Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 262

It’s been five days since I ran away.

Qin was walking alone in the woods along the southern border of the Kingdom of Qi. Murakan had dropped him here two days ago and returned to Tikan.

The whole world was bent on catching him. In particular, as the Kingdom of Jeng is close to the Hufester Union, if exposed to anyone, the Looncandel protectors would come in right away.

Of course, Jin will not be caught by ordinary travelers or border guards, but he is careful because he has to overpower innocent people just by meeting them.

‘I’m a little confused. Was it this way?’

It was boring to wander through the forest path.

Jin was searching for a secret passage used by water-tailed hydrants, searching for memory.

I had no choice but to wander because I couldn’t take advantage of the fine road and was not proficient in the geography of this place.

But I wasn’t anxious. Small streams of water flowed through the forest, and no drinking water was cut off, and animals looked common, so I didn’t worry about running out of food.

It was early the next morning that Jean smiled at the smell of roasting fish. There was only one person who cooked fish in such a remote area and ate it.

When I approached and looked at it, there was a cute scene like a fairy tale story.

Tadak, tak…a roar of laughter at the top of one’s voice

Five or six water-tailed watermen were grilling fish that had just been caught on the shore. They looked excited, singing softly, without knowing that Jean was approaching.


The water tail that freezes as soon as Jin makes his voice.

They naturally thought Jean was a hunter. Although strictly prohibited by international law, there are sometimes shameless people who trade high-priced stuffed water-tailed people.

“I’m sorry to surprise you. Do you think any of you…… Oh, there it is.”

Jean deliberately raised her hands and said, eye-leveling with them. Luckily, there was a familiar face in the pool of water tails.

“Long time no see, Dark Flame.”

“Uh, Jean, Looncandel, again. You met? Surprised. Surprise.”

When the Dark Flame was greeted, the other water-tailed people breathed a sigh of relief.

And among them were not only dark flames, but also water-tailed people who were helped when they were robbed of money and valuables by the Red Tiger.

Along with the anecdote, Jin was known as a hero among the water-tailed people as the identity of the “bamel” who recently ate up Kinselo was revealed.

The fact that Looncandel and Jipple paid a total of 400 million won for Jin’s neck was also a hot topic among the few.

“Good, how are you been? More than that, is that better? You, gold coins, 400 million.”

The dark flames approached Jean with a worried look.

“It’s all right. Well, I’m sorry to say that. Can I get some help again this time? I was actually looking for Neohill.”

“No way, Ghana, again? Metabolic membrane.”

“Because of the circumstances.”

The Dark Flame was the leader of the group, and gladly decided to help Jean.

“I owe you every time.”

“No, then, June, jewels. Still, we, plenty.”

For the water-tailed gentry, Qin’s first trip to Laparosa was a good harvest for the whole of their village, and the water-tailed gentry were still using it wisely.

“And, Wang-ko, Wang-nun, helped, Red-Ho, to Han. Again, money, money back. No. Help, no, no reason.”

The water-tailed gentry, called Wang Nose and Wang Noon, raised their thumbs up.

Jean smiled awkwardly, somehow embarrassed, and ate grilled fish with them.

After finishing the meal, he began to follow the water-tailed people toward their secret caves.

The cave, which was said to have been built by the Myoin people, was still like a mysterious maze, and when it reached the end, it was also seen that the water tails and the golden snowmen gathered together to take a nap.

“Hey, water-tailed! How could you bring something here and there…… Oh, what is it? It’s Jean Looncandel, isn’t it?”

“What, Jean Looncandel?”

All the lying in the water jumped to their feet and opened their eyes round.

However, they did not seem to be wary of the emergence of super-large criminals. It was all surrounding the camp, just as a curious creature appeared.

“You’ve been photographed with Looncandel on a jiffle, so you’ve got a long way to go…….”

A golden snowman said anxiously, kicking his tongue.

His name was ‘Pangi,’ a golden-snow hairdresser who dyed Jean’s hair during a compass-deception operation. Jean made eye contact with him.

“Puppy, I suggest you have a deal that your golden snowmen would love very much.”

“You’re not asking me to let you live here, are you? That’s something we need to discuss with the representatives of each tribe, and most of us like you, but I think it’s going to be difficult. If you are discovered, the great families will kill us…….”

Jean shrugged at the babbling top.

“No, I don’t want to ask you that. It’s simple. Put me in disguise.”

“Dressing up?”

“I’m going to the diaphragm. But I’m sure many of you recognize me, so I need a proper disguise.”

“Why the diaphragm? This guy’s been weird since last time. Why do you keep visiting the barren land that everyone else is avoiding?… are you trying to clean up the rest of your life?”

“Is it possible?”

“Well, it’s not that difficult. If it becomes known that we disguised you when you were captured, would Looncandel exterminate us?…?”

Jean could promise that such a thing would never happen.

But it was a story that only the loser could believe.

Soon Jin put his hand on his waist as if he were trying to pull out a sword.


“Ugh! Come on, come on! Do it, do it!”

“Uh, uhh!”

In a moment the faces of the little Sioux turned white.

But the next moment, instead of searching, Qin unsealed one of the two swords tied to his waistband and put it down on the floor.

“Cha, you scared me! I thought you were trying to blackmail us!”

“We did, freaked out, we too.”

“Uh, um. I’m sorry to surprise you. The remuneration for disguise is this sword.”

It was the black bradamante Jean had laid down.

“……you’ll give me this?”

The eyes of the golden snowflakes, identified by their swords, were shining brightly. Bradamante was a great object even for those who did not know much about swords. It is natural for the golden snowmen to be full of money.

“When rumors begin to circulate in the world that I’m dead, contact Looncandel and hand over this sword. You’ll get more than you can imagine. It’s the best sword in our family. Say they found it in a remote area in the south of the Kingdom of .”

“Will Looncandel believe that?”

“I’ll believe you, or I’ll do you no harm. Anyway, for the family’s sake, it’s a good thing they found the sword. If you don’t give them a huge reward, they won’t be able to save face. They’ll protect you.”

“No way. Really?”

“Yes. Instead, never negotiate with a family other than Looncandel to bargain over the price. As soon as it turns out that you’ve negotiated, let alone the compensation, you’re all dead.”

The top and the golden snowmen had an atmosphere of some hesitation.

In return for disguise, they receive a huge amount of goods, but they are worried that Looncandel will question them violently in the future.

Progress has been fully understood. So if I refused, I was just going to head for the big screen.

“I’d love it, but maybe it’s a thing where life can fluctuate…… huh?”



The little Su-in looked somewhere with a sudden startling surprise.

Jindo turned its head after them, where the first Su-in stood. Like the water-tailed and the golden-eyed, it was as small as it could barely reach the waist of the camp.

A cat-like face, mysterious purple eyes, white fur.

It was the Myoin people. Since when were they there, the Myoin people were nodding their heads, looking at Jin and Suin.

“… …in the face of a squash, I can’t say no to this race of the owner of a mobile oyster. Ha, that’s me. You’re destined not to die, aren’t you? I can’t believe we’re being protected by the Mysterious Family…. God, what did I see? “A man worth 400 million won is different as well?”

“Gaho? You just nodded, didn’t you?”

“Human beings don’t know, but among our little numbers, it’s a principle of unconditional hospitality, regardless of reason or race, who has won the favor of the Myoin people. I’ll take it, the deal.”

It was the same as Jindo Island that the sudden appearance of the Myoin people was amazing.

I don’t know why I’m helping myself, but I needed to say thank you.

But in the blink of an eye, the Myos were gone again. There was not even a trace left in the examination.

‘Wow, that’sir.

For some reason, I felt good because I thought everything would go well.

“And divide the compensation in half with the water-tailed gentry.”

Then Fang, who had been pondering for a while, replied,

“No. Eight versus two.”

“Five versus five.”

“7 to 3.”

“Six to buy. That’ll be enough, so stop being greedy.”

“Well, I get it! When would you like me to disguise myself?”

“Right now.”

“Then wait a minute, I’ll get the things I need.”

Fang and some of the golden snowflakes suddenly disappeared somewhere.

Back in their hands, they had dye, wigs, and all sorts of strange objects of unknown use.

“I won’t let anyone recognize you while you’re on your way to the Great Wall!”

They started working straight away.

About an hour later, when the disguise was over and she looked in the mirror, Jean smiled unconsciously. The mirror reflected an old man, not his familiar face.

“There’s nothing wrong with gold-snow makeup. Don’t touch your face because it’s amazing, your makeup will collapse. I’ve disguised it as a setup for a retired mercenary to travel.”

“I like it. After I become the flag bearer for Looncandel, I’ll talk to you about business in earnest. Then everyone was glad and grateful, I’m going.”

“Oh, Ghana, already?! Joe, be careful, do it. Body!”

As Chin greeted briefly and escaped through the secret passage leading to Yucayuca market, the remaining Su-in looked at each other and shrugged her shoulders.

“Oh, come on, it’s amazing to think about it again. I can’t believe they’re coming out.”

“I do, I agree.”

Since ancient times, there have been only two cases in which the Myojins have expressed favor with humans.

When a man has signed a contract with the “God of Cat,” or when a sense unique to the Myonin people refers to him as a “human who will take care of small numbers of people.”

Naturally Jean was the latter.

“Anyways, if the Myonians blessed Jean Looncandel, it means we’re safe……I got it! What are we gonna do if we get the reward?”

As the top shouted, the golden and water-tailed watermen hugged each other and burst into laughter.

* * *

“As they say, do they really have the protections of the Myonites? The patrol island has been inspected more than five times in the eyes of the Red Lakes.’

After leaving the Yucayuca market, Qin was able to reach the Mitra Great Membrane without being caught up in any quarrel.

An absurdly wide ivory desert, a blazing sun, ready to dry and kill anything.

Unlike his first visit, Qin felt no pressure at all on the desolate landscape. Rather, it felt familiar and friendly.

It felt like visiting my hometown or my own land.

As it felt, the desert was showing favor to Jean as if it were welcoming a long-awaited child.

In place of the terrible mirage, there was strangely cool wind on every path that Qin took, and at night a soft moonlight covered his tent.

“You’re here, Brother Qin.”

Four days later, Tantel appeared as if it had been for the first time.

“The Tantel brothers.”

“I’ve been waiting for you, everyone. So, did you bring any interesting stories? It’s been a while since Laparosa was busy!”

Tantel swung the sword and opened the door of Laparosa, extending the jewelery.

Then he went on like this.

“Brother Qin, you must be prepared, right? You may not want to go in when you hear all of that, how terrible the Thoux and the Tuwang brothers have planned to train you.”

“This time, I’ll make the brothers get tired of it first.”

Jean grinned as she inhaled the jewel.

Six months later, the Geumsulites brought Brada Mante to Looncandel for compensation.

The world was full of rumors that Jean had died.

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