Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 264

I came back after finishing my performance.

In the words, those gathered in the Sword’s Garden had to flinch as if lightning had struck just around the corner.

Everyone stared at the proud wanted man and opened their eyes wide.

The gin-watching people, the pure-blooded Luncandels and the clans of the family, so to speak, had never experienced a more shocking moment than now.

How can you be so proud of yourself, when both the two great families that divide the world were ordered to be slaughtered?

Don’t you dare, capture him!

The elder and the brothers wanted so much in unison.

I’m sure it would have been the case. But everyone was instinctively realizing it.

You should never open your mouth before the current opinion.

Even Rosa manages to stifle her amazing mind and looks at the atmosphere of the poem.

And she thought, of course, that Zion would cut the gin.

As all the other pure blood thinks so.

The camp from Murakhan’s back looked up at Zion with its back straightened out.

Siron also quietly made eye contact with his youngest son.

In the midst of a silence that was so terrible that no one dared to breathe out, no one could read the intentions of his father and son.

Jean’s eyes were radiant as if there was nothing to fear in the world.

On the other hand, the theory is deep enough to make wrinkles.

The eyes hid the strong and hot feelings of the giant Siron for the first time in his life.

The father’s feelings toward his grown-up son.

The joy that my son was the most special and strong man in the world and finally faced me proudly, and the conviction that it was never delusions and misgivings from his father’s expectations.

having a child of thirteen

Luna was the only one who hugged me heartily. But Luna eventually gave up the throne, defying his expectations.

So he passed Luna and saw eleven of his children like stones, and when Qin made his mark last, he saw a small embers.

And the embers have now become uncontrollable flames, becoming only one big fire, flying in the air to cover the Sword Garden here.

With the spirit of burning all the sacred places of the Swordsmen, let this lukewarm sword’s tomb burn again!

That’s great.

The short and intense feelings of the poem were not conveyed to others, including Jean.

A few seconds had passed, and Jean was also falling into a strange sensation like Zion.

Thousands of fighters, eleven brothers gathered nearby, but it was as if they were facing their father alone.

And only father, Siron Looncandel, among them.

He felt like he was something he should overcome.

Of course, there were many fighters here who were stronger than the camp. Luna, Rosa, Black Knights, etc….but only if they’re the ones who will inevitably, and must, one day after day.

Not as much as my father.

It was not a matter of necessity, but of the will to go against fate.

‘I’ll go beyond that, beyond that.’

a rich man who swallows his own brief thoughts

The first to respond was Ciron.


He pulled the sword from his waist when he got off the horse.

The very sword that Jean chose during the elective ceremony, both in the previous and present life. The white blade of a sword, Bari Sada, by Themeer Looncandel, the first baroness, was in the sun.

Soon after, the cadets suddenly collapsed on the floor as Xieon boosted his energy.

It was because my legs were weak. It was impossible for the cadets to face the spirit of the poem.

The low-ranking guardian knights managed to keep their posture, shivering all over, and the intermediate guardian knights also used evil inside to keep themselves from being crushed by energy.

It was still a privilege for young cadets to dare to fall in front of the public.

The riders, except for the Tonya brothers, the black knights and the executive knights, the superior and above guardian knights, the elders, and Rosa kept the same faces as they did in the beginning.

Jean made the most of the speculation and prepared to fight back.

“Here comes my father’s sword.”

I can get my father’s sword.

Confidence in my heart after my first visit to La Prarosa.

In fact, after nine thousand deaths, Jin realized that he could stop half a sword from jumping, and he proved it to Vanessa Olsen, a former black knight.

What Zion now prepared was certainly a sword of a different nature.

For example, the work contains the weight of Siron Looncandel’s work, not the usual light bell or transverse pillow.

that is.

Very slowly, at a leisurely pace that any three-year-old child can recognize, as if anyone could take a light step to avoid.

It was falling towards the camp.

There was not even a sound of cutting the wind. The barissada just leaned down like a sinking sailboat.

But who dares say the sword is slow?

Even if you’re not a warrior, you’ll have no choice but to think of a single word when you look at the sword that the poet has unfolded now.

Singi Sh

An area likely only by the power of God.

a formidable sword far beyond human common sense and natural providence


When Barissada came two spans ahead, Jean took a deep breath once.

Jean’s whole body was already wet with sweat. The muscles were swollen with not a single mass left, and the bones and blood were all stiffened with ore.

It was impossible to get this slow, ever-changing sword without lifting all its strength.


Sigmund’s pale blade escaped the sword. A condensed concussion flowed through the blade.

Jean held Sigmund in both hands and set the sword at an angle. To stop the barissada. Now the two swords will touch in a few seconds.

Until just before the moment of the clash, those gathered in the Sword Garden had no choice but to think countless times.


Luna was worried that my youngest sister would be able to hold out.

‘……My father is confident that he will receive your sword!’

Joshua trembled with ominousness. Without realizing it, the youngest, who had returned as his opponent, was sure to survive and thrust a knife into his neck.

Most brothers had a similar mind to Joshua.

The youngest at least, the backup rider at least, the youngest one who couldn’t avoid it.

He is back here to challenge the sword’s throne, and his eyes are glaring to pass through the final gates.

“When you stop this sword, all the deviations the youngest has made will be light……… Siron, do you really need to put this Looncandel in the flames of Chaos to be satisfied!’

Rosa Looncandel’s eyes narrowed.

She also cared for her youngest child, who was born with a stomachache. As great as Joshua’s next heir to the family.

If he had not committed a deviation, if he had committed a deviation of spirit and magic, but had not revealed it to the outside world, he would have made it the next household name of Joshua.

But now that the deviation has been revealed to the world, it is necessary to abandon the youngest for Looncandel. Rosa was sure.

‘……even so, we cannot deny the judgment of the patriarch. The will of House Looncandel must be and must be carried out absolutely.’

If he now questions the judgment of Ga-ju and shakes the situation.

That means that when Joshua becomes a princess, the same thing can happen by someone else. Meaning that the meaning of absolute power in a household is tarnished.

So I tried to make Joshua a family heir as soon as possible. Rosa thinks there’s no more suitable background to protect the huge sand castle called Looncandel.

No, because I believe no one can replace Joshua.

‘There are many enemies. The future of Looncandel is dark, and there is no place to retreat. But why are you going back…….’

The moment Rosa snapped her lower lip.

Barissada and Sigmund’s blade met.


Iron and iron collided, and there was an extremely cautious sound, as if there were cracks in the egg.

Siron, who had finished the move, was not collecting his sword, and Jean was raising her eyes, which had turned red with a burst of blood.

There was blood in the ears and lips.

The energy contained in the Pharisada, as if the heat had been transmitted, was plodding through the body of Qin. I felt like a tidal wave had spread through my veins, and I had a terrible sense of breaking my bones and intestines.

Jean remained firm.

The energy of Zion soon circled the body of the camp and spread to the ground.


The axis of the earth shook, and the ground that was being overcome collapsed and opened its mouth weakly.

From the open earth, the bright light rose endlessly, as if it had burst, and it was all the aneur of Zion, which was contained in the Pharisada.

As if to struggle in the surging uplands, the faintly glowing epilepsy was proving.

How desperately Qin fought against his father’s sword.

The fact that Looncandel’s youngest child finally made it through the sword that no one here could get without being prepared.

The wave of Orr’s cascading waves was pouring like a waterfall.

Siron looked at his son, who was still standing, and at the black dragon staring at him from behind.

‘You are a great guardian.

Bad, terrible father.’

After the mixed feelings of Siron and Murakan passed.

Kuck, Jean briefly lost her balance, throwing up a handful of black blood.


At that moment, all those who loved Qin, those who were close to hostility, and those who were curious, were sighing.

It was because if you fall, you will be done.

If it were to fall now, the name of Qin on the Looncandel Chuckles list would not be erased.


Jean, who managed to support himself by putting a sword in the ground, roared.

Argh! Argh!

Jean continued to use her fist in the chest like a madman. The sword’s garden was shaken by the desperate roar of no intention of ending like this.

At last Jean rose back to her feet and faced the poet.

It was literally a wreck, but it seemed clear that he was holding onto a string of consciousness.

Siron, who saw it, smiled faintly for the first time.

It was only for a short time, but everyone close by watched the smile clearly.

How much meaning does smile have?

Jin-ra, a ‘magical’ passed the last gate to enter the Sword’s Garden.

It was declared by the public opinion.

Luna almost burst into tears, and even those who were not close to Jin could have swept her heart inside.

As soon as he wiped his smile, Ciron said in a dry voice:

“Let the rider Jean Looncandel be sent to the medical staff. As soon as I wake up, I will formally hold a flag bearer appointment ceremony.”

It was only after the words of Zion that Jean fell.

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