Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 527

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Episode 527 You did it wrong.


As the shock wave of Kueng Hu, fired by Kueng Yi, rushed towards the disaster,

[Intermediate herbalist Kueng Park has defeated the first Calamity Locust.] [Herbalist Kueng obtained 50% of the experience gained by Park.] … .. .

Disasters that disappear in an instant.


Then, the ogre who was leading the disasters appeared, but



I was hit in the back of the head by Theo and passed out.

“Fuhuhu. Great Hybrid Chairman Park, you’re safe now!”

Theo waved his front paw, looking straight at Sejun hiding behind the camouflage.

“Vice President Te, thank you for your hard work.”

“Fuhuhu. That’s right! I, Hybrid Te Vice President, worked overtime today!”

Theo was flattered by Sejun’s praise, quickly clinging to Sejun’s lap. This was a right that those who worked hard should enjoy.

Sejun arrived in front of the ogre with Theo on his lap.

“I will help you. come here.”


He placed his hand on the unconscious ogre’s body and brought it to him.

“done. Vice President Te, kill him.”

“Fuhuhu. I understand, Nyang! Nyang!”


Following Sejun’s instructions, Theo cheered up and killed the ogre with his sword.

Then the ogre’s body turns transparent and disappears. The dead ogre left nothing behind but speculation.

When the last ogre in disappeared,

[The sixth plague ogre sent by Destruction has become extinct.]

[We have achieved a great achievement that no one has achieved so far.]

[As a great achievement reward, the Sixth Disaster Ogre cannot invade .]

[As a great achievement reward, the cost of staying on floor 0 of the Black Tower will be reduced by 0.5% thereafter.]

The message that appears.

“Hehehe. You keep giving me something.”

Sejun laughed while looking at the message.

So far, we have leveled up three times by defeating disasters, and the cost of staying on Earth has also been reduced by a total of 2.1%.


[All disasters threatening the five remaining Blue Towers in have been eliminated.]

[You have completed the middle manager quest.]

[As a middle manager quest reward, all stats increase by 100.]

[10 billion Top Coins were obtained as a middle manager quest reward.]

Even rewards for completing middle manager quests.


“Hehehe. Guys, we don’t have time! Let’s get it quickly!”

In Sejun’s opinion, the greatest harvest was the corpses of disasters.

Of course, the familiar tastes of Locust, giant vampire leech, and slime were precious.

I never thought fire moths and petrifying spiders would taste like that.

After cooking, the third disaster fire moth and the fourth disaster petrification spider were also good ingredients.

First of all, the fire moth has the texture and taste of squid, and is given the ability to strengthen fire attacks through the effect of .

And the petrified spider was a real hit. The meat of the eight thick legs tasted like snow crab, and the flesh on the body tasted like lobster.

The petrification spider can gain the ability to petrify the opponent when attacked by the effect of .

Sejun was excited about the newly acquired cooking ingredients last night, including squid raw fish, boiled raw fish, fried food, seasoned with vinegar, steamed snow crab legs, and butter-grilled lobster.

I made several disaster dishes using locust, leeches, and slime.

He killed three of the five disaster forces targeting the five blue towers and ate his fill with the 10,000 frogs who joined him.

Thanks to this, all of Sejun’s stats increased by 500 with , and his mental power also increased by about 150 as he listened to the praise.

Of course, the frogs that ate Sejun’s cooking also became significantly stronger.

It was natural that stats increased with locust cooking, and some frogs developed talents or gained skills similar to the effects of other disaster dishes.

Why don’t you give it to me?!

Sejun, the incarnation of jealousy, ate hard as he watched the frogs gain talents and skills, but sadly, he only had to go to the bathroom often.

Back to the present.

“Fuhuhu. I understand!”


Following Sejun’s instructions, Theo and Kueng quickly placed the body of the disaster in the subspace warehouse.


[Hehe. brother! Load up on delicious food quickly! Are you going home now?!]

“Kkamang, don’t mess around there.”


The Black Family, who were frantically walking back and forth next to their brothers and only getting in their way, were caught by Sejun and put into the sling bag.

“We will help too!”

When, with the help of frogs, we hurriedly take care of the body of the disaster,


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[I have completed my duties as a middle manager.]

[5 hours later, return to the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]

A message saying that it will be returned in 5 hours.

When you are in a hurry, buy the most expensive express ticket.

When the urgency disappears, the system gives Sejun the cheapest local ticket.

I was treating Sejun like a completely cold person, but

“Oh! Five hours?”

Buy time!

It was actually beneficial for Sejun. Because it’s valuable time to raise your stats.

“Kids, those who didn’t eat with me yesterday should come this way and line up!”

Sejun cooked the five plagues for five hours, fed the frogs to their fill, and increased all stats by 300 and mental strength by 100.

He returned, leaving behind a lot of food cooked with the corpses of the disaster that could not be loaded because the subspace warehouse was full.


“This is food prepared by Park Se-jun’s guardian spirit himself! Don’t leave anything behind! “If you are full, eat willingly and die!”

The remaining frogs became stronger after eating Sejun’s cooking.


Blue Tower administrator area.

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-Jun achieved the great feat of becoming the first to exterminate the Sixth Disaster Ogre in , the world protected by the Blue Tower.]

[You have exceeded the requirement to achieve 5 great achievements, which is one of the conditions for growing in the Blue Tower.]

The Giant Tower has been achieved.]

Killed 5 zealous ogres with one of the growth conditions.] All 5 of the ogres were killed.]


What a windfall this is thanks to Park Se-jun!

Blue Tower Manager Kin Aster smiled happily as he read the message.

Until yesterday, Kin was preparing for a battle against disaster while watching the situation of being destroyed.

With Sejun’s appearance, the situation changed 180 degrees in just one day.


[ The Last Red Tower accepts refugees from for 1 hour.]

[After 1 hour, the Red Tower withdraws from .]

Unlike Kean, there were places where the situation changed 180 degrees in a bad direction.

The hunters of used Sejun’s crops appropriately to prevent disaster.

However, Kraken descended directly on and was instantly destroyed.

A Kraken that takes out its anger over the annihilation of ’s forces on .

As sank into destruction,

[Ramter Zahir, manager of the Red Tower, can descend to .]

[Do you want to descend?]

An alarm that appears in front of the Ramtor.

“of course! “I’ll put an end to it today!”

[Move to in 1 minute.]

[Prepare for battle.]


Ramtor disappeared after eating Sejun’s bean set and well-aged golden Samyang liquor.

[Arrived in .]

In front of the moving Ramter, a huge Kraken was seen wrapping with its legs and trying to swallow it whole.

Although Ramtor was huge, almost 1km in length, it was much smaller than the Kraken, which was huge enough to swallow a planet whole.

One of the Kraken’s legs was hundreds of times larger than Ramtor’s.


Ramter started the battle by shooting his breath at the Kraken’s head.

A red flame breath containing the power of Ramtor, with all stats increased 16 times with the bean set and magical power increased 10 times with well-aged golden Samyang liquor.

A breath of immense power reached the Kraken, burning the ground and sky.


The world was erased with a huge explosion.


-Kkkkkk. It hurts quite a bit.

The 6th Apostle of Doom, the Sea-Devouring Kraken, withstood Lambtor’s breath attack with one of its eight legs.

A huge hole appeared in one of the legs, but it was regenerating quickly.

-die! Arrogant red dragon!

Kraken fires a water cannon at Ramtor.


Ramter also did not lose and counterattacked by firing his breath.

Water and fire are opposites of each other.

In the battle between the two, the world screamed and was swallowed up and burned.

An hour after the fierce battle continued.

[Red Tower Manager Ramtor Zahir, the permitted advent time has ended.]

[Return to the Red Tower administrator area.]

Ramtor, who lost the world without being able to do much damage to the Kraken, has returned.

Two defeats that failed to prevent the destruction of and did not cause significant damage to the Kraken that was devouring .


Ramtor, unable to hold back his anger, roared in anger. The great being was not accustomed to defeat.



The other red dragons, who sensed that they had been defeated by destruction by the leader’s roar, also roared in anger.

at that time


An unseen ominous energy crept up from the red dragons’ shadows and attempted to penetrate the dragons’ bodies.



The energy disappeared as soon as it touched the red dragons’ bodies.

This is due to the healing effect caused by the golden Samyang liquor that the dragons drank.

The dragons didn’t know it, but every time the world was destroyed, the curse of destruction on them was getting stronger little by little.

If the curse hadn’t been noticed, the dragons would probably have been in serious trouble.


“Hehehe. It’s delicious.”

The energy of the curse also tried to penetrate the body of the red dragon hatchling Perion Zahir, who smiled brightly as he drank a drink with floating rice grains.

Perion is still young and has not been able to drink golden Samyangju.



The curse that had been climbing Perion’s round body was slowly dissipating.

Thanks to the sikhye that Sejun made as a drink exclusively for the hatchlings.

In this way, the red dragons achieved a small but perfect victory against destruction without even realizing it.


[We have arrived at the 99th floor of the Black Tower!]

Sejun returns home after one day.

“It’s home!”

He had only been away from home for a day, but he was still so happy to see him.



“Puhhuhu. I missed Chairman Park!”



This time, Theo, who had threatened Her early and eliminated the synchronization time, rushed towards Sejun along with the Kuengi and Kamangi families.

To them, Sejun was such a joy to see even just for a second.

“Guys, I missed you!”

Of course, that also applies to Sejun.

When Sejun and his group share an emotional reunion


Sejun felt the force pressing down on his shoulders become stronger, to the point where it became a burden.

A heaviness that is not real, but exists.

It was speculation.

He didn’t know it when he received one fighting spirit into his body, but when he carried five, it became so heavy that it put a strain on his body.

I have to give it to you quickly.

Sejun decided that he should quickly hand over speculation to Ogre King Les.

“Guys, we have to split up again.”




I went straight to the 99th floor of the White Tower.

“Sejun hyung!”

Sejun arrived at the White Tower, receiving a warm welcome from Ajax.

“Ajax, eat this.”

Give the dishes made from the five plagues to Ajax and visit Les.

“Les, take the speculation here.”

He handed over to Les the five fighters who were indebted to him on his own body.

“Sejun, thank you for returning my people!”

Les thanked Sejun and cherished the five’s fighting spirit.

The speculators said that they would rebuild their bodies by absorbing the unique energy of the Ogre King that Les exudes.

“Then I’ll go.”

When Sejun climbs to the waypoint and tries to go back

“Sejun, wait a minute!”

Les called Sejun.


“The level of speculation has risen, so why are you just leaving?”

“Huh?! My speculation level has gone up? Didn’t you just say you’ll know when it goes up?”

“yes. Originally, but… ”

“But I didn’t know.”

You did it wrong.

Sejun looked at Les with questioning eyes, not thinking about his low level of talent.

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