Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 549

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Episode 549

I can’t stand this!

62nd floor of the Black Tower.


[Sejun, how are you?]

“Yes. “Dad, was your rabbit okay too?”



Sejun and Papa Rabbit

shudder when they ask how each other is doing.


[See you, Sejun!]

The black rabbits that were hiding nearby appeared and bowed. It was a bodyguard that protected the father rabbit and baby rabbits.

“huh. “Thank you for your hard work.”


[Then we will stand guard again.]


While Sejun was talking with the guards,

“Fuhuhuhu. “It’s been a while, Daddy Rabbit!”

[Hehe. It’s been a while!]


[It’s been a while!]


[It’s been a long time!]

Theo and Fireworks Kuengikkamangi said hello to Papa Rabbit.



long time no see.”

Next, when Piyot and Yuren say

hello to Papa Rabbit, they shout!



Black Torch and the other baby rabbits started screaming and fighting with each other.

The reason they fight is because of Sejun.

“I heard that’s Uncle Sejun!”

“no! “Chairman Park doesn’t look like that!”

“that’s right! “Chairman Park has two horns and eight arms!”

“And he’s 10 meters tall. Above all, Chairman Park said he was handsome, but that person was ugly!”

“Black Torch is a liar!”

The baby rabbits were fighting with the black torch, denying that Sejun in reality was different from the rumored Sejun.


you remembered. They would have called me ugly.

Sejun heard their conversation and became angry.

Back! Back…

[I’m not a liar! It’s really Uncle Park Se-jun…]

When the baby rabbits accuse him of being a liar, the black rabbit cries out in frustration


A sweet smell began to come from somewhere along with the sound of boiling.





Black Torch and the baby rabbits naturally turned their heads and

said, “Bunnies who want to eat carrot candy, come this way and line up.”

Sejun was there, coating carrots in boiled sugar.


[Uncle, me!]

Black Torch ran at full speed and stood in front of Sejun, as if he had never cried before.

Speed worthy of the legendary black rabbit.


what makes this guy so fast? You’re faster than me!

Jealousy was about to creep up in Sejun’s heart after missing the movement of the black torch.




Belatedly, the other baby rabbits also ran towards Sejun.

ah. This is not the time.

There was something more urgent than jealousy right now.


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Captivate the hearts of baby rabbits with carrot candy!

“What is Uncle Black Torch’s name?”

I asked Black Torch his name.


[Park Se-jun!]

“Okay. ruler.”

Sejun handed a shiny carrot coated in sugar to Black Torch, who answered.


The black torch was happy to receive the carrot and came to the side, and the next baby rabbit put out both front paws and prepared to receive the carrot.

“What is my name?”


[Park Se-jun!]

Ddung answers Se-jun’s question without even thinking about it. He was the youngest of the rabbits to reveal what he ate.

“good. ruler.”


[Thank you!]

Just like that, Ttung took the carrot candy from Sejun and asked,

“What is my name?”

Sejun asked the same question to the third baby rabbit.


Chairman Park Se-jun has two horns on his head and eight arms…

A baby rabbit who is troubled because he cannot lie to Se-jun’s questions.

At that time,


Next to me, I heard the sweet and delicious sound of Black Torch and Ddong biting into a carrot and the coated sugar breaking apart, and


[Park Se-jun!]

The baby rabbit shouted, clenching his fists. To the baby rabbit, something delicious was the truth and the truth.

“okay. ruler.”

All the baby rabbits in line answered ‘Park Se-jun!’ and took carrot candy from Se-jun

. Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. My dad’s name is Park Se-jun!]

Kihihihi. Bip!

[Hehe. The butler’s name is Park Se-jun!]

At the end of the line, Kuengi and Kamangi held up the fruit they wanted to turn into candy and shouted Sejun’s name.


Sejun coated the fruit that Kueng and Kamang brought with sugar and turned them into candy.

Sejun revealed the truth with such sweetness.

What does this do?

It was surprising that he even used food to prove himself, but the effect was clear.

Wow. Wow.

The sweet sound of sugar being crushed came from all directions, and

“Come on. “What is my name?!”

Park Sejun!!!

“Do you believe me?!”


“What about Park Se-jun?!”


Sejun shouted while holding carrot candy and instantly won the hearts of the baby rabbits.


you think we’ll fall for food?!

joy! We don’t fall for that!

The truth triumphs!

Chichi Dudu Tongtong, the oldest of the baby rabbits, had pride and did not fall for Sejun’s strategy.

Hehehe. Can I not get over this?

“ruler. I was especially generous today. “Handsome Park Se-jun, cool Park Se-joon, the super ultra strong Park Se-jun, the rabbit who shouts slogans will get a special dragon tattoo!”

Sejun shouted, showing the dragon tattoo on his right hand.



Black Torch comes in first place again this time.

Black Torch immediately stepped forward because he always wanted to have the dragon tattoo that Black Rabbit had.

Back! Back! Back!

[Handsome Park Se-jun! Awesome Park Sejun! Super ultra powerhouse Park Se-jun!]

“Okay. “Where should I engrave it?”


Black Torch raises its left front paw in response to Sejun’s question.

“left? “What color should it be?”

Sejun asked, taking out the dragon scales of the nine dragon clans.

After receiving scales from the dragon tribe, I was able to get all nine colors of dragon tattoos.


[It’s golden!]



Sejun took out a golden dragon scale and carved a golden dragon tattoo on Black Torch’s left front paw.

Handsome Park Se-jun! Awesome Park Sejun! Super ultra powerhouse Park Sejun!

Next, other baby rabbits went to Sejun, shouted slogans, and got dragon tattoos.

Baby rabbits probably don’t know what a great opportunity it is to get a tattoo of a great dragon with just a few nonsense words(?).

“Look at this. “I have a red dragon on my front left paw!”

“Hehehe. fool. “There is a black dragon in the left front paw!”

“no! “The purple dragon is the best!”

Perhaps because Black Torch started with the left front paw, all the other baby rabbits also had dragon tattoos on their left front paws.

Pretend when baby rabbits show off to each other the dragon tattoo on their left front paw



[Now…handsome Park Se-jun! Awesome Park Sejun! Super ultra strong Park Se-jun!]

Chi-Chi, who had been watching from a distance, stood in front of Se-jun and shouted a slogan with his face turning red.

I overcame the temptation of food, but I couldn’t give up the black dragon on my front left paw.

Sejun heard that Chichi, who had called him ugly, said he was handsome.

“good. “What color should I make it?”

I asked with a smile.





Sejun tattoos a black dragon on Chi-Chi’s left front paw using black dragon scales


Handsome Park Se-jun! Awesome Park Sejun! Super ultra powerhouse Park Sejun!!

Dudu and Tongtong, who couldn’t hold out any longer, ran in front of Sejun and shouted slogans.

Dudu got a blue dragon tattoo and asked,

“What color should Tongtong get?”


[I don’t need a dragon tattoo, so lots of carrot candy!]

Tongtong chose carrot candy instead of a dragon tattoo.

As expected, he is the eldest son of the Rabbits.

The rabbit had three sons: the first was Tongtong, the second was Tongtong, and the third was Ttong.

“Hehehe. okay. I’ll give you carrot candy. Pick a dragon tattoo too.”

Sejun captured the hearts of all the baby rabbits like that. Bleep



[Sejun, but did your grandfather really teach you farming?]

A baby rabbit came up to Sejun and asked, and

he rumbled.

All the baby rabbits sat around Sejun, pricked up their ears, and began to focus on what Sejun was saying.

“farming? that’s right. Your grandfather is my farming teacher. It was 498 days ago. At that time, I was trapped in a cave, surviving day after day on nutritious green onions, and was in despair…”

To save Papa Rabbit’s face, Sejun talked about the situation at that time in a worse way.


[Green onions?! The green onions were given to Sejun by Grandpa!]


What is this sound?

When Sejun sees Papa Rabbit,

please say yes!

I saw Papa Rabbit, drenched in cold sweat and with earnest eyes.

While bragging to the baby rabbits, the father rabbit added a little lie to make himself stand out.

You can pray with just your eyes.

Sejun came to a new realization and said,

“Ah. I forgot. At that time, I was starving for a while when Papa Rabbit appeared holding a green onion. “Thanks to you, my situation has improved greatly.”

I decided to lie for Papa Rabbit, and

what Grandpa said was true!

My grandfather’s green onion saved Chairman Park!

Grandfather really taught Chairman Park how to farm!

Thanks to this, the baby rabbits began to look up to their father rabbit.

So the story moved on to the part where Sejun and the rabbit couple met, gave birth to baby rabbits, and met Dal-mi.

“So Papa Rabbit and I tried hard to persuade him….”

Pt?! Pt?

[yes?! Didn’t grandfather fight one-on-one with a poisonous bee for everyone there?]


You left me and ran away!

Sejun glared at his father’s rabbit.


Papa Rabbit praying with his eyes again.

“Hmm. “Father Rabbit fought hard and saved us.”

Sejun decided to forgive once more.

There was a crisis in the middle as Papa Rabbit’s lies came out several times, but Sejun tolerated it well.



[Then is it true that when Sejun knelt down to the great black dragon and begged for his life, his grandfather appeared and saved him?!]

Papa Rabbit’s lies come out so sharply.

How far did you lie?!


Sejun looked at Papa Rabbit intently and got angry with his eyes.


Papa Rabbit begged with his eyes.

“Hmm. Actually, I didn’t kneel. “My knees and the ground were about 1cm apart.”

Sejun acknowledged Papa Rabbit’s lies in order to protect his last pride. What happened



[Then is it true that grandfather made Sejun’s face handsome?]

Ddung asked, raising his front paw.


You made me look good?!

‘I can’t stand this!’

When Sejun gets angry and tries to turn everything over,

“I can’t stand it anymore!” “I, as Vice President, am the one who fixed Chairman Park’s rotten face to make it less rotten!”

Theo quickly got angry and shouted.

In the end, Papa Rabbit’s lie was blown away.

Did grandpa lie?!

Thanks to this, the baby rabbits were confused and

ugh! Grandpa, are you a liar?!

Some baby rabbits started crying.

“ruler. fist! From now on, I’ll show you something interesting!”

Sejun quickly got the baby rabbits’ attention and stopped them from crying.

If the crying of the baby rabbits is not calmed down in the beginning, the crying will spread among the baby rabbits.




When the baby rabbits stopped crying for a moment,

they said, “Okay. “Look at this!”

I quickly put the explosive corn into the pot and started frying the popcorn.

Faba Park. Faba Park.

The sight of corn exploding with a delicious smell and a strange sound is



It smells delicious!

It was enough to attract the attention of baby rabbits, and

“crops became gigantic.”

In the meantime, Sejun used his skills to make the carrots huge and then

said, “Vice President Te, please give me a large carrot cup.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

I had Theo make a carrot cup to put popcorn in.

After a while.

“ruler. Listen carefully while eating. Understand? There was something strange that my grandfather and I remembered. “I’ll just briefly tell you the facts again.”

Sejun started talking again, correcting Papa Rabbit’s lie,

and yes!!!

The baby rabbits listened to Sejun while holding carrot cups full of popcorn in their arms.

Wow. Wow.

Most people couldn’t concentrate because they were eating popcorn.

While Sejun was talking like that,

it was crowded.

[Grandpa, it’s okay. They say your memory usually gets worse as you get older.]

Black Torch comforted Papa Rabbit, but Papa Rabbit wasn’t happy at all.


I’m not old!

Sejun was also treated like an old man.


Outskirts of Destruction.

Quad deuk.

Hydra and Leviathan began to shed their skin.


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