Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 266

As soon as Ann tried to raise her hand up to slap Jean’s cheek.

Mu grabbed Ann by the shoulder.

“Let’s just go, Ann.”

a tone close to an order

Ann knew. There’s nothing good about breaking Mew’s words at times like this. Usually, the two seem very close and don’t care about the pecking order, but in fact their hierarchy was quite clear.


Anne who turned her head with a jerk.

“Mu was smarter than I thought.’

It was stupid to assault Jean now, or to come at him for a fight.

It’s also a problem that they haven’t fully figured out Jin’s skills yet. Most of all, Siron declared that it would hold a “candidate appointment ceremony” as soon as the camp awoke.

But what if I hurt Jean or make something unsavory?

It was a breach of the order of Siron.

Mew and Ann even had to be more careful because they had been forced to kill Jean just before Zion hosted the banquet.

Kad Deuk!

Mu clenched his teeth. She felt rather stronger anger than Anne, but she was more determined not to be caught up in her youngest child’s failure.

“……I can’t say congratulations. Go ahead and go see your father.”

“Yes, ladies.”

“And Emma Niltro, don’t do anything you’ll regret. This is the first and last warning.”

Let Mew and Ann just walk past the gin.

The Tonya brothers had a bigger mouth.

‘Are those crazy people having a hard time with the youngest?’

‘What did I see?’

In addition, Emma managed to suppress her laughter, which was about to burst out like a firecracker from deep inside her heart.

“Brothers, my jaw is about to drop.”

“Oh, yeah. I’ll shut up.”

“Thank you…”


The Tonya brothers huddled and hugged Jean once.

The two were also aware that Mu and Ann had lost their pride thanks to Jin. It was something they had only experienced in their dreams.

“How are your brothers?”

Jean said, naturally separating the Tonya brothers.

‘I remember the day when the mirage in the Great Wall cut down the brothers.’

I don’t want to admit it, but Jin was definitely feeling a little bit like brotherhood to them.

It’s no match for Luna and Jonah, but I’ve had a bit of a bad feeling since the storm.

The two men, who approached slowly, seemed to be quite cute.

“Yes, we’ve been well. Mew, Ann’s sisters, they’really……No, except for the way I was being a little extreme.”

“I thought I’d never see you alive like this again, and it’s so nice.”

“That’s right!”

“Really? I’m not that good.”

Jean’s cold reply shriveled the Tonya brothers’ shoulders.


“Ah… …yes, sorry. Ooh, we’ve been making such a fuss.”

There was a reason why Jin had to answer like this.

“Instead, let’s take time to get to know each other slowly. I don’t hate them either.”

It was because I needed to deliver a message to Emma.

It means that from now on, in front of anyone, do not use yourself without permission.

And more clearly show loyalty.

Emma, who was sensible, immediately bowed her head and grasped Jean’s intentions.

On the contrary, the Tonya brothers were nodding their heads as hard as they could, apparently deeply moved by the fact that Jin said, “Let’s be close.”

“I’ll leave you alone, my Lord 12.”

“Just call me Master Jean, Emma.”

“Yes, Master Chin. Please visit this nanny’s room whenever you think of a good car scent. I’ll have some rare cars outside the Sword Garden that you won’t be able to access.”

He said, “If you are curious about how your family is going, come visit.” Jean, satisfied with the words, lightly matched Emma’s eyes.

“I’ll drop by sometime soon. I hope you have a satisfying tea leaf.”

When Emma and the Tonya brothers disappeared, the servants who were nearby hurried to their places.

And the guardian knights went on their way, saluting the Qin.

Now that he has become a jockey, he is now officially ranked higher than the general guardian.

Siron’s office was in the women’s quarters.

But before going to the women’s quarters, Jean was thinking of stopping by the other place first. A sacred basement, situated in the deepest recesses of the Sword’s Garden.

a mortuary tablet

‘Before you see your father, it is first to go there and give courtesy to the heroes who defended Looncandel.’

Of course, it is true that you really have such a mind.

However, there were two main reasons why he decided to go to Yeongmyo first.

First, it is not a situation in which Zion has ordered him to come first.

Second, none of the brothers visited Yeongmyo first as soon as they finished their preliminary jockey career.

The second was important.

There are elders who can show any favor to me just by looking for the tomb first.’

Many of the elders were extremely respectful or sensitive to history and tradition.

Now the sword’s garden was no different from the enemy’s den to Qin.

To defeat Joshua and take the throne, we needed allies, and a great deal of allies.

There is no reason not to visit Yeongmyo first, as simple actions alone can win the favor of some elders.

When he was a cadet, he naturally did not have access to Yeongmyo, but he was no longer.

As he left the hallway and headed for the courtyard, his eyes increased.

But there was no encounter with the other brothers, and Qin reached the cemetery without difficulty.

A sarcophagus full of dark underground without a single light.

‘It reminds me of the fact that there are no Temer tombs here. An oath….’

A humiliating oath made by Jipple and Looncandel since Themeer Looncandel’s death.

The contents of the oath were concise. Don’t worship your magical forefathers, and never use magic again.

That’s why I’ve been told that Jin has broken his oath every time he sees the Zipple.

“I’ve seen him bite the bubble a few times because he violated the oath, but Jipple can’t help Looncandel even after the story about me has been revealed to the world.”’

What that fact meant was clear.

It’s burdensome to hit the Looncandel. And there was only one reason. Siron Looncandel, the existence of the world’s only creationist.

When he disappears, Zipple will never be afraid to hit the Looncandel. In other words, as long as there is a theory, it is highly likely that the Jipple will maintain its current attitude.

‘I was worried that there would be a big war with them, but it became clear. There will be no all-out war for the time being.’

I was paying silent tribute to the sarcophagus with those thoughts.

There was a gradual increase in popularity from the outside.

Someone has just entered the cemetery.

“You’re here, Father.”

It was a poetic argument.

Although he was in the Oval Office, he came to Yeongmyo as soon as Jean woke up.

To talk to one’s son.

And outside, the riders and guardian knights who had been instructed by Siron were already preparing for the appointment ceremony.


the first word uttered by a sudden argument


Looking back, I’ve heard it so many times in my previous life, but it was my first time in my present life.

But Siron did not sound reproachful, but rather an ordinary joke between rich and poor.

It allowed Jean to answer with a sweep of her heart.

“Is it because I woke up too late?”

“It was the last time I gave you a chance in front of everyone. You should have used everything you had, better results than that.”

contrary to the words of the poet

Thanks to receiving a sword containing his essence, Jin made an infinite strong impression on everyone in the Sword Garden.

Nevertheless, he felt that the argument was insufficient.

To be exact, Jin’s training and growth were not considered insufficient. Even he couldn’t say he was greater than Jean at nineteen.

“You mean you had to use spirit?”

Qin did not use his spirit at all when receiving the first sword of Zion.

Only O’er and Ming Dynasty brains were used.

If Young-ki had been used, the results would have been a little different.

Of course, it would not have been enough to “hit” the sword of Zion, but at least it would not have fainted.

What is the reason for not using spirit?

From the start, Jin just didn’t want to show all his cards to the enemy.

“Everyone is my enemy right now except Luna.’

Enemies only know that Jean is Soldert’s contractor and the Magistrate, and that she has enormous power that doesn’t match her age.

It was not yet known how much Jin’s “accurate ignorance” was.

And as always, the more I didn’t know what I had, the more advantageous it was.

‘My father’s opinion is that he should have used his spirit to show a more overwhelming appearance.’

Siron remained silent in front of the sarcophagus without answering.

There was such a long silence.

Jean was not so uncomfortable with the silence.

It was because it was indescribably interesting that the father presented him with an opinion, not a reprimand or order.

That means he’s recognizing himself that much.

“The youngest.”

“Yes, Father.”

“It is a great loss to Looncandel to appoint you as a flag bearer.”

Jean bowed her head instead of answering.

“I’ll see if you’re worth the loss.”


“To me.”

The argument turned round and said,

“There’s not much time left. The appointment ceremony will begin in an hour, so stay here until then and come out.”

Before Qin could answer, Zion went out of his grave first.

Looking at his father’s distant back, Jean had no choice but to think for a while.

‘Dear Father… …you don’t have much time?’

What does it mean?

A chronic disease? That couldn’t help the Changsheng knight’s body. Aging? Nor did he mean much to the current theory.

My head was blanking out in an instant.

It is not simply a passing statement.

I could not dare to ask, for the opinion of the poet seemed not to say more than that.

But no matter what was the reason for Siron’s lack of time, I could see the hidden meaning of the words.

‘It means to be a housekeeper before my father’s time runs out. And my father said he would no longer provide me with direct opportunities and help.’

For some reason, the back of Zion, who left Yeongmyo, came a little lonely.

It was Jin’s first feeling when he saw Siron, and it was a feeling that other brothers had never experienced before.

The only people who had felt similar feelings toward Zion in Looncandel were the former black knight who fought with him in the past and Rosa in his youth.

Before he cleared up his thoughts and left the tomb, Jin lit fire with mana and lit small embers on the candlesticks in Yeongmyo.

Then he took his step to the rider’s corridor.

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