Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 263

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“Ouch… …my shoulders still throbbing from time to time since I fought with those crazy guys. Daughter, come here and massage your shoulders.”

Talaris patted his left shoulder and made a moaning sound.

As Chin predicted, she had joined the battle in the West Sea between Missha and the specter to defend her territory.

The battle left more than a hundred uninhabited islands in the West Sea, and blocked sea routes around them.

Six months later, a swirl of spirits, coldness and mana was still creating a terrible storm in the nearby sea.

No one witnessed the fight directly, but because of the vortex phenomenon, countries around the world sent investigators, and they were able to recognize that there was a huge battle there.

Thanks to the remaining spirit, cold energy, and mana in the whirlpool, investigators from each country inferred that it was the sorceresses of Black Dragon, Bigungju, and Jipple who fought there.

The whole world was wondering about the cause and effect of the battle.

Vigung was a neutral force externally, and to the public, ‘Solderet’ was mainly known as the god of signing a contract with a pure-blood gifle.

In fact, most of the contractors of solderlet before Jin (after Temar) were born in Jipple, including the Riol Jipple. Due to the overwhelming magic and performance of Riol, the conventional wisdom that Solderlet is the god of Jipple was strong.

However, since they suddenly fought a great battle in the middle of the West Sea, the world is bound to boil.


“Yes, I was helping your husband and it was like this. Will you come out so cold?”

“You’re a mother.”

“It’s not a big deal. My arm really hurts like it’s going to fall. It’s hard to hold a spoon.….”


Mott the eyelid responded to Talaris’s words.

Siris’s rather cold response to Talaris was all for a reason.

“……Mother, I still don’t understand. Why did you announce that we were defeated?”

Recently, Talarias had gathered reporters and made an official announcement about the Battle of the West Sea.

I don’t know why the Jipple and the Black Dragon were at odds, but the only reason I participated in the battle was to protect the territory because they were fighting on my land.

Many people are curious about the results and the whereabouts of the black dragon. I don’t know what happened to the Black Dragon, and the fight was a victory for the Jipple. Therefore, I hope there will be no more misunderstandings about the tragedy.

The reason for the battle, the winner and loser, the relationship between Jipple and Black Dragon, etc. Until then, the three people could not know anything. The jipple was keeping his mouth shut.

But everything came to light through Tallaris’ announcement.

Naturally, the most influential factor was the statement that “winner is a jipple.”

Jipple was able to defeat Talaris and Black Dragon even though the housekeeper did not come forward himself, so the fall of Jin recovered a little bit, and the palace was the opposite.

And the ‘truth’ was also the opposite.

“You killed three ghosts along with the black dragon Misha. When the Black Dragon ran away, the Zipple stepped down first.”

“That’s no different than losing to a great man like me. We should’ve killed at least ten of them. Well, if you’ve killed that many, Kellyak might have hit her head off.”

“Since my mother announced the defeat of the palace, all sorts of miscellaneous things have been ignoring us. Rutero Magic Federation traders are already making a move against merchants in the West Sea. Not only that, but……”

“Why don’t they just let our daughter cut her limbs in moderation and feed them shark food? Tell the warriors to strengthen the protection of the West Sea people.”

“One or two.”

“You can kill them all. Once you’ve adjusted your zipple mood, they can’t hold you to any minor responsibility. This is what politics is about, daughter. I’d like you to consider your mother’s position.”

“I wish there was no jipple, looncandel, or beaming in the West Sea.”

Siris swallowed a sigh and went to Talaris’ side and began to rub his shoulders. She actually understood and respected Talaris’ choice, but it was hard to control her anger.

“You can make it that way. Yeah, it’s cool. By the way, when will our son-in-law be back? You’re not really dead, are you? It’s already been half a year since I’ve heard the news, and it’s disgusting that only the sword has been found. That black dragon, that’s too much to think about. I’ve helped you as much as I can, and you don’t tell me anything

Instead of answering, Siris looked at the sarcasm blooming out of the window.

* * *

Time passes again, February 1799.

Looncandel and Jipple were not yet wanted.

But now Qin’s death has become a fait accompli beyond rumors, and the youngest son of Looncandel, who has made such a stir in the world, has faded from the minds of the people.

No more mercenaries, knights, or wizards aimed at astronomical bounties.

Neither did reporters write articles about Jin, and sometimes only the monks and minstrels of the tavern remembered Jin’s name.

The world seemed to be going well without him.

But after Jean’s disappearance, so to speak, after Jean stripped the mask of the hypocrisy of Jipple, Kinselora’s new giant force to the surface.

The world was definitely facing a big change.

“Kihehi, khehehehehehehehe. What, what? You want me to save you? Say it again, you bastards. I’m thrilled to see your faith go down.”

“Yes, yes. We actually want to save your life. But what do we do? This is my job.”

said Daytona and Heitona, looking down at a group of captive humans.

The riders, who became jockeys last summer, were performing quite distinctly in various missions, earning the nickname ‘the son of hell.’

Among them, the Tonya brothers performed as if they had found their vocation when they killed the “Jipple Extreme Followers,” who began to play openly after the “removal mission,” especially after Jipple’s naked face was revealed.

“Come on, we’re only going to save one of you. We don’t know who the lucky guy is, anyway. The survivors go and tell their friends. Wherever you are, we’ll find you and kill you all like a c*ckroach.”

“Ba, you didn’t just say you wanted to save…….”

“Kihe, kihe.”

“c*ckroaches can’t talk. c*ckroaches shouldn’t talk about people. But what do I become when you talk?”

Squirt! Suck….!



The Great Sword and the Chain Sword cut the bodies of their extreme followers mercilessly.

“Oh, that’s right. I’m supposed to keep one of them alive….I killed them all.”

“It’s all right, Heitona! Haha, we can go get him again.”

“Datona, it’s weird no matter how much I think about it. I’m sure these bastards are getting direct support from the Zipple…… where did the mana bomb that you put on your body when you killed yourself?”

Extreme followers have been rampant all over Hufester lately. He is committing crimes against Hufester people, including terrorism, kidnapping, and instigation.

“Keehee (Datona laughs like crazy when she kills someone, but when she sees enough blood, she stops), and we need to get evidence that the Jipple are helping. That’s our mission.”

“You should have kept one alive and tracked it down.”

“It’s all right! We can go catch him again.”

“Well, I saved her last time, and she jumped and then suddenly took poison and killed herself. Sometimes I feel like someone is controlling it, like a doll. Hmm.”

“I often feel that way, too.”



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“Let’s get back for now. Ugh! Mu, Ann. Will those damn things be waiting at home by now?”

“Maybe? Ha, I’m dizzy thinking about what else to pick on.”

Mu and Ann had arrived in the Sword’s Garden this morning, as expected of the two. Not only them but all the riders of Looncandel were gathered in the garden of the sword.

It was because he had decided to leave the Black Sea for a while and stay at his home, Siron Looncandel.

“Oh, who is this? Isn’t that Tonya crap?”

“You’re a jockey. Now you’re making eye contact with us. You don’t want to live in the light from now on?”

Mu and Ann really started a quarrel as soon as they saw the Tonya brothers. To be exact, it was more of a one-sided craving, not a quarrel.

And the Tonya brothers were still afraid of them.

“Nu, sisters. Long time no see.”

“Why are you scared? Did we come here with pumpkin seeds or something?”

“No, it’s not…….”

“Poot, what do you mean no? You bastards of hell.”

“What’s the fuss.

Joshua, who was passing them, said softly.

“Joshua O’Rabunny.”

“I just received a report from the butler Heinz that his father was arriving two hours later. There’s no room for idle chatter, so everyone, wear the chairman’s armor and get ready for rowing.”


Everyone in the Sword’s Garden was getting ready for the premiere.

Usually, when he visited the Sword Garden, there was a splendid array of troops, but rarely even cadets were mobilized.

This was because the significance of the return of the Siron was so great.

Since the disappearance of Jean, the Cold War between Looncandel and Zipple has been intensifying and escalating, so the housekeeper needs to encourage the members of Looncandel himself.

And he was the one who could put an end to the anxiety that spread in Looncandel and Hufester just by standing still.

Changseong Knight, the World’s First Sword was such an existence.

Two hours later, the row was over.

Luna, Joshua, Luntia, Dipus, Lan, Vigo, Mary, Mu, Ann, Daytona, Heitona.

A total of eleven riders, excluding Jonah in Samil, decorated the lead with flags bearing the “black sword” pattern.

After that, the elders, the executive knights, and the guardian knights of each subordinate took their place. The cadets also wore the armor of the chairman, with their weapons unified.

However, no ordinary soldiers were seen. There was no common disease in the Sword’s garden. Only knights, reserve knights, and cadets can belong to the main body of the Sword Garden.

Soon, the procession of Zion entered the Sword Garden.

“The housekeeper is hospitalized!”

As Luna shouted, kicking her feet as hard as she could, the knights lined up in squares rolled a beat late.

“Dao Yeol, the Black Tomb!”

The riders and the knights sang their costumes to Luna’s voice.

The ‘gummudum’ was a special method of painting by Looncandelman.

Thousands of black sacks stuck in the Sword Garden are allowed only to those who have made special footprints in the protection and prosperity of their families.

Each rider and knight scattered and each man took his place in front of the sword’s tomb. It seemed to break down the hard-won line, but this was the essence of the Looncandelian leader.

“Chung, I see you in Gaza!”

The riders raised their flag, and the knights gave a salute. a clear voice as if one were talking

Siron and Rosa looked down at the authorities, riding on a horse. Behind him, ten active black knights were kneeling on one knee.

“Great, lead the sword.”

All the blades of the living were put to the sword by the command of Zion. Only the swords in the garden were glistening in the sun.

And Ciron, somehow, has been silent for a while.

It was because I felt something coming from heaven to the garden of the sword.

Only he, a creative writer, could recognize it yet. It was a long distance that even Luna and the black knights could not notice.

“There must be someone else who wants to welcome this old man.”

“Gaju, what do you mean?”

“Rosa, you’ve become dull, too. A fairly powerful energy is approaching the Sword Garden. Very fast.”

Rosa’s eyes widened.

After a while, Luna and the Black Knight felt the same thing as Zion. Other riders and senior knights later grasped the situation.

“Lord, may I prepare for the anti-aircraft defense?”

When Luna asked carefully, the theory shook its head.

“You don’t have to. The first rider. Whoever’s coming, wouldn’t it be funny if the whole Looncandel moved?”

“My thoughts were short.”

Syron was right.

Now the Sword’s Garden was in a state where anyone in the world could never help it. All of Looncandel’s forces, including Siron, are firmly guarding the Sword Garden.

In the meantime, it was too much for all of Runkandel to react sensitively to the energy believed to be “one.”

A dozen seconds have passed.

Appearing over the sword’s garden, it was a giant black dragon.


As his shadow cast over the garden, the knights managed to swallow their sighs inwardly.

No matter how sudden the situation unfolded, it was impossible to be frivolous in front of the Ciron.

But it wasn’t the advent of the Black Dragon that really freaked out those, especially those with good senses, like Luna and the Black Knights and some riders.

It was the fact that he was not the owner of what Siron said was “a fairly powerful energy.” Murakhan was completely hiding his energy with spirit, with only a grand appearance.

Flapping, flapping… …!

Murakan began to descend into the Sword’s Garden.

When he reached the ground, he saw a man riding on his back. He was the master of the energy that came to the Sword’s Garden.

Except for the new cadets, everyone in the Sword Garden is familiar with.

Jean Looncandel, nineteen.

He gave his father a salute with a calm look.

“Father, reserve jockey Jean Luncandel, I’m back from performing.”

* * *

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