Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 270


While the silk of Mount Mila was filling the glass, Mary had a blank look on her face as if she had lost her soul. He looked like a broken heart.

In fact, she is experiencing a trauma equivalent to a broken heart.

“No… …you can’t do this. How long have I been waiting? You’re so quick to refuse and go home? Does this make sense? How can I convince you?”

“What are you so far?”

As the Dipus in front shrugged, Mary opened her eyes at once.

“You think it’s too easy for him to think it’s not his job right now. This body is in shock.”

The two were tilting their glasses in Mary’s room after the meeting.

“Is that something to be so traumatize you? It’s shocking that my father declared that he would go back to the Black Sea as soon as he returned. How much more will Hufester’s fighters, who have been looking forward to their father’s return? The riders will be very busy for the time being. ‘Cause you’ll have to soothe him.’

As Dipus said, Looncandel’s family, especially small and medium-sized ones, were pinning high hopes on the return of this debate.

It was because of the jipple.

After the “Sungkuk incident,” the Cold War between Looncandel and Jipple is heading toward the pole.

I don’t know about Carlon here, where the Sword Garden is located, or those who have some strength. Small and medium-sized forces and families are suffocating under the pressure of the Cold War.

“It’s just the Cold War, not the media. In fact, there’s a lot of fighting with the Rutero Federation every day…. the small and medium-sized families would have thought their father’s return would give them a breathing spell.”

But they said they would go back as soon as the poem came, and they were literally a bolt from the blue. So starting tomorrow, the riders of Looncandel will have to travel all over Hufester to sweat their feet.

It was the role of jockeys to ease the concerns of small and medium-sized forces, take necessary measures, and provide both material and mental support on behalf of the public opinion.

“Ahh! You ungrateful bastard……! How can you tell me!”

Crack, clink, clink!

Mary clenched her fist in a rage. The glasses carefully made by the Kurano craftsmen were crushed and rolled on the floor.

“……are you listening to me?”

Dipus held out a handkerchief to Mary and touched her forehead.

“No, second brother. It’s not a day or two, it’s just a normal thing for the magic federation to fight with our family. It’s obvious, is it more important than how I feel right now?”

“Yes, let’s not talk.”


Mary who steals a bottle from Dipus and gulps it down.

She hasn’t had a day as upset as she is today lately.

“By the way, Mary, the youngest.”


“You rode the Black Dragon Murakan, the guardian of the family. So he’s also a contractor for Soldierlet. It must have something to do with the West Sea battle between Vigung and Jipple.”

“Huh, that’s right! Because the West Sea battle was a three-way battle between Vigungju and Jipple and Black Dragon.”

“It seems to me that the princess protected the youngest in the battle in the West Sea. The youngest would have stayed in the palace ever since.”

“That battle was won by Jipple, how could the youngest have stayed in the palace?”

“Of course there must have been a deal. Here’s what I think. The winner of that day’s battle in the West Sea is actually not a jipple, but the sigung side. And instead of announcing it as his defeat, Vigung-ju has made a deal with Zipple to ensure Jin’s safety over the past year.”

Mary nodded interestingly.

“Oh… …that’s quite a plausible story, that one.”

Since Jin revealed his true identity in the Sungguk incident, the prestige of Jipple has been on the bottom of the list day by day.

It was natural that Jin, a backup jockey, did not engage in an all-out war despite playing with Jipple, and that he could not camp even after putting 100 million won in gold coins as a reward.

“Andrey, Muron, Carl’s death and the Holy Land incident were not enough, and they even fought and defeated the palace? It shouldn’t be. Jipple must have wanted to prevent the shaking prestige from falling further. Even if you give up Jean.”

“I was wondering how the youngest survived the last year to escape our wanted list. I understand if the princess of Bigung protected me herself. By the way, is there any reason why Bi Kung-ju should take care of the youngest by doing that?”

“Don’t you remember? The one that the youngest and the Yeong-ae of Bi-Gung kissed at the banquet.

“I remember. But why?”

“Bagung has a very different atmosphere from our family. The princess values her only child more than her life. After the banquet, I found out that Yeong-ae from the palace has never been interested in dating. Unlike my mother. It’s Jin’s first time.”

“……I helped my daughter because she would be sad if Jean died?”


“If my brother’s words are true, then the Lord Vigung has the prospect of Jean as his son-in-law.”

“Yes, and the father’s breath would have been behind it.”


“Doesn’t it feel like my father has so easily recognized my youngest as a rider?”

“I can’t believe you admitted it easily. I’ve seen you get your father’s sword and you say that.”

“Mary, if you were a father, you would have known him at a glance. You’re capable enough to get a sword full of your own enlightenment. He knew it, but he did it on purpose in front of everyone. So that everyone can naturally admit Jean like you are now.”

Mary’s eyes grew bigger, and Dipus was sure of his reasoning and continued to say the backstabbing.

“I mean, it’s highly likely that my father, like Bigungju, is positively considering the marriage of Jingong and Yeongae of Bigung. There’s no reason why it’s bad for Looncandel and Vigung to form an alliance through marriage.”

“Marriage… ..well, if you keep Jean alive and tie her up with Vigung, Looncandel has nothing to lose. If Zipple holds him responsible in the future, he can pass it on to the palace, and the fact that Jin has damaged the legitimacy of his family is a matter for him.”

“And even if we had a full-fledged war with the Jiffles, the palace would stand on Looncandel’s side.”


“Well, there was a reason why he didn’t accept my duel. He’s the one who saved Vigung-ju for a year, but it would be difficult to show him how to fight with me as soon as he arrives. By the way, brother.”


“I mean my mother. You said you were going to give Jean’s first assignment as a rider to catch the Black Knight’s. Orabunny’s guess is that he’s thinking of handing Jean over to Vigung, and my mother feels like she’s going to drive him right from the start.”

“I don’t know what she’s thinking. Do you just want to get rid of it because it could cause some damage to your older brother? You can’t deny your father’s decision head on.”

Dipus shrugged and said the back of the horse.

“My guess could be wrong from the start. Anyway, I’ll have to take a closer look at what’s going on for a while.”

“I’m getting more irritated by the fact that I’ve talked about some headache. Hoo, this wasn’t my problem.”


“I had to think about how I could compete with him as soon as possible, not at my father’s and mother’s intentions. My brother got me off on the wrong foot.”

“Are you talking about it again, anyway!”

At this point, I have no choice but to scream at the dipus.

“Come on, now that I’ve talked to you, you seem to be a little smart, so give me some ideas.”

Deepus tried to shout again, but sighed again.

‘Yes, this is my brother Mary.

A simple, fight-loving, and a loser who can’t stand it.

Mary just firmly believed that fighting the strong was the most valuable thing in life.

She wasn’t black inside, blinded by jealousy, intoxicated with inferiority, or superior like any of her brothers.

That was the only reason Dipus liked her most and only in his blood.

“Hoo, yeah. You’re so gross, too. Well, I don’t think it’s impossible. The way you play against the youngest.”

“Oh! What is it, what is it!”

Mary glistened her eyes and grabbed Dipus by the collar. It would not be easy to see the act of grabbing the collar so affectionately.

“First of all, take this and bring a fruit down as you don’t have any side dishes.”

“Yes, I’ll cut it! If it’s not a trick instead, then it’s also a sharpening of your brother’s neck.”

* * *

Siron left the Sword Garden around midnight.

When he came, there was a great line, but when he went, no one could see him off. Instead, the knights silently censored him for leaving the Sword Garden.

Standing by Jindo’s window, he saluted until his father’s back disappeared.


Luna, she was scheduled to travel all over Hufester for a month from tomorrow to encourage her subordinate forces before leaving for the Black Sea.

“Yes, sister.”

“There were so many things I wanted to do when you came back, and I didn’t know things would turn out this way. I don’t even know what else will happen to you while I’m gone. I can’t even give you a pendant anymore.”

“You have strange worries. Do I still look that weak in your eyes?”

“No. But my mother openly expressed hostility toward you. The elders are in a position not to let you go through the decisive battle, but I feel sick to have to leave myself.”

“I don’t know how you’ll hear it, but I think everything is better than I was worried about since I became a jockey.”


“In fact, it wouldn’t have been weird to be trapped and put in a dungeon as soon as he got back. But my father gave me a chance before he left, and my mother…… you’re still on your guard.”

“I’m careless.”

“I think you’re trying to fight me too fair. If it were me, I would have insisted upon my return to the family that I must kill him even if I opposed his decision head-on. It’s not like there’s no justification.”

“Shaking the dignity of a housekeeper in the presence of authority, in some respects, is a greater blow to the family than to betrayal.”

“In the eyes of anyone. “A scratch on my father’s majesty, and a glimmering forward of my family. Which of the two seems more dangerous to Joshua’s Looncandel?”

Looncandel of Joshua, not the present Looncandel.

Luna soon came to a conclusion.

“The latter.”

“That’s what it is. My mother made a mistake from the beginning. You missed the best chance. Just like Joshua did.”

At the moment, Luna had to feel goose bumps on her neck.

As always, Jean was not a child to worry about herself. Rather, it was right to be careful not to worry Jin.

“Your journey to the Black Sea is also a boon to me. What on earth were his father and his predecessors doing there, and why his father’s Looncandel is so obsessed with the Black Sea? Please take this opportunity to be sure.”

Black Sea.

Even Luna, the first rider, did not know why Zion was obsessed with the land.

“For the sake of training, it must be half truth.”

“I see. It’s the first time my father has taken a man who is not a comrade to the Black Sea, so I’ll bring you some satisfactory news. Instead, I have to talk to you about what I’ve been through all night drinking with you.”


“Tell me, brother.”

“It’s probably more disappointing for me to have only one day to talk so comfortably.”

“Did he put the sword so hard at the appointment ceremony earlier?”

“That was a kind of flirtation. Now you have to be nervous to deal with me.”

“Hoo-hoo, that’s not wrong. I wonder when your sister will be in the position of being respected by everyone with a sword.”

“It won’t be too long.”

The brothers and sisters tilted their glasses to the end of the night.

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