Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 571

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Episode 571

The yellow devil goes!

The 99th floor of the Black Tower.

[You are a field Lv. 9 is activated.]

[The Devourer of Destruction seed was planted in the body of Delia, the 8th Apostle of Destruction and demon of corruption.]



Today too, Sejun starts his morning routine by planting the Devourer of Doom seed in Delia’s body at the subspace warehouse.

“good. “I planted everything.”

As soon as Sejun finished planting the Devourer of Destruction seeds, he harvested the crops planted on Delia’s body.


[I harvested the citron.]

[You are the field Lv. 9 activates and deals additional damage.]

[You are a field Lv. 9 is activated and the stats of Delia, the 8th Apostle of Destruction and the demon of corruption, are harvested.]

[Strength 40, stamina 40, agility 25, and magic power 45 increase.]

From the first harvest, stat harvesting exploded.

“oh! “It’s a good start.”

Thanks to this, Sejun was in a good mood, so he harvested crops harder than usual and was able to harvest stats three more times in three hours.

“good. “Let’s do it one more time to make it 5.”

Sejun shows enthusiasm and

flutters as he harvests the crops again.

Anton’s black dragon statue flew quietly.


-brother-in-law, please come out. over.

Ace quietly tries to make contact.

“My brother-in-law came out. Did your brother-in-law sleep well? over.”

-Ace slept well. over.

“What are you going to do today? over.”

-I’m going to sleep again after eating. over.

As a young dragon who was just a month old, Ace had a very desirable lifestyle of eating, sleeping, eating, and sleeping.

“Brother-in-law, what do you want for lunch today? over.”

-Ace wants to eat Yonggari chicken. over.

“I get it. Well, today’s lunch is Yonggari chicken. over.”

-Fuhihihi. Brother-in-law is the best! over.

“Hehe. I know. As a brother-in-law, know that you will meet your sister well and have a good time. over.”

-…I think my brother-in-law is right. On behalf of my family, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for taking my sister with me. over.

Ace suddenly responded seriously to Sejun’s words.

“I’m going to tell my sister. over.”

-Brother-in-law, you can’t do that! Phew. sorry!

When Ace was told that Eileen was really scared, he forgot to say ‘over’ and cried, clinging to Sejun’s leg.

“Brother-in-law, it’s a joke. We will keep this as our secret. over.”

-Phew. Fuhihihi. Thank you brother-in-law. over.

After reassuring Ace, Sejun went to the kitchen and started making Yonggari chicken with slime meat. Sniffing while Sejun was cooking.

Kihihihi. Bwain?!

[Hehe. Butler, is it time to eat?!]

Black, who was sleeping loosely in a sling bag, smelled the oil and got excited.

“okay. So, wait quietly.”





With Sharia.




The Black Family quietly watches Sejun cook after hearing his words.

After a while.

“Brother-in-law here. Take it and eat it with your parents. over.”

-Fuhihihi. Brother-in-law, I am always grateful. over.

Sejun handed Ace a plate of Yonggari chicken.

After Ace left and some time passed,

Kueng! Kueng!

[Daddy Kueng is here! You can get herbs here!]

Kueng returned from the herb field and handed Sejun three arrowroots with green potential.

“thank you. Sit down quickly. “Let’s have lunch.”

Sejun pats Kueng’s head and then



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A plate of Yonggari chicken was placed in front of Kuengi and Kamangi.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. It’s rice!]

Salty, salty, salty.

The Kamangi family eagerly eats Yonggari chicken.



[Dad doesn’t eat?]

Kueng asked Sejun without eating right away. Because there was no food in front of Sejun.

“Eat first. “Dad, I want to eat with Theo when he comes.”

Sejun planned to wait and eat with Theo later so that he wouldn’t eat alone.


[Then Kuengi eats just one Yonggari chicken and waits with his dad!]

At Sejun’s words, Kuengi took a bite of a piece of Yonggari chicken with a fork, put it in his mouth, and put the fork down.


[Then me too!]

Blacky too belatedly tried to wait for Theo,

but what!? When did you eat it all?!

Kamangi’s rice bowl was very shiny.

In the meantime, I ate everything.


Oh my gosh.





After eating so much, the Black Family fell asleep while waiting for Theo and

started gurgling.

Kueng’s boat kept sending signals asking for food.


[Kueng eats just one more piece.]

Kueng, unable to hold back his hunger, picked up a Yonggari chicken and put it in his mouth.

“Why aren’t you coming?”

Theo comes home later than usual.

Something’s going on, right?

I was a little worried, but Theo was not a cat that would get hit if he went somewhere.

Should I go find out what Theo is doing?

Since there is a land document on the 34th floor of the Brown Tower, Sejun thinks about going to find Theo himself.

No matter how far away Theo was, he never thought that the paths would cross to find him.

“Kueng, eat that first.”


“You need to have energy to go find Theo.”

Sejun gave Kueng an excuse so that he could eat comfortably,

and Kueng!

[I understand!]

Kueng, who was hungry, quickly filled his stomach by eating several pieces of Yonggari chicken on his fork at Sejun’s words.

When Kkueng ate all of the Yonggari chicken, he said,

“Guys, stay in.”

Sejun puts Kuengi and Kamangi family into the sub-space warehouse and


I opened the land document and went to the 34th floor of the brown tower.


Brown Tower, 34th floor.

“Fuhuhuhu. Ganeth, now guide me to the treasure trove!”

“yes! “It’s over there!”

Ganeth, the boss of the brown outlaw who stamped Theo and became a full-time employee of Sejun Company, personally guided Theo to the treasure trove.



There were only a few rusty swords wandering around inside the treasure trove.

“Are you kidding me? “Why is there no treasure in the treasure trove?!”

If this happens, I can’t go back to Chairman Park!

Theo, who had been shouting to Sejun that he would make a lot of money, frowned and said to Ganes,

“Well…I recently paid the debt back…if you give me a little time, I will fill up the warehouse as much as possible!”

Ganeth quickly answered.

“No way! There’s no time! “Where did you repay it?!”

“It’s a group called the Brown Devils in the north.”

“Guide me!”

“yes! Let’s go!”

At Theo’s words, Ganeth led Theo to the Brown Devils’ hideout in an excited voice, as if he had been waiting.

The Brown Devils are a group that has no opponents below the 40th floor of the tower, so much so that they even have the boss on the 34th floor of the tower as their subordinate.

However, even the Brown Devils couldn’t instantly suppress the remaining 300 people like Theo did just a moment ago.

Brown devils, just wait a moment. The yellow devil goes!

Unlike when he usually visited the Brown Devils’ hideout, Ganeth moved north with a bright face and quick steps.

After a while.



As Ganeth expected, Theo immediately knocked out Rugal, the boss of the Brown Devils, and his subordinates, then

held on.


When Theo finished stamping, he said,

“Fuhuhu. Wake up quickly and guide me to the treasure trove!”

Slap. Slap. Slap.

Theo grabs the unconscious Rugal by the collar and slaps him.

Also a yellow devil.

“Theo, I know the location of the treasure trove.”

Ganeth opened his mouth to score points with Theo. When repaying, I always moved the items to the treasure warehouse, so I knew the location.

“Fuhuhuhu. Good! “Hurry and guide me!”


The Brown Devils’ treasure trove arrived that way. This time, it was so full of treasures that it could easily be called a treasure trove.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Good!”

When Theo worked hard to put the treasures in his luggage,


I can feel the strength of the knees of the great hybrid Chairman Park nearby!

Theo’s knee detector for Sejun detected Sejun.


Chairman Park must have come looking for me!


Theo was happy and used Nyannyangbo to move to where Sejun was.

“Theo, if you go over there, there’s a small treasure trove…huh?!”

Where did you go?!

Ganeth, who was suddenly left alone, was greatly embarrassed.

If Rugal’s men wake up now that Theo is gone, they will find themselves dead.

Yellow devil! Come back!

Ganeth desperately looked for Theo.


[Arrived at the 34th floor of the Brown Tower.]

Sejun arrived at the Brown Tower.

Where is Theo?

When Sejun concentrates and tries to find Theo’s location…?

Suddenly, something soft covered my face and my vision darkened.

A familiar smell and softness felt at the same time.


“Fuhuhuhu.” “Chairman Park, you came because you missed me?!”

A familiar voice.

It was Theo.



Sejun grabbed Theo by the back of his neck and pulled it away from his face,

“Do you want to see it?! “I came here to find something delicious to eat alone.”

I grumbled for no reason. I was somewhat embarrassed to tell him that I was waiting for him to have lunch with me, but he didn’t show up and I came looking for him.

“I didn’t eat delicious food alone! “I, Vice President Te, say that Chairman Park’s grilled fish and churro are the most delicious in the world!”

Theo zealously claims his innocence in response to Sejun’s words.

“Hehehe. “Or else.”

Sejun, who felt good about Theo’s words, strokes Theo’s head and

asks, “What kind of farm is this?”

I looked around. It was a wasteland with nothing in it.

Then it

hit me.



Kuengi and Kamangi family jumped out of the subspace warehouse and clung to Sejun’s body.

The Sejun family became complete like that.

[Quest occurs.]

[Quest: Normalize the farm by increasing land power and plant 10,000 tangerine seeds on the farm.]

Reward: Recognized as the rightful owner of the tangerine farm on the 34th floor of the Brown Tower .

At the same time, land document quest in front of Sejun . A message appeared.


If it’s a tangerine seed, it’s in the subspace warehouse.

To be exact, there were tangerines, not seeds. Well, there are seeds inside tangerines, so that’s it.

Well then, let’s start by increasing our intelligence.

“Be abundant!”

“Be abundant!”

Sejun used his powers continuously to increase the intelligence of the land.

The stamina stat has increased significantly compared to before, and thanks to the super sunfish core, the vitality has increased significantly, so there is no burden to use the power without the mugwort juice potion.

in between.


Hehe. Hehe.

Kueng received Sejun’s instructions and happily peeled off the tangerine to secure the seeds.

[Hehe. Kueng, us too!]

Hehe. Hehe.

The Kamangi family also ate the tangerines that Kueng peeled next to them and spat out the seeds.

After a while.

“Fuhuhuhu. So, I hit the Brown Devils in the back and stamped them…”

[The land’s intelligence has been restored.]

[10,000 tangerine seeds have been planted.]

[Quest completed.]



As I worked while listening to what Theo was doing here, the land document quest was completed before I knew it.

“good. Now, let’s go get the treasure.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Good!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng?!

[Hehehe. We’re going on a treasure hunt again?!]

Hee hee hee hee hee

[hee hee. The great Kamangi will find everything!]

Perhaps they misunderstood Sejun and Theo’s words, Kuengi and Kamangi were excited because they thought they were going on a treasure hunt.

Well, in a big sense, it’s similar.

Sejun and his group were moving to the Brown Devils’ hideout.


“Catch it!”

A group of people quickly ran to where Sejun was.

“Help me!”

“If you catch Ganes, I won’t let you go!”

“How dare you betray our Brown Devils?!”

It was Ganeth being chased by the Brown Devils.

After Theo disappeared from the treasure trove,

this is what happened. I should take some treasure and retire.

Ganeth took some treasures to use as retirement funds and secretly left the Brown Devils’ hideout.


“Ganneth, why are you here?”

He was caught by members of the Brown Devils who were returning from an outside trip and was running away afterwards.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Don’t harass Sejun Company employees!”

Theo passed by Ganes in an instant and

was shaking.

The brown demons chasing Ganeth were stunned

and held.

All were made into five-year non-regular workers at Sejun Company. The deadline was short because they were targeting full-time employee Ganes.

[I have 50 slaves.]

[All stats increase by 0.5 due to the effect of .]

Hehehe. There will be no shortage of employees at the tangerine farm.

When Sejun is happy to see the number of employees increasing,

it’s a big hit.

The black door opened once again.


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