Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 272

If you take the youngest’s sword, Bradamante, I’m sure he’ll fight you.

Bradamante? That’s in Joshua’s armory right now, right?

I mean, listen to what people say. I just said something. You said your father’s gonna keep the riders busy. My oldest brother will have to empty the Sword Garden for a while from tomorrow. And you’ll probably stay here.

Oh! So even if we rob the separate armory, we won’t have any problems right now?

It won’t happen right now, maybe. He’ll be in a lot of trouble when he gets back.

Why would it be the afterlife, it’s the afterlife because it’s after. I’ll think about it then, and I’ll go find Joshua brother as soon as he leaves. It’s worth cutting fruit for you.

Take care of the aftermath.

Don’t worry, if your mother’s going crazy about killing me, just stand up for me then. I’ll trust you. See you later, then. I’m going!

What? Hey, hey! Mary! You bastard! Let’s pretend we didn’t hear the last one!

Mary was the kind of person who wouldn’t mind anything for the sake of fighting the strong. Even if that is the act of robbing a second-term weapons warehouse in broad daylight, which is considered the next household name.

As soon as Joshua left the Sword Garden, she went to the armory of the annex where he lived, without any notice.

Get out of here! If you don’t want to break something!

Then he overpowered Joshua’s guardian knights, who wouldn’t be turned off, and successfully seized Bradamante.

In the process, dozens of Joshua’s guardian knights suffered severe minor injuries, and Mary herself cut all over her body lightly.

For the guards who guarded the armory, it was a bolt from the blue in the dry sky, but in fact, it was an accident that would happen one day when the camp came back.

Jean was going to use Mary to get Bradamante back in the first place.

I didn’t know you’d bring it this fast…. Mary’s sister is not normal either. By the way, what the hell’s the bundle on your back? It looks heavy.’

Jean’s gaze turned to an unidentified giant bundle on Mary’s back.

Squeak! Squeak!

Mary pointed with her thumb at Bradamante, who was wrapped around her waist.

“Are you going to say no again? I never asked you to eat the phoenix heart for free!”

“Birthday gifts are usually free, aren’t they?”

“If there’s something going, there’s nothing coming!”

“Sister, the fact that I didn’t fight with you is. I don’t want to get too much attention as soon as I get here.”


“That’s…… well, it’s hard to explain.”

Mary’s neck was seething with blood.

“So you’re being deceptive of me, aren’t you? My youngest, Uncle Jed, I’ve often heard that you’re crazy, but I didn’t know you’d be this cool.”


Another disturbance was taking place in the outer corridor.

“We found the 7th rider!”

“Recall without fail!”

“Seven Horsemen! Stop fooling around and turn the sword around!”

“Oh, damn it. You’re following me already? Stop right there, come and I’ll cut you!”

I didn’t expect the progress to come this far. Mary had expected to bring Brada Mante, but she did not know that she would bring a series of pursuits to her guardian.

‘It’s not time for you to talk.’

Jean gave a mana to the enemy prison.



Mary’s eyes widened when Shree was summoned out of nowhere.

“Let’s go, sister.”

Jean climbed on Shree’s back and reached out to Mary. When Mary held hands, Jean felt that the sack she was carrying was heavier than she thought.

Meanwhile, Gilly and Petro tactfully left the biggest window wide open. So that Shree can get out there.

Clap clap!


It was only for a moment that Gilly and Petro opened the window. Due to his large build, Shuri crashed his head into the window and fell to the floor.



Jean tried to hide her embarrassment and put Shri back in the red. Then he jumped out of the window with Mary, and summoned her again.

“Please forget that the painting wasn’t very beautiful.”

“I’ll give you a silent shot, go the way I tell you!”


Following the direction Mary’s finger pointed, Shuri began to cross the Sword’s Garden.

Joshua’s guardian knights tried to follow suit, barely suppressing the curse that came up to his Adam’s apple.

“Are these crazy……you don’t see me? This is Murakan’s room, too. When you come in, you’ll find out anyway.”

Murakan blocked the guards who were trying to enter the room.

The guardian knights of Ilsun Joshua did not know how to deal with it. The family hierarchy they have learned has never included a dragon.

Is this black dragon’s hierarchy higher than the 12th rider? But the Black Dragon is the guardian of the 12th century.”

‘No, are we following this black dragon? We need to hurry up and chase the 7th and 12th……!’

Murakan’s expression became more grim as the guardian knights agonized.

“Ha, this is not going to work. Your master’s founder, so what? Themeer didn’t intrude on my turf either. “How the times have gone by, should this body be treated like this in Looncandel?”

“……I’ll turn around, Mr. Murakhan.”

That’s what one guardian said.

Murakhan was already in a bad mood.

“No, no. I’ve got an indelible wound in my pride to just let you go. You guys haven’t been polite to look at me from the start.”

“I’ll step down for now. All hands, turn around and chase……!”

At that moment, black energy formed in Murakan’s eyes.

At the same time, black scales rose on his arms and face, and wings rose on his back.


Only a few bodies have been changed to reveal the dragon’s energy.

The guardian knights who were about to turn hardened like stones.

In fact, a thousand years ago, ordinary guardian knights dared not even make eye contact with Murakhan. When Themeer was alive, everyone in Looncandel paid respect to Murakhan.

Can I keep my knees straight?]

At Murakan’s next words, the guards knelt in unison.

Gilly and Petro were surprised to see it, but fortunately they could maintain their facial expressions.

It is true that Murakhan’s energy is vast and unusual, but the kneltown of the guardian knelt was not an act of fear.

It was because they just realized that they had committed a great discourtesy to the beings who had been symbolized as guardians of the family until recently.

“To the great Black Dragon, the guardian of the family, the servants of Looncandel have made a great mistake. I’ll take it sweetly with some kind of disposition.”

Murakan looked down at them for a long time and replied:

[Okay. I’ll have to take responsibility, get Rosa Looncandel.]

The guardian knights could swear by oath. After becoming Joshua’s knight, there has never been a dog-like day like today.

* * *

The place where Qin and Mary arrived, was on the plains outside Calon.

The wide, empty space was designated as a direct control area as soon as Mary became a rider, and there was only one use.

an affair of honor

Mary used to drag her here to fight until she was satisfied.

It was Jin’s first time this year. It’s Jin’s first time here, too.

Whispering, swish!

While Mary was warming herself with a light turn of the sword, Qin looked at the dry bloodstains and the marks on the plains.

‘I think Mary’s sister here told me that the dead strong men were in the hundred.’

There were quite a few fierce fights, and there were a lot of scratches at a glance.

Mary loosened the bradamante from her waist.

Then with all his strength, he threw Bradamante far into the plain.

“Even if you stick it nearby, it’ll be pulled out and thrown off while you fight. Whoo, finally you’re playing a game with your guy.”

“This is where I can fight my sister with confidence.”

Jean had been provoking her for two days from the moment she first saw her in the Sword Garden.

As always, the reason for the provocation was clear. It was to beat her even more easily.

‘The late eight-star, or the beginning of nine- He is by no means a formidable opponent.’

During his four years as a backup jockey, Jean wasn’t the only one who grew up. Mary and all the riders had achieved considerable growth.

Besides, Mary has a duel.

‘You’re not gonna use a power outage, are you? More than that, that’s a shame. You provoked me quite hard, but you regained your composure on the way here.’

There was no sign of excitement, with her blood around her neck, and Mary looked at the camp with a calm air.

“The youngest.”

“Yes, sister.”

“Do you know?”

“What do you mean?”

a smirk

Mary burst out laughing.

“You died to me at least thirty times while you were coming here.”

“You sound strange. Why is that’

Mary then took out the dagger she had hidden in her sleeve and showed it.

“When I was sitting behind you and riding on that cat, this dagger would have explored all over your body, even if I had been a little offended. I just didn’t want our reunion to end so blandly.”

Seeing her third sister speaking in a voice of stealthy elation, Qin did not answer for a while.

Mary Looncandel.

As for her, the most famous fighting maniac in Hufester, people were usually mistaken. She’s an uninhabited fighter who always claims to have a fair head to head-to-head.

But the truth was not at all.

Mary was the one who did everything for victory. He did not carry out any tricks or tricks because he was not talented, but he had no hesitation in using poison or memorization, or even in a surprise attack.

In that sense, it was true that Mary had let Jean go.

Only half true, to be exact.

“That’s why I told you. You’re saying something weird. Don’t tell me that’s what I thought.”

Jean was conscious of Mary’s dagger all the way. It was a thrilling threat to the point of cold sweat.

And Mary smacked her lips as if she were more than happy with Jean’s answer.

“K, it’s worth it. If Tonya had spoken to me like you, I would have broken my jaw right away, as expected. Your words are credible. It doesn’t sound like a bluff.”

“Thank you.”

“Let’s get started, brother…. Ah! Before that, I almost forgot.”

Mary put the sack she had on her back to the floor until then.


And when she untied the sack, Jindo had no choice but to doubt my eyes this time.

‘Crazy…… that’s a mana bomb, and that’s for the best of human life.’

The blue lumps of egg-sized eggs filled with sacks, each containing a seven-star attack magic level, were bombs.

Without even a second’s thought, Mary sprayed the bomb all over the floor.

A rolling bomb was rapidly filling the brother and sister’s gapes.

It doesn’t explode in a small impact because it’s equipped with a safety device, but if it’s a shock wave in the fight between the two, it won’t mean anything about a safety device.

“It’s a long-awaited fight, so shouldn’t the stage be bored? I thought a lot all night about how to make the duel more satisfying. Hoo-hoo, come here, youngest!”

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