Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 243

“You look like your master, and you’re right, I thought you’d be bald.

Murakan formed a great deal of spirit in his palm, brushing his hair and whining. Surprisingly, the burnt head was coming back to its original state with spirit.

“Why did you turn it off with your body, leaving Young-gi alone?”

“I know, why did you do that? Because I was in a hurry at the moment, damn it.”

“Well… …did you suffer anyway. You’ve just done something important that will go down in the history of magic. I’m the only witness.”

“When someone says they’ll write your own biography later, tell them to put this anecdote in.”


the final form of an extinct rock salt mine

Jin’s eyes glistened with the magic book. Thanks to Valeria in his previous life, he encountered all kinds of rare wizards, and in his present life, he carved the wizards of Chenmi and Kiddhall himself.

The legacy of the Riol Jipple was simply the Masterpiece of the Magic Circle. The greatest masterpiece of a person who is mentioned when it comes to the best wizard in history.

As a wizard of a man, it would have been difficult to go through more pleasant things. I wanted to open it right away, but I took it carefully in my arms for now.

Before the joy had gone away, a low groan was suddenly heard.



Chukon Tolder.

Unlike Susan, who was completely decapitated, Chukon seemed to have managed to hold onto the lifeline. As soon as the leader’s knife was inserted, the polar magical non-celebrator raised a protective shield to protect the heart.

But when I approached him and looked at him, I thought it would be difficult to revive him. The shield had only temporarily suspended his death, and he had already turned pale and was as good as an invoice.

Jean told him what the winner would usually say when the fight was decided.

“Chukon Tolder. Do you have anything to say?”

There was a deep resentment in Chukon’s eyes as he vomited blood. It was only natural that he was stabbed by the main army he served in front of the enemy.

“My. My magic…… stop.”

I could tell by those few words that I barely uttered.

He wanted to leave a legacy like Riol. There was no sorcerer who wanted the unique achievements of his life to disappear silently.

And now that he has been betrayed, he wants to hand over the magic to the enemy.

“Where are you?”

“Eternal… …three, Locla……bar.”

Storage room three in the eternity warehouse, the password is Roclava.

Chukon died at the end of the words. a gin that closes dark eyes without focus.

“House 3 in Eternity Warehouse seems to be worth quite a bit. Well, it was a pretty good defense magic.”

said Murakan, shrugging his shoulders.

Jindo, Murakando and Chukon did not feel particularly sympathetic just because they left a magic book. This would not be the only test he was involved in, so I thought Chukon should rather thank him for listening to his will.

“Let’s go.”

He moved quickly into the crumbling castle. Now I had to take Mutual and the survivors back to the Holy Land, sort things out today and have the next fight.

‘Kinselo’s identity is revealed. I don’t even know who the leader is. Are you a horseman, as Murakhan said?’

The ability to form iron.

I’ve never heard of anything like that. Even if it is possible to yield a hundred times to make a sword, I have never imagined moving into space.

It was clear that the leader had lived for more than a thousand years. No, perhaps longer than that, it existed since the days when the Ming dynasty ruled the world.

Of course, trying to restore the Ming Dynasty will be done under the leadership of the leader. He knows about my brothers. He must have taken Joe alive because he’s a vital part of the restoration process.’

It also seemed certain that there was some kind of relationship with the Temer.

Murakan’s reaction to the leader’s remark that “the runaway wasn’t a theme, you did it,” was never common.

He was mesmerized as if he were facing a past he didn’t want to recall.

While living with Murakan, I have often asked him why he fought with Themeer. Murakan didn’t seem to want to talk much about him, so Jean didn’t ask any more.

‘He’ll tell you what he thinks. If there’s anything you need to tell me about Themeer.’

He entered the castle while he was thinking.

Unlike when I found it earlier, it was seriously damaged everywhere. No wonder Murakan’s merciless attacks have continued so far.

Clearing a mountain of broken stone, he headed to the lab where Mutual was.

The lab, where the explosion magic was spread, had not a single facility left for the experiment. The wreckage rolled about in pieces. So it was not easy to find the secret passage door.

“Mercial!Mercial Scylla!”

“Hey, here you are……!”

“Here it is!”

I could hear the distant voices of the strange men, not the mutter. They found the source of the voice and pushed the debris away, and tore the whole floor apart.

What appeared when the secret passage was opened was a tearful face and a mana injector carried by a gin, fed up with the fear of the survivors.

And it was Murture with his eyes closed with his hands neatly gathered in front of his chest.

“……the saint saved him and went into the arms of Ayula.”

“Please take your saint’s body home with you.”

She squeezed out the last remaining vitality, injected mana into the people and headed for Ayula’s arms. He fulfilled his mission as a saint.

“In the first place, did you ask him to wait so eagerly, because he had to die to save them?”

Even though he was a saint, not an ordinary healer, he died saving them.

Traces of experimentation remained throughout the bodies of the people. Either the photocardium protrudes out of the body, the arm is golemized, or the tail is sticking out.

She had no choice but to devote all her life to the mana injectors to save her life.

“He asked me to deliver this to you. It must be delivered to His Majesty the Holy Father.….”

When she took off her robe and wrapped her body, a believer held out a book and pendant. It was the pendant of the Virtual.

The book was a diary. After becoming a spy for the Dark Wizard Society under the orders of King Seong, she risked her life to record the situation here.

“Get out of the way. Let’s go back, everybody.”

* * *

The last day of the Kanglim Festival.

As if Ahula had given her blessing, the capital of Vankela was stained with the glare of the sun.

In the midst of the crowd that had gathered in the square without a break, a huge pure white wagon rose high.

Fake Miklan and Rani were seen standing on the wagon waving their hands at people.

It was a great spectacle for those who visited the Holy Land to see the Kanglimje Festival just because of the procession of thirty Golden Shield Knights who surrounded the pure white wagon for escort and the saints behind the carriage.

The square was literally jam-packed. All the people, the people of each country, and the nobles, who gathered to receive the blessing of the King of the Holy Father, were waiting for the ceremony to begin.

“Your Majesty the Holy Father!”

“Your Majesty!”

There were many people who shouted in relief just by looking at the image of King Seong. It was mainly the case of the lower class suffering from a big disease.

For the sick and poor, the ceremony was a great opportunity and hope for life. It was because if they were blessed, they could get out of the disease.

However, not many people enjoyed the good fortune of the fortress during the Kanglim Festival every year, as the sacred power of King Seong was limited.

About fifty people received the real blessing of receiving the divine power of King Seong himself, while the rest were blessed simply through language.

The latter had no effect on actual fate or phenomena, but it was still heaven and earth who were anxious to mix words with King Seong.

Soon, the noisy square quickly calmed down as King Seong lowered his waving hand.

“First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the children of Ayula, and to all those who have come from all over the world to see me. My lord, Michaelan.”


“My precious daughter, as I have done every year, will read the blessing on behalf of me, old Rani Salome. Please give a round of applause for your daughter, who will pray in a hoarse voice tomorrow.”

A fake king who shows off his affection for his daughter, comforting his shoulders.

Laney was smiling broadly, with the arms of such a fake King Seong. Really loved daughter to death, and usually use simple words and actions is a fake mikeullan was acting in completely.

Clap clap clap clap!

At the end of the applause, Rani opened the blessing door.

“Let’s begin the celebration of the Holy Father. When the carriage starts moving, please follow it in an orderly manner so that nothing bad or bad can happen.”

As is the case with these events, those who receive the “real fortification” that consumes sacred power have already been decided. Not many people know the fact.

The carriage moved forward and stopped once in the presence of the designated waiting list.

Each time King Seong got out of the carriage and gave the benediction with kisses on their foreheads, and Laney read the blessing.

“Ayula’s will, heart and love will be with you…….”

In that way, the real blessing was given to about forty people. The one with uncomfortable legs began to walk after being blessed, and the one with dark eyes saw a new light.

The onlookers, touched by the sight, were constantly wiping away tears.

A group of people wearing robes, not the nominee, escaped the crowd and blocked the carriage.

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty! Please listen to my story!”

There were jeers everywhere.

However, this kind of intrusion is common every year when there is a celebration, so everyone thought little of it.

King Seong gave the intruders a kind smile, and Laney whispered in his ear like this.

‘Please build them up, Father. You were willing to get off the wagon last year for those who broke in, weren’t you?’

A fake voice king who nods his head.

He and Jipple were now judging that Laney was giving up everything and adjusting to their beats. It was also thought that it was the result of all kinds of mental torture while being detained by Vittura.

King Seong got off the carriage and greeted them.

“Yes, children of Ayula. How painful it was to find me. Tell me your story.”

The intruders raised their bowed heads.

“Your Majesty, we are…….”

Soon, the new people will raise their heads and take off their robes.

Traces of biological experiments were left, revealing the hideous body.

“Oh, my God, what the hell is that?”


The onlookers who saw the terrible sight of the new people exclaimed and screamed.

Only then did the fake King Sung realize something was wrong, and Laney bit his lower lip and turned his eyes away.

Far away, in front of the guards, Bittura looking at him with a calm face.

Thirty golden shield knights surrounding the carriage also clenched their teeth and looked at Bittura.

“We were forcibly taken to the lab and became this kind of skeleton…….”

“Who… …who made you this way?”

a phony king who tries to keep calm It was a complete disaster for him to show embarrassment at the moment.

The new people replied:

“Vitura, the general manager of the genitalia. He sold us to the lab of the Jipple! They made us do this!”

“Shut up!”


Bittura, who searches and yells.

Laney managed to hold back her tears, unable to take her eyes off him.

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