Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 267

a rider’s corridor

The huge corridor, which sits on one side of the sword’s garden, was the longest passage of any building in Looncandel.

And on both sides of the aisle were the names of all the Runkandel riders of all time.

Among the riders, the portraits were hung together.

Jean walked down the aisle, reading the names on the walls.

I burst out laughing.

Surprisingly, most of the list of riders over the past thousand years is being remembered in my head.

“How many books have you read in your past life about jockey?’

Now, at the end of the long list of names like the Milky Way, his name would be engraved.

Buck, thigh.

The more I reached the end of the corridor, the more I felt.

The power that Zion, Rosa, and eleven riders and about a hundred knights naturally radiate.

At this moment, I felt excited like a child.

In the history of Luncandel a thousand years, the only pure blood Looncendell, who did not become the flag bearer of the family, was Jin of his previous life.

In addition, he was denied all his life in the family, and his records were erased and deported.

Now, he is walking proudly in this corridor.

Forty-seven years….you’ve got something.’

28 years of previous life and 19 years of present life.

My nose turned sour.

I was shaking at the fact that I had finally found my place after one life.

By the time she entered the end of the corridor, Jin had once refined her facial expression and breathing.

Siron and Rosa were at the center of the end of the corridor, and eleven brothers were standing before him in uniform.

In addition, more than a hundred knights were seated in a circle, and the family’s officials and painters were looking at the scenery with a serious face.

“Twelfth rider Jean Looncandel, come this close.”

Rosa opened her mouth first.

She was smiling a light smile with pride, and Jean knew that the smile was not true.

‘Mother is the greatest enemy.’

Joshua Looncandel, standing right in front of her, his first brother.

Rosa was the biggest base of his power.

a curious fact

“How much does your mother know?’

The fact that Joshua tried to curse him, that he was trying to take away his contract, that he was a prophet, and that the prophet used mysterious and dark powers such as making a clone of Joshua.

Would Rosa Looncandel not know those things?

‘My mother can’t be so naive. Maybe it was the guilt of the curse that stopped you two days after you were banished from your family.’

Rosa was more than just aware of Joshua’s actions, and there was even a possibility that he might have led them to some extent.

A sick and disgusting heart soared.

If Rosa was involved in the curse, it would be because in your judgment you considered it more the way for Looncandel.

This terrible family has always been like that’s the way it was.

Each does what he or she seeks to do to the benefit of Looncandel.

There was no room for petty feelings of blood in the series of acts.

Even if it is a curse that maims a baby.

even more than that Finally, it was for the family, and there was nothing wrong with the result.

“My mother was right, because of her mother and Joshua’s judgment, I had more gritted my teeth.’

If at the age of one, you hadn’t seen with your own eyes the widow of a flying fish that hit the cradle.

Jean would have become a less robust human being than she is now.

Revenge and hatred were sometimes the biggest drivers of life.

Also, although Jean does not know yet, Rosa has chosen Jean as the next household name for Joshua.

The judgment was also seen as a way for Rosa at that time to Looncandel.

‘Of course, since I’m back, my mother and Joshua will have to take responsibility for it. Just as I have decided to respect her disgusting judgment, it is her turn to respect it.’

Even though Rosa did not directly participate in the curse.

It was no longer a matter of great significance to Jin.

Anyway, Rosa won’t give up making Joshua a household name.

I smiled at Jindo Rosa.

Then, when he took his seat in front of Zion and Rosa, the riders raised their swords in unison.


The riders lined up on both sides and made a path with swords.

Luna, Joshua, Luntia, Dipus, Lan, Vigo, Mary, Mu, Ann, and Tonya brothers.

All eleven brothers were hiding their feelings in their hearts as they looked at Jean.

‘The king of this dreadful family will be you. I’ll make it happen.’

‘In the end, everything will flow along the fate of the prophecy, Qin.’

Luna and Joshua’s heart.

‘Ma prosecutor…… I didn’t know he would play a role in shaking the foundation of Looncandel.’

‘I expected you to challenge me, but I don’t know if I’m in a position to challenge you!’

Dipus and Mary.

‘Joshua didn’t keep this guy in check for nothing.’

‘Mu, Ann’s in a bind.’

Lan and Vgo.

‘Brave, now you need Joshua’s brother’s power to step on him.’

‘As expected, I should’ve killed him then!’

Mu and Ann.

‘But…… is the youngest one below us, so is the official rank lower than us?’

‘You don’t think the youngest is just picking on us like Mew and Ann? Well, like Emma said, I’m gonna have to look good on the youngest.….’

The Tonya brothers.

And Jean seemed to read all the thoughts of her brothers.

Except for one man, Luntia.

I mean, I don’t know what she’s thinking.’

Luntia, the only brother Luna finds rather difficult.

In fact, she was thinking only three letters in her head.

‘……it’s annoying.’

Luntia was already annoyed by the return of Jean to the family again.

And I hoped that the youngest would stay quiet like him.

How’s Yona doing? I’m sure they were going crazy because I’m gone.’

The only brother not here.

Looking at the scenery like a beast’s den, I felt reassured that she was on his side.

Soon after, Xiron made eye contact with Jin.

“Come through.”

Jean entered the sword of the riders.

Every time Jean walked past the road, two swords fell. As if the door were closing.

The last time Luna alone lowered the sword.

As all the riders stretched their swords and maintained their positions, this time the knights in a circle raised their swords in unison.

“Jin Looncandel finally qualified to lift the family flag everywhere. In the future, Jean Looncandel will have the mission and authority to do so as the 12th flag of the family, but keep in mind that all that can be stripped at any moment of dishonor.”

“Jin Looncandel, the 12th rider, I will keep that in mind.”

“Return the swords of the riders and guardians back to their places.”

It was the most important ceremony at the appointment ceremony.

Raising the swords of the jockeys stretched to the floor again, and lowering the sword of the raised guardian knights again.

The sword of the riders had to be struck, and the sword of the guardian knights had to be struck. With the sword that Jean has.

Just because you can’t do this doesn’t mean you can’t be a jockey, but if you fail, you’ll have a blemish right after you become a jockey.

And at this point, it was customary for the brothers to accept the sword of the new rider without much resistance.

Jean turned around and slowly pulled out the sign.

The first black Luna’s Krantel to be raised. The drooping heavy axe sword seemed to hold out with great force.

Fresh, Luna smiled. She was playing a practical joke.

Naturally, it was a prank from the thought that Jin would be able to raise the krantel he was pressing with enough force.


There was a roaring sound when Jean hit the sign.

Luna naturally lifted the sword up, barely suppressing her startled heart.

‘No, that’s how hard it gets? My wrist hurts, you bastard!’

Krantel was flattered again, and Jean passed Luna and returned her smile.

And at the sight of it, the other brothers, who were trying to break the “custom,” quietly gave up their minds.

Mu and Ann were also going to disturb, and Mary also wanted to break the custom and experience the power of Jin.

Then the rest of the nine black jockeys went up to their places, not to mention the strong sword.

Next, it was time to lower the swords of more than a hundred guardian knights.

‘You’ve filled it with all the top protectors.’

Guardian knights did not have the custom of dropping the sword gently when the sword of the new rider touches them.

Instead, it was common to assign a proper guardian to the achievements of the rider.

In the case of the Tona brothers, more than half of them were junior guardian knights, which were only a little lower than the average of the Looncandel riders.

The guardian knights were holding the sword in their hands, holding on to their full strength.

You have to lower all of those swords.

And for Jean, who had already passed Garmund’s test when she first went to La Prarosa, it was no trouble.

Chaeng, Chaeng! Boom!

Each time Qin struck, the swords of the guardian knights stretched to the floor.

The guardian knights only silently received the sword of Jin without any sign of embarrassment.

‘Now this won’t surprise you.’

contrary to Jean’s idea

The guardian knights were in deep shock.

In particular, some of the drivers, who tried their best to hold out for the sum, could hardly admit that Jin had not even reached the terms and conditions yet.

It took about a dozen minutes for the sword of the rider to soar back into the sky, and the sword of all the guardian knights to sink.

When Jean returned after the ceremony, Rosa smiled as if she was satisfied.

“I’ll finish the appointment ceremony for the flag bearer. Now, Jean Looncandel, through the Corridor of the Horsemen, go to the Senior Chairman and face the elders of the family.”

The appointment ceremony is over.

Jin formally became the 12th rider of Looncandel and was entitled to “meet elders as a rider.”

Meeting elders as jockeys was a big difference from being cadets and backup jockeys.

It was because it was the elders who passed on the “family duel” and “beige” to the rider of Looncandel.

‘Mom and Joshua have already drugged the elders, so there’s going to be an awkward situation. I wouldn’t forget if you told me you’d come forward and teach me.’

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