Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 504

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Episode 504 Fuhehehe. Of course, it’s a churdanyanang that will satisfy your taste buds!

Episode 504 Fuhehehe. Of course, it’s a churdanyanang that will satisfy your taste buds!


What does this taste like?!

Sejun frowned after drinking the silver giant’s blood.

I had already tasted the blood of a bronze giant before, so I expected it to be unpleasant, but…

what a horrible taste!

The silver giant’s blood stuck to my tongue sticky and tasted like shampoo and iron.

“Nyan?! “The face of the great Hybrid Chairman Park is rotting badly!”

Chairman Park’s face is protected by Chairman Park’s right hand man, Vice Chairman Hybrid Te!

Hold. Hold.

Theo, who noticed Sejun’s frowning face, quickly administered first aid to Sejun’s face.

“Chairman Park, clean your mouth with this!”

While giving Sejun something to pamper his mouth.

“oh! thank you. Vice President Te!”

Theo, this guy has amazing sense!

Sejun thanked Theo and drank up what Theo gave him.



A fishy taste that spreads throughout your mouth.

“Ugh! What if I give this bastard Chuur?!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Of course, it’s churdanyanang to fill your mouth!”

“That’s just you…!”

As the taste of shampoo, iron, and fishy taste mixed together, the blood of the silver giant that I had barely swallowed came up.


It would have been better if I hadn’t eaten. I had already suffered all the pain, so it would have been a waste to pour it out here.

I wanted to take out a drink, but I didn’t even have time to do so.


So Sejun covered his mouth with both hands and swallowed


I swallowed desperately again.

“Huh. Hah. Hah. Phew.”

Sejun, who barely swallowed the silver giant’s blood without spitting it out, sighed and said,

“Nyan! “Chairman Park’s mouth smells like shit mixed with a strange smell!”

Theo hurriedly put on his gas mask.

The gas mask was made by Iona herself to be used when going to Sejun’s bathroom.

I heard that it has excellent odor removal performance using an odor removal magic specially designed for Theo.

i envy you.

“I’ll make one too!”

It’s coming up again!

shit! Shame! The smell of my breath upsets my stomach…

Sejun hurriedly opened the subspace storage room, took out a cool coke, gulped it down, and sent the silver giant’s blood coming up with the cola back down.


[ingested the giant’s blood.]

[Strength and stamina potential increase by 700, the maximum increase.]

[Talent: Giant power blooms.]

[Talent: Giant power has already bloomed.]

[Talent: Strength is a talent: Strengthened by the strength of a young giant.]

A message finally appears.

[Depending on the job characteristics, we borrow 1% of the stats from Green Tower Farmer Ophelia.]

[Depending on the job characteristics, we borrow 1% of the stats from White Tower Farmer Ajax.]

[Because the stats are not enough, we will borrow all 1% of the stats. It cannot be done.]

Strength (7939/7939)

Stamina (6962/6962)

Of course, the increased strength and stamina potential were quickly filled.

“Oops. But why did my strength potential increase so much?”

Is it because of the young giant’s strength?

Sejun burped and confirmed his enhanced talent.

[Young Giant’s Strength]

It is a talent with enormous potential in terms of strength, similar to that of the Young Giants.

Each time you level up, your strength increases by 30 and your strength potential increases by 1%.

Strength potential increases by 2000.

“Hehehe. “It’s a lot better than before.”

The strength stat that increases each time you level up has increased from 10 to 30, and the effect of increasing strength potential by 1% has been added.

In addition, the power potential increased from 500 to 2000.

So the strength potential has increased significantly.

At this level, you can get to the 10th Tower even without the Black Beans of Transcendence.

Sejun was already able to use , and by using the Black Bean of Transcendence together, he was able to go to the 10th Tower.


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However, I didn’t go because I had no reason to go.

How dare you fly?!

Of course, the biggest reason is because I was upset.

Hmm… Still, would I go to a place where Patrick takes care of me this much?

To be honest, it was because he couldn’t eat the giant’s blood that Patrick gave him or it didn’t taste good, but his intentions weren’t bad.

no. It might be a little bad.

When I remembered Patrick telling me to eat lava bloodstone with my eyes closed, I didn’t want to go back.

Still, I have sincerity…

‘Should I eat breakfast and get my feet stamped?’

Since it was obviously his first time visiting, there was a high possibility that he would give him an achievement.

After eating breakfast, Sejun decided to just stamp his feet on the 10th tower.

Low, low, low.

I walked around the farm again and raised my potential.

After a while.


[Dad, good night!]

Kueng woke up, gave Sejun a belly greeting and clung to Sejun’s side.



Kueng! Kueng! Kueng!

[Dad, there’s a strange smell of poop coming from your mouth! It’s chica chica! Kueng will do it with you!]

Before eating, Kueng and I brushed our teeth.


“What do you think?” ha.”



[It’s okay now!]

After brushing my teeth five times, I received permission from Kueng to stop brushing my teeth.

what? I’m your dad, but something’s wrong.

Feeling strange, Sejun went to the kitchen and ate the food prepared by Sejun No. 1 and his companions.

When Sejun finished eating breakfast,

hehehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Dad, Kueng made the morning coffee!]

Kueng, who had already finished breakfast, made coffee and brought it to me.

“Oops. “My son is good.”

Pat, pat.

When Sejun patted Kueng’s buttocks, he said,

“Nyan!” “Please also give Chairman Park and Vice Chairman Hybrid Te a pat on the back!”

Take a peek.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! Me too!]


Theo and the Kamangi family sticking out their buttocks.


Sejun was able to drink coffee only after patting the buttocks of all his companions.


The coffee was very cold.

Thanks to this, Sejun drank his coffee in no time.

“good. Summon the entrance to the 10th tower!”

Moon was summoned to stamp his feet on the 10th tower.

[Summons the door leading to Tower 10.]


A wooden door appears in front of Sejun with a message.

[He says with a happy voice that he thought Patrick, the Earth God, would also like his gift.]

[Patrick, the Earth God, says he will give him a welcome gift when he comes to the 10th Tower and says he will see him soon at the 10th Tower.]

At the same time, Sejun Patrick, who had been anxiously waiting for Sejun to come to the 10th tower, prepared to greet Sejun.

Hehehe. Even a welcome gift?

“sure. “I must go.”

After answering, Sejun


I put the key to the 10th tower into the keyhole of the wooden door.


“Stick together, guys.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”



He made his companions come into contact with his body.


[The 11 divided powers are combined into one, and is activated for 13 seconds.]

[Power increases by 1300%.]

The power is activated, and Sejun’s power increases to 100,000 at once. I passed it.

good. Overflowing with power!

Sejun turned the key, feeling tremendous power.


The key turned so easily

, and

when Sejun tried to open the door

[The Orb of Fraud warns of imminent death.]

Ominous red letters appeared in front of Sejun.

This time, Bev, the god of bravery, did not sense Sejun’s danger. Because Bev cannot see inside the 10th tower.

“···Patrick, what will come out when I open the door?”

Sejun asked Patrick without opening the door.

[When Patrick, the god of the earth, opens the door and enters, the first floor of the 10th tower appears and he says that he, Hamer, the god of agriculture, and Stella, the silver dragon, are waiting for him.]


A dragon is waiting?! And it’s a dragon that’s much older than Eileen’s aunt?!

To a dragon, being older meant being stronger.

“If it wasn’t for the fraud beads, I would have died.”


Sejun hurriedly closed the door.


10th tower, 1st floor.

“Park Se-jun is coming soon! “Hurry up and get ready!”

Following Patrick’s instructions, Hamer and Stella awkwardly stood on either side of Patrick holding signs welcoming Sejun.

On the picket…

[I love you! Park♡Se♡Jun♡]

[♡Welcome♡ to ♡Park Sejun♡’s 10th visit to TOP!]

At Patrick’s strong insistence, a phrase filled with hearts was written.


“Patrick, do we have to do this?!”

“that’s right! “I don’t think it’s really right to do something like this to an insignificant human being!”

Hamer and Stella, who did not like Sejun being too low-key, began to criticize Patrick.


“Uh-huh!” “Quickly and raise your pickets high!”

Patrick loudly scolds the two as if he will not tolerate any objections.

You guys don’t know. What kind of guy is Park Se-jun?

Park Se-jun is a top farmer, but he is the one who fought(?) and won against Delia, the 8th seat demon of corruption and the apostle of destruction.

You too will be surprised when you find out the true value of Park Se-jun.

Park Se-jun. Come quickly.

When Patrick was waiting for Sejun to come,

[Park Sejun, the farmer of the Black Tower, opens the door and asks what is there.]

Sejun asked.

“What do you have? “Once you open the door, you will find the first floor of the 10th tower, where me, Hamer, and Stella are waiting.”

Patrick naturally looked around and explained.

[The door to the 10th tower is closed.]

“Huh?! Park Se-jun. “Why are you closing the door?”

[Park Se-jun, a farmer at the Black Tower, says he can’t go because he could die if Stella is there.]

No, why?! Wasn’t he just weak?!

Patrick also didn’t know Sejun’s true value.

“Whew. “Go up to the second floor of Stella.”

“Really?! “Then you don’t have to pick up this picket?”

“okay. “Hand it over to Hamer.”

“yes?! Patrick, me too…”

“You should have it! And pick up one picket with each hand.”


When Stella went up to the second floor of the tower,

[Park Se-jun. You can come now. Stella is not there.]

Patrick asked Sejun to come again and

he answered.


Sejun carefully stuck his head out the door and finally arrived at the 10th tower.


[You have arrived at the 10th floor of the tower.]

[You have achieved the great achievement of becoming the first tower farmer to enter the 10th tower.]

[As a reward for this great achievement, the cost of staying on the 0th floor of the Black Tower will be reduced by 0.2%.]

oh. As expected, the achievements are up.


When Sejun was laughing while looking at the message,

“Hahaha. Park Se-jun! Welcome! “I am Patrick, the Earth God.”

“Wow… I am Hamer, the god of farming.”

Patrick, who looked really happy, and Hamer, who was cheering halfheartedly while waving a picket full of hearts, greeted Sejun and introduced themselves,

“Yes. “My name is Park Se-jun, a tower farmer from the Black Tower.”

Starting with Sejun, Sejun’s companions also began to introduce themselves.

“Fuhuhuhu. “This body is the deadly dragon claw hybrid golden cat Teobak, the right-hand man of the great hybrid Chairman Park and the target of the Black Tower!”

Theo gave a long self-introduction quickly and accurately without taking a breath

. Kuhehehe. Kueng! Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kueng is father’s son, Kueng! Kueng is good at digging herbs! I ate meat for breakfast! And dad said he loves Kueng!]

Kueng said whatever he wanted to say.

(Batbat! It’s a hybrid golden bat, Batbat!)

Kaiser gave it to me! I am now a hybrid like Sejun!

BatBaet said proudly, showing his dragon claws.


[Hehe. This body is the great Black Man! Kneel down!]

Black Mangi also barked in a dignified manner while introducing himself inside Sejun’s sling bag.

When Sejun’s companions introduced themselves,

there was a lot of laughter.

At the center of destruction, the Black Moon was forcibly opened and the replenishment of troops began once again.

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