Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 503

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Episode 503. Was I on the Demon King route?

Episode 503. Was I on the Demon King route?

“ah. “I feel like I’m finally living a life.”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “I’m full now!”

Sejun and Theo, who had filled their stomachs, patted their bellies and laughed.

“Are the kids doing a good job cleaning?”


When Sejun slightly opens the subspace warehouse door and looks inside,


[Hehe. Mr. Black is leaving!]



The fat pig, Black, was playing on a sled on a mop pulled by Karr and Shari, and

he was laughing!

Kkomi was covering the trash with a spider web.



Kavi was rotting the things that had fallen on the floor.

Then it stinks!

The more you clean, the more messy the floor becomes.

“Is this cleaning?”

“If I stay still, Sejun will scold me less, right?”

The only thing that helped me was Eomdori and Jaki, who stayed still and thought that this was not the case.


As Eomdol and Jaki expected, Sejun screamed and got angry as soon as he came in, saying,

“It’s black from here to here, but it’s blurry over there…”

Each person was assigned a cleaning area and had them clean again.



[My body is heavy…]


Kamangi succeeded in dieting in an instant by absorbing the nutrients he had eaten so far into his core and began cleaning in earnest.

After a while.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. [The butler has done everything!]

Kamangi calls Sejun to be examined.


“Is this what you did? Who wants to hide trash in the corner?! again.”


[How did you know…]

Just because my body became lighter didn’t mean I was better at cleaning.

In the meantime, other guys also came to get tested, but


They were all rejected.

As a former Apostle of Destruction, I had never cleaned before, so it was natural.

While the Black Family was cleaning the subspace warehouse,

“Sejun, then I will go down. “Please speak kindly to Podori.”


Cheval 18, who fainted due to the aftereffects of descending Leia, came to his senses and went down to the 4th floor of the tower.


“Bulssae Podori is not a bad girl even if she has a bit of a sense of authority. Let’s get along well. Of course, if you cross the line, tell me. “I will scold you.”

[yes. Thank you, Sejun.]

I asked Bulssagi to become friends with Podori. I don’t know if what I say will make sense.

3 hours later.



As Kkomi made the floor clean by attaching trash to it with a spider web, Sejun was the first member of the Kkamangi family to pass.

Kkiluk! Kkiluk!

A proud little girl who received Sejun’s approval.

Shrug. Shrug.

After giving his spider silk to the group asking for help as a benevolent act,


I shot a spider web on Sejun’s sling bag and got into it, and soon the other members of the group also used Kkomi’s spider web to quickly finish cleaning.

“Now let’s go home.”


Oh my gosh.




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After finishing cleaning, Sejun put the exhausted and sleeping Black Family in a sling bag and moved to the waypoint.

But I think I forgot something…

I forgot something very important.



Kuengi quickly flew using telekinesis to get to the 79th floor of the tower.

“hey! “Pay money…”


If I saw a robber, I subdued him

and boom.

Even if you get eaten by Jormungand fragments,

you’ll survive!

I just broke through.


The coin was not picked up. I have to get to Sejun and Theo as soon as possible.

When Kueng arrived at the 79th floor of the tower where Sejun was

– Kueng, don’t go. Big brother hates you. Even if you go, you will only be hated.

An ugly whisper came to Kuengi’s ears. It contains the malicious intent to make the other person unhappy.


Kueng?! Kueng?!

[My eldest brother hates Kueng?! Kkueng likes his older brother, but why?!]

Kkueng, who grew up in a place full of kindness and receiving only love, never suspected the malicious whispers.

-Kueng, you stole your older brother’s chur and ate it.

Ku… Kueng! Kueng!

[Well…at that time, I didn’t know that you shouldn’t eat chur, eldest brother! So now, big brother, I’m not eating chur!]

-It’s already too late. Big brother already hates you!

At some point, the whisper was filled with ominous magic power, but


[That couldn’t be…]

Kueng was so shocked that he didn’t notice the approach of ominous magic power.

-Maybe dad hates Kkueng too? Kkueng eats too much!

Dad likes Kueng!

That’s so natural…

Kueng was angry because he couldn’t properly answer the denial, and

his dad really hates Kueng?

I was suspicious and scared.

Kueng! Kueng!

[No! Dad likes Kueng!]

So I screamed loudly to avoid being eaten by suspicion.

-Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Then why didn’t he come to look for Kuengi for a week?



A whisper that cuts straight to the point.

‘We’re almost there now.’

no. Black Soul, the Demon King of Sorrow.

Black Soul was reading Kuengi’s thoughts and causing him to grieve.

-Daddy abandoned you!

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Die in sorrow. Little bear.

Black Soul dealt the final blow to Kuengi.


Dad doesn’t love Kueng?

Mom doesn’t love Kueng?

My eldest brother doesn’t love Kueng?




Kueng suddenly became suspicious of all the things he had taken for granted.

Sigh! Sigh!

Kkueng is so scared that he starts crying.


A dark red energy flowed from Kuengi.

Is it time?

The demon of the apocalypse, who accepted Kuengi’s despair as a sign of the apocalypse, began to awaken.

At that time,

“Where are you talking nonsense?!” “Who abandons whom?!”

Why did I abandon my Kkueng?!

Sejun, who rarely uses harsh words, appeared with an angry expression on his face.

“Kueng-ah, dad is here. don’t cry.”

Sejun hurriedly ran to the crying Kuengi, hugged him and patted his back to help him calm down.



[Daddy loves Kueng?]

Kueng asks with a trembling voice, looking at Sejun with fearful eyes.

“Of course I love you. “I’m sorry Dad came late.”

Sejun said, hugging Kueng tighter.


[Kueng loves you even if he eats a lot?]



[So you love Kueng even if he does bad things?]

“Yes. Because he is my son. Instead, if you do something bad, I will scold you.”

Kuhehehe. Kueng. Kueng. Kueng?

[Hehehe. I understand. Kueng never does anything bad. Then…]

After that, Kkueng kept asking if he felt reassured and

said, “Yes.”

“of course.”

Sejun answered sincerely in a warm voice.

I could still sleep some more.

Meanwhile, the dark red energy coming from Kuengi’s body completely disappeared.

While Sejun calms down the startled Kkueng,

“Nyan!” Why did you bully my little brother?! “I’m going to scold you!”

Puck! Puck!

Theo punished Sejun by hitting the black tombstone where the Demon King of Sorrow, Black Soul, was sealed with his front paw on Sejun

‘s behalf. [Watchman Theo defeated the sealed Demon King of Sorrow, Black Soul.]

[Watchman Theo received 3 billion won, 50% of the experience gained. Obtained.]


The tombstone where Black Soul, the Demon King of Grief, was sealed shattered and


A blue bead rolled out from inside.


“Fuhuhuhu. “I’ll just give it to our great Hybrid Chairman Park!”

Theo picked up the marble and ran to Sejun.



Kueng, exhausted from crying and laughing, fell asleep in Sejun’s arms.


I felt like I was having a good dream as I could hear laughter intermittently.

Low, low, low.

So Sejun quietly walked slowly towards the waypoint so as not to disturb Kkueng, who was having a good dream.

“Chairman Park, take this.”

Theo handed a blue bead to Sejun in a quiet voice.

“what’s this?”

“I scolded the guy who bullied Kueng earlier and picked him up.”

[Heart of Black Soul, the Demon King of Sorrow]

That guy… was the Demon King.

Sejun, who was unable to pay attention to comforting Kueng, belatedly found out the identity of the enemy who made Kueng cry.


Sejun did not eat the heart, but broke it.

It won’t help much if you take it anyway, and it’s not going up due to potential right now.

I can’t forgive you!

Above all, he did not want to eat the heart of the enemy who had broken Kuengi’s heart.


[I overcame the temptation of the Demon King’s power and achieved the feat of destroying the heart of Black Soul, the Demon King of Sorrow.] [

was acquired.]

[ The effect makes you resistant to all unclean energy.]

[With the effect of , all stats increase by 50 every time you destroy the heart of the demon king.]

[The demon king’s talent that you have is the one who brings despair. The person who brings down nightmares becomes the person who overcomes despair and nightmares.]

The message that appears.

“uh?! “The devil’s talent?”

Was I on the Demon King route?

Only then did Sejun realize that he was following the path of the devil.

There was nothing really bad about becoming a demon lord. It just makes killing enemies more painful.


“The devil…”

To revamp the image of Sejun Company, we got rid of slaves, but if the chairman is the devil…

it’s all for naught!

The company image is just perfect.

“Whew. “Thank goodness.”

When Sejun, who has maintained the image of Sejun Company, heads to the waypoint with a sigh of relief,

Chairman Park is just as amazing! You did something great!

Theo looked at Sejun and looked at him with respect.

Day 461 of Iptap. The day passed safely today without any major accidents.


The next morning.


Feeling refreshed?

Sejun opens his eyes as usual.

Although I had been standing for 7 days without eating or sleeping, strangely I felt no fatigue at all.

It was natural. Sejun’s body can’t get that tired anymore. Even though I wasn’t tired, I was sleeping out of habit.



After taking care of Theo and Kkamangi family, Sejun said,

“Keep clean.”

He used the skill to wash himself and his companions.


low, low, low.

I walked around the farm.

[The poisonous pumpkin is grateful for the sound of the farmer’s footsteps and lends strength.]

[The Master of the crops activates, and the agility stat potential increases from 5593 to 5603.]

To increase the potential.


[Depending on the job characteristics, 1% of the stats from Green Tower Farmer Ophelia are borrowed.]

[Because the stats are insufficient, the entire 1% of the stats cannot be borrowed.] The potential raised by

Agility (5603/5603)

was quickly filled.

When can I afford this?

Sejun walked again while looking at the message.

So far, Sejun has increased his potential by 1000, but there are still too many top farmers’ total stats left to lend to Sejun.

About 9500.

Most of them belonged to Ophelia and Ajax, and since they were dragons, they were making Sejun angry with only 1% of their stats.

Anyway, until he reaches his full potential of 9500, whatever Sejun eats will just be returned to nature.

So Sejun worked hard to improve his potential whenever he had time.

When Sejun works hard to raise his potential,

Patrick, the earth god, apologizes for being in a hurry last time. Instead, he says he prepared another gift as an apology.]

Patrick told Sejun to eat the lava bloodstone. Patrick, who had been blocked along with Bev, spoke to him.

“A gift?”

[The Earth God Patrick pours down the blood of the Silver Giant.]

Along with the message, a glass bottle containing a liquid similar to mercury appeared in Sejun’s hand.

[Silver Giant’s Blood]

is the blood drawn from the body of a silver giant.

When consumed, strength and stamina potential increases by 20%. (The maximum increase in strength and stamina potential is 700.)

When consumed, talent: Strength can bloom.

Once you drink the blood of a silver giant, drinking the blood of other silver giants will not have any effect.

Usage limit: Strength 3000 or more

Expiration date: None

Grade: SS

The option was okay, but it looks like it would be dangerous to drink just by looking at it.

“Is it really okay to eat this?”

When Sejun asked in a doubtful voice,

[Patrick, the god of the earth, tells you to trust him and drink it.]

Patrick answered confidently.


why is there no answer?

What Sejun was waiting for was an answer from another god.

[Bev, the god of bravery, asks if eating only such safe foods is okay and tells us to show our bravery quickly.]

The answer from Bev, a danger detector who has recently gained Sejun’s trust.

“Hehehe. I guess you can drink it.”

Sejun, who was confirmed safe, drank the blood of the silver giant.

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