Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 271

The next day, Luna and some riders left the Sword Garden to encourage their families.

Jin felt sorry for breaking up with his first sister again, but the siblings could feel strong brotherly love in hopes of each other’s well-being and good fortune.

And early in the morning, first-class butler Petro found Jean.

“First-class butler Petro, formally greeting the 12th grader again. As of today, I will be assisting you exclusively. I will do my best not to disappoint you.”

Naturally, he was the man Luna left behind.

Obviously the remaining riders and their butlers would try to reject, so Jean was considerate not to be too bothered to get information from the family.

“Please take good care of me, Petro. From now on, call me the Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Oh, this is your deacon, isn’t it?”


Petro bowed his head as Murakan turned into a human.


Murakan looking up and down Petro for a while.

“Murakan, if you have anything to say to me…….”

“From now on you are a single egg.”


Petro was wearing a pair of glasses.

“So listen carefully, O’Al. You must watch over this Murakan as well as the little one. Do you understand?”

“Of course, Mr. Murakhan.”

When Jean was a cadet, it was hard to believe that the black cat she had often seen was really this man.

“Okay, great. Erie ear.”

Petro carefully held his ear to Murakhan.

Then Murakan whispered, and for a moment he doubted his ears and nodded his head.


“Oh, I see.”

“What did you say?”

“Little boy, you don’t have to know.”

“Petro, if this black dragon asks for anything strange, report it to me.”

“I will, Master. In that sense, Mr. Murakhan just ordered me to get a full collection of Chunhwa artists from the Mila Artists Federation.….”


As Murakan shouted, Gilly gave a low laugh.

Jean shook her head with a limp, but did not necessarily tell Petro that she did not have to follow the order.

Anyway, it’s a precious hobby of his guardian dragon.

Of course, Murakan glared at Petro with his sharp eyes and had to grind his teeth.

“Petro, I want you to figure out how my friends, who were my factional cadres, are doing and report.”

“Oh, the youngest division kept an eye on you even before your return. Of the 10 cadets, one has already become a guardian knight and two are taking the final test. The other seven are trained as senior cadets.”

“Oh, there’s a cadet who’s already become a guardian knight. Must be Mesa Milcano.”

Jin naturally thought Mesa, the leader of the youngest division, would be the first to become a guardian knight.

But Petro gave an unexpected answer.

“No, Mesa Milcano is taking the final exam with Scott Lyman. Bellop Schmitz, at some point, he was the most prominent.”

Belop Schmidt.

A character who was kicked out of the Sword Garden because of his weak character in his previous life, and became a Beemant Guard member belonging to the High Ran.

At that time, Bellop became a murder doll and took part in all kinds of evil deeds, and ended his life with suicide.

leaving a will of repentance for the murder he committed

“Belop! I didn’t know it was him. Where are you now?”

Now that Belop had become the guardian of Looncandel, he was delighted and proud.

“Well, it’s… He has been dispatched to the Sulsan region in the southeastern part of the Mitel Kingdom. It’s an infinite, one-on-one mission, and it’s a bandit sweep.

Jean crumpled her brows, showing signs of displeasure.

The southeastern part of Mitel is a land where few people live because of the severe cold.

In the midst of the vast land, there was only one small village, which was not a hundred households, and there was not even a petty thief, let alone a bandit.

When he sent the bandits to be wiped out, Bellop was demoted as soon as he became a guardian knight.

Just because it’s a faction of the Qin.

Even because of the mission, Bellop didn’t even know Jean had yet returned.

The rest of the factional cadres had all lined up the day Jin returned.

“That’s understandable.”

“Shall we put Bellop’s return to the next meeting of the flag-bearers?”

“No, leave it alone. If we just let him go back, we’ll have to talk about it for no reason. You’ll have to make the ball come back.”

“But I’ve never lived there. Even if there is, it is not the duty of a guardian. There’s plenty of justification.”

“First-class butler Petro.”

“Yes, Master.”

Petro changed his eyes and bowed his head.

“We must always show more results than we can imagine. Not once in a while, but every time you have to make an unexpected profit. Otherwise, no one will admit it. It means you shouldn’t do anything normal.”

A small blemish is a fatal stain, and a fine achievement is not a great.

The enemies were always ready to deal with the people of Qin and Jin.

And Qin was finally recognized by his enemies, ready to kneel them down.

“I’ll be clear!”

“Is there a list of first-degree or higher wanted persons in the airlift?”

“There is.”

“Get it.”

Petro rushed to fetch the document.

Jean skimmed it through and sorted out five or so wanted men.

“Bankella’s Falling Knights, Jack Glow, the rabble west of Beacon, Fantasy, the Red-Ho Assault Captain……I guess these are still active.”

Jin, who was looking at their names and faces, smiled.

It was because I remembered the conversation I had with Dante and Veradin in Samil when I was a backup rider.

He’s a villain. He’s got a lot of bad guys! The kings of Mamit, the rabble Jack Glow of the Western Beams, the remnants of the Dark Magicians, Bankela’s Factionary Knight, Fantasy, the Red-Ho Assault Captain…….

I’m already excited that the three of us are going on an adventure to kill that evil group.

‘They seemed to be looking forward to it, just in case I took it. Dante, I’m sure everything’s okay, Veradin. I’m worried about him.’

I wanted to contact them right away.

As soon as he came to the Sword Garden, it was impossible to interact with the princes of the enemy camp.

Naturally, we should not contact each other recklessly before we have a chance to meet.

“Take my wanted list and go to the Tikan Free City. There, tell this to Kuzan and Julian. Pick two of the wanted men and drive them naturally to the Sulsan area in the southeastern part of Mitel.”


“There should never be civilian damage in the process of driving the wanted men, nor should the wanted men be injured, nor should there be any arrests made by Bellop or anyone else. The ball should be entirely Belop’s.”

“I’ll make sure to tell you everything.”

But how can Bellop, who has just become a guardian knight, be able to deal with these plagues? If such a fuss is possible in the first place, there’s no reason why they haven’t been caught yet.

Petro didn’t say the word out of his mouth.

It was because I felt a strange dignity from Qin.

‘I often felt an unapproachable energy when I served Lady Luna, but what I felt from Master Chin is something different……… words themselves have a power that is hard to describe. a force that is bound to happen’

As if it were the words of Gaju, Siron Looncandel.

Of course, it’s not yet comparable to the theory, but Petraeus was clearly aware that Jean had the same dignity.

“And starting today, reporters all over Hufester will spread articles about me. Make sure that every single article you report from a controlled media outlet is checked by Dino Zaglan.”

“Okay. What should I tell Dino about the articles I need to examine and correct?”

“Let me highlight the fact that I am the contractor of Soldert and the contractor of Tess, and direct me to use sentences and words that are easier and simpler than other media outlets unconditionally. Delete all references to family traditions. It’s not hard for children to understand, but not too low in class.”

In other words, it meant to promote the fact that Jin is a horse prosecutor in as familiar a sentence as possible.

“Also, starting next week, each group will send a delegation to celebrate me. Among them, those who show favor to me will be sorted out separately, and King Seong will visit me in person, so you have to take special care of them.”

The Holy Land has been in a state of seclusion ever since Laney ascended the throne.

But Qin, the benefactor of the Holy Land, became a regular rider, and he was sure to come in person.

“It is the first time that a current king has left the kingdom. It’s going to be a historic moment. Well…… it would be right to set up an honor guard, but none of your men are superior.”

Jean gave Petro time to think for a moment.

“… …to give you my opinion, so that the ball of Chairman Sung Wang will not be returned to the other riders. Why don’t we set up a welcoming group of colonists? It’s highly likely that Sung Wang’s march includes biogolem experiment survivors, so it’ll be a good picture.”

Just nodding his head contentedly, that was the answer Jean wanted.

“Great. Go ahead like that.”

Petro bowed his head again.

“Lastly, my sword. Who’s got Bradamante now?”

“Bradamante went straight into the second-tier armory after being recovered from the Golden Snow.”

There was no need to be irritated because it was expected.

And Jean had already sprinkled rice cakes to find Bradamante.

“I don’t know how long it’ll take.”

“You mean getting Bradamante back?”

Petro said in a sullen voice.

It was because I couldn’t think of a sharp way to get Bradamante back.

“No, Mary’s sister appears before me with a bradamante.”

As soon as Petro was about to answer.

Buck, Buck, Buck, Buck!

From the outside corridor an angry footsteps began to come rapidly closer.

Knock, boom!

The sound of footsteps then opened the door of them with all his might.

Jean is an uninvited guest who is full of fighting spirit in her eyes.

Watching his third sister, he almost burst into laughter.

“The youngest! The youngest!”

She must have already had a proper fight somewhere, and her hair was messy and all over the place was full of sneezes.

And she was wearing her long sword along her waist, with her bradamante.

“Sister, what brings you here?”

“You’re not going to be able to say no this time. This sword, Bradamante! You want it back, don’t you? Follow me right now. I give you, if you satisfy me.”

I wanted to dance to the song.

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