Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 252

No one expected the name to pop out. The moment the colorful blondes hidden in the hood were revealed, the moment the decadent face covered in thick makeup was revealed, of course, I knew that the introduction of Barmul would begin.

But Jean Looncandel.

The Ilsun Square calmed down. People were waiting for Jean to speak behind the scenes, doubting their ears.

‘Gin Looncandel?’

“It’s not Bamel, it’s Jean Looncandel? A backup rider for Looncandel?’

Reporters were busy exchanging such glances with each other because of their bewilderment and surprise.

The envoys in Looncandel, who were paying their respects at one of the square’s sides, were about to show their eyes.

The youngest, you crazy……you don’t give me any hints, you want me to put my hands together!’

Even Luna had not been told in advance.

However, Luna thought that if she were the youngest, she would do something because she was sure of something.

She almost spat out a double bath at the moment, but she did not forget that she had decided to become the “gum” of the youngest.

The most reliable sword, capable of swinging at any time, at any time, at any time. Since it is his role, he decided not to panic and read what the youngest meant and move accordingly.

Next to Luna, Joshua was staring at Jean with his face turning red.

‘Jin, you’re the one who’s in trouble.’

Joshua thinks it was literally suicide to reveal who he is now.

How much did Jipple give up, showing its willingness to punish “bamel”?

He even created a fake assassin, throwing away his family’s prestige and image.

It means I’ll kill him no matter what. There was too much damage to the Zipple to pass it on properly.


Joshua’s neck, which grinds his teeth, has developed a blood clot. It was because I knew why my little brother had to reveal his identity.

‘I am sure that I will not let you die, even if I break the laws of the family. I believe in your big deal……!’

Young-ki, the power Joshua covets so much.

When Jean died, Joshua could not take away Solderlet’s contract. Joshua therefore judged that Jin was trying to attract him by taking Young-ki as his hostage.

It was a taboo for a backup rider to reveal his identity on his own, although it was inevitable for others to recognize him.

The same goes for those who belong to the sword garden.

A rule that means that we will not tolerate the trivial act of putting Looncandel on his back when building his reputation as an individual.

It was also a well-known law unto outsiders.

But what if a backup rider and a rider break the rules at the same time when there are so many eyes?

It is a strict rule to kill both or expel them from their families, but Joshua, known as the next family member, was the rider.

“My mother will never punish me properly, and if I don’t get punished, I’ll be safe.”…that clever man must know.’

The Black Leopard, Rosa Looncandel, will protect Joshua at all costs.

And no matter how much Rosa was, there was no justification for Jin’s punishment.

As Joshua, it was a furious affair.

The fact that he knows all the tricks of the youngest but has no choice but to hang out with him.

“Now I will play with your rhythm, but I will not be able to play this way forever.’

Joshua, who had finished the calculation, calmed his excitement.

“Prepare the guards for battle.”

Joshua gave orders to the knights behind him in a low voice. When the jipple hits the gin, it tries to start protecting it immediately.


While whispering, the guardian knights answered with moderation, drawing up their senses.

And Jean, who managed to manage her facial expression, cast a stealthy glance at Joshua.

Joshua and Jin.

For a moment the eyes of the two met.

Chin, who lightly raised the corners of her mouth, was thinking:

‘I’m trying to make a face, but I can see your head. Joshua, you’re going to burn yourself up thinking you have no choice but to help me. You can’t do it to me.’

Jean, who maintains a smile and continues her backstabbing towards the crowd.

“As you know, I’m a backup rider for Looncandel. He started his preliminary jockey career in 1795, and used several aliases. Today, I’m standing in front of many people under the name of “Bamel.””

“You really mean you’re Jean Looncandel!? Jean Looncandel is black-haired and black-eyed.”

A reporter shouted and asked.

Then Jean took a handkerchief out of her arms and wiped her face and hair.

Whenever the handkerchief moved, the makeup was removed, and the golden hair regained its original black color.

Although the newsletters around the world have described the appearance of “glamorous blond hair, pretty face,” Jean Looncandel’s appearance has not been known in detail since the one-legged party.

But everyone in the world knows that Looncandel’s youngest princess is black-haired and black-eyed.

in the midst of people’s reflexes of sighing

There were a few people who recognized Jin’s face.

“You, you, you… …you’re Zee, you’re Jean Grey!”

“Oh oh, Jean Grey, winner of the Cosmos Square!”

Some of the aristocrats of the Reich of Belado, who were found to pay tribute, did so (the one who was so excited that he shouted “winner” was the aristocrat who earned a lot of money thanks to Jin at the time).

“Not wrong, you’re the little king I saw in the Kingdom of Mitel.”

Likewise, the mercenaries who visited the Holy Land as delegations to pay their respects, and the members of the Black Kings, recognized the camp.

“I was sure that Confucius would make a world of noise one day, if he were true. It wasn’t normal at the one-legged party either. Hahaha!”

Johnsy and Ferrell of the Dragon King Knights also burst into laughter as they looked at Jean. In addition, he attended a one-legged party, and the knights of other families who came to the Holy Land to pay their respects were similarly responsive.

Since joining the memorial service was the last step in mourning, all the envoys from each country were gathered in the square now.

Reporters were also recalling another incident, using the name ‘Jin Gray’ as the aristocrats of the Empire of Belado called it.

backflow kidad

The mysterious swordsman who killed him also left the name Jean Grey.

The reporters’ instincts were moving. A special event that will never happen again in life, more than Seongwang Si-hae and Jipple’s interference in domestic affairs, has been unfolded right now.

I had to ask a question right away.

It was because, in the opinion of the reporters, Jean had nothing strange to die here.

Soon the wizards of the Jipple will storm the square to capture the camp.

At that time, reporters thought whether the knights of Looncandel and Hufester would help Jean or not.

“Prince Jean! Kidad Hall, was it you who killed him?!”

“Why did you risk your life here? You’re not afraid of Jipple?”

“Please tell me why you helped the Holy Land even by breaking the laws of the reserve jockey. Did you receive a family order?”

“What is your relationship with Lord Lani of the Holy Land?”

Suddenly, reporters screamed like crazy.

The fighters of Looncandel and Hufester had their eyes wide open, but they judged that if not now, they could never ask Jin a question again.

The moment the wizards of the Jipple arrive, the square will be in chaos.

Before that, I had to get an answer and leave this seat quickly.

Jin was disillusioned at the moment when he saw reporters raising their voices like a monk. I have known for a long time that journalists are extreme, but I didn’t know that I would lose this much dignity in this mourning square.

“Shut up, everybody. I won’t take any questions.”

Jean shouted with all her energy in her voice.

Then the reporters flinched and closed their mouths.

“I’m not here to satisfy your curiosity. From now on, a reporter who’s going to be talking about it without my permission will never be able to grab the pen again.”

Jin’s eyes were talking about the colorful life. It’s not just words.

As the reporters quieted down, Jean, who had made her living, opened her mouth again.

“As a backup jockey, I’ve been looking for land to build my own interests and reputation when I become a jockey in the future. And then, in the past, I witnessed a bio-test of Jipple in Colon, and I found that not only Jipple, but also a terrorist group called Kinselo, participated in the experiment.”

Reporters were busy writing down Jean’s words without a mistake.

“And I didn’t know that the Holy Land was encroached upon by Zipple and Kinselo, and I broke their alliance. As a result, the two forces fought all sorts of battles within the Holy Land, and I felt a little bit responsible for it.”

At Jean’s calm voice, Laney looked miserable.

“I also thought it was an opportunity. As a backup rider, there’s nothing better to do than uncover corruption in the country and screw up Looncandel’s rival family.”

He was supposed to produce the movie in advance. Jean was not to repay Laney’s kindness, but to help the Holy Land for personal gain.

“So I went to the land of Kinselo to save the people of the Holy Land and handed it over to Lord Laney. Lord Laney was only promised to prove my credit to her family in the future, but the Zipple finally caught me by the ankle. I never killed Carl Zipple. It’s only a loss to me.”

As Jean shrugged and spoke, sighs came from all over the place.

“I mean, I’m here to stop my alias, Bamel, from becoming the assassin of Carl Zipple. Also, it is not a family but a complete achievement of mine that revealed the relationship between Gipple and Kinselo. I hope everyone doesn’t forget this. Because…”

Jean suddenly pointed her finger at one side of the square.

“They’re going to hit me from now on. Let’s see each other again alive, everyone.”

There were jipple wizards with lobes on them.

With the magic of attack and the aim just finished.

Guardian knights, protect the backup jockey!

As soon as Joshua was about to yell.

Luna raised her voice first.

“Runcandel guardian, and all Hufester’s knights, protect the people! Whoever tries to help the backup jockey, I’ll cut his throat myself!”

As soon as Jean heard Luna’s order, she smiled pleasantly inside. Luna read exactly what I meant.


Five mana rays flew toward the camp.

And Jean jumped off the platform, cutting off the mana rays lightly.

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