Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 548

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Episode 548

Theo, I was scared! He bullied me!

75th floor of the Black Tower.


[Dad, Kkueng is going to buy snacks!]


[Hehe. Butler, I’m going to buy snacks too! Take me too, brother!]

When they arrived at the store street, Kuengi and Kamangi family ran to the street vendor street and said,

“Let’s take a look first.”

Sejun took Theo and Fireworks to look around the store.

Then, when something comes up to buy,

“How much does this cost?”

“Top 10 coins.”

“Fighting fireworks!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Even fireworks can do it!”

[Sharpen…please shave!]

With the support of Sejun and Theo, Fireworks practiced cutting three times.

Although he would protect Flame(?), he never knew where he might get caught, so bargaining skills were essential.

Hehehe. It can be fun while doing it.

Fireworks felt a little awkward at first, but said,

“That’s right. “Our fireworks are good.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “You have a knack for fireworks!”

[Hehe. Really?!]

I quickly adapted thanks to the support of Sejun and Theo.

3 hours later.

“30 top coins.”

[Hehe. Boss, please give me a discount!]

“Then for 25 top coins.”

[no way. There are a few scratches here too. Please cut more!]

“Hehehe. Is that so? Then I’ll give it to you for 23 coins.”

[Hehe. While you’re at it, how about spending a little more to get to Top 20 Coins?]

“Hehehe. i get it. I give you a special discount because the sound of laughter makes me feel good. You can’t spread rumors elsewhere that I gave you a discount. Understand?”

[Hehe. Yes! Sejun and Brother Theo are also not allowed to go somewhere else and talk. Because the boss will be in trouble.]

The fireworks that slyly stuffs the zipper in his mouth and even stops Sejun and Theo from talking about it.

He was reborn as a professional bargainer.

On the other hand,


[I’ll give you a discount!]

Whip! Whip!

[Cut it down! If you don’t cut it, you won’t get up from here!]

Kuengi and Kamangi were becoming a professional duo on the streets of street vendors.

At that time,

“Mr. Kuengi, please catch that guy!”

Xerath, who was chasing the criminal, looked at Kuengi and shouted.


At Xerath’s shout, Kuengi used telekinesis to subdue the being passing in front of him and shouted,


The criminal struggled to escape Kuengi’s telekinetic powers, but it was no use.

“thank you. Here’s the bounty.”

Thanks to this, Xerath easily caught the culprit and gave Kueng the 500 Top Coins bounty on the culprit.


[Is this given to you by Kueng?!]



You can buy over 100 snacks with this!

Kkueng got excited when he saw the money in his hand and snickered!

[Hehe. brother! That’s me!]

Kkamangi was also excited.

Hehehe. If you catch the criminal, you can eat a lot of snacks!

Hehehe. It was easy to make money.

The two thought the same thing while eating snacks,

and kueng!

[Detective Kkunan is on the move!]


[Hehe. Detective Kapang will also help!]

The two started looking for the criminal.

“Why me?”

Xerath was also there. Someone was needed to give information about criminals.


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So the two searched for the suspicious smell and entered the expensive-looking accommodation.

And then


He naturally opened the door to the best room in the hotel as if it were his own and sat down at the dining table.

After a while.

“uh?! “I was going to call you anyway, but how did you find out?”

As Sejun brought out the dishes from the kitchen, Kkueng, Kkamang,


“Huh?!” “Xerath is here too?”

He said while looking at Xeras, who was dragged by the two and sat down.

It was Sejun who found a place to stay and cooked food for Eileen as well as food for the group to eat.

The menu is slime soybean paste and fried egg white rice.

“Hello, Sejun.”

What am I doing here?

Xerath thought as he hurriedly greeted Sejun.



Those doubts disappeared the moment I put a piece of salty soybean paste on white rice and put it in my mouth.

This is destiny!

Today, in order to eat this food, he woke up 10 minutes earlier than usual and ate an early breakfast. He

couldn’t eat lunch while arresting two criminals, and it was clear that he found the criminal on his way back and chased him.


While Xerath was eating like that,


[That’s why Kkueng caught him and received a bounty!]


[Hehe. Butler! My brother bought me food with the bounty!]

While eating, Kueng and Kamangi boasted to Sejun about what had happened a while ago.

“Good job.”

Sejun listens to the two’s story and

says that our fireworks should also try to catch the culprit.

I decided to experience catching criminals with Fireworks.

The famous detective Sherlock Sejun and the famous assistant Theotson.

Detective Kwanan, Detective Kapang.

Sejun decides on his own role.

“hmm. “What should I do with the fireworks?”

After thinking for a moment, he said,

“Buddha Day?”

Detective Bul Jeon-il.

“You’ll be okay, right?”

It was a name that seemed like it would cause a big accident, but since the members were members, I thought that wouldn’t happen.

Once the role was decided,

“Give me a Xerath case.”

“yes? “A case?”

“huh. With a high bounty. “We’ll figure it out.”

Sejun asked Xerath for a case with a high bounty.


“Then please give me this.” “This is a case with a bounty of 10 billion Top Coins, and the task is to catch an organization called Herongdan, which sells suspicious drugs in the Tower these days.”

Xeras, who was overworked with a lot of work these days, said he was right and handed over the most troublesome case to Sejun.

“Suspicious drug? okay. File a case. Hehehe. Detective Sherlock Sejun and his friends will solve it.”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “Everything will be solved when Detective Sherlock Sejun and Detective Sherlock Sejun’s famous assistant Theotson come forward!”

[Hehe. I’ll do my best to become Detective Sherlock Sejun’s subordinate, Detective Buljeonil!]


[Detective Conan, the son of Detective Sherlock Se-jun, will also help!]


[The great detective Kapang will also help the butler!]

So the greatest detectives in history set out to catch Helongdan.

It’s like carpet bombing a place that could be solved with a single grenade with nuclear missiles.

It was a disaster for Herongdan.

And the first thing they did was…

“Are you feeling the famous assistant Theotson?”

“Nyaan…I can’t feel it yet!”

It was a matter of eating a snack and waiting until Theo’s paws dragged.

A mysterious rhetorical technique that relies purely on luck and intuition.

After about an hour like that,

“Nyan!” “I feel drawn to Detective Sherlock Sejun!”

Theo shouted,

“Where are you?!”

Sejun picked up Theo and hurried outside.


A dark alley in a shopping street.

“Hey…just give me 10 Nar Helong candies.”

A red orc who didn’t seem to be in good condition said to the being wearing a black hood, urgently taking out money.


“I’m sorry. With that money, you can only buy one. “Starting today, Helong Candy has risen to 10 top coins each.”

Nar took the 10 Top Coins from the Red Orc’s hand and answered in a sarcastic voice.

“what?! “Yesterday it was 1 top coin for 1?!”

“I can’t help it either. If the boss wants to raise it, then raise it. For your information, starting tomorrow, the price of Helong Candy will be raised to 20 Top Coins each, so if you can afford it, buy it in advance today. “Kkkkkk.”

At Nar’s words, Red Oak spent all his money and bought three Helong candies.

We sold the candy that was delivered every few minutes.


“Detective Sherlock Sejun, that guy!”

Theo said, pointing to Gnar in the distance.

“good. Let’s fix it!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”



In response to Sejun’s words, Theo hits Nar in the back of the head and knocks him out.

Normally, they would have to follow the enemy and find their base, but for the Sejun Detectives, there was no need for that.

“Detective Kapang is here!”

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. I’ll let you play the great detective Kappang!]



Black Mang fell asleep after headbutting Nar.

After a while.

“Hi! I’ll tell you everything! Please don’t touch my soul!”

Gnar came to his senses and was ready to tell everything.

“I saw it.”

“It’s in the ger village on the 72nd floor of the tower. “It’s the biggest mansion in town, so you’ll recognize it right away!”

“What is the name of the leader of the Herong Troupe?”

“I know that too…”


When Nar couldn’t answer, the black cat immediately growled.


It was just a cute look to Sejun, but

he said, “Hey! It’s real! This is not information that a lowly person like me can know! Instead, I know the names of those who do business with me! ah! Now that I think about it, I’ve heard the name of the mid-boss! “I definitely said it was Cosette!”

The growling of the black cat made me panic and I desperately spit out what I knew.

Sejun got information from Nar like that.

I handed over Nar to Xerath and moved to the 72nd floor of the tower.


72nd floor of the Black Tower.


[What is this because of Yuren?!]

“I’m sorry….”

Piyote got angry at Yuren.

A few days ago, the two met a highwayman for the first time in a long time on their way to find the last sacred item of Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune.

Since it was nothing special for Piyo and Yuren, I tried to lightly subdue them and stamp them,

but Piyo?!

[What is this?!]

“I don’t know! Uhehe. But it feels good?!”

A problem arose when the robbers inhaled the black powder they sprayed.



There was no strength in my body, and for no reason I felt better and started laughing.


“Okay. I was completely drugged. “Get money quickly!”

The robbers began taking money from the arms of the two laughing.

If only the money had been taken like that, there would have been no problem…

“Uhehe. Look at this! “I can make gold like this.”

Things escalated when Yuren showed the robbers his ability to make gold.

When the two came to their senses, they were restrained by equipment that sealed magical power and were imprisoned.

Pyo! Pyo?!

[no! Why are you making gold there?!]

Yuren had nothing to say despite Piyot’s scolding.

Then it

hit me.

“You’re awake.”

A huge bull, the Yellow Minotaur, entered the prison carrying a basket full of stones.


“Make gold.” The target is Yuren.”

He handed Yuren a basket and told him to make gold.

Since there was only one pink pig that could make gold in the Black Tower, it was very easy to figure out Yuren’s identity.

“good. I’ll make it for you. Instead, release Piyo.”

Yuren put a condition on the idea of saving Piyot, but he said,

“Kkeukkkkk. Target: Yuren, do you think you are in a position to negotiate with me? You don’t have the right to do that. If I tell you to do it, you have to do it. “Here, the word of Bulka, the boss of Herongdan, is law.”

Bulka did not allow Yuren to place conditions.

“Instead, if you don’t make gold, I will pluck each feather from this bird and make it my dinner. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. ruler. Make gold quickly. The target is Yuren.”


When Yuren, who gave in to Bulka’s words, was trying to make gold,

Pyo?! Pyo!

[You want to eat me for dinner?! Eat it!]

Piyot! Piyot! Piyo!

[I am the right paw of the great black dragon’s subordinate, the deadly dragon claw hybrid golden cat Theo Park! I’m not begging for my life! And soon Theo will come to save me!]

The angry Piyot chirped fiercely.

“Kkkkkkkk. That little guy has some guts. Even if you are the golden cat Theo Park, it is impossible to find this place underground. I changed my mind. First, pull out all your feathers…”

When Bulka smiled and stretched out her hand towards Pyogi,

“Fuhuhuhu.” This way! “I can feel the attraction here!”



With Theo’s voice coming from beyond the wall, Kueng broke the wall and said,

“Huh?! “It’s Piyot and Yuren?”

Sejun appeared from beyond the wall with his companions.

“Woe…Golden Cat Theo Park?!”

Plus the tyrant Kuengi Park?!

‘How did you find out about this place?!’

Bulka was embarrassed when she found Theo and Kuengi.

At that time, Peueng!

Theo, I was scared! He bullied me!

Piyot burst into tears when he saw Theo who found him.

“Nyan?! “You hit my right front foot?!”



Theo immediately avenges Piyot by hitting Bulka on the back of the head.

“But who is the leader of the Herong group here?”

I asked Piyot and Yuren about the boss of Herongdan.



They both pointed at the fainted Bulka at the same time

and whined!

[Hehe. Detective Kapang is on the move!]


Kamangi headbutted Bulka and all of Herondan’s information was revealed.

[Xerath’s Incident Diary]

Herondan, an organization that distributes suspicious drugs to the tower

– With the help of the Sejun Detective Group, they arrested all 20,000 criminals, from Bulka, the boss of Herondan, to his liars, and achieved 100% arrest success!

-Total bounty of 15.3 billion Top Coins paid.

In this way, a major incident that had been troubling Xerath came to an end.


“How are you, Flame? Did you have fun playing detective?”


Fireworks smiled brightly at Sejun’s question, and it was fun.

Become a great detective and find the exciting criminal.

It was so much fun!

This time I learned what it was like to almost die from excitement.

“good. “Let’s use this momentum to find treasure this time.”

[Hehe! Are you looking for treasure this time?]


Sejun was on his way to the 62nd floor of the tower to find the last divine power of Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune, to help Yuren.

[Arrived at the 62nd floor of the Black Tower.]



So when Sejun arrived at the 62nd floor of the tower,



“Huh?! “Father Rabbit?”

Sejun found the father rabbit feeding the baby rabbits.


ahem! Did you see?! I’m pretending to know Sejun?

Father Rabbit was proud when he saw the baby rabbits.

Finally, the time has come to prove the dignity of Papa Rabbit.


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