Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 268

The senior chairman was exactly the same landscape as the chief justice of the Supreme Court Justice of Beemment.

First of all, in the middle of the vast hall, there was a breathtakingly heavy three wooden platform.

On the platform stood the three elders, respectively, the elder, the vice-president and the chief secretary of the senate, and after that, the other elders sitting in the chairs painted arches were drawn arches.

Standing on the podium, the three are affiliated organizations of the Senior Citizens’ Association, the Black Sword Society and the Court of Appeals. They are the heads of a group called the “Ho Minhoe.”

They are, so to speak, the mainstay of the senate.

The Tribunal and the Tribunal literally put forward the values of Looncandel’s laws and the protection of the Hufester people, while the Black Sword Council was in charge of Looncandel’s overall “cleaning up the garden.”

A group that distinguishes between the one to kill and the one to take care of, and disposes of each of them.

The senate has quite a powerful power in the family.

Among them, the Black Sword Society was unique.

When they decide to kill someone in Hufester, he becomes a traitor without sin and a traitor with balls.

Yang Min, old ghosts that anyone in Hufester can erase from the world without a sound.

Of course, even if they had absolute power, it was not without anyone’s sanctions.

A couple of housekeepers and a dozen riders were able to restrain them.

Especially, as the family name was absolute, even if they were ordered to kill, if the family opposed it, they had to immediately delete the subject’s name from the list.

Just like today Jean’s name was erased from the Looncandel Chuckles list.

“Gin Looncandel.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m counting for the year. As of January 1, 1798, you were listed on the Looncandel Chucksal list, February 9, 1799. You were omitted from the list at noon today.”

The elder (chairman of the Black Prosecutor’s Office), Jorden Looncandel, raised his eyebrows as if he was very dissatisfied with the fact.

A rather thin, neurotic voice, unlike Looncandel. A thin white beard under his chin, a figure whose outward dignity is nowhere to be found.

“It looks like nothing special on the outside, but Dang-suk is a position-based character. After competing with his father for a housekeeping job, he survived and grabbed power in his own way.’

Looncandel competed as a rider only among the children of the common family.

But a special case. For example, the story was different when the succession process was “too soon” organized by horsemen of different backgrounds, or when there was an outstanding talent among the blood relatives within the family’s cousins.

The case of Jorden was a case involving both.

As a prominent young man, he fought a war of poetry and hierarchy as a second-tier rider.

Of course, there was a difference between the phoenix and the stork compared to the theory.

However, if the comparison was not a theory, but other ordinary pure blood, the Georden side would be mostly compared to the phoenix.

In other words, a person who would have become a household servant without the opinion of the people.

“How do you feel?”


“Yes… …that would be pleasant enough for you. But for me, it was quite an unpleasant experience. A wanted man came and turned me into a jockey.”

Jorden openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision of the theory.

There is no one in the family who does not know that Jordan Dangsuk always feels fear and inferiority to his father. That he became an eccentric character. But I never knew you were so careless.’

The reason for lack of caution was obvious.

It was because he was not only the most powerful in the senate, but no one among the elders was nagging at him for such trivial remarks and actions.

Besides, Jordan was Rosa’s henchman.

Though we are all old together, what good would it be for ordinary elders to hate him?

“Older brother, fix it. I also disapprove of the fact that Magistrate has become Looncandel’s rider, but at least today we should welcome him.”

Lynn Milcano, the vice-chairman of the court, opened her mouth with a gentle tone.

She was also Rosa’s man, a former Milcano patriarch.

That meant that the two pillars of the Black Sword Society, the Court of Appeals, and the Senior Council were all the backbones of Joshua.

“Tellot Looncandel,” the senior secretary of the council, was just staring at the camp without a word.

“Yes, the Deputy Chief is right. Now that the twelfth rider of the family has been born, it’s a place to celebrate….. Yes, congratulations. Jean Looncandel.”

That’s what Jorden said, waving his hands with no sincerity.

It meant that I should leave now.

‘I expected it, but it’s a little too much. I didn’t know you wouldn’t even take out the frills of the duel.’

When the jockey first visited the senate, it was common for each elder to congratulate him and say that he would pass on the duel and the tie.

However, the elders were unable to come forward as Jorden openly expressed his refusal.

I don’t care.

Jindo didn’t expect much from the beginning.

However, Jin has been conscious of the old man who has been watching the situation with a deep frown.

Jed Looncandel.

His uncle, who taught Jean when he was a cadet, seemed to want to tear and kill Jorden right away, but he could not, so he was keeping his temper.

I had no choice but to.

It’s no different than being ignored by the child he taught.

‘I’ll give Uncle Jed a little present.’

Jean made eye contact with Jorden with a calm look.

“Thank you for your congratulations, sir.”

“Okay, go ahead. Were you still standing there?”

“I wouldn’t have survived without you.”

as soon as Jean finishes her words

There was blood in Jorden’s eyes.


Jorden, who struck the podium with his fist, glared at Jean.

“What did you just do?”

It was for the same reason that he was so resentful.

He was ignored.

It’s also to the youngest, who’s just become a rider.

I wouldn’t have survived without you.

That meant that he lived without being caught because the Black Prosecutors’ Office was incompetent.

In fact, the Knights of the Black Sword Society and the Looncandel are not incompetent, but they are.

It was at that moment that Jed burst into laughter.


Everyone’s eyes were on Jed, who suddenly stood up.

“What’s so funny? Senior Jed.”

“The old master had a blow. When he first came to the intermediate class, I drank water a few times. Don’t be so offended because I laughed because I felt a sense of homogeneity for no reason.”


“Our old men in the back room are being so mean that the youngest rider seems to be very angry. I understand a little bit. No, actually, no one would feel any greater betrayal than I did when they found out that he was a prosecutor.”

“Senior Jed, what do you want to say?”

At Lin’s question, Jed pointed to Jean.

“In your eyes right now, he may only appear to be a rascal provoking the elder, but think about it. Jean was put to death by Gaza, and she woke up in three hours. What did you do right after that?”

When no one answered, Jed went on.

“I went to the grave. It wasn’t a medical center, it wasn’t a restaurant, it wasn’t her office, it was her grave. At least he’s not a very cheap guy. Have any of your generation’s riders gone straight to the guardians of your family, like Jean? There wasn’t.”

“What’s the big deal about it?” It’s a child taught by the Elder, but it’s very gold-plated.”

“That’s a great move, sir. Especially for the senate, don’t you think? He’s so cheap, he takes good care of the old people in the back room like us even after he comes to power.”

No matter what, black prosecutors’ meeting, law-abiding party, or people’s meeting.

Unexpectedly, quite a few ordinary elders were sympathetic to Jed’s words.

In fact, not many of the riders treated the general elders properly.

Joshua once served the elders with utmost care, but he has been acting as a superior since he took power.

“You’re taking a big leap. If you had known a grain of rice that the Twelve Horsemen were polite, you shouldn’t have despised me.”

쯧, a jorden with a tongue.

“That’s it. The senate hasn’t been too mischievous. Anyway, no one seems to want to give this guy a lead. This Jed Looncandel, thinking of getting older and less powerful, is going to pass on the duel to the Twelve.”

“Well, do as you please. By the way, you haven’t forgotten, have you? There are a lot of duel and tie that can never be passed down if we don’t get the consent of more than half of the senate.”

A blood clot stood on the forehead of Ilsun Zed. He is an old man and has a strong tendency to be an exoskeleton and a hot temperament.

Jorden and Lin, who are leading the general elders, respectively, with the posts of the elder and vice-senior generals.

It was obvious who the elders would support.

But Jed replied, pretending not to hurt his pride at all.

“You think I’m a fool? How could you have forgotten such a law? If you don’t agree, I’ll tell you only what I can teach you.”

“Then let’s vote right now. Raise your hand if you want to pass on the duel to the 12th rider!”

The hall became silent as if it had poured cold water upon Jorden’s roar.

‘No, you old men. No matter how much you look at Gorden, you don’t raise your hand at all! Did Jean do that wrong? It’s a compliment as a Looncandel to confront the senate.’

No one really raised his hand. Even the chairman of the Tribune, Telot Looncandel, who had been secretly trusting, was secretly avoiding Jed’s gaze.

“Hoo-hoo, as you can see, here’s the result. I’m sorry to hear that, sir. I think you can stop playing the 12th rider. You can pass on the duel without the consent of the senate.”

There were a total of ten duelers, seven beagies, and three five-eachs in Looncandel.

However, there were eight and five misconceptions that the senate could not pass down, but only with more than half of the support during the decisive battle and the tie.

In other words, they can only pass on the duel and the bbi, which are commonly called “subgrade” by elders.

Jed nodded, soothing himself with a quivering.

‘I’m sorry to hear that, Jean.

Zedd thought so, but Jean decided that she had gained far more than expected from the meeting with the elders.

‘Some of the decisive power was modeled after a thrower and a Ming sword anyway. It’s not urgent enough to learn right away.’

On the other hand, the discovery of the “Jed Looncandel” ally was very new.

If even his uncle had turned to Joshua’s side, he would have been tired of coaxing the senate.

Cooking or disposing of the Jordans is a matter of a gradual process. The only thing that bothers me is the head of the court, Lynn Milcano…. what could be the weakness of this grandmother?’


Just in time, there was a figure Jean knew well.

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