Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 244

last night

“What do you mean, you have to cut me.”

As soon as Qin returned with survivors to the Holy Land, Bittura had said so.

While Jean was away, he had finished his agony to drive out intruders and traitors most quickly and perfectly in the future.

No, it’s not a worry, it’s a decision.

“Sir Vittura, what do you mean all of a sudden?”

“Prince Jean brought witnesses, and brought proof. And now more snow than ever is watching this land because of the rain forest. It’s a chance not to come again. If we’re going to end them for sure, we need a villain to die with.”

“Kidding… ..is it?”

Laney asked in a quivering voice, and Bittura shook his head.

“No, I’ve already made up my mind.”

“Why should I do that? There are witnesses no one can deny, and there is evidence that the saint of the early morning carriage recorded as martyrdom in pain. If Lord Vittura doesn’t have to get involved with them, enough…….”

“That’s a dreamy story, Lani Salome. Against that giant family that dominates the world, do you really believe that it will be possible to get the country back?”

“Why not! No matter how great they are, whether it’s Jipple or Kinselo. How do they deny the skeletons of survivors that have been revealed to the whole world? Besides, according to Confucius Jin, Jipple is for Carl Jipple…….”

“Of course, it would be possible to put them in trouble with the help of Confucius who lost. But then what? They’re going to put up a few heads like tail-cutting, and eat this land again.”

“Even so, we cannot make Lord Vittura a traitor! That’s ridiculous!”

For a moment, Lani’s anxious breath stood out in silence.

“Rani Salome. What do you think the Holy Land needs now?”

I can’t answer.

“Leader, we need a symbol of hope that will make us believe that the Holy Land is not over.” It’s time for a leader to emerge who can kill the bandits in front of everyone’s eyes, and shout that the owners of the Holy Land are only the children of Ayula.”

“You want me to… …do you want me to play that role?”


“Ha, I see what you mean. Then rather, Lord Vittura will drive me back and kill me and be a leader.”

“What do you mean?”

“In short, I’ve done nothing compared to you, haven’t I? She was just loved by the people because she was the daughter of King Seong. In what capacity do you mean I become the leader of the people? I don’t have the ability.”

“… …Michlan, the friend brought you to raise you to the Holy King in the first place.”

“My father never said that.”

“I can swear on Ayula’s name. Miklan got a sign from Ayula that you were going to be a holy king.”

“That’s a sudden…….”

“Look at this.”

Bittura pulled a notebook out of his bosom.

It was Michaelan’s diary. There was no information about state affairs, but there was an anecdote about Lani and Ayula’s revelation around the center of the diary, which contained only private daily life and religious considerations.


Laney could not have recognized the handwriting of Miklan.

“So if you don’t understand, take it as Ayula’s will. You were the most obedient child of all.”

“Even if God chose me…… not this one. It’s not really.”

“I have long been known as the representative pro-Jipple faction, and I have actually pretended to be their servant for a long time. “Let us know that by killing me, the volcano of Ayula is in good health.”

“There must be some other way. Lord Vittura.”

Before King Seong’s abduction, Laney hated Bittura for a long time, making it more difficult to accept.

To her, Bittura was not a loyalist, but the first person to be the frontman of the Zipple, and was her father’s greatest political opponent and a hindrance to the Holy Land.

However, the real Bittura was the loyalist of the faithful who had a deeper friendship with Miklan than anyone else and had always been a villain and watched his enemies both inside and outside the country.

You can’t spend your whole life apologizing and repaying your kindness, but let me bear such a heavy burden as a villain until the very end. It was too much for Laney.

“I’m not confident, Lord Vittura…….”

“No, you can. Think rationally. You know it can’t be better than this, right? Even Confucius Qin, who had little connection with us, had fought a great battle for the Holy Land. Cutting me, it’s not hard compared to that.”

“No one but us, no one will acknowledge your sacrifice! Rather, I will point fingers at you and insult you. Your name in history will remain a terrible traitor……!”

“Did you ask for reward in doing good, to ask for recognition in keeping faith, or to calculate in deciding to sacrifice? You have never left such teachings in Ayula and the great saints.”


“What do you mean Salome? Don’t be childish. Don’t let me down any more. Just like me, bear with you too. Will you insult my resolve for fear of the pain of my heart that I cried with death?”

Eventually, Laney sat down and burst into tears. With a maddening heart, I grabbed my chest, and I banged my head on the floor and screamed.

Then, Qin and Murakhan saw Ilsun Laney’s body shining brightly. It was a light that was extremely short enough to feel illusory.

Bittura pats her back for a while and then turns to Jean.

Jin and Murakan have been listening to the two men’s stories quietly since a while ago.

And I was thinking. Is there a better solution than Bittura suggested?

I would have said if I had thought of anything. Unfortunately, the sacrifice of Vittura must have been the most powerful means of stabilizing the Holy Land.

It’s called a foreigner.

Naturally Jean was also feeling the sacrifice of Bittura was unfair. If you think about personal life, it would be much more comfortable to expose corruption and defect to Hufester or to get right with the Jipple.

But it was a great discourtesy to add to this steely man’s decision.

“Prince Jean.”

“Yes, Lord Vittura.”

“I owe you a big debt that is hard to pay back. I will not forget your hard work for the Holy Land even when I die.”

“……unlike you, I started with a promise to pay for it in the future.”

“Even so, it wasn’t easy.”

“Sir Vittura.”


“I will take responsibility to ensure that your family can live quietly in Hufester.”

If Vittura’s plan succeeds, Laney couldn’t take care of his family. It was impossible for King Seong to take care of the traitor’s family.

Also, Bittura’s family would never survive without help from anyone.

Will Jipple, who has seen a great disaster, keep them alive?

The people of the Holy Land will not stoning, realizing Ayula’s benevolence, but will not stand up and protect the families of the traitors.

“……I brought this up to thank you. You owe me again.”

“Please regard me as a warrior in the Sword’s Garden, as a tribute of respect to the senior fighters.”

* * *

“What are these ugly heretics talking about? The Catechism Guardian Dawn! Get those things out right now!”

Bittura shouted in an evil voice.

In his fierce reaction, the square sank rather frighteningly quiet.

Everyone feels something’s going wrong. Ten new people with clear traces of biological experimentation, the chief of the Sung Knight’s gun calling them heresy in a hurry, and the look of the fake King Seong, soaked in astonishment.

All that was causing a sharp divergence in people.

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck!

The sex knights of the Gyori Suho Daemyunghoe, who were next to Bittura, quickly broke out.

The crowd was naturally blocking the sex knights of Bittura and Gyori Suho Daemyunghoe. The image of the sex knights pushing them roughly.

“Your Majesty! Those are all heresy. Get away from them! What are you doing, Golden Shielders? Without taking those heresies away from His Majesty!”

The Golden Bangpaehoe did not budge at Bittura’s orders, but only surrounded the carriage.

While the fake King Seong couldn’t hide his embarrassment, Rani screamed as he shot Bittura.

“How can the General Manager declare these people heretics? And before your Majesty gives you orders, you are so reckless with the sword. Stand down!”

None of the people in the square were unaware of the political confrontation between King Seong and Vittura.

Naturally, in their eyes, the appearance of Bittura seemed like a dog of a Jipple who used evil to settle the accident.

“I am the general manager of the Knights of St. I have full power over the heresy referee. If you have eyes, look, Lani Salome. Do those ugly skeletons look like normal? They must be the inner circle of the Ma tribe!”

“That’s for you to judge! Your Majesty, please order Lord Vittura to step down.”

The fake King Seong was only transformed with the help of Bubar, but he was not Kinselo, so he had no idea how to deal with it.

“Your Majesty, I’ve told you many times that they are heretics. Before the Holy Land falls further, you must subdue them and continue the ceremony.”

“If you stop making fun of me, I’ll count you as heresy too, Lani Salome. Everybody out of the way! Make way!”

As the sex knights of Bittura and Gyori Suho Daemyunghoe approached the people.

The Knights of the Golden Shield Society searched and blocked their way.

“Don’t come any closer, Lord Vittura.”

“You bastards…! “You men are under my direct control, dare you stand in the way?”

under one’s direct control

Unlike those who hit their necks when Bittura met Jin, the Knight of the Golden Shield Society, who remained loyal to the end, was thirty.

They were pointing a sword at Bithura with a feeling of cutting off their tongues.

“It’s treason just to take out the weapon without your order. “Hide the sword immediately from the commander-in-chief.”

Vittura lashed out violently at the geniuses of the Golden Shield Society.

At the same time, when the reporters of the Gyori Defense Dawn Party began to attack, blood was everywhere.

Bittura rushed at the survivors like a demoniac. As if we can solve today’s situation as much as we want if we kill them alone.

Vittura and fifty Gyori Suho Dawn Knights of Dawn, and Rani and thirty Golden Shielders.

The battle was a complete mess, but Bittura was showing force worthy of the name of the general.

He is narrowing the distance between the survivors by pushing away the genitals of the Golden Shield Society.

“I’ll cut your throat, you heresy!”

As Vittura neared, the ten survivors clung close to the fake King Seong.

Of course, it was discussed in advance. Within seconds, all the survivors screamed and surrounded the fake King of St. Louis in front of them.

The first thing to get to Laney’s front was, of course, Bittura. The Golden Shield Society was desperately fighting to keep the Gyuri Defense Dawn from entering Lani.

Rani and Bittura’s eyes met.

Both were glaring at each other outwardly, but inside they were grieving each other beyond description.

“What do you mean, you’re a heretic year. I’m going to punish you severely later! Your Majesty, Your Majesty! I’m here. This Vittura will save you from the heretics!”


Rani and Vittura’s swords mingled.

The battle that the two practiced all night has begun.

While Laney only needs to avoid his attacks and stop them. Bithura had to push her away, pretend to kill the survivors, and aim for the fake King of St.

Chaeng, Chae-Eng!

While taking Bittura’s sword, Laney was just feeling he was consoling himself with the sword.

It’s okay, it’s okay.


Bittura’s stab bounces Rani and rolls the floor. At that time, the distance between the fake King Seong, survivors and Bittura was only two steps.

Bittura, who passes Rani with a mad look and throws a sword one more time.

The next moment’s results seemed like a Bitturra mistake.

“Ker, heh…….”

Vittura’s sword pierced through the neck of the fake King Seong.

And as soon as he hesitated as if he could not believe my mistake, and then tried to reach out again to the survivors.

Rani’s sword, which had just risen, was flooding into the back of Bittura’s neck.

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