The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 254

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Episode 254

254. Doubt


Ryumin opened the cafe’s door and looked around.

When I saw Min Joo-ri sitting, I slowly raised my hand.

Ryu Min, who was sitting across from him, was a little relieved to see Min Joo-ri staring at him intently.

‘Fortunately, his expression looks okay.’

He didn’t lower his head or avoid eye contact like before.

Rather, he looks confidently as if he wants to use this opportunity to tie the knot.

“You pre-ordered my coffee? thank you.”


“… … .”

“… … .”

The awkwardness between the two still remained.

Ryu Min refused the confession and said he wanted to be friends first, but he didn’t think it would be easy.

‘If we meet often like this, things will gradually get better. Min Joo-ri also seems reluctant to remain in an awkward relationship.’

So, didn’t he say he would willingly come to his call?



Minjoo-ri was silent after calling him first.

Seeing him lick his lips, he must be experiencing an internal conflict.

After waiting calmly, he opened his mouth as if he had made up his mind.

“You told me before that we should be friends, right?”

“It did.”

“I was honestly confused at the time, but now I’ve made up my mind.”

Minjoo-ri’s eyes shine with determination.

“Let’s stay friends. instead.”

Minjoo-ri looked down, perhaps feeling a little embarrassed.

“Please treat the confession I made before as something that never happened. This can be happen?”

“No problem. of course.”

Is it because I answered too immediately?

Minjoo-ri’s eyebrows twitched.

An expression of trampled pride.

Ryumin spoke before the misunderstanding grew.

“I answered a little quickly, but don’t misunderstand. That doesn’t mean your confession is completely innocuous. It must be difficult to erase it from your memory. But if you want, as much as possible… … .”


Min-ri Min’s eyes were already burning with pride.

“I changed my mind.”


“do not forget. Please don’t erase it from my memory. I definitely confessed to you and got dumped. “That’s true, right?”

I can feel the tremor in my voice.

It feels like I’m spitting it out impulsively because my pride is hurt.

“I’ll be honest about what happened like this. I haven’t given up yet. The reason I said I would be friends with you was because I didn’t want to miss out. lets think. Can a person’s emotions cool down that easily? Still good… … “I do.”

He lowers his gaze at the last word, as if he is embarrassed to say it himself.

“I won’t give up. I’ll make you like me. So let us continue to be friends. Give me a chance to become more than just a friend. This is my honest feeling. “You can do that much, right?”

“… … .”

Ryumin’s mouth did not open easily.

I wasn’t worried about what to say no to.

‘Rejection is not an option. ‘I can’t lose the buffer.’

After hearing the truth, I was just a little embarrassed.



“Do whatever you want.”


“One way or another, we are friends.”

“… … .”

It was a line to draw, but Min-ri Min did not give up.

Remembering the Black Scythe’s advice to keep challenging yourself.

“I’m satisfied with just that.”

Only then did a smile appear on Minjoo-ri’s face.

“Is this what happened?”


“good. “Now I’ll tell you how to attack the 16th round.”

To change the mood, Ryu Min quickly told us the strategy.

In the process, Min Joo-ri looked surprised.

“Is that really how the next round will proceed?”

“huh. So, you have to be careful not to cause any damage as much as possible. Perhaps Black Scythe will soon call his followers and teach them how to attack.”

“Did you tell Black Scythe about the future?”


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“I told you.”

“I was already going to ask if the two of you share information… … .”

“Sharing has been happening from the beginning.”

“Then why are you choosing the next round of information as a reward, Black Scythe? “I just need to hear the prophecy from you?”

“It’s not like I can see the future at a certain time. “Black Scythe uses rewards to make up for the rounds that I couldn’t foresee.”

It was a blatant lie, but Min-ri Min shook her head as if the truth was finally coming together.

“thank god. I thought we didn’t get along well… … .”

‘It’s not good. It’s like one body.’

He can’t reveal to Min Joo-ri that he is Black Scythe just yet.

Even if it is revealed now, it is poisonous.

‘You might feel embarrassed because of the sense of betrayal that you have been fooled all this time.’

Since there was nothing to gain from it, I had to hide it.

“I’m sorry about earlier.”

Ryumin tilted his head as he saw Minjoo-ri suddenly apologizing.


“I made a sudden leap earlier without realizing it… … .”

“no. That’s about it… … .”

As for Ryumin, it feels good to be back as friends like before.

‘Strictly speaking, it’s different.’

If you think about it, it was the same situation as giving Min Joo-ri another chance and withholding her confession.

“But Min, you also joined the Church of the Four Gods, right?”

“huh? yes. “Why do you ask that?”

“I can’t see you even when I go to the Four Gods Church these days.”

“I didn’t do any activities and just put my name up. “It would be difficult if my existence became known to others.”

“Well, if people find out you’re a Prophet class, they’ll stick to you, right?”


As I looked at Min-ri Min while drinking my coffee, she still had a curious look on her face.

“If you have any questions, ask again.”

“Oh, it’s nothing… … Did you also get called by Black Scythe in round 15? “Was your nickname Roast Yak?”

“uh? iced coffee. It did.”

“But why don’t I remember hearing that?”

‘That’s because I’ve never called you.’

Ryumin responded with a calm face.

“You probably didn’t hear it. Otherwise, would I have been alive like this?”

“is it? but… … .”

Since Min Joo-ri had not heard all 576 nicknames, she did not suspect anything and just passed on.

“Then since we’re done talking, shall we get up now?”


The two people who came out of the cafe immediately waved at each other.

“Thank you for telling me the strategy. “Let’s meet again next time.”

“huh. “I’ll contact you often.”

Ryumin smiled and thought as he walked down the street.

‘thank god. Because Minjoo-ri’s condition appears to be good.’

It looks like he took the advice of the Black Scythe that he gave in the other world well.

Although it is burdensome to announce my ambition to continue taking on challenges… … .

‘At least it’s better than being awkward.’

To get through the remaining rounds, Min-ri Min must remain mentally sound.

It is difficult to always be in low pressure just because you have been dumped by a confession.

‘Especially in the 16th round, you have to stay alert.’

This is a round where if you make a mistake, the damage can increase.

‘Maybe after round 16, the player’s value will rise even more rapidly. People’s perspectives will also change.’

In addition to the reputation of the Shinigami Church, you can also obtain runes in real life.

‘I’ll have to recruit the Four Gods soon and teach them a strategy. Before that, let’s clear up any misunderstandings with Christine.’

He may not know it, but there is a high possibility that he misunderstands that he saved John Delgado.

Christine, like Min-ri Min, was an important supporter, so she needs to be taken care of so that she doesn’t have any mental problems.

I picked up Lost Yak’s cell phone and called Christine.


-Oh, Black Scythe?

“Tell me about your business first. “I’d like to meet to discuss strategy for the next round.”

-Oh, can I do it over the phone?

‘phone call?’

So far, you’ve told me the strategy when you met me?

“Phone calls should not be made due to security issues.”

-Is that also the case?

“why? “Is there any reason why we can’t meet?”

-Oh, no. No. All that’s left is time… … .

“Then I will go there. “There is no place better than a synagogue for quiet conversation.”

-No, if you have a hard time coming, I… … .

“Don’t worry, we will travel comfortably in first class. Then I’ll call you again when I get there.”

Out of consideration, Ryu Min said he would visit first.

It also suited my temperament to move rather than wait still.

‘I need to meet you and explain properly.’

Ryu Min was thinking about what to say and looking for a ticket to the United States.

* * *

Christine put down her phone and stared into space with a blank face for a while.

‘Ah, Black Scythe… … Finally here… … .’

This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered a black scythe in real life.

Therefore, the feeling I have now is not excitement.


Anxiety appeared on Christine’s face.

I was worried that the black scythe might notice.

‘No, it’ll be okay. You hid it well for a few days. He didn’t show it even in this world.’

Although she didn’t show it as much as possible, she knew.

No, it is still too early to say that I know.

It would be more accurate to call it the guessing stage or the doubting stage.

‘The Prophet and the Black Scythe are the same person… … .’

It was a dangerous assumption.

It’s also a ridiculous assumption.

‘Who would match the Prophet, who looks weak to anyone, and the Black Scythe?’

Because it was a completely opposite image, no one could make the connection.

However, Christine believed that the two were the same person.

It was not an unfounded inference.

When the Prophet recently came to America, Christine witnessed a murder.

Riding on the Prophet’s back.

‘He used his powers to kill the vagabonds who were pointing guns.’

At the time, I wasn’t that surprised by the drowsiness.

I thought it was a dream and went back to sleep.

‘When I opened my eyes, I was inside the synagogue.’

Wherever the prophet had gone, he had disappeared.

It occurred to me later that it might not have been a dream, but I wasn’t sure.

Even when we went back to the scene, there was no evidence.

‘I couldn’t even make a connection with Black Scythe.’

However, I changed my mind after seeing the black scythe use its shadow-like ability in the other world.

perhaps… … What I saw then might not have been a dream.

The Black Scythe and the Prophet might be the same person.

Of course, this idea is purely speculation and speculation.

There is no evidence anywhere.

“No, probably not. What about the same person… … I guess only the abilities are the same. “The images don’t overlap at all.”

Christine muttered that with an anxious face.

Without even knowing that someone had entered the range of presence detection.

“What do you mean it’s not?”


Christine’s shoulders shook at the silent appearance of Jeffrey.

“Why are you so surprised? “As if I had seen a ghost.”

“ah… … no.”

“You don’t look good? What’s wrong?”

“What about work, what… … “There is no such thing.”

Christine was the one who drew the line, but Jeffrey seemed to feel even more suspicious.

“Hey, there is. What is it? If you have any concerns, speak up openly. “If you have any concerns, I will listen to you.”

“I said there isn’t one.”

“Are you still mad at me?”

“Who is pouting? “You said you had no worries.”

“Do you think you won’t know if you insist like that? “I, who has been watching you for over ten years, don’t know Christine?”

“… … .”

“Don’t do that, just say it. “What are you worried about?”

Christine couldn’t help but sigh as he continued to bite her persistently.

I felt like I had to throw something at him, so I confessed a little bit.

“What would you do, Deacon, if you found out that the person who seemed weak was hiding strength?”

“Hide your strength? “Who?”

“No, I asked the question first. You have to answer… … .”

“Hmm… … .”

Geoffrey, who was pondering, opened his mouth.

“I think I would just pretend not to know and stay silent.”


“Hide your power means you’re reluctant to reveal it, right? “If you respect the other person, there is no need to pretend to know them and embarrass them.”

“I guess so, right?”

Christine’s expression brightened a little.

I feel like my frustration is relieved when I think that there are people with the same opinion as me.

“So, who is the idiot hiding that power?”

“It’s Jjinttanyo. “Be careful what you say!”

“uh? “Seeing how you’re complaining, it looks like you’re somewhat of a friend.”

“Ah, that’s enough! I won’t tell you. Don’t ask any more. “No worries!”

After saying that, Christine quickly left the room.

As if avoiding a difficult situation.

“Hmm… … .”

Jeffrey, who was looking at the scene suspiciously, immediately picked up his cell phone and sent a text message.

[Yamti. There are some special details.]

If anything happens, you are ordered to report it immediately.

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