Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 511

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Episode 511 From now on, whenever you miss Vice President Hybrid Te, hold on to that!

Episode 511 From now on, whenever you miss Vice President Hybrid Te, hold on to that!


[Why is there no answer?! Quickly, let Dad wake up!]

Bang! Kwagwagwang!

Kkueng didn’t know that Sejun and the others had come to their senses and continued to beat up Mobius.

“Kkueng! “I’m awake!”

Sejun called Kuengi from very far away. If you’re close, you’ll get hurt by the shock wave that Kueng creates when he swings Mobius.

Sejun shouted loudly,


It’s my dad’s voice!

Kueng’s ears first moved towards Sejun, and then his head quickly turned towards where Sejun was.


[Dad woke up!]


Kueng, who found Sejun who had come to his senses, threw Mobius’ body on the ground, hurriedly reduced his body size, flew to Sejun, and held him in prison.


Kueng? Kueng?

[Dad, are you okay? Are you injured anywhere?]

I began to carefully examine every nook and cranny of Sejun’s body.

“huh. “Dad, you’re strong.”

Sejun said, showing off his strong biceps, but

where are they strong?

There was no way Kueng could be persuaded by Sejun’s weak biceps.

Of course, Kueng, a dutiful son, did not speak out what was in his heart in order not to make his father sad.

Instead, it was revealed through facial expressions. Kueng was still young and was not good at hiding his expressions.

Fortunately, the other group members were also making expressions of insignificance as they looked at Sejun’s biceps, so Kuengi’s expression did not stand out.

After a while.


[Dad, it’s okay!]

When Kkueng finished the test and clung to Sejun’s side, he asked,

“But even if he dies, his body is still there?”

Sejun approached Mobius’ body. To make Theo’s giant grilled fish.



Mobius’ mouth opened, and things that he had not yet digested poured out.

It was mostly dirt, wood, and stone, but


Jewelry and money items were visible here and there.

I can’t stand seeing something like this!

“Animals to treasure hunt?!”

When Sejun shouted,

“Fuhuhu.” “I, the first person in the treasure hunt, Vice President Hybrid Te, will take first place!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[Kkuengi is also good at finding treasures! They can find everything by smell!]

Kihihi. Whip?! Whip!

[Hehe. Are you playing?! I’m surprised too!]

Teo Kuengi Kamangi Family declared their participation and started looking for treasure.

“Move the ground!”

Naturally, Sejun, a social animal, also participated in the treasure hunt.


“Ugh… I need to find Dev’s stuff… First of all, I have to participate too! Detect.”

I can’t resist a treasure hunt!

Iona, who watched and pondered for a moment, began to use magic to excitedly find the treasure.

1 hour later.

“Whew. it’s tough.”

Hehehe. I found a lot.

Sejun looks proudly at the small pile of treasures he found.

Did the kids find a lot?

I looked at the treasures the other party members found.



First, every time Theo put his paw in the ground, he found something, and there were 10 treasure mountains around him that he had created.


As expected, Theo is an overwhelming first place.

Sejun also didn’t dare to think of beating Theo, who had lucky golden feet, so he turned his eyes towards the rest of the group with a comfortable mind.




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After Guengyi roughly figured out the location of the treasure by smell, he used his telekinesis to lift the pile of dirt, spread the dirt, and found the treasure. There were 7 treasure mountains around him that he had created.

Kuengi took second place.


Ionaga, who created 3 treasure mountains with magic, came in 3rd place.

So am I in 4th place?

There was nothing to see about the Kamangi family. Of course, there is no way he could have found more treasure than he did.


hehe hee hee!

[Hehe. Hey guys, we’re winning! Cheer up!]




“yes! “Eomdori, I can feel the crystal over there!”




Contrary to Sejun’s expectations, the Kamangi family was showing great performance.

Eomdori, who grew huge after eating a rock, puts the ground on top of a net made of spider webs and lifts it up


Kavi corroded the soil with its power of corruption and made it crumble. Then, the broken soil was taken out through the net, and

among the remaining soil, Eomdori ate the stones and burned the trees.

After the final filtering, Jaki Karle Shari took the remaining items to Kamangi.


kihihihi. bleep!

[Hehe. good job! Come back for more!]

Kamangi protected one treasure mountain and cheered on his subordinates.

I’m losing to the super sunfish?!

Sejun felt a sense of crisis.

If it continues like this, we will lose.

I decided to increase my chances of winning.


Sejun hurriedly took out the two power stones he had picked up after extinguishing Mobius’ soul earlier.


Let’s think about absorbing the power stone in our heads.

[The power stone of Mobius, the silent invader: Absorb the contained in the absolute sense of smell.]

[The power stone of Mobius, the silent invader, Moby Dick: contained in the sense of smell. is absorbed.]

The power contained within the power stone began to be absorbed by Sejun.

[The power of the target to absorb the power is greatly insufficient.]

[ cannot be absorbed properly.]

[ cannot be properly absorbed.]

[The power must be absorbed by the target’s power. Correct.]

[The power of authority decreases significantly.]


Although the message made me feel sick, I was not overly disappointed with the results I had expected.


[ is greatly downgraded and Talent: Smell Tracking (limited to plants) blooms.] [

has been granted.]

But the talent is too great!

Sejun, who did not expect that authority would be downgraded to talent, eventually became angry.

“And why is ‘petty and timid’ in the name…?”

It’s really too much.

Sejun grumbled and confirmed his new talent and power.

[Talent: Smell tracking (plants only)]

The location of plants within a 500m radius can be determined with an error of about 1m based on smell alone.

You can take 1 item within a 100m radius without being detected.

Talent: Scent tracking is limited to plants, but from Sejun’s point of view as a farmer, it’s not that bad and

can be used when bringing things from far away.

The power also seemed useful.



Sejun smelled a smell that he had not been able to smell before. It was the smell of moss growing around the lake.


I feel it!

At the same time, the location of the moss was clearly pictured in Sejun’s mind.

If Mobius only had , it would have been destroyed by Black Mangi a long time ago.

Because he used the power after identifying the location of food with , he was able to find food without major failure.


This is fun.

Sejun fell in love with finding out the location of plants by smell.

ah. This is not the time.

The treasure hunt competition was still in progress.

Hehehe. Should we turn the rankings over?

When Sejun uses his power while looking at the gold coins in the treasure mountain guarded by Black Mangi,

[ is activated.]

[The gold coins exclusive to the royal family of the Cove Kingdom with no name engraved on them have been plundered.]

Sejun’s message comes with a message. A gold coin appeared in his hand with the image of Queen Prana of the Cove Kingdom on the front and King Louis of the Cove Kingdom on the back.

An unnamed gold coin exclusively for the Kingdom of Cove?

Let Sejun look at the gold coin.

[A gold coin exclusive to the Cove Kingdom royal family with no name engraved on it] This

is a gold coin given to the royal family of the Cove Kingdom with their name engraved on it when they receive favor.

If you return a gold coin with your name engraved on it to the Cove Kingdom, you can make one wish to the Cove Kingdom.

Description that appears.

It looks like the Cove Kingdom has been robbed as well.

Having heard from Iona what Mobius had done, Sejun knew right away that one of the Cove Kingdom’s warehouses had been robbed.

“But why didn’t I give you this?”

Sejun gave birth to the Cove Kingdom’s most important mother tree and is the most powerful person in the Black Tower.

When Sejun said something, they would just follow it, and Prana and Louis did not separately give Sejun a gold coin as a gift.

Sejun checked the gold coin like that.

Hehehe. The black guy has no idea.

Seeing Black Mangi cheering on his subordinates without knowing that the gold coins in his treasure mountain were missing, Sejun gained confidence and

[ is activated.]




I began to rob Kamangi’s treasure mountain in earnest.

At first, I was cautious, so I only brought small things, but little by little, I became bolder and the size of the items I brought gradually increased.


whine?! whine?!

[uh?! Where did you go!?]

If your tail is long, you get stepped on. In the end, I was caught by Kkamangi. Because I brought something so unique.

Where is the picture depicting the great Kkamangi’s activities?!

Sejun happened to bring a huge golden plate engraved with a scene from the past battle between Fenrir and the great dragon race.

On the golden plate, the scene of a giant wolf occupying half of the plate fighting against twelve chief dragons and all nine remaining dragons was depicted in great detail and dynamically, as if you had seen it in person.

Of course, even if it wasn’t a painting, the size of the golden plate was so large that it was inevitable that it would be caught.


[Butler! Why did you steal mine?!]

Black Mangi, who saw the golden plate that Sejun was holding, ran over and barked,

whine? whine?!

[uh? Does this here smell like me too? Isn’t this ours too?!]

Once we were caught, we were all caught. I thought he was just sitting there, but he was a black man who had buried his scent in each of the treasures.

After a while.

“I pass it on to the kids too…”

Sejun ended up in last place in the treasure hunt competition.

“Fuhuhuhu. The great hybrid Chairman Park is in last place! As expected, Chairman Park needs me, Hybrid Te Vice President!”


[Kuengi will find a lot of treasures in the future, so do your best, Dad!]

Theo and Kuengi comforted Sejun and

said goodbye.

Oh my gosh.




The Kamangi family was satisfied with defeating Sejun and had a good night’s sleep.

“Pfft. “I will return anything here that I am sure belongs to the owner.”

Iona began to categorize objects with clear owners.

“Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.” If you ask the maker of this, Amour Lange, he will tell you who bought it, so I should take it.”

There was also a huge golden plate with a picture of a black man on it.



Theo, who had not stopped looking for treasure until the very end, found a box in a pile of dirt.


“Fuhuhu.” Chairman Park, take this!”

I handed the box to Sejun.

“oh! thank you!”


Sejun opened the box Theo gave him with a happy expression.

The box contained three land documents.

[Land document on the 89th floor of the Black Tower]

[Land document on the 4th floor of the Black Tower]

[Land document on the 67th floor of the White Tower]

“I needed these land documents, and they are good. “Good job Vice President Te.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I, Vice President of Hybrid Te, always do well!”


Sejun patted Theo’s head and took the land documents.

The 4th floor land document of the Black Tower was needed to set up a monument to Leah’s achievements and place Cheval 18 as a believer, and the

67th floor land document of the White Tower was needed to find the sealed sun of the White Tower.

“It’s a shame it’s only one floor higher.”

It would have been perfect if the 90th floor, which was one floor higher than the 89th floor of the Black Tower, had appeared…

On the 90th floor of the Black Tower, there was the sacred Earth Armor of Patrick, the God of Earth.

When Sejun got up from his seat with a little regret, he said,

“Kkkkkkkk.” “Sejun, I took care of everything!”

Iona said as she packed up the owner’s belongings and put the remaining items and Mobius’ body into Sejun’s subspace warehouse.

“Good job Iona. “Let’s go back now.”


[Dad Kueng is holding on tight!]


As Sejun held Kuengi in his arms,


Kuengi quickly climbed upward using telekinesis and arrived on the ground in an instant.

“Pfftppt… Then I have work to do, so I’ll go…”

Iona says goodbye with a voice full of regret.


come on.

Contrary to what I said, I couldn’t easily let go of Theo’s warm and fluffy tail that I had touched for the first time in a long time. The hand was still full of regret.

“Fuhuhuhu. Hey, take this! From now on, whenever you miss Vice President Hybrid Te, hold on to that!”

Theo handed Iona a heart-shaped fur ball made from his own fur and said,

“Pfft?!” Theo! So good!”

Iona, who received the heart-shaped fur ball, hugged Theo with a touched expression.


“Pfft. “Theo, I will do my best! Goodbye, Sejun!”

He left with a strong voice, holding a bundle of Theo’s heart fur in his arms.

Eileen must have liked it that much, right?

Although Sejun couldn’t see it in person, he smiled as he imagined Eileen receiving his heart rice ball.

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