Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 573

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Episode 573

Don’t you feel sorry for our fireworks?

[Four Seasons – A pagoda farmer can become a pagoda farmer for multiple pagodas at the same time.]

“What is written?”

I need to hurry up and ask Eileen to interpret it.


When Sejun, who was curious about the contents of the Creator God’s tombstone, hurriedly tried to load the monument into the subspace warehouse,

[the manager of the Brown Tower said that a four-season pagoda farmer can become a pagoda farmer of multiple towers at the same time. It is said to be written on the tombstone.]

Grave Renma, the manager of the Brown Tower and the leader of the great brown dragons, spoke to Sejun while interpreting the contents of the creator god’s tombstone.


“Uh…really? ah! “Hello, Grave.”

Sejun, who tried to secretly take the monument to the God of Creation because he thought a thief would be paralyzed, gave a rambling answer in a confused voice.

[The manager of the Brown Tower says that you found the monument to the God of Creation, so he will not say anything if you take it.]

[The manager of the Brown Tower says that he has a favor to ask for you.]


Are you going to ask for a drink?”

When Sejun was thinking about what Grave would ask for

[The manager of the Brown Tower said that his request was to have our grandson Garlic move the monument of the Creator God to the Black Tower.]

Grave made a request that was completely different from what Sejun expected.

It was for the sake of my grandson, who had fallen asleep exhausted after crying all day, saying he would take it to Eileen to find the tombstone of the Creator God two days ago.

“all right. Instead, I also have a favor to ask. Please keep it a secret that I found this monument to the Creator God.”

In response to Grave’s request, Sejun also made a request. This is because Eileen can shout loudly if she doesn’t know that she found it.

Eileen will love it.

When he thought of Eileen, who would be happy to send him the tombstone of the God of Creation brought by Garlic, Sejun’s lips naturally drew a line and a happy smile bloomed.

[The manager of the brown tower says he understands.]

“Thank you.”

When a consensus was reached and an amicable agreement was reached,

“And since you are taking this tombstone bare-handed, I will give you 500 bottles of liquor and 50 black beans. “Is there a property stock you want?”

Sejun, who became more generous and relaxed, decided to compensate Grave for the tombstone.

[The manager of the Brown Tower says in a happy voice that he wants 250 bottles of Dolbaeju and 250 bottles of Arrowroot Liquor.]

“Yes. Here you go.”

Sejun sent alcohol, black beans, and the Tomb of Creation from the subspace warehouse to Grave.

[The manager of the Brown Tower says that it will take a while for Oric to arrive, so register the waypoint first.] [

The manager of the Brown Tower says that the time will be just right.]


After finishing the conversation with Grave,

[The waypoint on the 34th floor of the Brown Tower has been saved.]

When Sejun moved to the waypoint and finished registering, he said,

“Kelkelkel. “I brought you Sejun.”

As Grave said, Oric appeared with Rekron, the leader of the Hot Brown Warriors.

Rekron was a Sphynx cat with a hairless, flesh-colored body, but its face was particularly blue and swollen.

It seemed like he was probably hit by Oric, who had accumulated a lot from Rekron before coming.

“Choose Vice President Te.”

“Fuhuhuhu. I understand! Recron, from now on, don’t disgrace our great Hybrid Chairman Park by attacking him!”


Theo, who received Sejun’s instructions, admonished Rekron and stamped the Nine Dragons’ Employee Contract seal on his forehead.


Of course, since it was the opinion of a fanatic, even Sejun did not understand why it was a cat shame to attack him.

“From now on, the Hot Brown Warriors will be led by Ganeth, and Rekron is the youngest.”

When Sejun announced the personnel change,



Ganeth and Rekron are surprised. However, the reasons for surprise were very different.

This is because Ganeth soared from the bottom to the top and Rekron fell from the top to the bottom.

“Oric, help Ganeth until he properly leads the Hot Brown Warriors.”

“Kelkelkel. “Please just trust me, Oric!”

Oric smiles slyly at Sejun’s instructions.

It was a laugh that I didn’t trust at all, but Theo would come by every day to check, so I didn’t have to worry too much.

“Then let’s go back. return.”

Sejun set the dragon’s return bracelet to absolute coordinates and returned to the 99th floor of the Black Tower.


[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]



When Sejun returned home

[Sejun, why did you come so late?!]

I thought I was going to die.


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Podri extended its branches towards Sejun and welcomed him very warmly.

This is because whenever Sejun was away, Flame came to visit.


[Go ahead and eat!]

Podori spent 5 hours, which felt like an eternity, eating the special nutritional supplement given to her by Flame, who had made a surprise visit just moments ago.

“Grape, but why did your branches become so thick? “Are you eating something good by yourself these days?”


“Podori, you’re not like that. If you have something good, share it with the flame. “Don’t you feel sorry for our fireworks?”

[no. That is…]

I hope you can eat that good food by yourself!

Sejun, who doesn’t know how fast the grapes are, makes the sound of them turning inside out.

“ah. And I see there are sausages too. “Please take care of him too.”

He also said something helpful.

that’s right! There was sausage!

[Thank you, Sejun!]

When Podori waved the branch up and down to express her gratitude to Sejun, she asked,

“But where did the sausage tree go?”

Sejun realized that the sausage tree that was supposed to be where he had planted it had disappeared.

[Sejun, I will come find you!]


The grape vine hurriedly stretched out its roots and looked for the sausage.


boom, boom.

There was no need for that.

[Let me go! I can’t go back!]


[I brought it because Sejun’s tree was running away!]

Because King Uma caught the escaped sausage tree.

The sausage tree moved a little each day and left the farm to avoid getting ahead.


am I successful?!

The end was the path of forced success, like Podri, which he most wanted to avoid.

[Hehehe. Eat the sausage quickly.]


[Ugh. If I want to grow to the size of the world tree, I need to eat a lot. Hehehe.]

Are you giving it to me for this taste?

Podori is excited as she gives the sausage all the love she received from Flame.

Sejun didn’t know what was going on underneath the ground and asked,

“Shall we eat grilled sausages today?”

Sausages were harvested from sausage trees that had been replanted in their original locations.

At that time,

[the tower manager said he had obtained another monument to the God of Creation and asked excitedly what his abilities were.]

Eileen spoke up.

It looks like Garlic brought the creator god’s monument.

“Of course it’s the best! I thought she only had a pretty face, but her abilities are also amazing. After all, it’s Eileen, the dragon with the greatest ability in the universe!”

In response to Eileen’s question, Sejun reacted beyond his ability and made a fuss.

[The tower manager says with a confident expression and a proud voice that it is not to that extent because there are dragons that are superior to him.]


what? Words and actions are very different.

Sejun bursts out laughing at Eileen’s inconsistency in words and actions.


[…The tower manager said he was busy with work and would go.] When

Eileen found out about her true feelings to Sejun, she hurriedly delivered the Creator God’s monument and disappeared.

[An additional Creator God’s monument is placed around the temple. .]

[The divine power gained under the protection of the Creator God increases 12 times.]

“You did it again!”



The seed store headquarters was once again in chaos.


88th floor of the Blue Tower.

“How about Vice President Te?”

“Nyan…no nyan…Chairman Park, I’m sorry…”

To Sejun’s question, Theo, who had quickly explored the 88th floor of the tower, answered in a sullen voice.

“no. “It’s not Vice President Te’s fault that there is no monument to the Creator God here, so why are you sorry?”

Sejun comforted Theo and stroked Theo’s head.

Every time the Blue Tower Land Document was created, Sejun went to the Blue Tower and searched for the Creator God’s monument, but

even after using 20 Blue Tower Land Documents, he was still unable to find the Creator God’s monument.

“But it’s already been a month.”

Time really flies.

The events of a month passed quickly in Sejun’s mind.

Once the transcendental seeds Dragon Fruit and Star Green Seeds appeared in the seed shop, Sejun was able to meet Sejun No. 2 again, and

7 stars were lit in the sky, and his divinity increased by 7 due to the effect of .

What’s a little disappointing is that I couldn’t order Sejun No. 2 to cook this time.

The skill copied to Sejun No. 2 is effective Lv. 7 and Cleanliness Lv. Because it was 5.

So, Sejun No. 2 was entrusted with managing the brewery and cleaning the surrounding area.

And during this blue moon, I had a truly amazing experience.

When the blue moon appears,




The Wolgang Wolha Black Moonbok, which should be on the 55th floor of the tower, appeared on the 99th floor of the tower through a blue moon.

According to the rabbits, they prayed hard every day to the monument to Luna, the god of moonlight, that Sejun had set up

– and your prayers were heard. I can sense the thick scent of moonlight from you. I appoint you as the Moon Rabbits who protect the moon.

Luna appointed the three as moon rabbits and gave them a skill called ‘Blue Moon Jump’, which allows them to move to places where the blue moon appears.

“what?! “If you pray, you’ll get skills?!”

Luna, please give me skills too!

So Sejun also prayed hard at Luna’s monument after the blue moon, but

Luna had no answer, perhaps because her intentions were impure or because Sejun did not smell the strong scent of moonlight.

‘Sorry for asking. I’d like to appoint him too…but he’s not a dirty rabbit.’

In fact, Sejun was not a rabbit. Because the name is not Moon Rabbit for nothing.

In addition, for one month, the white and green towers met the growth conditions and were being reborn as white towers and green towers.

“But will it have become a white tower by today? “How much time is left until the completion of the White Tower of Ajax?”

Sejun, who was reminiscing about the events of the past month, called Ajax.

[An honorary employee of the White Tower says there is about an hour left.]

“Really? okay! “Then let’s have a celebration party today to commemorate becoming the White Tower!”

[The honorary employee of the White Tower says that he is very excited.]

[The honorary employee of the White Tower says that he will prepare a place for the party.]

“Yes. Vice President Te, let’s go back.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

Theo, who continued to feel good after being stroked by Sejun, answered in a bright voice.

When Sejun returns to the 99th floor of the Black Tower and cooks for the party celebrating the completion of the White Tower, he is in

the White Tower administrator’s area.

[The white tower’s growth has been completed.]

[The white tower’s function is activated.]

The white tower’s growth has finally been completed.


There are six below me!

Kelion laughs loudly as he sees the alarm in the crystal ball.

At that time,

[The white tower is connected to .]

[The white tower begins to protect .]

[120 white towers are installed in .]

The white tower is connected to . An alarm appeared saying that it was connected to >.


“Okay. “Digestion is almost complete.”

On the outskirts of destruction, Jormungand, who had absorbed about 90% of Hydra’s power, flicked his tongue at and ate it.


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