Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 513

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Episode 513 Hehehe. Isn’t it great because I have a brother?!

Episode 513 Hehehe. Isn’t it great because I have a brother?!

My name is Amur Lange.

He was a great warrior who ruled in a world called .


[Amur Lange is appointed as the fifteenth Apostle of Creation.]

He was chosen as the Apostle of Creation by the system 2,000 years ago.

Although he is the second child now, he was the youngest child at the time.

“thanks. My name is Mac. Thanks to you, I, the youngest, escaped. welcome. “You’re the youngest.”

“what?! the youngest?! “My name is the great warrior Amour… Gagging!”

“If I were the youngest, I would be the youngest. “You’re the youngest.”

He was so strong that his predecessors thought he was just a young chick who ruled the world.

Amur went beyond the yet-to-be-opened Black Gate with the senior Apostles of Creation to carry out a sacred mission to prevent the forces of destruction from overflowing.

A lonely fight that no one recognizes, but someone has to fight.

The apostles of creation continued their battle against the terrible destruction, armed with a sacred mission and a heart for one another.

After fighting for 1,000 years, five of the Apostles of Creation died honorably, reducing the number of Apostles of Creation to 10.

Amur became the tenth Apostle of Creation.

As 500 years passed, the number of 10 people gradually decreased to 7 people, and after another 500 years, it gradually decreased to 5 people.

While the power of destruction grew stronger, their own power was gradually diminished.

Then one day.

“Cough…damn. “I never thought I would go before the youngest… Now, you are the second apostle of creation.”


Mac, who was his senior and friend who always called him the youngest and never called him by his name, called his name one last time after his lower body was eaten by Jormungand and said,

“You snake!” “I won’t go alone!”

He parted the snake’s head, smiled in satisfaction, and fell into eternal sleep.


destruction can never be defeated.

Amur, a great warrior, lost heart after 1800 years of continuing his sacred battle.

I don’t remember much after that.

When I came to my senses, I found myself on the 89th floor of the tower.

I thought it went well. The fight was boring. I wanted to rest.

So, I lived each day inside the house, deliberately turning off my attention to my surroundings.

Amur got bored with his boring daily life and started making various things…

The servants of the house took interest, so he gave them out one by one, and the items were distributed to the tower, and before he knew it, Amur became famous.

As Amur’s reputation grew, the status of those who visited Amur also increased, and even when they stayed at home, Amur naturally learned advanced information about the tower.

Of course, the information was only gloomy, like Amur’s broken heart, and that the tower’s condition was getting worse.

About 200 years ago, it became common to hear about how bad the tower had become through information brought in by guests.

“Did you hear, Amour? “It is said that the Locusts have invaded the 67th floor of the tower controlled by the Lizard Kingdom.”

The guest brought the worst information, even worse than usual.

It must have been 100 years ago and it came again.

I thought that if the dragon didn’t intervene this time, the tower’s destruction was imminent.


“We are exterminating the Locust with the strong blade of the Great Blade raised by the great black dragon.”

A few days later, the information brought by another guest went far beyond Amour’s expectations.

“yes?! “What do dragons grow?”

“Green onions. It’s a green onion as sharp as a blade…”

What does this mean?

It’s hard to believe that a dragon can grow green onions, but it kills locusts with green onions?!

Amour couldn’t understand.


“The Locust is said to be extinct!”

Extinct the Locust without the dragon’s direct intervention?!

“There were many cases of merchants becoming extinct in the merchant aisle, but it turned out that it was a fragment sent by the Apostle of Destruction! If it weren’t for Theo Park, the great black dragon’s subordinate…”

The great black dragon uses the cat people as his subordinate?! Plus, the cat tribe kills the Apostle of Destruction fragments?!

Since then, the information that guests have brought to Amur is full of things that Amur cannot understand.

But what is certain is that unlike Amur’s broken heart, the shape of the tower has changed.

The tower no longer fell toward the floor. It wasn’t gloomy.


“It is said that the Red Ribbon Kingdom, which was destroyed by the Locust, is holding a founding ceremony this time.”

“This time, a party was held on the 99th floor of the tower, and there were a lot of really delicious things.”

From then on, the information customers brought back continued to be hopeful and bright.

The atmosphere of the tower has completely changed. The flight of a leaning tower. no. The word emergency was not enough.



“This is all thanks to the great black dragon Park Se-jun.”

“The great black dragon Park Se-jun…”

Who are you, Park Se-jun, who ascended the Black Tower?

In Amour’s broken heart, a fire of motivation began to burn little by little, along with curiosity about Sejun, the starting point of this huge change.


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It’s probably not a dragon.

The black dragon has the last name ‘Prytani’. I don’t use names like that.

Or is it Dragon’s Game with a new name? But then I wouldn’t use the word ‘great black dragon’… As

Amur grew curious about Sejun while listening to the information brought by guests inside the house,

he said, “Amur, this is the crop that Sejun grew.”

Not long ago, Mimir, who wanted to impress Amur, gifted crops grown by Sejun, and

the grower: Black Tower Tower Farmer Sejun Park (a human from Earth)

is a top farmer?!

Are you from Earth and not a dragon?!

As an apostle of creation, Amur was able to see more information in crops than others, and learned that Sejun was a very ordinary being.

A tower farmer who is nothing can change the tower so much?!

At the same time, I thought of Emilla Evenus, the first Apostle of Creation, who always tended to her flower garden when she was not fighting.

When asked why he raised something like that, the senior just laughed. Seniors who fought 1,000 years longer than they did but never gave up.

You were fighting.

It occurred to me that battle might not be the only sacred mission for Amur.

His face felt extremely hot, perhaps because of the shame that had broken his heart or because of the fire burning in front of him.

“…It’s time to go back.”

When Amur was gathering his equipment and preparing to return to the second Apostle of Creation, Amur Lange, not the designer Amur Lange, he said,

“I guess I’ll have to accept the last customer.”

A powerful magical power felt from afar.

“Iona, the wizard of great destruction, will be here soon. “Send it to me when it comes.”

He had a servant relay his words to the guard and waited


Through the window, I saw a small, pure white hamster approaching the mansion, humming excitedly.

An already completed existence.


it’s pretty complete. What are the souls that are together?

From Amour’s perspective, there were some shortcomings.

I guess I’ll have to give you some presents. If you’re lucky, you might become the youngest.

Amour prepared several gifts for Iona.

It was Amur who didn’t know that the youngest had arrived yet. The strongest youngest who could not defeat even all the apostles of creation.


[Arrived at the 99th floor of the White Tower.]

When Sejun arrived at the White Tower,

“Sejun hyung~!”

Ajax, who had been waiting for Sejun to come in front of the waypoint, fell into Sejun’s arms.

Sejun relaxed as much as possible to avoid getting hurt and used various safety spells to reduce the impact, but


Sunfish Sejun always exceeded expectations.

[I received a fatal attack.]

[I am invincible.]

[I do not take damage.]

Fortunately, I was saved today thanks to the invincibility effect. Of course, Sejun would not have died because he has various skills and powers. Sejun, who endured Ajax’s hug attack like that,

is not going to die …



It wasn’t the end. Now it’s time to endure the energy of Ajax.


“Ajax, how are you?”

“huh! brother!”

Sejun was not greatly affected by Ajax’s energy.

My stronger stats and the skill talent and power I gained over the years helped me withstand the energy of Ajax.

“Nice to meet you, Ajax!”

Of course, the person who helped him endure Ajax’s energy was Theo, who came out of the subspace warehouse and clung to Sejun’s lap, flowing and absorbing Ajax’s energy.


[It’s been a long time!]

Kuengi, who followed Theo, also said hello to Ajax.

The Kamangi family did not come out of the subspace warehouse. For fear of getting hurt by Ajax’s energy, I let Sejun play in the subspace warehouse.

“The super sunfish eat this and wait.”

He gave me dried roasted sweet potatoes.

This was to prevent an unfortunate incident that would turn the subspace warehouse into a mess like last time.

After a while.

Salt, salt, salt.

Kamangi was happily eating dried roasted sweet potatoes.

Come to think of it, Shubokchi?! Something feels bad?!

The name Sejun called them earlier bothered them.

‘The butler did something wrong! ‘You made me feel bad!’

Hehehe. I must let you know about the great Black Mangi’s anger.


[Let’s play, kids!]

Kkamangi, who wanted to run around and play, got a reason.

Without realizing that Black Mangi was making a mess of the subspace warehouse, he

said, “Ajax, eat this.”

Sejun delivered 1,000 hotcakes to Ajax.

“and! brother! “I’ll eat well!”

Ajax ate three hotcakes in one go.

“Hehehe. “It’s so delicious!”

His face was full of smiles and he was excited and wagging his tail.

“Ajax, let’s sit here and eat.”

Meanwhile, Sejun laid down a pine leaf mat and called Ajax.

“Drink this too.”

“huh! brother!”

Ajax took a shot of the chocolate milk that Sejun brought him and prepared to eat hotcakes in earnest.

Originally, it was Ajax that I would have eaten alone, but

“Hyung!” Kueng! “Let’s eat together!”

While staying with Sejun, I learned that delicious food tastes better when eaten together.

“You don’t have to eat Theo, right?”

“That’s right! “I, Hybrid Te Vice President, only eat grilled fish and churros made by Chairman Park!”


We also need to respect other people’s tastes.

While we were all eating delicious hotcakes together,

“Ajax, we are going down to the 67th floor of the tower later.”

Sejun told the reason why he came to White Tower.

“If you’re on the 67th floor of the tower, are you going to look for the sun?”


“oh! sounds fun!”

Ajax’s eyes sparkled at Sejun’s words.

“Are you planning to go to Ajax too?”

“then! If Sejun goes, I have to go too! “That includes me!”

I hate Sejun! Don’t just take me!

Ajax shouted in response to Sejun’s question. With tears in my eyes.

“Of course I want to take Ajax too. But then the residents on the 67th floor of the tower will get hurt.”

If you go, the kids won’t be able to breathe.

Sejun patted Ajax’s head and said,

“Then should I tell Grandpa to kick out the residents on the 67th floor of the tower?”

As Sejun petted him, Ajax asked in a serious voice. That’s how much Ajax wanted to go to the 67th floor of the tower with Sejun.

“no. “What if someone tells Ajax to get out of here?”

“Um… I’m very angry. “I’ll give you my breath right away!”

Ajax, who pondered Sejun’s question for a moment, answered by puffing out his chest as if he was going to fire his breath at any moment.

“What if I can’t match Ajax’s breath?”

“uh. “Then will I be kicked out?”

“yes. “How will Ajax feel if he gets kicked out?”

“sad. “I worked very hard to make the tomato field here…”

Ajax said, looking at the field of pure white cherry tomatoes spread out around him.

“okay. The residents on the 67th floor of the tower probably feel the same way. no. “The residents can’t even use breath like Ajax, so they won’t be able to resist.”

“okay. “I won’t follow you.”

As a smart Ajax, he understood Sejun’s intention and spoke in a sullen voice. I understood, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

“Instead, I’ll find the sun and come back on my way back. “Let’s have a meat party then.”


Ajax’s face immediately brightened when he heard that Sejun was coming back.

In this way, Sejun protected both the safety of the residents on the 67th floor of the tower and the laughter of Ajax. I couldn’t keep the meat, though.

“Then we’ll go.”

“huh! brother! Ugh. “I’ll be preparing a meat party!”


Sejun puts Theo and Kuengi in the sub-space warehouse and


He disappeared as he opened the land document on the 67th floor of the White Tower.

“Sigh! You disobeyed Chairman Park’s words! We have to clean it up quickly! “Chairman Park doesn’t like it!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[Black mang cleans quickly! Dad cleans it up before he opens the door!]

Meanwhile, in the subspace warehouse, Theo and Kkueng were working hard to clean up with the Kamangi family who had made a mess of the warehouse.

Hehe. Isn’t it great because I have a brother?!

He was a black man who thought it was really good to have older brothers who would help him clean up even if he got into an accident.

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