Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 512

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Episode 512. Hehehe. Ajax, I wanted to see you.

Episode 512. Hehehe. I wanted to see that Ajax guy.


Sejun opened his eyes.




Theo and Kamang, who were still in dreamland, packed up their family and came out of the house.

“I guess it’s over now.”

Now sweetie can get some rest too.

Sejun said, looking toward the cave where Dalkom’s beehive was located, where quite a lot of stone bees were lined up until yesterday.

After all, not everyone can be the leader.

Sejun pitied Dalkom, forgetting that he was the chairman of Sejun Company, which had over millions of employees.


[Painful Cheongyang Pepper is grateful for the sound of the farmer’s footsteps and gives strength.]

[The Master of Crops is activated and the Agility stat potential increases from 5613 to 5623.]

I increased my potential by walking around the farm.

When you increase your physical potential one more time,


[Good night, Dad!] As

soon as he woke up, Kueng came to see Dad and said good morning to Sejun.

“huh. “Did you sleep well too?”


Kueng clings to Sejun’s side while answering.

When everyone who shared gathered together, including Kuengi, they asked,

“Patrick, can I go now?”

Sejun asked Patrick. I don’t want Stella to be on the first floor.

[Earth God Patrick says that it is okay as the great silver dragon Stella Hisron is currently on the second floor of the tower.]


Sejun hears Patrick’s answer.

“Guys, stick together.”

I spoke to my companions to create 100,000 power to turn the key, but




Everyone was sleeping, so there was no response other than Kuengi.

Chuck, Chuck.

Sejun had no choice but to touch each of the sleeping children’s bodies with his own.


[The 11 divided powers are combined into one and is activated for 13 seconds.]

[Power increases by 1300%.]

The power was activated and

“Summon the door.”


Sejun summons the door leading to the 10th tower and

slams it open.

Put the key in the keyhole, turn it, and

it squeaks.

I opened the door and went inside.

[Arrived at the 1st floor of the 10th tower.]

When Sejun arrived at the 1st floor of the 10th tower,

he summed up. I fell asleep

with the predators who were eagerly absorbing the energy of destruction


The pioneers who had been diligently planting seeds welcomed Sejun warmly.

Patrick and Hamer were nowhere to be seen.

“and. “It’s already like a cold meal.”

When Sejun is upset with Patrick and Hamer who do not welcome him,

[Patrick, the Earth God, tells him not to be too upset.]

[Patrick, the Earth God, says that he is observing the movement of destruction through the management system of the 10th Tower. Mer says she is working hard on making an elixir of strengthening.]

Patrick explained to Sejun why they could not come out to meet him.

“yes. all right.”

While Sejun was talking to Patrick,



In order to get Sejun’s praise, the Poomsang and Gaejeon surround him and talk about what he has done so far.

Even though it had only been two days since we had seen each other, it felt like we had a lot to talk about.

“okay. okay. great job. “Tell the captain about the rest.”


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Sejun throws the sleeping Black Family to Posik and Gaejeon and asks,

“Are there a lot of people gathered?”

I confirmed the energy of creation that had gathered so far.

-Current energy of creation: 2.65 million L

Thanks to the energy of destruction possessed by Melpix’s body, a lot of it was collected in just two days.

“Then what should we upgrade first?”

Sejun was looking at the upgrade list.

I have a lot of money, so I should pay for the most expensive one first.

From the list, I chose the one that gave me the most creative energy.

“Establishing a lighthouse of creation that burns destruction.”

[Using 1 million L of the energy of creation to install the Lighthouse of Creation that burns destruction.] [

The installation of the Lighthouse of Creation that burns destruction begins.]

[It takes 10 days to complete the installation.]

[Energy of Creation 10 You can shorten the installation period by 1 day by consuming 10,000 L.]

[Would you like to shorten the installation period by consuming the energy of creation?]

A message that appears along with Sejun’s words.


Of course not. It’s not urgent.

Sejun installed the lighthouse and

said, “Strengthen everything in order of suction power, throughput, repair speed, and durability until the energy of creation runs out.”

[Consumes 2000L of Creative Energy to increase suction power by 10%.] [Consumes 5000L of Creative Energy to increase refining system throughput by 10%.]

[Consumes 35,000L of Creative Energy to increase automatic tower repair speed by 10%.


[Consumes 50,000 L of the energy of creation to increase durability by 10%.]




I used up all of my remaining creative energy to upgrade the tower’s basic abilities.

When Sejun finished upgrading the 10th tower

, hehehe!

[Ahem. The captain had a great adventure with his butler this time!]

Blackman, who had just woken up, had gathered the predators and pioneers and was talking about killing Mobius this time.



The predators and pioneers applauded enthusiastically with leaves at Kamangi’s words.

Sejun put his hand to the mouths of the pioneers who were listening intently to Kamangi’s story and said,

“Tsk. Tsk.”

[Obtained the Pioneer Seed of Destruction (+1).]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[Sowing Lv. The skill level of 9 increases slightly.]




We collected the seeds that the pioneers had collected in their mouths.

It was strengthened with an elixir of strengthening and spit out 2 seeds for every million Devourer of Destruction seeds, so the number of accumulated seeds exceeded 100.


planted the seed he obtained in this way [Doom Pioneer Seed (+1) in the ground containing the refined energy of destruction and magical power.] [

Job experience increases slightly.]

[The mastery of magic seed sowing (Master) increases slightly. It rises.]




Planted again.


Pioneers that grow quickly as soon as they plant seeds.



As soon as they were born, they were taken by veteran pioneers and listened to the story of Kamangi’s heroics



We were reborn as one team.

Sejun, who had planted all the seeds of the pioneers, sat in the back and listened to the stories of the Posik pioneers and Kamangi.



Theo and Kueng fell asleep again on Sejun’s lap and side.

Peaceful morning time.

After a while.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. So, our Black family punished Mobius together, and the super-giant butler, created by Theo’s trust in the butler, defeated Mobius!]

As the black-man’s story ended with the story that the super-giant Chairman Park defeated Mobius,



Posik and Gaejeon looked at Sejun with respect.


Sejun, feeling embarrassed for no reason, cleared his throat and stood up.



Inside, I was very proud and loved it.

“Let’s go now.”

Whip! Whip! Whip!

[Goodbye, guys! The captain will definitely come back! We’ll see each other alive!]

At Sejun’s words, Kamangi bid a solemn farewell to Posik and the Pioneers.

“I will come again tomorrow.”

Although Sejun’s words faded.


Outskirts of Destruction.

“what?! “Why is this happening?!”

Jormungand, who was resurrected, tried to lead the disaster and became angry when he saw the remaining troops.

This is because the troops were cut in half due to Melphix’s command of Vulcan.



“You’re finally awake!”

“I’m glad you’re awake!”

The same vampire, Kraken Hydra Leviathan, came.

“okay. But what happened while I was away?

When Jormungand asked,

“So… with Melphix leading…”

The highest-ranking Kraken spoke about what had happened.

“Furthermore, it seems that all of the Apostles of Destruction except us have betrayed us.”

“what?! Everyone but us?!”

“yes. “I feel like I’m back on the creative side.”

“joy. Things that have no integrity. In the end, does that mean that those who betrayed once will betray again?”

Jormungand laughed at the traitors. As if he were different.

“Now that it’s like this, Hydra and Leviathan prepare to break away, and Kraken helps me reorganize my troops.”



Hydra and Leviathan spoke in reluctant voices at Jormungand’s words.

For snakes, shedding their skin is a necessary process for growth, but it is extremely painful and carries the risk of death.

“If you want to do it, do it!”



Hydra and Leviathan reluctantly prepare to escape due to Jormungandr’s murderous words.

“Kraken, you must first bring disaster back.”


Jormungand wrapped Hydra and Leviathan in his huge body and began to bring in the Kraken and the disasters that had spread to the world.


[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]

Sejun returned home from the 10th tower.


I went to the kitchen and ate breakfast prepared by Sejun No. 1.

The breakfast menu is pork cutlet made with slime meat.

“ah. right. “Make me Sejun’s No. 1 hotcake.”


[Hehe. Butler! Give it to me again!]

Sejun cut up the pork cutlet and gave it to Kamangi and had Sejun No. 1 make hotcakes.

Today, I planned to go to the 67th floor of the White Tower to find the sealed sun and restore daylight to the White Tower.

So, while going to the White Tower, I made Ajax’s favorite hotcakes.

While Sejun No. 1 was making hotcakes, Sejun and his companions enjoyed the pork cutlet.


“Oh. full.”

Even if you eat slime pork cutlet, the physical damage reduction message, which is the effect of , did not appear.

Because Sejun didn’t cook it himself.

The effect of was only effective on food cooked by Sejun himself.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kuengi made coffee for Dad!]

Yesterday, while Sejun was away, Kuengi, who made coffee with Sejun coffee beans from the Black Tower 94 Chika that Hegel left behind, brought a steaming cup.

“thank you.”


“Wow. “Of course, the coffee our Kueng made is the best!”

Sejun raised his thumb and praised Kueng’s coffee.


Kueng smiles brightly at Sejun’s praise.

To be honest, there wasn’t much difference in taste from the coffee brewed by Ninir, but the coffee brewed by Kuengi was the best.

And if you even laugh like that… this is now the coffee of paradise.

Sejun drank coffee and enjoyed a leisurely time with his companions who were resting on his body.


“Ajax, can I go now?”

I called Ajax.


[White Tower’s honorary full-time employee says Sejun is always welcome.]

Ajax answers right away.

When Sejun Company’s policy changed, the system immediately reflected this.

Hehehe. I wanted to see that Ajax guy.

Just by looking at the message, I could imagine Ajax being happy about his visit.

“okay. Then I’ll be there soon. “Toryong!”

Sejun called Toryong and moved to the waypoint.

At Sejun’s request, Eileen moved the waypoint location little by little towards the farm every day, so we arrived at the waypoint in a matter of minutes


Sejun placed his hand on the red crystal and moved to the white tower.


89th floor of the Black Tower.


Iona, holding Theo’s bundle of heart fur, hummed and walked briskly towards somewhere.


“Pfft. “Is Amur Lange there?”

I asked the guards guarding the huge mansion.

Iona left the job of finding the owners of items with the owner’s mark to the Wandering Merchants’ Association and

came here herself to find out the buyer of the golden plate depicting the battle between Fenrir and the dragon from Amur.

While we were meeting, I was thinking of asking famous designer Amour to make a couple ring for me and Theo.


“Even so, Amur Lange is waiting for Iona. Please follow me. “The magic tower lord of the black gourd.”

“What? “You waited for me?!”

How did you know I would come?

At the guard’s words, Iona put a bundle of Theo’s heart hair into the subspace, took out the crushing gravity staff of suppression that was strapped to her back, and increased her magical power.

Iona was on high alert because she had almost been killed by Mobius not long ago.

At that time

– Iona, the lord of the Black Park Tower and the lover of Theo Park. There is nothing to be wary of. I am Amur Lange, the second Apostle of Creation. I have something to tell you, so please come in quietly.

A divine voice sounded in Iona’s head.


At Amour’s words acknowledging her relationship with Theo, Iona smiled brightly and hurried into the mansion.

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