The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 257

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Episode 257

257. Choice

In the 68th episode, which went to the first 16 rounds, Ryu Min fought a battle angel.

‘We didn’t fight, we massacred.’

There were ten battle angels who appeared at that time.

Their goal was simple.

‘The purpose was to stand on the monster’s side and disrupt the players.’

This was the moment when an angel who had not intervened in the quest so far invaded for the first time.

‘I was embarrassed. It was also absurd.’

The sudden intervention was embarrassing, and it was dumbfounded because it was weaker than I thought.

Of course, if there had been a murder, Ryu Min would not have been able to resist and his head would have exploded.

‘But the angels who appeared at that time couldn’t use poetry.’

According to the information obtained so far, it was not possible to use a live attack in the 16th round.

I don’t know why.

‘It can be said that the system imposed restrictions to achieve balance. ‘Because if you have a sniper, you can kill anyone with one hit.’

I didn’t know why the angels were interfering.

The important thing is that you can’t use poetry.

It was a happy thing for Ryumin, who at the time did not have the title of ‘Supreme Being’ as a countermeasure to Shisal.

‘It was so easy. ‘Because he didn’t have any martial arts skills and was at best a 6th rank combat angel.’

6th grade is the maximum level of ordinary equipment for a player.

Probably at the current level of 70, five people can fight against one person.

‘I dealt with it alone.’

Ryu Min was strong in the 68th episode.

So much so that he could slaughter ten people of the 6th rank by himself.

‘At that time, after killing all the angels, an archangel appeared.’

The archangel, who was presumed to be number one in rank, had neither threatened nor attacked Ryumin.

Even Ryumin didn’t dare to challenge his overwhelming strength.

‘He just said something incomprehensible and then left. ‘I don’t remember her very well, though.’

Perhaps 6th grade angels will appear this time too.

It won’t appear until the 6th and final wave, so there’s still plenty of room.

“Stupid angel bitch, you didn’t know we’d be gathered on an island, did you?”

“Black Scythe got the strategy right this time too.”

“If we hadn’t come to the island earlier, what would have happened to my family by now…” … .”

“This is all thanks to Black Scythe. thank you!”

The followers of the Four Gods Church around him each expressed their gratitude to Ryumin.

Even in Alex’s eyes, which seemed like he didn’t believe in his strategy, a trust that wasn’t there before appeared.

‘Thank goodness. I feel like I’ve gained the trust of new recruits.’

New believers will use this incident as an opportunity to become truly loyal to them.

The same goes for Alex in front of me.

The corners of Ryumin’s mouth behind the mask rose in satisfaction, but… … .


Soon, I couldn’t help but look at Min Joo-ri talking to Alex.

Because I knew she was looking for a prophet.

* * *

“Get your buff here.”

As Min Joo-ri’s hand turned to the believers, a set of three buffs was applied.

“Oh, thank you!”

Min-ri Min nodded and immediately turned her eyes to the other players.

There was no time to rest to apply buffs to all 576 people here.

At that time, Min Joo-ri saw a player standing alone and far away.

Since he was a foreigner, he spoke in slightly broken English.

“hello? “I guess you’re new here?”

“yes. “My name is Alex.”

“I say democracy. “Can you excuse me for a moment?”

Alex looked puzzled, but only for a moment.

When he received a set of three buffs: Bless, Swift, and Safety Barrier, his eyes grew even bigger.

“This, this… … .”

“It’s buff. It will be useful to you. Well then, I’m busy so I’ll stop… … .”

Min Joo-ri left her surprised gaze behind and turned to someone else.

At the same time, he occasionally turned his eyes here and there as if looking for someone.

‘Where is he?’

All players around the world were united into the Four Gods Church.

Among them, there must be Ryumin, a prophet class.

‘But you can’t even see the nose?’

He was giving buffs to everyone he met, but among them, there was no Ryumin he knew.

It was the same even when I tried using tracking.

[Target ‘Ryu Min’ could not be found.]

[The face and name do not match.]


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‘Why does it keep showing that it doesn’t match?’

I definitely know the face of reality and its name.

However, Ryumin is not searched.

‘Did I change my name without my knowledge? Or plastic surgery?’

It was a ridiculous idea, but there is no other way to explain it.

‘When they asked me to go to the island, I had to come with them somehow… … .’

When I was called to the island, Ryumin asked me to go with him, but he refused, telling me to go first because he had something to see.

However, when they arrived at the island, Ryumin was nowhere to be seen.

I’m counting the numbers while applying the buff just in case… … .

“Thanks for the buff, democracy!”

“yes… … .”

In the end, Min-ri Min was unable to meet Ryu-min.

Because the person who gave me the buff a little while ago was the last person.

‘What happened? ‘All 576 people are on the island?’

But Min-ri Min has never seen Ryu-min’s face.

Everyone checked their faces while applying buffs.

Except for one person.

‘ah… … !’

Minjoo-ri’s eyes turned to the man wearing a white mask.

‘Black Scythe could not possibly be…’ … ?’

But Min-ri Min soon sighed and shook her head.

Even when I thought about it, it was a ridiculous assumption.

‘There’s no way Black Scythe is Ryumin. ‘Your height is different.’

Black Scythe is tall and has a sturdy physique that anyone can see.

The skin is also bronzed.

There is no way the two are the same person.

‘Then where is it? Why can’t I even track it?’

Minjoo-ri let out a long sigh.

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t figure it out.

“Black Scythe.”

Min-ri Min found a black scythe to report.

“As you instructed, I have applied a buff to everyone here.”

“Okay, good job.”

Min Joo-ri quietly watched the nodding black scythe.

‘That doesn’t make sense. Black Scythe is Ryumin? haha… … .’

Everything is different, from the physique to the voice and way of speaking.

There was no doubt about it, but the Black Scythe might have known.

“Black Scythe? “Have you seen the Prophet?”


“yes… … . “The number of people is correct, but I can’t find it no matter how hard I search.”

Ryumin’s eyebrows twitched, but it was only for a moment.

“If you can’t find it, can’t you just use tracking?”

“that is… … “It says it’s an object that doesn’t match.”

Ryumin laughed inwardly at that answer.

‘It has to be that way. ‘Because he has transformed into an assassin’s mask.’

If you change your appearance, you won’t be able to track it.

Unless you remember the transformed appearance and name.

“I don’t know. “I wonder what happened.”

“after… … .”

Although Minjoo-ri was disappointed, she looked away eagerly to see if she had any intention of not giving up.

A message came to mind telling me to stop.

[The first summoning will begin shortly.]

[Prepare for a monster attack.]

“Stop looking for prophets and prepare for an attack.”

“but… … .”

“Don’t get stabbed for no reason.”

“all right… … sorry.”

Ryu Min felt even more sorry when he saw Min Joo-ri looking downcast.

“Black Scythe.”

I turned my head at the call and saw Russell and Victor.

“As you asked, I have given the players weapon enhancements and equipment buffs.”

“I also finished distributing healing potions.”

“Well done. “Both of you.”

“Black Scythe?”

The person who approached me this time was Christine.

“I’m on my way to give the saint’s blessing to all 576 people.”

“Okay, good job.”

“thank you.”

Min Joo-ri, who was watching Christine smiling brightly, spoke up.

“Hey, Chrissy?”

“Yes, democracy.”

“You just said you gave buffs to 576 people. Did you really count them?”

“yes. There were 576 people including me, why?”

“Um, that’s what I mean… … .”

Minjoo-ri looked at the other person and whispered.

“Have you not seen the Prophet? “I’m looking for it, but I can’t find it.”

“ah… … .”

Christine seemed to think for a moment and then shook her head.

“I didn’t see it either. Because I didn’t apply the buff while checking all the faces… … sorry. “I can’t help you.”

“Oh, no. There’s nothing to be sorry about… … all right.”

Minjoo-ri, convinced, disappeared into the crowd of people, perhaps still thinking of searching.

Without even knowing that Ryumin was watching him from behind the mask.

‘You’re persistent. ‘I can’t believe I’m trying to find it till the end.’

After reading his thoughts, I could understand why he was trying to find it.

-If we catch monsters together, we can become much closer… … .

It was because I wanted to develop the relationship further than it is now.

Not just friends, but more than that.

‘Even when I come to this world, all I can think about is myself. you.’

There was no room for the black scythe to come between Ryu Min and Min Joo-ri.

For her, the black scythe was something to be respected and idolized, that was all.

At that time, I happened to make eye contact with Christine.

I can see him giving a wink.

-I did well, right? Prophet?

Reading his inner thoughts, it seemed like he wanted to praise him, but Ryu Min turned his head and pretended not to see.

Because monsters will appear soon.

[1st summons]

[576 players VS 5,760 blood orcs]

[The second summons will begin in 30 minutes.]

[Time remaining until round end: 02:59:59]

Thousands of orcs appeared, armed with weapons.

Originally, they would have appeared near the city and slaughtered numerous ordinary people, but… … .



The Orcs who appeared in a space surrounded on all sides by the sea looked at the players in confusion.

I guess I didn’t expect to be summoned to such an isolated place.

“Dirty orc bastards!”

“No further discussion, let’s kill!”


“Quick! Quiik!”

The Orcs and the player faced off on a remote island.

Although there were ten times more orcs, the Shinigami Church was not pushed back.

Because the important thing was not the numbers.

Sigh- Sigh-!

Suddenly! Squeak!



On the isolated island, only the screams of the orcs could be heard.

[Blood Orcs have been defeated!]

[Experience points increase by 1.5 times due to the title effect.]

[Experience and gold are doubled due to the effect of the Rune of Predation.]

[Experience +0.0006%]


[Additional Gold+1]

[If there are too many party members, stat points and predation stacks will not be received.]

[Current kill count: 36/100]

[All stats increase by 36% due to the Rune of Massacre effect.]

[There are 2,491 enemies in a 100m radius.]

[All stats increase by 100% due to the rune effect of 100 Per Day.]

Ryumin, who was killing the approaching orcs, swung his black scythe.




With one swing, about 50 Blood Orcs were killed.

As they were swept away like a yard sweep, the number of orcs decreased noticeably.

‘It’s convenient because it’s a party. ‘You don’t have to worry about your allies getting hurt.’

Ryumin slaughtered the Orcs to his heart’s content.

There was no need to control strength as the ranking was not determined based on contribution like in the 14th round.

‘It’s a shame that stats and stacks don’t build up with the Predation Rune.’

The Predation Rune gives stat points depending on the level of the monster slain.

However, I couldn’t get it now because there were hundreds of people in the party.

There was no stack.

‘Well, it’s okay. There will be a chance in the next round.’

Just slaughter the monsters like this without any worries.

All the way until the 4th summoning ends.

‘I plan to leave the island during the 5th summons.’

The reason was none other than the subquest.

‘This round’s sub-quest is to save the lives of ordinary people for the first time. A person who saves a threatened citizen can receive a reward.’

The reward is [Yin-Yang Rune], which must be obtained.

Just for that reason, Ryu Min was planning to leave for a while during the 5th round.

‘During the 5th summoning, Little Drake, an air monster, appears. What if we lure just one Little Drake off the island, head to the city, and then kill it?’

You will be recognized as having saved an ordinary person and can receive a subquest reward.

‘Until then, I’ll sweep as much as I want.’

With that in mind, the 3rd wave had just ended.

A message suddenly appeared in front of Ryumin’s eyes.

[The target under the hero’s protection is being attacked!]

[You can use the Hero’s Touch for 10 seconds.]

[Please select one of the following:]

└ 1. Move to the target

└ 2. Load object

[Time remaining until selection: 00:00:10]

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