The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 260

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Episode 260

260. It’s time to tell you.

Perhaps out of frustration, he used the angel’s unique power, Sisal, but it couldn’t work as long as he had the title of Supreme Being.

[A person who cannot communicate poetry. It’s amazing.]

Gabriel sighed and used telekinesis this time.

I felt an intangible force grab my body, but only for a moment.

Ryumin, who escaped with his telekinetic and naked powers, hit the target with his scythe.

Kwaja Jajajak!

Gabriel rolled away, breaking things.

The house is in shambles with traces of battle.


The guy must have been so excited that he lost his temper and swung the chain.

It wasn’t difficult to avoid, but it was a weapon that didn’t really bother me.

‘I want to break the chain, but it won’t be easy.’

No matter how much you control your strength, seeing as how all your attacks are blocked, you won’t be able to stop it with just a few attacks.

‘If you can’t neutralize a weapon, you have no choice but to neutralize something else.’

Ryumin’s movements suddenly became faster.

The speed was so fast that even Gabriel, who read the future, could not keep up.

A look of confusion is visible on his face.

Even though he knew that, it was a speed that he couldn’t stop.


For the first time, Gabriel sprayed golden blood.


Both of his arms, which were holding the chain, were cut off cleanly.


At the same time, blood flowed out of Raphael’s mouth.

‘As expected, Raphael was protecting Gabriel from the shock.’

Ryumin had doubts when he saw Gabrielle, who was only pushed back by his attacks and had no wounds.

I know that I received a buff from Raphael that prevents damage.

But there’s no way such a fraudulent buff could be used without any consequences, right?

‘But actually, there was a price. The impact was being absorbed with magical power.’

The more he attacked Gabriel, the more Raphael’s magic drained away.

As soon as I found out, I focused on Gabriel, not Raphael.

Unless it’s Raphael, Gabriel isn’t that big of a threat.

[Keuuuuu… … !]

Gabriel’s face, distorted in pain after losing both arms, was quite a sight to see, but there was no time to get lost in sentimentality.


In the blink of an eye, his arm was restored to its original state.

[Thank you, Raphael.]

[you’re welcome. But I don’t have much magical power.]

[already? How much is left?]

[About 5% at most… … .]


Gabriel was truly surprised.

Raphael has the same magical power as the sea.

During the last Battle of Heavenly Demon, it lasted for three days without a hitch even though it was shielded by hundreds of battle angels.

But you’re at the bottom just 5 minutes after the battle begins?

[All you have to do is block one or two attacks and recover a few times. There must be time to recover magic power… … .]

[shit. It’s a big deal.]

Ryumin grinned as he watched the two of them.

‘We’ve slowly reached our breaking point. then… … .’

Ryumin, who was glancing at Raphael who was sweating, moved as if he disappeared at some point.

Raphael’s eyes widened as they arrived in front of him in an instant.


Those were Raphael’s last words uttered at Ryumin’s house.


Raphael hit the right target and flew away, breaking the living room window.

Thanks to the remaining magic power, I was able to avoid fatal injuries, but falling out of the building was inevitable.

[La, Raphael!]

Gabriel, embarrassed, expected that it would soon be his turn.

It had to be that way.

The strong support that protected you has lost its strength.

‘What God said was right. It’s hard for just the two of us.’

When Gabriel was cornered, he looked for a way to overcome the situation.

In less than a second, I thought of a method.

‘Why didn’t I think of this?’

Gabriel watched the movements of the black scythe closely.

Although it seemed like he was fighting blindly, I intuitively felt that he actually cared about his younger brother.


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‘You’ll know when you try it.’


He ignored the black scythe that was trying to attack him and threw away the chain.

The target is Black Scythe’s family, who are shivering in the corner of the room.

‘If it’s as I expected, the black scythe… … .’


‘He will try to protect his family.’

just as expected.

It was a black scythe that cut off the chains and protected my brother.

[After all, humans are a stupid race.]

Even if Raphael was helping him, why would he protect a useless ordinary person?

Because we’re family?

Because he’s a precious person?

What good are those feelings during battle?

It may be a weakness, but isn’t it just a mana thing?

Rather, it makes sense to boldly cut it off.

‘Now that I know your weakness, I will harass you thoroughly.’

Gabriel didn’t even care about Ryumin’s attacks anymore.

He swung the chain targeting only Ryu Won.


Each time, Ryumin stepped forward to block it with a sickle, but he was unable to stop the shock wave from turning the house into a mess.

Quang- Quang-!

“Ugh, ugh!”

Ryu Won was scared as the whole house became a mess.

Even a fool could tell that the angel was targeting him.

‘Oh, what should I do? Black Scythe is in trouble because of me.’

You are cornered, unable to do anything, and the black scythe is blocking your path.

And a male angel who attacks from various angles.

Ryu Won thought that all of this was because of him.

‘No, it’s not about you.’

Ryumin, who read his brother’s inner thoughts during the battle, shook his head inwardly.

‘It’s because of me.’

The archangels had been sent to earth to kill him.

Since there was no way to win by force, he came to my house to take my family hostage.

‘I put the hero’s protection in place for times like this… … .’

I never thought it would happen this quickly.

Kaaang- Kaaang!

[Hehe, stupid human. They are in a hurry to stop it!]

The chains tightened like a snake narrowing the siege.

Now, at the slightest opportunity, he will stab his younger brother.

‘It’s surprisingly difficult to fight while controlling your strength.’

If it were an ordinary archangel, he would have counterattacked right away, but Gabriel has the ability to read the future 3 seconds later.

Because of that ability, it was difficult to give him a chance.

‘If you give me a chance, my younger brother will get hurt.’

Strictly speaking, you, not your younger brother, will get hurt, and the impact will be severe.

‘Anyway, that guy is making time.’

It seemed like a reckless attack, but it wasn’t.

Deep in his subconscious, there was a calculation that Raphael, who had regained his strength, would soon come to restore his body no matter what.

‘I’ll finish it before then.’

I had no choice but to use a little too much force, so I sped up my movements.


Lightning Rune’s amplification skill that increases attack speed and movement speed by 100%.

That made Ryumin disappear in an instant.


By the time Gabriel, who was gasping in confusion, tried to do something, the scythe of death had already passed through his lower body.


Golden blood leaked from the cut end, forming a puddle.

[Ugh… … .]

Gabriel’s expression was crumpled like a piece of paper.

How much pain is this?

I think this is the first pain I have experienced since the Battle of Heavenly Demon.

“It’s nice to see.”

Ryu Min, who gave a short review, felt relieved.

Although it looked terrible to see the upper and lower body separated, it didn’t look like he was going to die right away.

‘It would be difficult if I died like this. ‘Because I haven’t used the blessing yet.’

First, I plan to evacuate my younger brother to a safe place and then replace him with Thanatos’ helmet to finish off these guys.

“let’s go. “Ryu Won.”

At Ryu Min’s chin gesture, Ryu Won carefully came out of the room.

There was no time to look at the messy living room, which looked as if a bomb had been swept away, and the helpless, bleeding angel in the center.

All I could do was evacuate outside the front door to avoid this difficulty.

It was then.

An angel came in through the fluttering, broken living room window.

Gabriel smiled faintly at the appearance of his ally.

[La, Raphael… … .]


Immediately Raphael chanted the spell of rebirth, and Gabriel’s upper and lower bodies were neatly glued together.

[Ugh, I spilled so much blood that I feel dizzy.]

[Are you okay?]

[Are you really okay?]

[I used up too much magic power trying to block its attack. With my current magic power, I can barely defend myself once or twice.]

[Contrary to expectations, he was a formidable guy.]

Gabriel’s eyes landed on the front door.

Black Scythe and his family had already fled.

[What should we do?]

[What should I do? I have to chase it.]

[Wouldn’t it be difficult just for us?]

[But you can’t go back empty-handed. And it is not completely hopeless.]

It became clear from the battle just now.

What is this guy’s weakness?

‘If that little brother attacks you persistently, even the black scythe will have no choice but to show its weaknesses.’

I know my weaknesses, and now that Raphael is with me, I will be able to gain the upper hand in battle unlike before.

‘I don’t know why you ran away without finishing me, but you made a mistake.’

I know my younger brother’s position.

Gabriel gestured towards his subordinate.

[let’s go.]


* * *

There was no time to take the elevator.

Because I had to get away from the angel as quickly as possible.

“Come this way.”

Ryu Won, who was running frantically following the gesture of the black scythe, soon realized.

Where is the place he asked to go?

“Woah, this is a dead end road!”

Although he shouted in a hallway with only a few windows, Black Scythe’s voice was calm.

“Why isn’t it there?”


“You just have to go out the window.”


When I break the window with a sickle, the wind comes in.

Are you saying you’re going to jump from the 43rd floor?

For a moment, I felt dizzy.

“There’s nothing to be so scared of. “I’m not running to die.”

“Well, then… … .”

“Just hold on tight. “I don’t have time to explain.”

Ryu Won wrapped his black scythe around his waist with a scared face.

That’s scary.


The black scythe really jumped out the window.

I thought I was going to die like this.


Ryu Won finally felt relieved when black wings appeared behind his back and he was able to fly stably.

“Phew… … “I thought I was going to die.”

I heard my younger brother’s voice behind me, but it was still too early to feel relieved.

‘I succeeded in escaping, but the angels might come after me.’

There is a possibility that Raphael will heal Gabriel and pursue him right away.

That is, if you know the location of yourself and your younger brother.

‘On the other hand, you might just be waiting at home because you don’t know the location.’

Best puts his brother down in a safe place and then goes to where the angels are to finish it off.

But the thought didn’t last long.

Because the angels followed suit.

‘Were you able to track it too?’

I sighed, but there was no other choice at this rate.

I have no choice but to kill the angel along with my younger brother.

‘Not here. At least get as far away from the city as possible. So as not to cause harm to others.’

However, the angels’ flight speed was faster than expected.

Ryu Won suddenly looked back and shouted in surprise.

“Well, the angel is following me! Ta, I’ll catch up!”


Ryumin spoke briefly and lowered his altitude.

‘I should at least buy time to talk to my brother before I kill them.’

When I came down to earth, the angel was overhead.

“It’s right above the bar!”

“Well, just hold on tight.”

Ryumin, who confirmed that the distance ahead was a straight line with no obstacles, used the Rune of Light.

‘Speed ​​of light.’

With a flash of light, I covered a distance of about 2 km in one go.

It will take a while for the angels to catch up with this.

“Huh! Soo, did you teleport? how… … .”

“That’s not what’s important right now. “The angels are still chasing us and they won’t let us go until we die.”

“Well, then what should I do?”

“What should I do? “We have to kill them.”

Although he spoke confidently, his younger brother looked cautious, as if he didn’t know what to say.

Ryumin made a snoring sound as if he understood.

“If I could have killed you, I would have killed you earlier. You must be thinking, why did you run away?”

“… … yes.”

“don’t worry. “What I showed you earlier was less than half of the power I have.”

“Hey, can you win?”

“of course. But to do that… … .”

Ryumin took off his white mask.

And he took off the assassin’s mask like taking off a human skin mask.

“I guess I’ll have no choice but to tell you my identity. “It’s time to let you know.”


Ryu Won’s doubts soon turned into surprise.

Black Scythe’s body was changing.

His height shrunk and his bronze skin turned white.

His muscular body became dwarfed, and his face began to resemble someone he knew.

“brother… … ?”

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