty words.

Although Raphael had no fighting ability, he was ranked third among archangels.

Gabrielle had nothing to fear if she received the support of the woman known as the Archangel of Healing.

[You can overwhelm even without taking Michael with you. 1 minute, no. I guarantee that 10 seconds is enough to kill you.]

[Are you going to kill me instead of suppressing me?]

[This is a human who has already killed four archangels. He is not worthy of summary execution.]

Raphael nodded, but this was Gabriel’s own decision.

Because I gave orders to subdue Michael rather than kill him.

‘We can’t let that dirty bug come up to heaven.’

As soon as I saw it, I planned to explode its head with an arrow, but there’s a good chance that it wouldn’t work.

Considering that other archangels also died in vain.

‘Even if the assassination is blocked, it’s easy to kill.’

According to orders, they should not have been killed, but what if they were forced to kill because they felt their lives were in danger?

Michael would have no choice but to admit it.

[Gabriel. Round 16 has begun.]

[Since the round is set in the human world, you can go down without any consequences.]

Gabriel chuckled, took out a golden chain and held it in both hands.

[Okay, let’s go. Let’s finish it quickly.]


[for a moment!]

Just as I was about to go down, Gabriel suddenly stopped me.

[Why are you doing that?]

[be there.]


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[God is calling me.]

It wasn’t that surprising.

True to his nickname, Revelator, Gabriel sometimes heard the voice of God.

[I want you to come with me.]

[Who are you talking about?]

[You will find out when you get there.]

After saying that, Raphael quickly followed Gabriel who took the lead.

After passing through the heavenly palace and the heavenly palace, we arrived at a place where there was a barrier.


As I passed through the barrier, a quiet darkness surrounded me as if time had stopped.

[ah… … .]

[There is nothing to be afraid of.]

Where the surprised Raphael looked, there was complete darkness.

[This is my territory where no one can interfere. It is a place suitable for secret conversations, not a place created for fear.]

[I’m sorry for showing you my ugly side. Oh God.]

There was a reason why Raphael was shaking.

Because the god in front of him was so big that it exceeded his expectations.

Knowing that fact, Gabriel also asked in the most polite tone possible.

[Can I ask why you called us?]

[I heard that one person is causing trouble. So I did a little research.]

[If it is an investigation… … ?]

[The strengths and weaknesses of the human called Black Scythe.]

[ah… … .]

[You must be curious what the result will be, right?]

[That’s right.]

After a moment of silence, God’s voice came out of the darkness.

[The conclusion was reached that the two of us could not handle it on our own.]

[…] … .]

Even the 2nd and 3rd archangels combined cannot defeat a single human?

It was a remark that trampled on his pride, but Gabriel did not show it.

Anyone who is in front of a god who is one of the highest among gods would pay attention to facial expressions.

[There is no chance of winning in a head-on confrontation. If it weren’t for my call, you would have lost your bodies and crumbled like the other archangels.]

[…] … It may be presumptuous to say this, but we are confident. I must take revenge and preserve the honor of heaven… … .]

[You say the same thing as the already dead archangels.]

[…] … .]

[Did those guys die because they lacked confidence? No. He died only because he was pushed out of power. I was also ignorant.]

[…] … .]

[Ignorant people tend to be overconfident. If you can’t even accurately gauge the level of your opponent and only build up groundless confidence, what’s the difference between you and the archangels who are already dead?]

[sorry. I was short-thinking.]

Gabriel bowed his head, but God was merciful.

[Raise your head. I didn’t call you here to kill your confidence.]

[if… … .]

[I have called you to help you with your operation. I found out that person’s weakness.]


What I eventually heard from God was somewhat surprising.

It was a pretty petty way to come from the mouth of a god.

[All animals cherish their family. A man called Black Scythe has one and only family. I’ll tell you the location of the target, so go there and take it hostage. Then the black scythe will have no choice but to surrender.]

[Certainly, if you take hostages, you can turn the situation to your advantage.]

Gabriel’s lips drew an arc at the fact that he didn’t know.

It may be petty, but now was not the time to be selective about means and methods.

I wasn’t the type to question things like that in the first place.

[This is a strategy I really like. Hehe.]

[Then the conversation is over. Report to Michael and leave.]

[All right. thank you.]

Suddenly, the darkness encroaching around disappeared and the light of heaven illuminated all directions.

[Let’s go, Raphael.]

Before going out, the two angels stopped by the hall and met Michael.

And when I told him about my conversation with God, Michael showed a rare expression of surprise.

[God… … Such a suggestion?]

[It was an order, not a suggestion. In my judgment, it seemed reasonable to target the hostages first.]

[Uhm… … .]

Michael had to try hard to hide his embarrassment.

‘Even he got involved… … Wasn’t he someone who wasn’t interested in our work in the first place?’

You may or may not know it, but the important thing is that the situation has become more serious.

‘If there had been a head-to-head confrontation as Rub’ahi said, the Black Scythe would have won… … .’

Taking hostages is a different story.

This will limit the Black Scythe’s actions.

[Then let’s go now.]

[…] … okay.]

Michael, who had no reason to hold on, could only watch the backs of the two angels leaving.

* * *

<Title: Anyone familiar with the Four Gods Religion?>

└Content: Hello. I am a father with a 24-year-old son. My son is a member of an organization called Sashingyo.

My son, who always waited in his room before midnight, went away this time, saying he had to start abroad.

They say this was done by the Four Gods Church, but they don’t even tell us that we shouldn’t reveal where we are going.

They say not to worry because we are going as a group from the Four Gods Church, but is this place trustworthy?

[9 comments in total]

└I am a mother of a 20-year-old daughter. My child is a member of the Four Gods Church and I was worried because he said he would have to go abroad alone. But there was someone like me.

└Ah, so I guess it’s true that the Four Gods Church is going overseas as a group?

└I think so.

└My younger brother is also a Christian, and he contacted me to go abroad. Black Scythe has advised us never to say where we are going. Other people could be at risk.

└At least I think my son lied. Thank you for answer.

└An acquaintance of mine is also a Shinigyo player, and he seemed trustworthy. He also taught me strategy and it was said that I was able to survive thanks to that.

└Are there still people who doubt the Four Gods Church?

└The Four Gods Religion is trustworthy. Above all, it is an organization run by Black Scythe. There must be some reason, so I think you just have to trust and wait.

└In round 15, Black Scythe took care of the members of the Four Gods Church. I will never put you in danger.

Ryu Won, who was reading an article on FlagGall, a player community, nodded his head as if he sympathized.

“There are a lot of people here who are just as worried as me.”

I already looked for it because of my brother who was out staying out, and I found this post.

“I guess you went to meet your girlfriend?”

Well, why would someone who always stays at home during rounds suddenly stay out?

I guess he went there because he had something to do.

“Anyway, I’m glad. “I heard you joined the Church of the Four Gods, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Ryu Won, who was worried about his brother’s safety, went into the room without any worries.


I closed the door, lay down on the bed, and quietly closed my eyes.

Various random thoughts came to mind, but most of them were worries about my brother.

‘You can survive this time too, right? He is none other than a prophet.’

I still couldn’t sleep because of worry, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been the first time.

‘Nothing will happen. As long as you belong to the Church of the Four Gods, Black Scythe will protect you.’

When you wake up like usual, your older brother will be welcoming you back home with his eyes open.

Believing so, Ryu Won went to sleep.

Not knowing that now is not the time to worry about my brother.

[@!%[email protected]#%… … .]

‘What is this sound?’

Ryu Won, who is not yet asleep, hears a voice in his ears.

I thought it was noise between floors, but that was only for a moment.

The sound was coming from closer than I thought.

[[email protected]#[email protected]… … .]

[%[email protected]… … .]

Since the voices are different, I can hear at least two people talking.

I guessed the epicenter and it seemed to be in the living room.

‘Seo, really a thief?’

How can a thief break in like this without a word?

The back of my neck stood up from the tension.

Those times when you have no idea what to do right now.


The door was opened and light came in.

[You were hiding here.]

The being I thought was a thief was an angel.

A dazzlingly beautiful male angel and female angel.

However, now that the atrocities of angels have become widespread, the image of angels held by the general public is worse than that of devils.


The male angel smiled while looking at Ryu Won who was shaking.

[It seems that even lesser humans recognize the strong.]

[Is this person a black scythe?]

[No, the black scythe is on the island. That means… … .]

A devilish smile appeared on Gabriel’s lips.

[This means that it is the perfect situation to take hostages.]

While saying that, he extended his hand to Ryu Won.


Ryu Won’s floating body hung in the air like a large character.

[Rather than just taking him away, it would be better to cut off his arm as a warning.]


Whether Ryuwon was afraid or not, Gabriel swung the golden chain he was holding.


The chain wrapped around one arm like a snake glows red.


“Ugh, wow!”

A smile appeared on the lips of the angels, as if the sound of burning flesh and screams were amusing.

But it didn’t last long before the smile disappeared.

[what? Your arm won’t be cut off, right?]

[That’s strange.]

It was a situation where the arm could fall off right away, but for some reason the human was holding on.

[If you look closely, there are no wounds.]

Although he was screaming, only his clothes were burned and his skin was not damaged at all.

“Ugh… … uh?”

Only then did Ryu Won realize that he didn’t feel any pain, and his face looked puzzled.

[What have you done, human? How did you resist the chains of judgment?]

“… … .”

[I know you understand me. Speak quickly.]

“Well, that…” … .”

There was no way I could answer.

Because it’s something you don’t even know about.

[It won’t work. You have to grab the arm yourself and rip it off… … .]

It was then.


Gabriel flew through the wall and landed in the living room.

With that, the chain was released and Ryu Won, who was hanging in the air, fell to the floor.

“Ohh… … .”

Ryu Won, who was waking up feeling pain in his buttocks, momentarily closed his mouth.

Because someone wearing a mask was standing there as if protecting him.

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