Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 572

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Episode 572

You have to solve it like an adult.

Outskirts of destruction.

Crimson eyes rolled their eyes and looked outside as they forcibly opened the black door with four black fingers.


“What have you done?!”

After understanding the situation outside, Doom became very angry towards Jormungand and Hydra.

It was inevitable that there were only two Apostles of Doom, and the remaining forces consisted of one Ogre and two planet-destroying turtles.

“I will kill you!”

Quad deuk.

Destruction, who lost his temper in anger, thrust his hand up to his forearm towards the Black Moon and stretched out his hand towards Jormungand and Hydra.

To capture and kill Jormungand and Hydra.

However, the Black Moon, which was already wide open, did not open easily, and on the contrary, the arms of destruction were thick, so it was not easy to move forward.

“Ugh! “I will kill you!”

While Doom, who had lost his mind, pushed his arm beyond the Black Moon

… Jormungand


Hydra could do nothing but tremble. My head went blank and I couldn’t even think of running away.

The two finally understood the position of their prey and why they did not run away from them.

Beings oppressed by overwhelming power and fear were helpless.

The huge and ugly black hand of destruction approaches Jormungand and Hydra, who were quietly waiting for destruction.

When the hand got close to just 5 meters in front of them,

it stopped.

The hand of destruction has stopped. no. I couldn’t go any further.

There was a limit to the size of the Black Moon, so no matter how hard I pushed my arm into it, it was useless.

I was very fortunate. A short distance of 5 meters saved Jormungand and Hydra.

Quad deuk.

Doom pulling out his arm again.

“It’s your last chance.”

Meanwhile, Doom, who had found reason, walked away from the Black Moon and left a word, and the Black Moon soon closed.

“Whew. “I lived.”

Hydra sighs in relief.


it was hot.

Jormungand opened his mouth wide and bit down on five of the Hydra’s heads.


Surely not?

The four remaining heads of Hydra look at Jormungand with a puzzled expression.


“I’m sorry Hydra. “I have to survive as well.”

“hey! “This…”

Damn it.

Jormungand opened his mouth even wider and swallowed the remaining heads of the rebellious Hydra.

Jormungand, the snake that swallows the world.

He had the power of ‘infinite appetite’, which allowed him to swallow anything and use the power of the swallowed things as his own.

In addition, , which increases the effect by 5 times if you eat the same side.

Until now, I had endured the fear of being killed by my comrades or destruction if I took the same side, but now was not the time to worry about that.

After a while.


Jormungand completely swallowed not only the head of the Hydra, but its entire body.

“It should have been like this a long time ago.”

Jormungand, who had swallowed the Hydra, flicked his tongue and looked satisfied with the power absorbed from the Hydra’s body.


“Wait just a moment. “I’ll finish everything.”

He laughed bitterly as he looked at the level 10 world that the Creator God had thrown as bait in front of him.


Brown Tower, 34th floor.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Let’s go back to the treasure trove!”


Ganeth takes the lead in Theo’s words.

Scary yellow devil. It’s clear they’ve calculated everything, including my running away.

Inside, he was trembling in fear of Theo, who knew in advance that he would come and had dug a trap(?) and was waiting for him.

As we got closer to the Brown Devils hideout,

“Where did you go?!” “Hurry up and catch the kitten who stole the treasure!”

A shout was heard from the hideout.

Rugal, the boss of the Brown Devils, was furious that the treasure trove had been robbed and was harassing his subordinates.


“Nyan?!” “Did you just call the great Chairman Hyde Park’s right-hand man, Vice Chairman Nate, a kitten?!”


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Are you ignoring our Chairman Park?!


Rugal was forced into silence after being stabbed in the back by Theo, who got angry at a strange point.

While Rugal fainted,

“Kueng, let’s collect the treasure.”


[I understand!]

Kueng, who received Sejun’s instructions, moved the treasures from the treasure warehouse to the subspace warehouse using telekinesis and said,

“Ganeth, but can I freely use the word ‘brown’ for the brown tower here?”

Sejun asked Ganes something he was curious about.

This is because, as far as I know, great dragons are very sensitive to modifiers such as ‘black’ and ‘white’ that are added to their name.

“ah. “That’s…”

Ganeth begins to explain.

According to Ganeth’s explanation, 1,000 years ago, a great brown dragon joined a group called the Hot Warriors while playing.

The great brown dragon said that he liked the game with them so much that when he left, he revealed his identity and called himself ‘Brown.’ I was given the honor of being able to use modifiers five times.

That’s how the hot brown warriors were born.

They said they could not use the glory given by the great brown dragon carelessly, so they never used the remaining four glory for 900 years.

However, when the existing leader died and his son Rekron became the new leader, the Hot Brown Warriors deteriorated.

Rekron filled the group with his own people by framing or secretly eliminating fighters who opposed his opinions, and

by the time the existing members noticed something strange, it was already too late.

Recron, who took complete control of the organization, created a sub-group called Brown Assassins, Brown Devils, and Brown Outlaws to make money.

And the lower-level organizations committed all kinds of evil acts and extorted money.

Just because they were labeled ‘brown’, they were powerful wherever they went.

“Then what did you use it for the last time?”

According to the current explanation, the modifier ‘brown’ was used only four times, so Sejun asked about the last time.

“The last ‘brown’ modifier was reported to have received a huge sum of money by selling it to the Brown Hyena tribe, now the Brown Hyena tribe.”

“I see. But why does Ganeth know the internal situation so well?”

“Actually, my father was the vice-captain of the Hot Brown Warriors, but he died in disgrace because of Rekron. So for revenge….”

Ganeth told his situation.

Ganeth had infiltrated the Brown Outlaws and was gathering evidence to prove his father’s innocence.

“But are you okay?”

As they spoke, Ganes, who was worried about the future of his assets, asked Sejun if there was any solution.

No matter how strong the yellow demon is, it is not comparable to the great dragon.


“…Don’t you know what it means to use the term ‘brown’ in the tower?”

When Sejun asked with a clueless expression, Ganeth asked with a serious expression.

“What… will the dragon move if I touch it?”

“yes. “You will incur the wrath of the great brown dragon.”


So it’s like there’s a brown dragon behind them?

‘But did you touch me?’


Sejun actually liked Ganeth’s answer.

Can I get some scales and claws as compensation?

Rather, this was an incident that gave Sejun justification.

The kids with the ‘brown’ epithet from the great brown dragon messed with me!

If you inform the Saryu Association like this, the situation will be over.


“I am an adult who can do well on my own. “You have to solve it like an adult.”

Sejun decided to resolve the matter amicably on his own.

“Come out here.”

So, I first called Brown Tower Farmer Oric.

After a while.

“Kelkelkel. “Did you call Sejun?”

Red Goblin Oric, who had been called by Sejun, came running with a cunning laugh.

“Tell this to Aurick Grave. “I got into a fight with the Hot Brown Warriors. How are you going to compensate me?”

“yes?! How dare the ‘Hot Brown Warriors’ touch Sejun?!”

Kelkelkel. Good.

Oric laughed evilly after hearing Sejun’s words.

Even so, Grave Renma, the leader of the great brown dragons, was very uncomfortable because of the hot brown warriors.

The reason is that it was Grave’s son who gave the hot warriors the honor of using the ‘brown’ modifier.

Even when Rekron was yelling at him from the tower, Grave was unable to directly touch him because of his son’s ‘brown’ descriptor.

It was careless, but it was the great dragon’s promise, and it was impossible to break it carelessly.

But what if the ‘Hot Brown Warriors’ touch the being with the bones of the great dragon?

This has a justification for beings with dragon bones. Although modifiers are important, they cannot be compared to dragon bones.

In other words, Sejun had the power over the life and death of the ‘Hot Brown Warriors’.

When Oric reported to Grave what he heard from Sejun,

“Grave, the great brown dragon, said he would send 5,000 scales and 100 kg of claws as compensation. And Sejun said you can do whatever you want with the Hot Brown Warriors.”

Grave’s verdict has come.

“Hehehe. okay? Orrick, then you go and catch the leader of the Hot Brown Warriors.”

“Kelkelkel. yes As you commanded, I will beat you like a dog and bring you back!”

Oric subtly mixes his own wishes with Sejun’s orders. In the meantime, Oric had a lot to accumulate from Rekron.


Sejun turned a blind eye to Orrick’s wishes.


What happened when

Oric, who received Sejun’s instructions, smiled cunningly and left ?

Ganeth, who was watching from the side, was confused.

With a few words from Sejun, the great brown dragon gave scales and claws as a reward, and the hot brown warriors became criminals.

This one was a devil too. black devil.

When Ganeth looked at Sejun and was trembling with fear, he asked,

“But Garness, where should I go to do business on the 34th floor of the tower?”

Sejun asked Ganeth for information on the 34th floor of the tower. Treasure is treasure, and if you want to continue making money afterward, you have to do business.

“Um…there is a village called ‘Wegil’ to the west, and it is the most commercial place on the 34th floor of the tower.”

“Wegil Village.”

When Sejun remembers the village name, he says,

“Ah. And when you go to Wegil Village, the red bottom is like quicksand, so don’t cross it and go back.”

Ganeth warned us about quicksand on the way.

Then it snapped.


Theo’s ears, which were hanging on Sejun’s lap and licking his front paws and grooming him, suddenly perked up against his will.

“Ganeth, say it again!”

Theo, who felt something, urged Ganeth and said,

“Huh?! Again? uh. So…when you go to Wegil Village, you will see quicksand….”

Ganeth repeats what he said.


This time, Theo’s ears were erected again against Theo’s will.


fuhuhuu. It’s a similar feeling to attraction!

Theo realized what this was.

A new radar has been created that listens to information from Theo and responds to hints about places of attraction.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Chairman Park has to go to the quicksand!”



“That’s right! “Every time I hear the word quicksand, my ears react!”


Sejun believes Theo’s words unconditionally.

no. I will never believe that your face is rotten!

Sejun believes almost everything.

After digging up the treasure warehouse and the small treasure warehouse that Ganes taught me about, I moved towards Wegil Village, where there is quicksand.

“It’s here.”

Sejun said while looking at the big and small red floors.



I picked up a nearby stone and threw it on the red floor,

and it slithered.

A stone that sinks slowly.

The quicksand was definitely right.


“Fuhuhuhu.” “The great hybrid Chairman Park is dragging my front foot!”

Theo’s front paws were also being dragged downward.

After a while.


[I found my dad!]


The 100-meter-tall Kueng dug out the quicksand with its huge paws and took out a gray tombstone and placed it on the ground.

[The monument of the Creator God.]

The monument of the Creator God buried in the Brown Tower was finally revealed.

“Thank you for your hard work finding the tombstone! “Vice President Te did a great job figuring this out too!”

“Fuhuhuhu. Andanyan! “I did a good job!”


When Sejun praises Theo and Kkueng for finding the tombstone of the Creator God,


[Butler! Me?!]

A black dog barking fiercely at you to praise him too.

“okay. “Kamang is pretty because he eats well and sleeps well.”

Sejun found his own points of praise and praised Kkamangi, who had nothing in particular to praise,

and hehehe.

Kamangi was very happy.


kihihihi. whine?! whine!

[Hehe. Guys, did you listen to what the butler said?! From now on, eat better and sleep better!]







It was a family that decided to become more lazy.


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