Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 528

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Episode 528 Please don’t give me dried sweet potatoes.

Battler’s house.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Ugh…I’m thinking of getting some sleep now…”

Battler, who had been having trouble sleeping the entire time and was finally trying to fall asleep, frowned when he heard a knock and covered his ears with his pillow.


Knock, knock, knock.

Knock, knock, knock.

The persistent knocking continued as if it was going to happen until I woke up.

“ah! what?”

Finally, Battler couldn’t stand it anymore, got up from the bed and opened the door.


“Battler, were you sleeping? “I went through a lot of trouble because of someone.”

Her, the merchant god, glared at Battler and said.


“Why did you send Theo a hamster?! Don’t you know that Theo’s girlfriend is a hamster?! “This is a claim for the divine power you used to return the hamster you sent to Theo.”

Herr charges Battler with all the divine power he used to send back the cutlassfish. He was, after all, the god of merchants.

Herr handed Battler a very long receipt and hurried back. Like running away.

[Total claimed sacred power: 1,114,123]

“What…what’s so expensive?!”

Battler is shocked when he sees the price of the bill he received from Her.

-Subspace warehouse synchronization acceleration cost: 750,000 divine power

-Her’s hard work fee: 350,000 sacred power

In the middle of the receipt, in very small letters that could barely be seen if you looked closely, there was a charge for things that were not needed.


99th floor of White Tower.

“Sejun, I’m sorry.”

Ogre King Les, the boss on the 99th floor of the White Tower, hastily apologized to Sejun who was interrogating him.

Of course, it wasn’t because I was afraid of Sejun’s eyes.

Actually, even now, I’m itching to tell the truth, saying, ‘It’s because of Sejun’s trashy talent!’


We should have told Sejun properly!

Les had no choice but to lower his head like a criminal as Ajax glared at him with a double wick in his eyes.

It was a wise response, worthy of a king ruling over an ogre.

The moment Les spits out the thought in his head that Sejun’s talent is trash, or confronts Sejun,


Like gunpowder igniting, the anger of the Theo, Kuengi, and Kamangi families, starting with Ajax, would ignite in succession and they would not leave Les alone.

“Les, then can I now learn how to strengthen my body through martial arts?”

Sejun asked Les, who had overcome the crisis,

“yes! sure! I’ll teach you. “Ogre Vision Fighter Muscle Strengthening Technique.”

Les wanted to get out of this uncomfortable atmosphere quickly, so he decided to quickly teach Sejun how to use speculation and send him back.

“Muscle strengthening techniques? Oh. Teach me quickly.”

Hehehe. The name makes you look strong.

Sejun’s eyes sparkled at Les’s words.

Muscle strengthening is an important basic technique that can be said to be the beginning and end of martial arts, and strengthens the muscles of the entire body to the extreme.

This is because most of the Ogre’s martial arts skills require strong muscles as they place a tremendous amount of stress on the body.

Because it is such an important skill, ogre ancestors have devised ways to easily learn muscle strengthening techniques for thousands of years.

Now, it has become a skill that even a 5-year-old ogre can easily learn once taught.

If someone guides the fighting spirit in the body to its path just once, the fighting spirit will circulate throughout the body on its own path and strengthen all muscles.

That’s why Les said he would teach Sejun without any pressure. This was a technique that could not be mastered.

Because once you get into the flow, stopping is a more difficult skill.

There is no easier speculation than this.

“Then I will teach you muscle strengthening techniques. Sejun, please sit here.”


Les made Sejun sit in front of him and placed both hands on Sejun’s back.



With his own fighting spirit, he set Sejun’s fighting spirit in motion and purified it along the path of muscle-enhancing techniques.

Following Les’ guidance, speculation circulates the path between Sejun’s skin and muscles.

After a while.

Les circulated Sejun’s fighting skills according to the route of muscle strengthening techniques.

Usually, it only takes one time for speculation to move perfectly along the path of muscle strengthening techniques, but

just in case.

Les felt uneasy and took his fight for another spin. He couldn’t believe Sejun’s talent.

Les led Sejun’s fight for two laps.

“Sejun, can you do it now?”

He asked, taking his hand off Sejun’s back.



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Sejun’s face was one of complete ignorance.

He was saying with a rather resentful face, ‘You should ask me what you can teach me and do.’


“Let’s try again.”

Les put his hand on Sejun’s back and circulated the speculation.



This time, Sejun just makes an expression that says he doesn’t know.

Still don’t know how to strengthen your muscles as easily as breathing?!

‘Is it a racial difference?’

Only then did Les admit it. There is a big difference between ogres and humans.

There were many things that an ogre could ‘just’ do instinctively, but those things were not normal for Sejun, a human.

Les realized that it would not be easy for Sejun to learn muscle strengthening techniques.

I wanted to give up, but Ajax was next to Sejun, watching with fierce eyes and saying, ‘You’re not going to do it right?!’

So, even though he knew he shouldn’t, he guided Sejun’s speculation again. Now that it was like this, he had to at least show sincerity that he tried.

Ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times.

A few hours passed like that


Sejun, who fell asleep out of boredom





The people who fell asleep next to Sejun, hugging Sejun’s body.


Lesman concentrated his mind and continued to circulate Sejun’s speculation.


Perhaps Les’s efforts worked, and speculation began to move very slowly.

Muscle strengthening techniques were finally imprinted on Sejun’s body. As expected, the power of repetitive learning was incredible.



Sejun began to scream in pain as all the muscles in his body were torn at the same time. Pain is essential for muscle growth.

Muscle strengthening techniques.

It was a harsh training method tailored to the ogre’s strong body, destroying and regenerating muscles through fighting.

“I’ll probably have some severe muscle pain for a week.”

The corners of Les’ mouth rose slightly as he looked at Sejun in pain.


Seed Store Headquarters.

“I will definitely sell my seeds this time!”

“joy! “I’m sorry, but this time I’m the one who gets chosen!”

“no! grow! “I prepared the secret seed for today!”

“You’re funny! That’s the same seed as last time.”

Non-combat gods showed their enthusiasm as they prepared seeds to sell at the soon-to-be-opened seed shop.

The heat of non-combat scenes is getting hotter. It was natural. Because the highest level of compensation received from Sejun has increased significantly.

At first, the only reward Sejun gave was an ordinary temple, but now the world’s representative guardian deity has been added to the reward categories.

In addition, thanks to the recent divine power brought by the gods who served as proxy guardians, the seed store headquarters has improved noticeably.

The non-combat gods were witnessing with their own eyes the results of the rewards given by Sejun.

Of course, it was nothing compared to the fancy battle store headquarters.

However, the non-combat gods were happy that the large hole in the roof, which allowed them to lie down and see the stars in the night sky, and the gap in the wall that let the wind in had been repaired.

“It’s nice to see.”

Chaos, the god of chaos, one of the three major executives at the seed store headquarters, smiled happily at the energetic non-combat gods.

“I know. “This is all thanks to Munttabak.”

Order, the god of order, smiled and agreed with Chaos.

She is also a third-generation executive at the same seed store headquarters as Chaos.

Chaos, order, abundance.

In this way, the three gods served as executives at the seed store headquarters and managed the seed store and non-combat gods.

Order watched the non-combat gods boasting to each other that their seeds were good together with Chaos.

“I wish Leah. Selling seeds of abundance to substitute guardian spirits….”

Suddenly, I opened my mouth as I looked at Leah’s house, where she was diligently carrying out ’s quest.

Leah is at her peak after meeting Sejun and creating TOP.

The seeds of abundance sold by Leah had a very different meaning from the transcendental seeds of other gods.

Because it contains the power to twist the cause and effect of the world.

Instead, hatching was difficult, but once the seeds germinated, the reward to the god who created them was great.

But for some reason, it seems like it would be easy to hatch a caterpillar.

I don’t know why, but it just felt that way. Maybe that’s why I trust Park Se-jun that much.

“I also want to make seeds.”

“Be patient. Our seeds require too much divine power.”

Chaos stopped at Order’s words.

The seeds of chaos and the seeds of order, which twist cause and effect more than the seeds of abundance, required much greater divine power.

With that kind of divine power, it was a better choice to distribute it to other non-combat gods to develop the seed store headquarters.

at that time

“Hello, Chaos, Order. Long time no see.”

Her comes to the two in person and greets them.

“I’ve gained a lot of divine power this time, so why don’t you receive an investment of divine power? Instead, make a seed with the invested divine power and give me a portion of the seed.”

He proposed investing in Chaos and Order with the divine power he received from Battler.

Normally, I would have chosen risk-free interest rather than equity.

The future is the seed store headquarters where Sejun Park is located!

With his insight as a merchant god, Herr decided to invest in this area, which had a bright future.


“I’ll get your investment!”

Chaos and Order answering at the same time.

Even if it meant giving some shares, it was beneficial to create seeds.

Chaos and Order, who received investment from Her, also began creating their own seeds.


The next morning.


Sejun, who was trying to wake up as energetically as usual, screamed from muscle pain.


Damn muscle strengthening.

I let out a groan as my whole body ached in pain.

“Vice President Te… Vice President Te… wake up.”

Sejun called Theo in a dying voice. He couldn’t even shake his knee to wake him up because it hurt when he moved.

Sejun called out to Theo a few times in an earnest voice.


Theo wakes up rubbing his eyes.


He half-closed his eyes and pressed his front paws against Sejun’s body.

“Hehehe. Ah. Good.”

Theo’s healing massage.

When I received this, I was able to live without muscle pain for a few hours.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! I’ll do it too!]

Puk puk.

To help, Blacky also stepped on Sejun’s body with his front paws.

“Ahh! Black man, you stay still!”

There was no healing effect like Theo.

oh! The butler can’t move?

Instead, Kkamangi learned of Sejun’s weakness.

Kihihi. Whing?! Whing?!

[Hehe. Are you going to give us a lot of dried sweet potatoes from now on?! You won’t give it to me?!]

Puck. Puck.

He started threatening Sejun by stepping on his body with his front paws.

Of course, Blackman’s petty threat was easily suppressed when Sejun, who felt better after receiving Theo’s massage, grabbed the back of his neck with his right hand.


“Black, put this on and stand still in front of the house.”

Kamangi had to be punished for what he did.


Blackbird trudges out with a pet horse around its neck.


As Sejun said, sit in front of the house

Nod, nod.

He shook his head and began to doze off.

A pet horse that shakes along with Blackman’s shaking head.

In the pet language it was written as follows.

-I am a bad wolf who went crazy over dried roasted sweet potatoes and threatened the owner. Please don’t give me dried sweet potatoes.



Kueng, who saw the pet horse, put the dried sweet potatoes that he used to give to his younger brother Kamangi every morning back into his snack bag and went inside the house.


A sudden wind blows.

Thanks to this, Kamangi’s appearance looked even more pitiful.

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