Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 253


The mana beam cut off at the signpost cracked and debris splattered.

Yay, yay! The sudden raid caused the congregation of the people in the square to scream reflexively, and the genitals of the Golden Shield Society jumped to the podium.

“Protect Lord Rani!”

“Everyone get down! It’s being swept away!”

The Knights of the Golden Chamber surrounded Rani and shouted to the people. Fortunately, most of the people fell on the floor with good control.

But not everyone was. Many people were confused.

If possible, people could be caught up in the attack of the jipple wizards.

The wizards attacking Jean had at least seven stars. Ordinary people can be seriously injured or killed just by passing by.

Wizards continued to sing magic as if they would not care whether they were killed or injured.

In fact, even if dozens of unrelated people died, they had no intention of stopping the funeral until Jean died.

Jipple no longer had any lingering attachment to the symbol of justice.

But if you don’t kill Bamel and Jean Looncandel here, you will be looked down on.

No, there was a high possibility that it would not end in a shallow way. Now missing Bamel was the whole jipple being played by the deviation of the “Runcandel Reserve.”

It had to be stopped.

“Gin Looncandel must be dealt with before he can get out of the square!”

“Move him back to the center!”

The wizards were desperate. It was because I knew well that if I lost my camp now, my family wouldn’t let me live for whatever reason.

Jean calmly checked the position of the wizards.

‘Four to the left, six to the center.’

Let’s open it like that.

That was all in the square. But if you include it outside the square, that many times as many wizards will go after Jean.

“Six is rather weaker.’

I had to break through them and get out of the square first. If the reinforcements were gathered before they were fully mobilized, they could not escape, and they never wanted to suffer as much as innocent people were caught up in combat.

Of course, even before revealing his identity, he kept in mind that innocent people might get caught up in it.

But this was the best.

When there are as many neutral media as possible, as many thirds as possible, as many witnesses as possible, and as many “assistors” as possible, the judgment is that the Jipple drinks the water properly.

There was Laney’s earnest request.

The death of innocent people is the result of their own request, so please reveal your identity in the square.

If such a thing happens, it is up to you to take responsibility and sin.

I didn’t feel inclined to take the damage of the people as security, but I didn’t refuse.

Because he believed in Luna.

I was worried that innocent people would die or get hurt.….’

Jean glanced at Luna.

‘That’s not gonna happen. As expected, she’s a big sister.’

Under Luna’s command, the Looncandel protectors and Hufester’s fighters were swinging their weapons in perfect order.

To their surprise, they were shown to strike out every time a sorcerer’s attack passed the people.

They are guardian knights who came to perform the first, second, and third flag, called delegations to pay their respects.

Each and every one of them had the level of skill just below the executive engineer, and most of Hufester’s other fighters were distinguished from their respective families.

“If even one innocent person dies in the Holy Land today, the honor of Looncandel and Hufester will be put to the ground. Stop, and scatter! There must be a battle outside the square!”


Guardian knights and Hufester’s fighters fiercely protected the people of the Holy Land as if their families had been attacked.

Because it was a great honor for them to operate with Luna.

A noble white whale;a white whale.

The greatest legend since the Siron and the most coveted name of Hufester’s fighters.

I also didn’t know when I could swing the sword with Luna. It was impossible to disappoint Luna at this glorious moment.

Luna, on the other hand, had this idea.

“Fortunately, I have read your meaning well, Youngest, judging by your pleased expression.’

My heart leaped at the thought that I was successfully completing my first mission as Jin’s sword.

She could now imagine Jean Looncandel, no one else leading Looncandel after her father, unless she was her youngest brother.

Squirt, Chaeng!

Numerous magic tricks were on fire, but they all headed toward the camp as if they had been chained.

The innocent people were leaving their places in an orderly manner under Luna’s protection, and some reporters risked their lives to stick to the back of the guardian knights and capture this scene in their notebooks.

“First Class, this is not the time.”

Joshua found Luna.

“What is it?”

“Shouldn’t we get a backup jockey? “It is said that he violated the laws of the family, but if a backup rider dies at the hands of the Zipple, the prestige of the family.”

“What does the death of the second rider, the backup rider, have to do with Looncandel’s prestige? The backup jockey himself will have to take care of his own. His friendship with the Holy Land comes before his safety.”

“……then why don’t we punish the backup jockey with our hands? It’s more important than keeping the people safe. Please make a careful judgment.”

Then there was a great deal of life in Luna’s eyes.

“There are no black knights of yours here right now. What do you believe in me? Keep your attitude straight, unless you want to be disgraced.”

At that moment, Joshua’s face faded from the color.

As Luna said, there were no black knights, but in fact, the executive knights brought in separately were waiting in disguise all over the square.

Therefore, I could go against Luna’s command as much as I could.

They’ll follow their orders first, no matter what Luna orders.

If that happens, it would be Luna, not herself, who would rather.

But Joshua decided not to complain to Luna anymore.

‘I can’t stand a moment’s humiliation and disgrace the Looncandel, which will soon be mine. Besides, if I go against my oldest sister, I’ll lose the confidence of other people.’

Ranking war is only in the family. At such an official meeting, Luna’s antagonism with Luna only reduced the dignity of Looncandel.

Luna’s arrogant attitude seemed to make her stomach boil, but she didn’t have to be stupid.


Joshua answered in a calm voice.

Although Jin was anxious that he could not take the contract with Solderlet if it went wrong, turning his head, it seemed that it would not happen.


A shriveled thunderbolt was falling from the dry sky.

Plain eclipse of the Ming Dynasty, the very power that led the public to misunderstand Barmul as a ‘contractor of the Feitel’.

The six wizards blocking the center of the square were falling apart without even responding properly to the lightning.

It’s the power of the Ming dynasty. When you were dealing with me in the Bluebird Islands, did you show your potential without using that power? It’s going to be difficult unless the mower-level wizards camp out properly.’

It was himself that the prophecy indicated, and there was no way to know why heaven favored the camp.

Bam! Bam!

Every time lightning struck, the floor of the square burst and stones and wizards sprang up.

As long as Luna was convinced that she was perfectly protecting the people, Jean had nothing more to go through.

It was in no time that six wizards lost their lives.

‘The Ming sword loves this. Unless you are a genius, you will be easily beaten when you first go through it.”

Of course, the six wizards in the center were the ones who deserved to be called geniuses in the world. That’s why he is working as a wizard from the Jipple House.

However, he was a genius by Jin’s standards. Compared to his former strong enemies, he was nothing short of smallpox.

“Stay calm! Like dealing with a blitzkrieg wizard! And continue to cast magic to keep you from getting close!”

The four wizards on the left also belonged to Jin’s standards.

They have skillfully narrowed the siege, blocking the lightning’s course with a protective shield.

It also disrupted Jin’s vision by transforming various ice-cold magic tricks. At the moment, it was not easy to catch the lightning strike because of the ice pillars surrounding him.

It was not a bad idea to trust Hufester’s knights and cut down all the columns with the sword.

There was no need to drag more time in the square in the middle.


Jean pulled the red jades out of her bosom. Whoo-woo! As the Red Crescent shone, Shree escaped from it.

“What the hell is that……!”

“Go, a cat?”

At least this time, the gifted wizards also backed away. Anyone who faces a cat bigger than a carriage for the first time would react like this.

Not to mention that such a cat could even shoot a mana beam with its eyes.


Shree, who jumped up and roared, shot the wizards with a beam. Jin is taking a leap toward Shuri using the ice pillars laid by the magicians.

At the moment Jin got on Shri’s back, the wizards were in a hurry to block the rays with a protective shield.

It’s gentle…!

Shree, who landed lightly on the ground, roared again.

Then the innocent people, who were still standing in confusion, and the reporters who were desperately looking at all these scenes, collapsed on the floor. The roar loosened my legs.

The trained fighters were roars controlled to endure.

Are you sure that’s Looncandel’s backup……?

Not only the fighters of Hufester, but also the wizards of Jipple, who managed to survive following the fallen civilians, were all thinking the same thing.

There is a scene that can only be seen in children’s fairy tales.

The road became wide in a moment when all the people of both nations fell.

Shree easily threw himself into the open road. It was moving frantically fast, but not a single Yang Min was trampled to death by Shri.


asked Shri. Which direction should I run in now?”

Jean pointed to the direction of the mobile gate.

I’m going to the harbor. a mountain of gold bars brought by Jipple Jin’s last plan was to melt all the gold and throw it into the sea and escape there.

It was quick to get to the mobile gate. Zipple’s wizards outside the square couldn’t even follow Shree.

As soon as Qin and Shri entered, the loyal subjects of the Holy Land, who were waiting in advance, opened the gateway.

“Thank you, Confucius Jean. I wish you good luck.”

“You too.”

And Jean, upon arriving at the port, had to face an unexpected man.

“……Jin? It’s Jin!”

a white-haired young man who recognized the gin with his eyes wide open

The next housekeeper of the Jipple, Veradine Zipple.

Veradin also seemed to have just arrived at the port. And behind Veradin.


The gold bars were burning.

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