Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 245


There was a piercing sound of a man’s throat being cut. And Tuk, Vittura’s neck fell to the floor.

Lani was still standing with her head down, just as she wielded the sword.

A second at most, or half that. However, the short time after finishing the move felt like forever for Lanny.

‘Ah…… Lord Vittura.’

I hoped that the eternity would not pass.

I hoped everything would stop as it is.

From now on, she should mourn not because of the man who burned himself for the children of Ayula, but because he was an ugly puppet of Zipple.


The hot blood from Bittura’s neck soaked her face. A few drops splashed in the pupils. Blood and tears streamed through the folded eyelids.


Lani shouts in a split voice and looks at the fake King Seong.

But her father, perhaps in the arms of Ayula, was directed at Michaelan, the real king of the castle.

“Father, father! No way. You can’t do this. Dad, what’s wrong with you?…!”

Lani threw herself and hugged the fake King of St. Immediately performed divine healing magic, but the hole in the fake King Seong’s neck was not an area that could be helped by human ability.

Bithura is certainly finished. The crown of the phony Seongwang’s dormant volcano, which fell to the ground, was soaked in blood.

amid the rumbling sound of iron and iron colliding, the shouts and screams of sex knights, and the sighs of those who are soaked in anxiety spread dizzily.

Laney’s desperate cry was rising.

Loyal, treacherous, and divine. Everybody had an ominous intuition in Laney’s voice.

The death was shocking to those who knew and did not know that King Seong was a fake.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty has fallen!”

“General Vittura Beltter, you……!”

“The saints, heal Your Majesty at once!”

Finding the saints was one of the leaders of the Dawn. The reason why the fake King Seong shouted even though he knew he was dead was because the saints in the procession were also dogs of Jipple.

Now that Vittura and the fake King Seong had died, there was only one thing left for the loyal dogs of Jipple.

They had to somehow secure survivors of the biogolem experiment.

We have to deal with the worst evidence to hold back the Zipple so that we can be free from responsibility for the subsequent assassination of King Seong.

Now that King Seong died in front of everyone, Zipple would certainly protect only those who made certain contributions.

“Get out of the way! We have to look at Your Majesty!”

The saints in the rear procession of the carriage began to enter the battlefield. However, the confusion was aggravated as the number of people who witnessed the death of the fake King Seong began to soar.

In front of Rani, sex knights from the Golden Shield Society and the Gyori Suho Daemyung Conference continued to battle.

“Female meeting! Capture all heretics alive!”

It was then that Laney finished the sobbing production with a fake King Seong in his arms.

“The Golden Barrier! You must not hand them over to the hands of the Dawn. There must be a reason why Vittura and Dawn tried to kill them even as they rebelled!”

“Rani Salome, did you say treason! Your Majesty was in trouble because you failed to keep it. Who are you calling out as traitors, you rip and kill!”

“Follow the words of Rani Salome, the sex knights of the Golden Barrier. Stop the weightlifters! Protect the new people near Laney!”

The loyal subjects of the Golden Shield Society have lined up the ranks. As the characters Bittura chose and chose, solidarity was shining in the midst of a terrible struggle.

“Golden shields, look carefully. Weightlifting is what you do. Apart from the believers, shouldn’t we at least open the way for the saints to look at His Majesty? Your Majesty may still be alive. If you die, you’ll be…….”

“Your Majesty has died under the dagger of Bithura Beltter, and your men who have obeyed his orders will pay for his death.”

“Hit it!”

Despite its numerical inferiority, the Golden Bangpaehoe was overwhelming the Gyuri Suho Daemyunghoe.

But the nervous side was the golden shield.


From the outside of the square, the ground was heard.

Knights wearing heavy gloves are running on horseback. The situation was so extreme that it was natural, and all of them were the servants of the Zipple.


Murakan, who was mixed in the crowd, whispered Jean.


‘If you don’t think the religious side can hold out, should we come forward? If he goes wrong, not only will I repay his kindness, but the sacrifices of Bittura will be ruined.’

‘It won’t happen.’

How can a religious man stop them?’

‘You can’t stop it. If there’s no one left to help Laney in the Holy Land.’

As soon as Qin answered, the sex knights and soldiers of another Gyory-Souveau Dawn meeting arrived.

At first glance, there were more than a hundred sex knights, and the procession of soldiers for civil control was never short.

“Bring weightlifters to death, capture Lani Salome and the heretics alive!”

When the newly arrived captain shouted like that, the sex knights made a breakthrough in perfect order, and the soldiers pushed the people away with their spears.

‘But even the people don’t understand this situation. Even in the eyes of fools, it’s definitely the Gyuri Guardian Dawn that’s causing rebellion.’

If only there was a confrontation between the Gyory-Safe Dawn Society and the Golden Barrier Reef.

It was crucial that Vittura killed the fake King Seong.

“We must protect your daughter!”

“Not Lord Lani! Your Majesty, what are you going to do, Lord Laney? You dirty front-runners of the Jeeple……! Aren’t you ashamed of Ahula!”

“Block it, body block it with your body!”

Suddenly the new people in the square began to rush into the battlefield.

She was a daughter of King Seong, who has always been loved by the people. In the eyes of the new people, Dawn was the one who killed the father in front of his daughter on the day of the festival.

In addition, Lani and the Golden Shield Society have shown only common sense and convincing behavior throughout the day.

The Dawn Society was only seen openly trying to capture the survivors. He even said that he would cure King Seong, who is clearly dead, and that he should open the way.

It is true that Zipple and Kinselo have taken complete control of the Holy Land’s leadership, but they do not control all the people. With their alliance broken, the time to democratize the people has been delayed.

I must draw sympathy from the people.

I’ll be a real bad guy.

The conversation between Jin and Bittura last night.

Jin does not know, but in his previous life, the socialization of the people had already ended at this time. So no one was interested in Lani, who became a man.

Lani and Bittura had given up the Holy Land, tired of the lonely fight, and had disappeared without a sound.

But now history has changed because of Qin. with the conditions fully met to reveal the truth

“What are you doing? You don’t know what a felony it is to surround the heretic, get out of the way! Rain, I’m warning you to move……!”

The face of Captain Yeo Myung-hoe, who was shouting vigorously, gradually distorted.

It was because there were not a few people who were blocking the sex knights of the Dawn Society who came to support.

All the people who filled the square were throwing themselves for Laney. The soldiers who were pushing the bars were rather being pushed out, and the sex knights repeated the same words without doing this or that.


If it had been a day other than the Kangnimje Festival, it would have moved forward even with the blood of innocent people.

But if they do so now, they will have to face more headwinds than surviving and testifying.

There were more than one or two eyes to see.

It included the eyes of hundreds of journalists from all over the world. It was literally crazy to slaughter one’s own people in front of them in this situation.

Even with a zipple on his back, he can’t handle it.

“Lord Rani, golden shield! We’re here!”

“Don’t worry and face it, protect the children who were taken to Zipple’s laboratory!”

“Ayula will judge your men……!”

There is nothing more frightening than an angry crowd in the world. The sex knights of the Gyuri Guardian Dawn were unable to approach recklessly and were looking around.

Laney no longer shed tears.

There was a clear bloodstained tear around her eyes. Soon her gaze, which had stolen it, touched Bittura’s neck on the floor.

Bittura had a faint smile.

In the midst of countless voices and noises disturbing the square, Laney knelt down next to the fake king.

Death leads to rest, who served on heavy, dark ground. The soul will be free from the wide arms of Ayula, and all the pain of the past will be good jokes and delight you…….

It was a whispering prayer.

But it was like the wind blowing. As the leaves of grass lay in the wind, the people who were shouting sat down one by one and closed their eyes.

“The pain of the past will all be good jokes and please you…….”

“Those leftovers will be the ingredients of the morning, and those who share them will also be the same as you…….”

None of the believers knew the prayer.

It was a rare sight. Even the outsiders were so impressed with the prayer that they closed their eyes, or bowed their heads and were paying their respects.

The Knights of the Golden Shield Society also hid their weapons and knelt down. Even the sex knights of Yeo Myung-hoe, who were quick to read their minds, participated in the prayer.

No one would believe there was a battle just now unless it was a piece of metal and a drop of blood that fell on the floor.

Toward the end of the prayer, a man crept up to Jean’s side.


‘You’re here, Dino.’

Dino Zaglan.

A man now apparently called a great young journalist in the media world. As soon as he was called by Jean, he ran to the Holy Land and was preparing for the article.

‘Mercial Scylla’s record is ready to be published. We focused on the similarities and links to the tragedy of Colon, and focused on the real damage of the Holy Land.’

‘Great work. What’s the hole where the zipple will get out?’

‘No, there’s too much evidence to cut off some of the tails that can be used as direct intervention by the leadership of the Zipple. As Confucius said, the biggest thing is that Kinselo has the identity of Carl Zipple.’

Dino smiled and said back.

‘Maybe this will bring an end to the era when Gipple is called Sun Quan.’

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