The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 256

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Episode 256

256. Round 16 begins

March 31, 2023 23:50.

10 minutes before round 16 begins.

576 players from around the world each looked at the remaining time with nervous eyes.

Most people were silent, but some chatted with the people next to them to ease the tension.

“I’m nervous.”

“Iknow, right.”

“Will it proceed as Black Scythe said this time?”

“I guess so. “You’ve guessed everything right since you joined the Church of the Four Gods.”

From round 13 until now.

Korean players who joined the Four Gods Church received the benefit of hearing the strategy for the next round in advance.

So there was no worry.

There was no anxiety.

Excluding new foreign players who have recently arrived.

“Excuse me. “Can you speak English?”

A fat foreign believer approached and asked, and the Korean player nodded.

“yes. I can speak English. You are a new person who came in after round 15, right? Nickname… … .”

“Please call me Alex.”

“Nice to meet you, Alex. They say I’m a trash person. “Do you have any questions?”

“I’m saying that because I don’t know much… … “Does Black Scythe always teach you strategies like this?”

“yes. “We joined after the 12th round, and we’ve been listening to strategies all along.”

“Thanks to you, I was able to survive until now. Haha.”

“Alex, did you hear the strategy for the 16th round this time?”

Alex nodded.

“of course. That’s why I’m here.”

“But you don’t look good? “Are you anxious?”

Alex answered honestly.

“That’s right.”

“Haha, don’t worry. We were like that at first too. “I wonder what if the strategy is wrong.”

“But now I’m just grateful and informed. Alex will be like that too, hehe.”

Although he said it with a reassuring expression, Alex still looked anxious.

“Do you trust Black Scythe?”

The players responded with laughter to the unexpected question.

“What if I don’t believe it? Is there anything special about it now? “I even joined the Church of the Four Gods.”

“Relax and wait. “There’s no way to get out of here anyway, right?”

Since it was true, Alex decided to let go of his anxiety.

“I see. In a way, it was a stupid question. “Thank you for your words.”

“It was nothing.”

Alex turned and looked at the other Shinigami believers.

While the existing believers had a relaxed expression, those who had joined for the first time were nervous and anxious, waiting for time to pass.

Even though I heard in advance the strategy of what would happen next.

‘Maybe it’s because they lack faith in the black scythe like I do.’

I came in because I thought I would have a better chance of survival with the black scythe, but faith is different from that.

Alex didn’t completely believe in the black scythe either.

Other new recruits will probably have the same thoughts as you.

‘I guess they just instinctively stuck to the stronger side for survival.’

Doesn’t it make sense to have faith in someone you don’t even know very well?

‘It doesn’t make sense that you can get information about the next round as a reward for first place. ‘No, is there anything that doesn’t make sense?’

Honestly, it was hard to believe.

This was the first time I knew that they would give you a strategy when you joined the Church of the Four Gods, and it was also the first time I knew that you could get information first as a first place reward.

‘You can only know for sure if you win first place, but… … .’

Now is not the time to argue about this or that.

Because time has already run out.

“There’s one minute left until midnight!”

People waited with tense expressions for the remaining minute.

I was more nervous than usual, perhaps because I knew what was going to happen next.

5, 4, 3… … .

2, 1… … .


When the cell phone clock changes to April 1, the players’ consciousness moves to another world.

Soul transfer.

It only takes a blink of an eye for the technology to cross dimensions to be implemented… … .

What the players could see now was neither a wide grassland nor a colorless space.


“It’s the same.”

Their original space was the same.

“It didn’t move.”


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“It was exactly as Black Scythe said.”

Originally, the body would have been replaced by an avatar and the surrounding environment would have been completely different.

But the players were still in reality.

There is no change.

There is no avatar either.

It’s the same as the original body.

The same goes for the spirit that should have left for the other world.

Roaring Roaring-

Although they were embarrassed by the situation they were experiencing for the first time, the believers felt relieved.

Because Black Scythe’s words that there would be no narcolepsy this time turned out to be true.

It was then.

[Hehehe. It’s easy to see that he’s panicking right now.]

A beautiful, beautiful voice.

However, the voice of an angel, whose reality was extremely ugly, was stuck in the players’ heads.

[Hello, 576 players. Were you very surprised when you suddenly heard a voice? No, maybe you were surprised that it wasn’t from another world? Phew.]

Just by hearing the voice, I could clearly see what kind of expression the angel was making.

The fish fluttering around on the fishing line must be raising its mouth in amusement.

[You must have been very surprised because you didn’t enter the other world like usual. Isn’t someone out of the survival game? I was looking forward to it, but unfortunately it didn’t end. You can never escape until you complete the remaining 5 rounds. Giggling.]

People’s expressions were crumpled by the ridicule ringing in their heads.

Since there was no angel in front of me, I didn’t have to manage my facial expressions like before.

“Fuck you angel.”

Some people didn’t mind swearing.

The angel continued talking as if he couldn’t hear the swear words.

[Let’s check the 16th round mission first.]

As soon as the words are finished, a window appears in everyone’s eyes.

◀ ROUND 16 ▶

<Main Quest>

└Annihilate monsters summoned to the human world within 3 hours

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└Participants: 576

└Achiever: 0/288

Normally, you would be confused when you see a quest, but the players were calm.

Because I already received a message from the Black Scythe.

The angel is busy laughing to himself without even knowing it.

[You were surprised, right? Giggling, this round is a special round taking place in the human world. That’s why your spirit is on Earth and not on another world. It’s different, right?]


[Of course, since it is not another world, there are no avatars. Rather than using a nicely customized body, you have to use that miserable body to stop the monsters summoned to Earth. Don’t worry though. Just the appearance is different, but the abilities can be used the same.]

“You crazy angel.”

When the angel who should have appeared long ago was nowhere to be seen, some confidently cursed.

Assuming you can’t hear it.

Sure enough, it seemed like the angel couldn’t hear as expected.

[As this round takes place in the human world, I will only explain in voiceover.]

The angel who said that soon continued with a full explanation.

[As you can see, the main quest is a mission to annihilate the monsters summoned to Earth within a 3-hour time limit. Unusually, it is the only round set on Earth rather than an alien world, and the only mission that can be played with ordinary people without falling into narcolepsy. How great is it to be able to play at your home ground? Giggling.]

People cursed inwardly with seething faces.

They say it’s a plague.

[As it is a joint mission, all 576 players are considered a party. Monsters are summoned once every 30 minutes after the first summon, a total of 6 times. also… … .]

The rules that followed were not much different from what I heard before.

A monster that gets stronger with each wave.

The number of monsters that appear in proportion to the number of players, etc.

However, there was one thing that was different from before.

It was a method of summoning monsters.

[Monsters are randomly summoned within a 100m radius from the player’s location. In other words, the player’s location is the monster’s spawn point.]

“Our location is the spawn point?”

“It’s exactly what Black Scythe said, right?”

[So don’t worry about how to find the monster. If you look 100 meters around you, you will see it.]

In short, what if the players are scattered?

This meant that monsters would appear all over the world.

[Oh, by the way, monsters harbor strong hostility towards humans. This means that they will rush at you regardless of whether they are ordinary people or players.]

A sneer was heard in the angel’s voice.

It was a voice that convinced humans that they were confused.

[So this round might be a little busy for you. To avoid sacrificing other civilians. Giggling.]

It was just as the angel said.

If a monster is created within 100m around the player, ordinary people can also suffer damage.

Monsters summoned to the city may slaughter non-player people.

[Then, let’s start the mission in a moment. I wish you good luck. Push.]

Although the angel was leaving with a sneer, there was no worry on the players’ faces.

Rather, he had a smile on his face as if he was relieved.

It’s because there was no one else in the 100m radius other than themselves.

The place where they were standing now was a remote island where no one could see.

“Whew, that’s a relief.”

“It’s a good thing you came to the island as Black Scythe said.”

“It almost put people in danger, right?”

Voices of relief came from everywhere, and among them was Ryu Min, who was wearing a mask.

‘My younger brother won’t be in danger with this.’

If I had been lying in bed like usual, the entire city would have been engulfed in chaos due to the monsters summoned around me.

‘But if you start on an island this far away, you won’t suffer any damage.’

What if players from all over the world were brought to a remote island?

There will be no harm to civilians.

Your family, friends, and neighbors you care about will not be in danger.

That’s why the players gathered in one place felt safe.

‘thank god. But I can’t be completely reassured.’

There was something that Ryumin had not yet told the other believers.

‘Because not only monsters but also battle angels appear in this round.’

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