The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 255

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Episode 255

255. Our secret

On the way to Incheon Airport to meet Christine.

Ryumin received an important phone call.

“Christine suspects me?”

-That’s right. I certainly heard that from Jeffrey.

It was said that the Prophet and the Black Scythe might be the same person.

“I get it. “I’ll take care of the rest.”

-All right. Please take care of yourself, master.

“What a trivial thing to say.”

Ryu Min laughed after hanging up the phone.

But I thought about it with a straight face, as if I had never done that before.

‘I can’t believe Christine was suspicious of me.’

This is by no means an issue to be taken lightly.

‘How did you get discovered? Have you done anything suspicious recently? … ah!’

A scene suddenly came to mind.

When I killed three thugs who were targeting Christine with a dagger of darkness.

Other than that time, I have never done anything that would raise suspicion.

‘Could it be that you weren’t sleeping? I couldn’t read his thoughts, so I thought he was sleeping… … .’

He said he was careful, but it seems like he found out somehow.

The murder he committed.

‘I’m embarrassed. There’s nothing good about having your identity revealed to someone yet… … .’

I’ve been leading a double life, but admit that I’m the same person.

Wouldn’t you feel betrayed inside?

Maybe they will turn their backs on you because they have been deceiving you all this time.

‘I can’t believe Christine is turning her back on me. ‘It’s despairing just thinking about it.’

Not receiving Christine’s help would be like wasting a chance at resurrection.

Since this is the final return, Christine’s abilities are essential.

It is obvious that if you admit your identity in such a situation, your relationship will grow distant.

It must be denied at all costs.

‘The problem is what kind of excuse you give… … .’

Arriving at the airport, Ryu Min was troubled until he boarded the plane to the United States.

I couldn’t think of a good excuse.

‘I have no choice but to say no. If necessary, use a memory erasure potion.’

It’s a waste to use it for something like this, but I have two.

Wouldn’t it be okay to use at least one?

“Whoa… … I don’t know. “Let’s get some sleep.”

However, Ryumin could not sleep even a wink until he arrived in the United States.

* * *


“Black Scythe!”

It was Christine who greeted him wearing a mask with a happy face, but Ryumin knew.

‘It’s true. ‘I know for sure after reading your inner thoughts.’

Contrary to the outside, the inside is full of doubt.

‘You suspect that I may be a prophet.’

Not only that, he was anxious, perhaps because he had witnessed a murder.

I wonder if he is a psychopath who kills innocent people like Haeng-yeo or Ma Gyeong-rok.

‘It just seems that way. ‘Because he pretended to be weak and killed three ordinary people without any hesitation.’

After reading his thoughts, I think I understand the reason for killing him to some extent.

Since he pointed a gun at me, he killed me as a response.

However, it seemed like he only saw it at a glance and didn’t know the details.

“Did you have any inconveniences coming here?”

“There was none.”

Actually, I couldn’t sleep at all because I was worried.

“I could have gone to see you… … .”

“done. “Because I also happened to have some free time.”

“We shouldn’t do this here, let’s go in. “It’s not even worship time, so it would be good for conversation.”

Christine said that and led the way to the chapel, but Ryumin called her out.

“No, not in an open space like a chapel. Because the conversation might leak. “I wish there was a quieter place.”

“Ah, if it’s a place like that… … .”

Christine hesitated before answering.

“I have a room to stay in… … Would you like to go there?”


Soon, we followed Christine to a cozy sized room with a bathroom.

“W-This is my room.”

“It’s neat.”

Was it embarrassing to have a stranger enter your own space?

Ryumin spoke to Christine, who was standing there hesitantly, as if telling her to listen.


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“But there’s only one chair.”

“ah? Yeah, that’s right. Could you please sit here and wait? “I’ll bring a chair.”

Christine, who had disappeared in a flash, soon appeared with a chair.

“Please sit here.”

Ryumin closed the door before sitting down.


As soon as she locked the door, Christine’s ears turned red.

With men and women together in a small space, a strange atmosphere was created.

It was only Christine’s mistake.

“Do you know why I came?”

“that… … He said he came to tell us the strategy for round 16… … .”

“There is one more reason than that.”

“What is it?”

“I want to explain.”

The moment Christine heard those words, her heart sank.

‘You knew? That I doubt it?’

Christine was surprised, but it was a misunderstanding.

Because that was not the explanation Ryumin was trying to give.

“I thought it would be misunderstood if I didn’t explain why I called John Delgado.”

“ah… … .”

Christine, who realized that it was a different explanation, made a curious face.

“I was still surprised. By saving John Delgado in the 15th round… … . “I thought maybe you had forgotten about my relationship with him.”

“Is that possible? “I was the one who saved you from that guy.”

“Then why did you save me? “The person who tried to kill me?”

Ryumin confessed honestly.

“John Delgado is my guy.”


“I recently took control of him.”

It was a challenge to a duel rather than dominance, but it was the same in that it made him a slave.

“why… … ?”

“I heard from a prophet that the necromancer’s abilities would be helpful in the future. That’s why I saved it. No other reason.”

The prophecy was false, but the word that it would help was true.

Christine seemed to understand it to some extent.

“Could it be that the attack by the undead in the second mission of round 15 was also Black Scythe’s strategy?”

“okay. I instructed the necromancer to do so. “I knew that killing an undead would be considered murder.”

“Ah, so they told us not to come forward and wait… … .”

Christine lowered her head as if she finally understood.

The explanation ends here.

But questions still remained in Christine’s mind.

‘What do we do? It might be a dream, but should I still ask? If it’s not now, there might not be a chance… … .’

She was debating whether to open the box of doubt or not.

Ryu Min, who happened to be reading his thoughts, also calmly prepared to accept it.

‘It’s enough to just say you don’t know. There is no evidence, so Christine has no way of knowing.’

If you deny it, you might just be like you are now and think it’s a dream.

Suspicions without evidence were bound to be treated as delusions.

After making her decision, Christine opened her mouth after silence.

“Black Scythe. “Can you do me a favor?”

“ask? what?”

“I think you were using something like a shadow among your abilities… … “Can you please show me just once?”

“The reason is?”

“I can’t go into detail, but… … I have something to check. Please.”

When he spoke with serious eyes, Ryumin couldn’t refuse.

“That’s it.”

Soon, a barrier was erected using dark runes.

“You used this to stop the bullet back then, right?”


“Is it possible to modify it at will? For example, you can make it sharp and throw it for attack… … .”


Ryu Min, who was about to say it was impossible, changed his mind midway through.

‘If you say no, you may be able to avoid the situation for now, but you will be in trouble later.’

What if a situation arises where you need to use the sword of darkness?

Your lies will be discovered.

If that happens, the situation may become worse than it is now.


“Can you show me?”

Instead of answering, Ryumin created a dagger of darkness.

I also read Christine’s thoughts at that moment.

-It’s the same as the prophet’s ability, right? Maybe it wasn’t a dream… … .

I felt a similarity, but it was just a feeling.

The evidence that the Prophet and the Black Scythe are the same person is still weak.

Is it because he was aware of that fact?

Christine soon opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.

“Black Scythe.”

“Why are you doing that?”

“I want to ask you something. “Can you be honest with me?”

As I nodded, Christine asked me directly.

“Is Black Scythe a prophet?”

He threw a fastball with a serious look in his eyes, but the method of destruction was simple.

If you deny it, that’s the end.

Of course, Ryu Min’s lips, which were about to say no, stopped for a moment.

The future vision rune showed 7 seconds into the future on his retina.

-It wasn’t the same person… … sorry. You said something strange. I was worried the whole time.

As future Christine said that, disappointment was visible on her face.

‘Disappointment? Are you saying you hoped they were the same person?’

Ryumin thought that if he told the truth, Christine would feel betrayed.

So I was just about to say no.

But what if the opposite result comes out?

What if not telling now and lying would lead to a worse situation?

‘Then the situation may get out of control.’

Looking into the future, if I change my mind here, my relationship with Christine could be ruined.

‘I’d rather… … ‘Being honest may actually work.’

Ryumin, who had thought about it up to that point, changed his answer.


“I see… … yes?”

Christine, who was momentarily confused, opened her eyes wide and asked again.

“W-what did you just say… … .”

“I said your guess was correct.”

“Ji, are you admitting it now? “Black Scythe is a prophet?”

“okay. “I am a prophet.”

Ryumin took off his mask.

The person behind the mask is a different person.

However, when the assassin’s mask is removed, his body is transformed.

His height decreases, his body becomes dwarfed, and he returns to his true form.


Christine, who had witnessed the rare sight of a person changing before her eyes, stood up like a spring.

“Yes, Prophet?!”

“Shh. “Who will listen?”

Ryu Min, who had returned to his normal self, smiled bitterly.

“You must have been very surprised.”

“Oh, really. You can change your appearance… … .”

“Nothing to be surprised. “Even people can be resurrected and their appearance is transformed.”

“Ha, I see.”

Christine, who was somewhat genuine, looked at Ryumin’s appearance and asked.

“Is that really you?”

“This is my true self. This is the prophet you know. “The nickname in this world is Black Scythe.”

“ah… … .”

“You look like you don’t believe me, but I’ll show you the evidence.”

Ryumin took out a scythe from his inventory.

While I was away, I put on all the equipment.

It is the appearance of a black scythe that I have seen before.

“I couldn’t believe it, but the Prophet and Black Scythe were really the same person… … .”

“You said you were going to hide it all this time, but you got caught. How did know?”

Christine answered Ryu Min’s question honestly.

“When we met before, I saw you killing vagabonds. With the shadow-like ability you just showed… … .”

“So you suspected that they might be the same person.”

“yes… … .”

Christine was looking at him with a little fear.

Because I don’t know what it means to reveal one’s identity so obediently.

“Ho, are you going to kill me?”

“no way. “In fact, it’s the opposite.”


“The reason I obediently revealed my identity was because I didn’t want to lose you.”


Christine was startled, perhaps because it was something she had never thought of.

“W-what do you mean? I don’t want to miss it… … .”

“That’s literally it. Christine, you are the colleague I need.”

“… … .”

“That’s why I didn’t want to ruin the relationship. I didn’t want to lie anymore. So I spoke honestly. “That’s it.”

Christine was in a dazed mood, as if she had just heard a confession from her crush.

“Well, then you won’t kill me…” … .”

“You look at me like some kind of cold-blooded killer. If I was going to kill him, I wouldn’t have revealed his identity like this. “It wouldn’t have protected me from vagabonds.”

“Protect… … yo. this?”

“You were the one they were demanding at gunpoint. He said he would kill you if I didn’t hand you over, so I hit him first. “I might go looking for you, Christine.”

“ah… … .”

Christine’s thoughts changed when she realized that it was to protect herself.

Any remaining doubts disappeared, and any trace of fear turned into faith.

“Can you believe it now? “That I won’t hurt you?”

“yes… … Black Scythe. “No, Prophet.”

“Call it Black Scythe. “First of all, I came here with that status.”

When Ryumin put on the mask, he was transformed back into the appearance of a roast yak.

“My identity must be kept a secret between us. It’s not time to reveal your identity yet. “You can do it, right?”

“yes. sure. “That mouth is heavy.”

“good. “Let’s try to believe it.”

Knowing that he wasn’t the type of person to go out and talk about things, Ryu Min reassured me and told me the strategy for the next round.

“I told you the strategy, so let’s go.”

“excuse me… … “Black Scythe.”

When I turned my head, Christine said hesitantly.

“It’s late, but thank you for saving me from the tramps. and… … “Thank you for being honest.”

“If you’re grateful, you’ll keep it a secret, right?”

“Speaking of this, my mouth hurts.”

“Then I’ll see you at the meeting place.”

Ryumin, who was laughing, spread his wings and flew into the sky.

Christine, who was looking at that scene, muttered.

“happy. I am the person Black Scythe needs… … .”

She entered the chapel with a shy smile.

And a few days later, round 16 began.

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