Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 529

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Episode 529 You bastard of the system, our Vice President Te will impeach you one day.

Outskirts of destruction.

“Jormungand, you have returned.”

The Kraken that destroyed returned with its remaining troops.

“okay. Good work.”

Jormungand, who was watching the Hydra and Leviathan starting to shed, turned his head towards the Kraken and opened his mouth.

“Then I will prepare for the next attack right away.”


The Kraken has found a world to attack with his remaining forces.

“It would be nice here.”

Kraken chose guarded by the White Tower.

Damn it.

Open a crack leading to

“Disasters! good!”

All remaining disaster troops were sent to .

at that time

Quad deuk.

A hand emerged from the narrow gap in the black door and began to force the black door open.





Thump, thump.

From the First Calamity Locaster to the Sixth Calamity Ogre, huge numbers of troops began to emerge from Blackmoon.

When Perish learned that Melphix had been defeated, he became angry and dispatched more troops.

But the six plagues were not the end.


After that, five giant turtles, as big as half the size of the Earth, managed to escape through the gap created by the destruction.

It was the most powerful Seventh Plague planet-destroying turtle.

“You guys don’t disappoint me anymore.”

Afterwards, Doom closed the Black Moon, leaving behind only one final warning.


Jormungand and Kraken trembled quietly. Hydra and Leviathan are also molting.

“Disasters! good! “Go and destroy the world!”

Kraken, feeling burdened by the words of destruction, dispatched some of the disasters from the Black Moon to to ensure victory, and opened rifts in the other three worlds and dispatched the remaining disasters there.

Next, the Planet Destroyer Turtles were sent to five worlds, one to each world.

The planet-destroying turtle was a terrible disaster that could single-handedly destroy the world.

In this way, the offensive of destruction once again swung its threatening claws at the world.


The 99th floor of the Black Tower.


“Great. Good.”

Sejun drinks coffee and raises his thumb with an impressed expression.


Kueng smiled brightly and hung on Sejun’s side, rubbing his head against Sejun’s body.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! me too!]

Blackman also rubbed his head against Sejun’s leg as if trying to make up for his earlier mistake.

“Kamangi, if you’ve eaten, earn it again.”

Sejun’s punishment was not over yet.


Black Mang sits in front of the house again like a prisoner with a pet horse hanging on his head.

Hehehe. cute.

Seeing Kamangi and his men like that, Sejun felt weak.

I just need to drink coffee and soothe myself.


Sejun drinks his coffee faster than usual and gets up from his seat.


He took the black cat as nonchalantly as possible and put it in the sling bag.


Thanks to this, Kamangi and his subordinates quickly felt better.

So Sejun took care of his baby and woke up earlier than usual.

“Fuhuhu. Great Hybrid Chairman Park, I will work hard today too!”


[Kkuengi will also work hard to dig up herbs!]

Theo and Kuengi’s work schedule was also brought forward.

Let’s go to work on the 4th floor of the Golden Tower and the herb field.



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“Hello, kids.”

Sejun also went into the subspace warehouse and planted the seeds of destruction pioneers and destruction predators.

The dead bodies of the disaster that had been packed in the subspace warehouse were moved to a storage room with a preservation spell, so there was room in the subspace warehouse again.

For reference, before breakfast, I stopped by the 10th tower and upgraded it with the creative energy I had gathered.

The Lighthouse of Creation that burns destruction, which was installed 5 days ago, requires 300,000 L of creation energy for one hour of use, so it has been turned off for now.

I tried using it, but the range of the lighthouse was short, so it didn’t help much.

“Good. I planted all the seeds I got.”

After Sejun finished planting the seeds, he started harvesting his fruits.

[You have harvested the Thunder’s Gold Kiwi.]

[You are a field Lv. 9 activates and deals additional damage.]

[You are a field Lv. 9 is activated and the stats of the 9th Apostle of Destruction, Alluring Spider Alice are harvested.]

[Strength increases by 35, stamina by 25, agility by 45, and magic power by 45.]


Sejun smiles happily as he reaps his stats again today.


[The potential of the physical strength stat has reached its limit.]

[The potential of the magic stat has reached its limit.

[You can no longer absorb stamina and magic stats.]

[Acquired stamina and magic stats are returned to nature.]

As physical strength and magic stats return, fighting spirit becomes stronger.


He frowned. This is because the fighting spirit has become stronger and the muscle pain throughout the body has also become stronger.

All the stat potential of 30 that was raised through was already filled up while eating breakfast.

I don’t have any kids…

Theo and Kueng, who will be giving the massage, are both on their way to work.


Sejun had no choice but to endure his muscle pain and continue to work. He said that if Les moves even if it hurts, the muscle pain will go away quickly.


[The scorching cherry has been harvested.]

[Strength increases by 35, stamina by 30, agility by 35, and magic power by 50.]

[Acquired stamina and magic stats are returned to nature.]

Stat harvesting occurred once again and speculation was strengthened.


Sejun couldn’t bear the muscle pain that got worse and just lay down on the floor. Fortunately, the lying position had the least muscle involvement.

When Sejun was lying down and resting

[The seed shop opens.]

A message appears in front of Sejun.

The 14th seed store was opened.

[Park Se-jun’s grade is transcendent.]

[7 types of seeds containing transcendent levels to be sold today are displayed randomly.]

[At the current level, you can purchase as many seeds as you want within 500 Top Coins.]

[Moonpureut Seed (Super level) – 150 Top Coins + 270 pieces of World Energy]

[Generously given green onion seeds (super level) – 100 top coins + 130 pieces of world energy]

[10,000 Carrot Seeds – 300 Top Coins]

[10 Durian Seeds – 100 Top Coins]

[5 Pine Seeds – 80 Top Coins]

[100 Bok Choy Seeds – 50 Top Coins]

[50 Cabbage Seeds – 30 Top Coins]

“If you buy all the super-level seeds, you will have 250 Top Coins left….”

Sejun looked at the seeds and calculated the price.

“I left out the carrots because they were there… but 300 Top Coins for 10,000? Why is it so expensive? “I’ve never tried durian before, so I’ll buy it, and I’ll buy pine tree since it’s Christmas in three months.”

I didn’t make a mistake last year, but I have to make sure to get it this year. Hehehe.

Sejun smiled as he imagined dressing up as Santa and giving gifts to the kids.

“Then…70 Top Coins remain….”

Sejun is wondering whether to choose between the remaining bok choy and cabbage.

“I need to buy cabbage.”

I chose cabbage because it can be added to most dishes.

So, let Sejun choose the seeds.

[Pay a total of 460 Top Coins and 400 pieces of World Energy to purchase Moonpureot seeds, generous green onion seeds, durian seeds, pine seeds, and cabbage seeds.]

[A total of 460 Top Coins are withdrawn from Sejun Park’s account at Seed Bank.]

[4600 Seed Store mileage points are accumulated.]

[14,601 seed store mileage points have been accumulated.]

[I paid 400 pieces of World Energy.]

[400 seed store coupons will be provided.]

[Currently, the only product that can be exchanged is the Seed Shop Random Period Shortening Coupon.]

[400 Seed Store coupons are automatically exchanged for 4 Seed Store random period shortening coupons.]

Along with many messages, five leather bags containing seeds and four shortcut tickets appeared in Sejun’s hand.


Sejun struggles to move his arms


I tore up the short-term ticket.

[I used a seed store random period shortening ticket.]

1st, 1st, 2nd, 1st.

Luckily, 2 days came out once, so I shortened the 5 days with 4 seed store random period shortening tickets.

“I should call this lucky…”

Sejun suddenly got hit and felt sad.

If only Theo’s golden paws were there…

If only we could have received help from Lucky King Theo, the seed shop would have already opened.

“You bastard of the system, our Vice President Te will impeach you one day.”

So Sejun hopes that Theo will get his revenge someday.


fell asleep The floor was moderately warmed by the sunlight and was cozy.


Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Follow the leader!]

Black Mangi was playing captain with the destruction predators.

Whine? Whine!

[Butler! Are you sleeping?]

Tuk. Tuk.

I approached Sejun and carefully touched him with my front paw. Because I don’t want to be punished again.


Instead of answering, the sound of Sejun’s snoring is heard.

Kihihi. Whip? Whip!

[Hehe. Is your butler sleeping? Then I should sleep too!]

The Kkamang family took a seat between Sejun’s warm armpits.

Hehehe. warm…


I fell asleep soundly.

A few hours later.

“Fuhuhu. Great Hybrid Chairman Park, I’m back!”

Theo, who had sold out Sejun’s crops, came back and ran to Sejun.



Oh my gosh.


I found Sejun and the Kamangi family sleeping on top of Alice, the Apostle of Destruction.

“Fuhuhu. Is it nap time?!”


Let Theo climb on Sejun’s lap to take a nap together.


Sejun is in pain.

“Nyan?! Muscle pain again?!”


Let Theo massage Sejun’s body with his front paws.


Sejun’s frowning face began to straighten.

When Theo was massaging Sejun’s body

Kueng! Kueng?

[Dad, Kueng is here! Dad, are you sick again?]

Kueng, who came back from digging up herbs, found Sejun and started massaging him with Theo.


I fell asleep.

When Sejun opened his eyes, the fatigue caused by his muscle pain had disappeared.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, are you awake?”


[Dad, it doesn’t hurt anymore?]

Theo and Kuengi asked, clinging to Sejun’s knees and side.

“Yes. Thanks to Theo and Kueng’s massage, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Thank you.”

Let’s pat Sejun’s two heads.



The two are happy with smiling faces.


On the contrary, Sejun wakes up, frowns as his warmth disappears, and moves around with his eyes closed, looking for the warm scent of his butler.


Hehehe. warm.

I buried my face in Sejun’s butt and fell asleep again.

Hehehe, it’s soft.




When everyone is having such a peaceful time


-I need you!


A black, white, and purple dragon statue flew quickly from afar. Strangely, the red dragon statue that always accompanied me was nowhere to be seen.


“So, do you want me to make you a hot drink to wake up and cheer up Mr. Ramter?”

I was able to hear why the three dragons had come.

The request is to help Ramtor, who is struggling with various emotions such as anger, guilt, and defeat after losing .

Why do you know Ramtor’s feelings so well?

Because I have experienced all three dragons.

If you add up the number of worlds that were destroyed while they were in charge, it easily exceeded one thousand.

So I knew it well. Ramter’s heart is devastated.

“It’s a hot drink…Kabi, help me.”


After thinking for a while, Sejun started making a new drink that would energize Kabbi and Ramter, who have the power of corruption.


Battle Store Headquarters.

“You bastard! Do you know how much divine power I lost because of you?! “I heard cats like live mice?!”

Battler shouted, grabbing the collar of Hunt, the god of hunting, author of [1000 Ways to Perfectly Attack a Cat’s Heart].

“Now…wait a minute! “Battler!”

Hunt, who was caught by the collar, hurriedly opened his mouth. It felt like I was going to get hit if I stayed still.

“You’re a cat that doesn’t like mice, so Battler was unlucky. It’s a special case.”

“Special case?”

“yes. But don’t worry! “If I have this book, which I recently finished writing, there will be no problem.”

Hunt handed Battler a book in a confident voice.

[7 secrets to getting chosen by a cat as your butler]

“You’re sure this time, right?”

“sure! It’s me, Hunt! “Hunt, the god of hunting who perfectly understands the habits of all animals and hunts them!”

Hunt answers Battler’s question with a confident expression.

“Okay. Let me trust you one more time.”

Battler returned home with the book and entered study mode again.

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