Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 251

Jipple was now bent on only killing Barmel and rectifying the prestige of the family.

They don’t care about the image that has fallen to the bottom.

Too much evil has been known to the world by Bamel. Without the removal of the bamel, the status of the world’s first family was to be reduced.

Of course, if Jean doesn’t reveal her identity, she’ll be able to pass it by using Carl’s death as an excuse.

“I’m about to be a regular jockey, so if you hide well until then, there’s no problem. There’s one place to hide for sure.

Jean shrugged at Kashmir.

“By the way, aren’t you being a little too hard on your own son, Jipple’s patriarch? Not enough to be framed and sent to die, even assassinating you to find out who you are? There’s no such thing as this.”

“I’m starting to think maybe it’s a fake that Bubar Gaston transformed.”

“Maybe it was a real knife, Lord Kashmir. If it was a fake, the moment it was revealed during the interrogation, the Kinselo side could have been in trouble, and there’s no reason to do that when they’re back in hostilities with the Zipple.”

a verdant, dirty magic apex

That’s how Jean defined Kellyak Zipple.

But even if there were negative formulas, it was a “peak.” Jin can’t handle it yet, and he doesn’t even care about his opinion.

The thought of him soon finding out who he really is made my throat feel cool.

If the land Zipple had touched had not been for” the Holy Land Van Kela,” Qin would not have revealed his identity.

If he did, he would have been caught by Kellyak and his neck would have fallen before he could hide in the safe land.

On the one hand, it was also expected.

How exciting the world would be if the Looncandel’s reserve rider had a “judgment victory” in his first match against Kellyak Zipple.

* * *

Zipple had not given any explanation for the Holy Land since Carl’s death.

Rani, loyal subjects, and the people knew that the real beast that ruined the country was a zipple, but they had no power to punish them.

Amid the delay in finding out the truth, the hot international media curiosity was also slowly subsiding.

On the other hand, the Rutero Magic Federation’s pens poured out articles in favor of Jipple day after day.

Of course, Hufester’s pen pendant responded with an article that cut down the zipple, but it didn’t mean much.

Even if they are not holy nations, they have fought wars on the ground every day, and each other’s families have come from their own lands as killers.

The interest of outsiders, who were like fireworks, was also fading away quickly.

In particular, nobles from all over the world have even appeared in the square of Lani and the people.

He judged that there was nothing good to be seen by the Jipple.

It is absurd, of course, that Jipple has paid a perfunctory price for killing Carl Jipple.

But the big powers had the power to make the absurd situation more absurd.

If you put your mind to it, you can erase the weak voices of the victims as much as you want, and you can punish even third parties who have secretly cooperated with him.

Neutral public opinion, the forces were well aware of the fact, so they were now looking again at the Jipple.

Also included in the heads of neutral people were calculations.

The Holy Land incident is going to be a big black history of Jipple, but there’s no power without flaws anyway.

The Jipple will eventually release money and people to sweeten the pockets and mouths of neutral forces.

Just turn away, and I’ll take care of you.

Whenever there was a problem, Jipple would always appease neutrality in that way.

Looncandel, on the other hand, has always been a terrorist. As the two families have different tendencies, there was a big difference in the way they manipulate the world, and obviously in this Sungkuk case, the Jipple’s method would be more effective.

Jipple ships loaded with gold were entering the Holy Land’s territorial waters.

Apart from Carl Zipple’s death, it was a reward for “the people who followed Carl Zipple”‘s interference in domestic affairs.

The scale of the compensation was far beyond imagination.

If it does, the Holy Land can secure a budget for 30 years without worrying. But Laney, of course, refused to compensate, and the loyal subjects gnawed their teeth in tears of blood.

“The sons of bitches, no, no. What the hell do you think of humans are?…!”

The people also poured out their anger by putting blood around their necks.

Regardless of such a reaction, Jipple silently lowered the gold at the port of the Holy land of the Holy Land.

As if it doesn’t matter who takes it, as if anyone’s looking at this gold, as if they want to steal it.

As proof, Zipple did not have a single man to guard the gold bars that had been placed.

Gold bars piled up like castles in the middle of the port were shining brightly.

Ordinary people, no. The enormous gold bullion, which even the king of the country could not even see for life, was not a desire but a sense of oppression.

In the end, even if the Holy Land does not receive the gold bullion, the Zipple will not be recovered.

“You’re getting your money’s worth.”

Jean looking at the gold bars with her arms crossed.

I could see it in his eyes. What will happen in the future if the Holy Land does not receive that gold bullion?

“Even in the hideout of the golden dragons, it would be hard to find a gold bar like that. Wow, how many limited Chunghwa books are there?”

“Crazy, what? Chun-hwa Book? How could you think of that?”


Shake shake, Jean shook her head.

“30 years at most, 50 years at best for the Holy Land’s budget.”

“I suppose so.”

“That means that if you don’t get this, you’ll make the next 50 years cash-strapped.”

If you take this and cover up this case on your own, if you turn your eyes from the uncomfortable truth once, it will make the Holy Land rich.

Otherwise, it will completely cut off the Holy Land’s purse strings.

As Qin said, the gold bar in the harbor had that meaning.

Abandon self-respect and revenge, it allows us to live a wealthy life. But if you fall in love to the end, those gold will go to the neutral forces. The Zipple will interrupt the trading of the Holy Land and make you regret not receiving this money.”

Right now, the people’s public sentiment toward Gipple is really at the bottom of the list.

How long will it last?

Most ordinary human beings are not as strong in faith as Lani or Vittura’s loyal subjects.

A universal life, after all, consists of successive days seeking survival and small happiness through labor and its results.

When a nation becomes poor, so does the individual.

The more you work, the less you get paid, the stronger the intensity of your labor, and if you don’t see any signs of improving your quality of life…….

Will the believers still be able to defend Lani’s choice today?

It couldn’t have been.

The responsibility for the people’s harsh lives was not going to end up with a zipple that inflicted terrible economic retaliation, but the leadership of the Holy Father.

It was clear that he would continue to shake politically so that such moments would come quickly.

Lani and the loyal subjects will find it hard to find a pointed number, and will eventually become tyrants or be remembered as incompetent leaders.

“I didn’t want to have those annoying thoughts, so I came up with the book.”

“I’m afraid so.”

Of course there is Looncandel. While the Holy Land was in that state, Looncandel could not have just sucked his fingers.

But will it stabilize the kingdom by spending as much money as Jipple?

There was also a lack of justification. There are not a few poor lands in Hufester, but it is impossible to take care of the Holy Land before them. It was a problem that could lead to internal division.

After all, it was Looncandel who became more tired after a money fight.

“Let’s go, stop this shit.”

* * *

December 24, 1797.

Laney has decided to start a marriage drug for King Seong and victims of the biogolem.

The trial has not even been completed yet, but it could no longer be delayed. The body of the fake King Seong, which the saints kept as sacred, eventually began to decompose, and the body of the filial son Vittura rotted away.

In addition, neutral media had to complete the marriage ceremony before they all left.

The trial of King Seong’s assassination is not over, but rather a minimal safeguard for Jin.

The wedding ceremony was scheduled to last three hours.

Naturally, Laney decided to recite a prayer for them himself.

“Please all take your seats.”

said Laney as she climbed onto the podium. It was a low voice, but everyone in the square knelt on the floor in unison and closed their eyes.

“Ayulash, your most sincere daughter, Lani Salome, stands here for Miklan, the king of the castle, and the faithful, who died unjustly. Please answer my prayers, in your voice we can recall their last…….”

The Holy Land’s Jinhonje was often referred to as the ‘Eunhausu Prayer used to call it the “Galaxy Prayer.”

This was because the sacred power of those who gathered for the marriage was united and shone.

At this time, even those with resonant airways and low sacredness could give off their unique yellow colors.

The yellowish brightness of the gathering was determined by the divine power of the prayerer.

That’s why Jin and Murakan were amazed again.

“Rani Salome, I’ve known for a long time that you protected Murakhan in that toxic land, and that it’s incredibly sacred.….’

The whole square was shining bright yellow.

Lani, reciting the prayer, shuddered, sanctified the bodies of thousands of believers.

As the Hosagans put it, it was like a Milky Way flowing on the ground.

Reporters thought this was the last scoop to be drawn from the Holy Land. There has never been such a great wedding ceremony in the Holy Land in recent years.

“……so today the children of Ayula hope that they will be able to return safely to your arms, and that this light will reach you and bless their eternal life.”

As soon as the prayer was over, Laney stumbled dangerously and seized the podium.

a perfect match for marriage

But people were unaware that Laney’s promoters had gone beyond perfection and caused miracles.

The fact that Bittura’s body, which had already been rotted and mutilated and buried under the ground, has been recovered intact.

It was a secret that only the souls of Ayula and the dead Bitturah would know, without even knowing Laney.

Whoo, whoo….

Lani, who had been breathing for a long time, looked at the crowd.

“I’m done with my marriage. And today, I, Lani Salome, would like to introduce to you a foreigner who has sacrificed himself for the Holy Land.”

The new people looked up at Rani in wonder.

It was because it is common to thank those who gathered after the Jinhon Festival and get off the podium.

Reporters sniffed at the moment.

Smells like a bat would appear.

“Come forward, my friend.”

While the people were looking around, Jean slowly stepped forward.

When he took off his hood, his golden dyed hair was revealed. And Jean said, without hesitation.

“I’m Jean Looncandel.”

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