Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 547

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Episode 547

Honestly, I sang it well…

[I dare you! How dare you!]


“Keuuk! In the words of the creator candidate…”

Hunt, the god of hunting, belatedly recognized the identity of Flame and shouted, but

boom! boom! boom!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fireworks scolds Hunt for interrupting his vacation until he loses his temper.

“It was definitely my fault!”

It wasn’t until Hunt got to his knees that he stopped his roots.


[Brother Theo]

called Theo in real life, who was licking his fur eagerly on Sejun’s lap.

“Nyan?! “Why are you calling me?”

[Give me that front paw.]


When Theo held out his front paw to Flame, he



Flame touched Theo’s paw with his leaf and asked,

“Where is this again?!”

Hunt looks around in the suddenly changed environment.

At that time,

“Fuhuhuhu. Welcome! “I need you to catch that super-giant Chairman Park!”


Theo, who was hanging on the lap of the super-giant Chairman Park, smiled evilly at Hunt.

Fireworks handed Hunt over to Theo’s mental world where the super-giant Chairman Park was.

After a while.


“Hold on tight to the giant Chairman Park! “You can’t miss it!”

After Theo captured Hunt, he left the spirit world.


“Fuhuhuhu.” Black and white tell me to put a stamp here! Instead, I will give you dried sweet potatoes!”

He handed over a permanent employee contract to Kamangi and had him stamp his feet. Next to the stamp of one’s feet on the shell.

In order to make a contract with God, the gap in rank must be reduced.


[Dried sweet potatoes?!]


Kamangi stamps his feet without any hesitation at the mention of dried sweet potatoes.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Bro, I stamped it! [Please give me dried sweet potatoes quickly!]

Theo barked, wagging his tail eagerly in front of Theo.

It seemed like Kkamangi didn’t know that putting a stamp anywhere would lead to big trouble.

This is because until now, there has never been a big person who has dared to commit fraud against Kkamangi.

Of course, there was a high probability that it would not happen in the future.

Even if there was one, it was possible to forcibly cancel the contract if it was a blackmail, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal if I just put my stamp on it and went ahead.

Plus, there are some scary guys now…


“Fuhuhu. “It’s here!”


Kamangi took the dried sweet potato that Theo gave him and said,

“Salty, salty, salty.”

I started eating excitedly and

said, “Fuhuhu.”

Theo returned to his mental world with a contract stamped by Kamangi.

“I’m putting a stamp here!”


Theo falls into the hands of Hunt, who is unable to move after being caught by the super-giant Chairman Park.

I received Hunt’s thumb stamp in the second half of the contract.

In this way, following Battler, Sejun Company’s second permanent full-time employee from Shin was born.

Hunt, the god of hunting, came to tame Theo but instead became Theo’s subordinate.

I can’t be the only one who dies!

“Theo, actually, all of this was ordered by Battler, the god of battle! Let’s call Battler and have him stamp it too! “I will help!”

“Nyan?! Battler has already been stamped!”

“yes?! Aren’t I the first?!”

“That’s right!”

damn! I’m angry!


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Hunt was somehow angry at Theo’s words.

I don’t know if it’s because Battler didn’t tell Theo that he got his stamp or because he stamped it later than Battler, but


Hunt, the god of hunting, felt resentful and swore revenge on Battler.


“Theo, actually, Battler…”

He told Theo everything about what Battler was going to do.

Without knowing that Sejun Company’s second employee from the gods was created,

[The Bow of the Tenacious Hunter]

is a sacred weapon created by Hunt, the god of hunting, by imbuing his power into a bow made from the bones and tendons of the game he hunted.

Even if you do not aim accurately at the target, the arrow will fly to the target. (The more magical power you inject, the more accurately it will fly to the target.)

Usage Restrictions: None

Creator: God of the Hunt Hunt

Grade: SSS

Skill: [Homing Wind Arrow (master)]

[Homing Wind Arrow (master)]

Shoots a Wind Arrow, an arrow made of wind, that tracks the enemy to the end three times a day.

Sejun checked the options of the bow he picked up.

“But why is Shinki on the floor?”

The unexpected appearance of a miracle.

Hehehe. It’s up to me to pick these things up.

Sejun didn’t care about the reason and said,

“I have to give this to Kyungcheol.”

He decided to give the spirit of Hunt, the god of hunting, to his classmate Oh Gyeong-cheol.

Hunt removed the restrictions on the use of sacred weapons in order to allow anyone to use them, but thanks to this, Gyeongcheol was able to equip a good bow.


Sejun put the bow in the subspace warehouse

and sighed.

[Golden rice seeds (+2) were planted in the magic-filled ground]



Rice was planted in the rice field again.

Not long ago, I used a drop of the elixir of strengthening made by Hamer, the god of farming, on rice seeds to create a level 2 golden rice seed, and

now the total stat that increases each time the ‘Rice is a Healthy Medicine’ effect is activated has increased from 150 to 200.

The reason why Sejun is suddenly working so hard on rice farming is because the dragons ordered a huge amount of attribute liquor.

What was unusual was that they not only ordered attribute stocks that matched their respective attributes, but also ordered many attributes that were opposite to their own.

At first, I ate it because it was delicious… but

when I returned to my tower at the meeting of the dragons, I realized that the magic of the opposite attribute balances the tower by canceling out my own energy.

Thanks to this, the property liquor that Sejun made a long time ago was sold out because all the dragons had bought it.

In addition, when the dragons found out about the effects of elementalism, Sejun went to Hamk and was away from the tower for a few days, so the dragons’ pre-orders piled up enormously.

So, they hurriedly had the Black Minotaurs make a rice field, and Sejun was planting rice.

The rice planting continued until the evening, and as the sun set,

“Let’s have dinner!”

Sejun called Kuengi and Kamangi who were helping him plant rice. Of course, Kkamangi would help even if there was no accident.

There was no need to call Theo because he was planting rice while hanging on Sejun’s lap. The sun shines all day long on Sejun’s straw hat.

On the way to the kitchen at the end of the day.

“Flame, are you okay?”

[yes! I feel energized after being with Sejun!] It

relieves stress a lot! i did it!

In response to Sejun’s question, Fireworks stretched out wide and answered.

After a while.

“Seobang Park, we’re here.”

“Brother-in-law Ace is here!”

Elizabeth and Ace entered the kitchen where Sejun was cooking.

“oh! wait a minute! “Absorb Vice President Te’s energy.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I got it!”

Sejun hurriedly had Theo absorb the energy of Elizabeth and Ace. Because fireworks are dangerous.

[Hehe. Thank you, Sejun.]

Fireworks were very happy after receiving Sejun’s sunfish care. I liked being able to be next to Sejun and receive attention.

At that time,

“You are a firework. “Nice to meet you. I am Elizabeth Prytani, the great black dragon.”

Elizabeth, who heard about the true nature of Flame from Kaiser and Anton, introduced herself first.

However, the dragons also thought of Flame as a tree of a slightly higher dimension than the World Tree, but did not think of it as the Creation Tree.

Although there is only one letter difference, the creation tree and the dimension tree are of completely different levels.

[hello! The flame is Park!]

The Flame also bowed his head and greeted politely. Elizabeth is Sejun’s mother-in-law. There were plenty of reasons to look good.


“Hello, flame. “I am Prythani, the great black dragon, Ace.”

Ace, who stuck his head out from behind Elizabeth, also timidly greeted her.

It seemed awkward as it was my first time seeing Fireworks.

“My brother-in-law gave me the name.”

Still, I didn’t forget to brag.

After the greetings were over, dinner time began and

“As expected, my brother-in-law’s cooking is the best!” “I want to live with my brother-in-law for the rest of my life!”

Ace said he would live with Sejun, but

[Top’s manager absolutely! He says no.]

[Top’s manager says Sejun must live with him.]

“Ugh! “I’m going to live with my brother-in-law too!”

I burst into tears at my older sister’s opposition.

“are you okay. You can live next door. So don’t cry.”

“Yeah…sniff. “Thank you, brother-in-law.”

After a pleasant dinner with a small incident, Elizabeth and Ace went back to sleep.

Elizabeth said that Ace needed sleep for recovery and growth.


“Ah. good night.”


Sejun sat on the bench and watched the night sky while drinking the coffee Kueng gave him.





The group also enjoyed the night sky together, sitting in the palm of the sling bag next to Sejun’s knee.


Sejun couldn’t help but hum as he was taken in by the beautiful night sky, the slightly cold air passing through his nose from the delicious coffee, and the good smell and warmth of his companions.


“Mean Meow Meow.”



Whip! Beep! Beep!

Everyone sang happily along with Sejun.



The representative of the mushroom ants approached with his antennae raised, as if he was dissatisfied with something.

“huh? “Why didn’t you go to sleep?”

When Sejun asked,

he said,

[It’s so noisy that I can’t sleep!]

The mushroom ant told the reason why he came.

Sejun and his companions suddenly disturb the sleep of the mushroom ants.

“ah. sorry. I’ll be quiet now. “Go ahead and sleep.”


When the mushroom ant returned

Sejun and the others quietly looked at the stars.

After a while.

“Honestly, I sang it well…”

Sejun opened his mouth, perhaps feeling a little unfair.


“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “The great hybrid Chairman Park and I sang it well!”

[Brother Theo, I cannot agree with that. Didn’t you hear me harmonizing with Sejun?]

Kueng! Kueng!

[No! Kkueng sang together with his dad!]

Kihihihi. Bleep! Beep!

[Hehe. It’s not! The person who sang the song about loving the house was the great Kkamangi!]

The companions said one word at a time.

Everyone said they sang together with Sejun, but in the end it just became noise.



[I wish Sejun didn’t sing…]

The main culprit of the noise was Sejun.

The night on the 99th floor of the Black Tower deepened while meaningless conversations were going on about who sang a song that suited the tone-deaf Sejun better,

hehe. happy.

Fireworks, happy even with such a conversation, entered the second day of his 10-day vacation.


The next morning.

-what?! no!

-Son-in-law, think again.

“okay. “Let’s think again, Mr. Park.”

“crying! Brother-in-law~! Don’t leave me! This time, I’m going too!”

The dragons are on alert.

“I’ll go down that tower and come back.”

This is because Sejun said that he would vacate the 99th floor of the tower again two days after returning.

Sejun was planning to show Fireworks to see other parts of the tower. Building good memories.

“Do not worry. “I have prepared all the food I will eat in advance, and I will prepare and send food to Eileen every day.”

-Hahaha. okay?

– Hmm. Come back.

“Be careful, West Park.”


At Sejun’s words, all the adult dragons turned in agreement, but said,

“Ugh~! “Brother-in-law, please take me too!”

It wasn’t just Ace. Ace said food was food, but he just wanted to play with Sejun.

“Ace, let’s go together later when he grows up. ruler. promise.”

“Sigh. Yes…promise. “I will eat hard and grow bigger.”

Ace eventually stopped crying after making a promise to Sejun by crossing his little fingers

– Sejun, if it’s dangerous, come back right away!

-Good luck son-in-law.

“Seob Park, take care of yourself.”

“Brother-in-law! “I will work hard to grow!!”

Sejun went down the tower while being seen off by the dragons.


[I arrived at the 75th floor of the Black Tower.]



The first place I went was a shopping street with a lot to see.


55th floor of the Black Tower.

“Grandpa, did Grandpa really teach Chairman Park how to farm?”

“Dung. I told you to call me principal here. And it’s real. How many times do I tell you that I taught Sejun how to farm? Have some faith now!”

“no way. lie. Chi-Chi also said that Grandpa lied!”

“what?! Even Chi-Chi?”

Chichi is one of the oldest rabbits at the farming school.


Father Rabbit thought for a moment.

“Dung. Go. “Tell everyone to pack their bags.”

“Luggage? “Where are we going?”

“Okay. I’m going on a field trip to the 99th floor of the tower.”

He decided to actually meet Sejun and prove his words.


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