Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 261


The atmosphere began to vibrate as the specter reared its mana. It wasn’t just a vibration.

The air was stifled as if it had turned into water, and the shoulders became heavy.

It was a phenomenon that occurred as a huge amount of mana expanded. If the five-star protective shield cannot be opened, it will be impossible to stand still.

As one of the greatest powers of the first family in the world, the power of the specter was far beyond universal recognition.

[You’re going to kill the kid?] I would have told you it was too late, but you must be deaf.]

Octavia smiled lightly at Murakan’s words.

“According to the records, you were the strongest dragon ever……I don’t think it’s that bad in real life. If you keep making fun of me, it seems like I’m just expressing my uneasiness.”


Suddenly, there was a noise scratching the eardrum from the sky. It was the sound of a red abyss of the specter, pushing Murakan’s spirit.

The red mana was spreading again, like a speck of speckle all over the blackened sky with spirit.

Murakan also had more spirit, but with a force of 40 percent, he could not beat the magic of the whole haunted house.

As Octavia added mana to the red abyss, the skylight changed faster.

Andrei Zipple was a monster, but……that’s more than that.’

The specter was 15.

And Jean read the flow of mana they cause, and was convinced that fifteen was not all.

‘There are some awkward elements in the process of complementing each other’s mana.’

A common phenomenon when the number of wizards is insufficient to unfold the conjugal magic. Sangjeoksimyeon was originally a magic that allowed all the ghosts to display their power.

The back of the net was pulled. It is highly likely that a wizard like a black knight will be over 15.

‘Even that kind of power has never been known to the outside world.’

Unlike the black knight of Looncandel, the specter of Jipple was an organization that even Qin did not know. It is literally a secret weapon.

There was a reason why Looncandel did not engage in an all-out war with Zipple even though he had Changseong Knight and Siron Looncandel as the head.

“Are you all right?”

Missha transformed into a human and landed next to Jin.

“Yes, thanks to.”


Jean stood up holding her hand, spitting blood.

I felt sick. The fanatic heart, heated by backflows, was fluctuating, and was blurred to the point of view, not in a state where one could fight properly.

Though Murakan and Misha came, Jean could not rest assured.

“I didn’t expect that level of wizards to come in droves.”

“You should be glad to hear that. The specter I had in the past was superior to those. Murakan, you must have some pride.”

As the specter was a combat organization established after the death of Temer Looncandel, Murakan had never fought with the specter.

Missha, on the other hand, had fought with the specter several times in the past thousand years. And she judged that the specter were stronger than any other combat organization in Inse.



“Listen carefully to what I say from now on, and don’t refute or ask questions.”

Kei, Kei! The sky turned almost red again, and now the spirit of Murakhan looked like a speck of spots.

When fighting a battle with a sorcerer’s unit, it was fatal to be pushed out of the ‘field fight’.

Especially if the magic of lotus flowers is spread out in the sky like now.

If the realm of heaven fails to stop it from being filled with wizards’ mana, it will inevitably be attacked unilaterally.

“Soon, more Zipple’s reinforcements will come in. Longer battles mean no chance.”

If the ghost squad, Kadun, or Baekya and Kosek, who are waiting at their home, came to support them, the black dragons could not help it.

There was also a possibility that Kellyak Zipple could appear in person.

No matter how strong the Black Dragons are, if the two of them were able to break down Zipple’s maximum power, they would not have even made it to the world’s strongest family in the first place.

Jean nodded inwardly.

To some extent, he was predicting. Even if Missha and Murakhan come, it will be difficult to kill Octavia and the specter.

“So you run away with Murakan. I’ll buy you some time. And don’t forget, the enemies you have to beat forward are as powerful as I am.”

“You sound like it’s the last time.”

“I told you not to ask questions, but you’re turning them around. Why, did it feel like I was sacrificing to save you?”


“Of course I will if necessary. Because there is a variable called if.”


Spirits gathered in Missha’s grasp. Young-gi soon became a spear-like figure of a sack, followed by the newly spread of Young-gi from the window, covering her entire body and making armor.

When she was finished in arms, she was as black as a ghost.

“But today they will probably not kill me, so go with peace of mind. Even the old ghosts couldn’t help me. I will also escape if I find you in the safe zone. I’ve already told Murakhan.”

She had already made plans from the time she broke through the nepotism. Victory is impossible, so we must escape the camp with Murakhan.

That’s why Murakhan said so confidently, “You can’t kill Jean.”

We can’t leave you alone.

Jean did not spit it out, though the horse had risen to its throat.

It was something to say only when you had the power to take responsibility for the situation, or if you were determined to die fighting with her.

But Missha also had no intention of heroically dying to build up the pride of Soldier and Black Dragon, and Jean had no intention of giving up the future, ignoring her duties.

The only way to fight together was to die a dog.

Thus Jean decided to bring up a story that would be of practical help to her.

“Misha, this is the realm of the palace.”

Veradin deliberately built a villa on an uninhabited island in the West Sea to avoid surveillance by his family.

As the West Sea is under the influence of the palace, it was judged that the Jipple could not send people openly.

The judgment proved completely wrong with the arrival of Octavia and the specter, but it was fortunate for Jean now that Veradin had a villa in the West Sea anyway.

“If the fight is too much, make as much noise as possible. To the point where the West Sea is shaking. And I’m sure Bi Kung-ju will help.”

“Oh, come to think of it, your colleagues said that when you were in Tikan. The only daughter of the current tragic princess is your lover. I’m glad to hear that.”

“That’s not true, but…… it’s true that the princess cares so much about me. If the West Sea is damaged by Jipple’s work, there is no reason not to help Missha, since the cause is also on the side of the palace.”

“Hoo-hoo, you have a nerve.”

“I think it’s better for me to be a little brazen than to hurt you.”

The sword and chain of the Red Mana, which had been suspended by Misha’s spirit, were a little bit fluttering. Soon the spirit of tying them up was also likely to be broken.

Murakan and Octavia have been fighting for a while.

Octavia’s rays continued to hit Murakan, and Murakhan’s face was only with breath.

Murakan also did not have many means of attack because most of his time was spent on curbing the red abyss.

Whirrick, Missha took a step, turning the window lightly.

“I’ve seen you twice, and I owe you both.”

Missha shook her head at the horse.

“No, I owe you and that guy. You are the shadow’s last hope.”

As soon as Jean was about to answer.

Young-gi gathered at the end of Missha’s window. Jin was surprised at the point, because the spirit converging at the end of the window was beyond description.

A deep and dark spirit beyond comparison when Murakan faced Julian, who became the incarnation of Feytel, when he massacred the sorcerer of the Dark Wizardry.

It was only a second or so before the limitless condensed spirit was gathered at the end of the window.

Her exploits are variations that spread the sword through the window.

Temer named it “No Creation” but ironically, it was a military achievement that basically required more spirituality than the Yeonggum.

“From now on, I will open the way.”

The name ‘Muyeong’ was a metaphor.

It means that even the theme is fast enough to make it hard to read the attack. It also meant that once she made up her mind and wielded her spear, there was nothing left.

It’s like crushing everything so that not a single piece of shadow is left.

“So you stay still. Don’t come after me.”

As Jean bowed her head, Missha’s window-end split the wind.

It was then that Octavia, who was in the midst of a spell on Murakan, flinched and turned her head.

Octavia was blinded by the dust cloud and the battle with Murakhan that broke the island.

Thus the reaction was slow.

And her late response meant that the whole of the specter had failed to respond.

None of the ghosts here is better than Octavia.

A black sword stretched out from Missha’s window beat the shield of the specter.



At a single blow, the middle of the thick protective shield burst like an egg.

As Octavia, she had no choice but to swallow her breath, and the ghostly wizards in the shield had to feel their fluffy hair rising.

Even Jean swallowed dry saliva.

‘I thought Missha’s dance would be great when she was treated and beaten.

It was far beyond my expectations.

I’m ashamed that for a moment she thought ‘everyone could die trying to save me.’ Even if the reinforcements come, Missha will not be able to escape from this place.

‘……I’ve made a fool of myself.’

Somehow Missha seemed to be speaking with a smile on her back. I don’t think they’ll let me.

[The time has come for that arrogant mouth to be humbled, wizard.]

said Murakan, looking down at Octavia.

Then he pretended to vomit his breath, and as soon as Octavia took a defensive posture, he began to descend sharply toward the losing side.

Octavia realized only then.

That the Black Dragon didn’t intend to fight with them in the first place. At first, it was only a smokescreen to rescue Jean from all the way, as if it were an all-out war.

“Block Murakhan, so that he doesn’t go to Jean Luncandel!”

[Laughing] [Laughing] [Laughing out loud]]

Murakan laughed at Octavia and regained his spirit of suppressing the red abyss.

Then all the swords and chains of red mana flew toward Murakhan, but Missha’s leap was faster.

“Seeing that you can afford to care about something else with me in front of you, do you think the seniors in the haunted house have left no records of me?”

The sword, which was shot in her window, cut frantically through the sword and chain of the red abyss. Because of the window swinging so fast that it was hard for her eyes to be good, she looked almost like a black sphere.

[Let’s go, kid!]

Jean jumped to Murakhan’s back with all her might.

As soon as the camp settled down safely, Murakan began his ascending flight at full speed and moved toward the pre-pierced framework.

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