Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 265

Jean was suffering from nightmares.

A nightmare like a black tentacle monster weighing down all over the body.

In particular, he groaned low at the terrible sensation that stuck to his face and never fell off.


As she managed to open her eyes and get up, Jean could see what the source of the nightmare was.

Nyang, nyang, nyang nyang!

Murakan was in his face and he was wearing a cork.

“It’s a familiar scene. Get down, please!”

Sneakly pushed the Murakhan to examine his condition.

‘You’re fine.

While the Looncandel medical staff is great, not many people in the world have been able to wake up so well even after receiving the first sword of Siron.

Jean herself was well aware of the fact.

‘Thanks to my brothers, I’ve become incredibly strong. Without the training in Laparosa, I would never have dreamed of getting the sword.’

When I looked around, it was a familiar scenery.

The very room that was used as a cadet.

A moment later there was a sound of activity.

“Are you awake, Master?”

Gilly, she had returned to the Sword’s Garden shortly after Jean took the first sword of Zion.

And as always, I was by Jin’s side when I was a cadet.


“Long time no see.”

Gilly with a big smile.

They were reunited after about a year and two months. Shortly after leaving Laparosa, Jean met only Missha and Murakhan.

“I missed you.”

“Me, too. I don’t know how much other colleagues missed you.”

Jean nodded and looked naturally at Gilly’s wrist.

There wasn’t. The ‘failure’ she had put in to suppress her power. The Looncandel medical staff removed the ironing as soon as she returned.

Gilly scratched his back head in embarrassment.

“Great work, Gilly.”

“It’s something that anyone in Looncandel goes through. Thanks to you, I ended my pre-pilot nanny life with ease.”

Soon Gilly looked at Jean with a serious look.

Then he bent one knee and bowed his head.

“The knight, Gilly McLoran, will continue to be loyal as the nanny of Lord Jean Looncandel, the 12th Duke of Looncandel. It’s an honor to serve you again.”

Jin had a lot to think about.

In his previous life, Gilly was also deported with his strength sealed because of him.

But now she has become a rider, and she has become a nanny for a rider.

Something hot seemed to form in my heart.

‘Now no one’s gonna mess up Gilly’s life.’

Jean stifled her emotions and smiled.

“I too am most honored that Gilly is my nanny. It’s awkward, so get up quickly.”

“Yes, Master.”


Murakan turned into a human and raised Gilly.

“What’s so pretty about our strawberry pie, huh? Strawberry pie, did you not want to see this Murakan? What a shame! You can’t do this! “You’re a kid who loves only kids, and I’m just a dragon you know?”

“Mu, Mr. Murakan. What are you talking about?… of course I missed you, Murakan.”

“Then how could you be so insensitive to me?”

“No, but you stayed in Tikan only a week ago, right?”

“So the strawberry pie’s words, I didn’t want to look so anxiously, because I was only a week away. You mean this?”

“That’s… ..that’s how it works?”

When Gilly answered like that, Murakan had nothing to say.

In fact, it’s not a big deal that we lost a week.

Murakan and Gilly were still not lovers.

“Hmm, hmm! No matter how much…….”

“Hey, hey. Why do you like strawberries for nothing, no. Are you bothering Gilly again? And this is Tikan? If you just transform yourself like that, huh? No, I have to stay as Butterfly Luncandel, just like I did during my cadet days.”

“What are you talking about, kid! The whole world knows I’m your guardian dragon, but why should I turn into a cat and hide my identity?”

“That’s how it works, isn’t it? By the way, Gilly. How long have I passed out?”

“It’s been about three hours, sir.”

“Yes, three hours…… what?”

Jean looked outside in a fit of surprise.

It was around noon that there was a line for poetry, and still a bright sun covered the garden of the sword.

You woke up with that kind of injury in just three hours?’

What a vampire! How many barbs are you taking of the blood of the jumping brothers.

What King O2 Boras said at Lafarosa during his training last year.

This time, Jin received half his blood transfusion. That’s twice. The half weakened little by little because it was like passing the “Jin-gi” at every transfusion, but Jin’s blessed body and optical heart became stronger and stronger.

It was the reason why he was able to wake up in three hours even after receiving the first sword of Zion.

“If I knew you had already awakened, the Sword Garden would be turned upside down again. The director of the medical center seemed to have predicted it to some extent, but most of the time it seemed that the master would not wake up for at least three days.”

“Then, the appointment ceremony for the flag bearer?”

“As ordered by the owner himself, it is likely to proceed today. I’d better visit you first, Master.”

Gilly opened the closet.

In the closet hung the conquest of the Looncandel rider, who was prepared for the camp.

a black coat embroidered with gold threads

Gilly’s eyes were red as she pulled out her coat.

“Seeing you wear this makes me feel guilty. Go ahead. Oh, do you have anything to do?”

“Well… …make me a Murakan strawberry pie. They were singing so much on the way.”


As soon as I wash my face, comb my hair, get my clothes fixed, and step out into the hallway.

I could feel the gaze.

servants, guardians, cadets passing through the hall.

All of them did not dare to look directly at Jean, but all of them were weeping, suppressing their curious minds.

And there were brothers who were passing by.

“Long time no see. Sister Mu, Sister Anne.”

Mu and Ann.

They were on their way to report to Rosa about their flagging mission when they were passing by Jean’s room.

What a shame!

The two men stopped walking and turned their heads at the same time.

‘I wonder how sarcastic they are. No, won’t you ignore it like you used to?’

They looked at Jean and stopped and remained silent for a while.

They even blinked as if they had seen something they shouldn’t see.

‘You’re already awake?

“With your father’s sword? Did you see it wrong?’

Two people who look at each other and check the losing side several times.

Of course it didn’t take a long time for Jean to realize she wasn’t in vain.

“You… …no, there you go. Let’s go, Ann.”

It was Mew who opened his mouth first.

He just frowned, but unlike Jean, he didn’t want to talk.


Ann was rather surprised at the sight.

Anne was also embarrassed when she saw Jin, but she thought she should make a big fuss about it since she met him. From now on, they and Jean will have a proper ranking war.

And Ann thought they couldn’t be defeated.

It is true that Qin has become stronger, but besides a one-on-one duel, there are many ways to win the sequencing war.

“What are you talking about when I saw a wanted man wearing a jockey’s coat until this morning? Rip it right away…….”

“Let’s just go.”

“Lord Jean!”

At the same time as Mu’s reply, a loud voice was heard from the back.

It was Emma Niltro, the nanny of the Tonya brothers, who was the main character of the mysterious voice, which felt both welcome and servile toward the opponent.

Next to her stood the Tonya brothers, with their mouths wide open with a stupid expression (this side was also shocked by the fact that Jean had awakened).

“When I heard from my servants that you had woken up, I came running at once. How have you been? Seeing that the youngest master is safe…… Oh, come on. I have no idea what I’m thinking. I guess I should call you the 12th rider, not the master?”

As she spoke, she showed a stooping attitude, rubbing her hands together.

“Ha! Emma Niltro, are you crazy? Where did you learn to cut in so easily while the riders were talking?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Miss Anne. By the way, the 12th-classman was simply a general! She never doubted that one day you’d be a big man.”

Emma, who said so, poked the Tonya brothers in the ribs.

I meant to say hello.

“Ma, the youngest. Nice to meet you… …how have you been?”

“Mo, how are you feeling? You stopped my father’s sword! You don’t know how surprised you are, do you, Heitona?”

“Yes! Daytona. It was really cool, wasn’t it?

When I saw the Tonya brothers gibbering with exaggerated gestures, I burst out laughing.

On the other hand, however, Emma’s judgment gave me goose bumps.

‘Emma has no doubt that I will become a housekeeper. You’d like to believe it if you didn’t, Tonya. There’s no other string the brothers could hold on to. From now on, you’re trying to show me the future of Tonya’s brother.”

In stormy times, he used to openly observe himself to offend, and once warned him.

At that time, Emma secretly flattered Jin, but desperately hoped that Jin’s level would always be lower than the Tonya brothers.

As soon as Jean became a worse man than Tonya’s brother, she was about to order him to be trampled on or to be recruited as a subordinate.

But not anymore.

Emma admitted immediately that the Tonya brothers could not challenge the throne, so she was looking for helpers to help them survive the sequencing war.

She was frustrated by the fact that outstanding brothers don’t care about Tonya and her brothers like Mu and Ann couldn’t eat Tonya and his brother every day.

Like a comet, Jin is back. And with that being a force that everyone can recognize.

“Boahani Mu, this girl seems to have felt that she should no longer treat Master Chin with recklessness because she is a little more out of her mind than Ann.” Crack, damn things. You’ve been humiliated by me, haven’t you?’

Even if it wasn’t a big disgrace, the mere fact that Mew and Ann stepped in while talking was driving Emma mad with a complaint.

Considering that Mu and Ann had bullied Tonya’s brothers, it would not have been easy to change.

‘I will do my best. So please give me a word. Master Chin!’

Of course, Jean was right through Emma’s psychology.

‘Well, for the first time in the Sword’s Garden, you’ve come to me with respect. I’ll get you a little revenge, Emma. I’m sure Tonya’s brothers will have a place to use anyway.”

Jin, who had finished his judgment, swallowed a smile in his mind.

“Are these all crazy? Hey, Emma. What are you? I asked you, where did you learn to be such a naughty…….”

“You’re going too far, Sister Anne. It’s true that she’s been a little bit rude, but Emma is a nanny of 10 or 11. He’s a long-time devoted man to his family. You’ve got a lot of eyes, so you’d better not do that.”

When Jean stopped talking, Ann’s eyes bulged out.

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